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Chapter 67 - Monster

“Ha ha ha, this young brother's got some fine skills!” The sound of footsteps came from the upstairs, and Ye Xiwen saw a youth wearing embroidered clothes coming down the stairs while laughing heartily. “I did not expect to actually be able to see such a skilled master here, it's so unexpected.”

The youth wearing embroidered clothes did not even look at that wailing brawny who was still conscious and had luckily not died.

Ye Xiwen had a surprised look in his eyes. This youth had actually concealed his breath, but after practicing “Restraining breath technique”, Ye Xiwen had become particularly sensitive and immediately found out that this youth was actually a great master of the Xiantian realm.

He walked up to the front of Ye Xiwen and introduced himself: “Hello, my name is Dai Xiaohua, nice to meet you, what's your name brother?” (NT: Dai Xiaohua means 'Wearing small flowers')

“Dai Xiaohua?” Ye Xiwen twitched his eyebrows. A big man like him was actually called wearing small flowers, well, he seemed like an ignorant person to Ye Xiwen, but he apparently did not feel anything about introducing himself as 'Wearing small flowers', or maybe he had gotten used to it.

“My name is Ye Xiwen.” Ye Xiwen said and he already knew that this youth was not malicious. After learning the “Restraining breath technique”, Ye Xiwen's understanding of other person's breath had progressed by leaps and bounds. It not only could restrain and change the breath, but could also tell whether a person was hostile or not, based on his breath. One could easily disguise the facial expressions but breath was the only thing that one could never disguise.

“Ha ha, after looking for so long, I finally found a decent master!” Dai Xiaohua smiled and said, “Unlike these motley crew!”

Dai Xiaohua was obviously talking about the warriors sitting in the inn, but surprisingly, although these warriors had angry looks on their faces but they suppressed their anger and did not say anything.

This made Ye Xiwen somewhat curious about Dai Xiaohua. There was a huge difference of martial arts heritage between these warriors and Ye Xiwen. They were simply a group of outlaws and their daily jobs involved struggles between life and death. This had turned them into hot tempered and irritable people. But, they still didn't say any word on Dai Xiaohua's sarcastic comment.

Not of all these warriors were in the Houtian realm, and there were some very strong masters among them, including some who had surpassed the Houtian realm.

As if Dai Xiaohua had seen through Ye Xiwen's curiosity, he laughed and said: “It's nothing! These people do not acknowledge logic but strength. Since they cannot defeat me, they can only endure.”

This straightforward reply from Dai Xiaohua left a good and deep impression on Ye Xiwen and this frank youth was far better than those other warriors.

“Brother Ye, are you going to enlist yourself as the brave warrior of Cao family?” Dai Xiaohua asked.

“En.” Ye Xiwen nodded.

“Ha ha, let's join together then.” Dai Xiaohua ​​laughed and said.

“Well, let's go then!” Ye Xiwen laughed and was somewhat curious about the background of this youth, because he was so young and was already a Xiantian master, so one could imagine the strength of a master who had taught such a genius.

“Come on, we go now!” Dai Xiaohua said.

“So late?” Ye Xiwen asked.

“It's not late, because every night, the monster comes to visit this small town. Cao family is anxious and wants to recruit strong masters to protect the town from this danger!” Dai Xiaohua said.

They did not sit there for too long and immediately headed towards Cao family's Manor. Since the entire town was run by Cao family, so the Cao family's Manor was located at the centre of Caojiaji town.

Dai Xiaohua had come to a few days ago and was familiar with the Caojiaji town.

Although, the color of the sky was gradually getting dark, but Cao family's Manor had a brightly lit appearance with countless torches lighting up the night sky.

At this time, the door to Cao family's Manor was still open and several gatekeepers were guarding the gate. When they saw the two of them coming together, a guard immediately approached and shouted: “Who are you?”

“We brothers heard that your Cao family is recruiting warriors, we have especially come to enlist ourselves!” Dai Xiaohua approached and said.

Then, after a few minutes, two Cao family's executives came out to welcome them and said: “This time, many people from our Cao family have been killed by the monster, and I hope that you can help us catch the monster. We Cao family will be highly obliged!”

These two men were the high level executives from Cao family. To prevent any more casualties by the recurring attacks of the monster, they had recruited many warriors and had dispersed them in all directions inside the town to protect the people.

“According to my daily observations, the monster comes into the town almost every day, so tonight we should be able to see a good show!” Dai Xiaohua said while lying down on a bench in the garden and holding a weed in the mouth, smiling in front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen sat cross-legged on a nearby bench and started practicing.

He was practicing in the 'Special Space' and could exit from that space anytime, so he was not worried.

As time passed, night grew darker and surrounding sounds also disappeared gradually. People were holding their breath, waiting for the arrival of the monster.

Dai Xiaohua did not stay there for long and soon left to search for the whereabouts of that monster.

Night grew deeper, and slowly, the whole sky was obscured by the clouds, and became pitch black, but Cao family's Mansion still remained as bright as the day.

Then suddenly, Ye Xiwen opened his eyes and saw a giant hideous head in front of him. Fire sparks would come out from its breath along with a blow of heat wave.

“Clang!” Almost instantaneously, Ye Xiwen took out his long blade, from the scabbard on his back, and chopped out a dazzling Bladelight towards the huge head.

“Dang!” The Bladelight chopped on the giant head and unexpectedly produced a metal clashing sound.

The sharp Bladelight drew a white mark on that giant head, but the monster was frightened from this sudden attack from Ye Xiwen, and suddenly jumped back. Ye Xiwen finally got a look at this giant head.

He actually saw a ten feet high beast with its four claws dug into the ground, covered with numerous red and black colored dense scales and suffused with a breathtaking coldness with a slight tinct of fiery brightness.

A terrifying aura firmly locked on Ye Xiwen but he didn't wait and instantly chopped out a huge crescent Bladeqi towards that monster.

At this time, the warriors present in the nearby locations finally discovered the monster, and started to shout loudly to warn every one.

“Monster, monster!”


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