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Chapter 678

Ye Xiwen hadn’t had such a hearty battle for a long time . Over this period of time, he had encountered opponents who were either too difficult to beat like the Soul Destruction Temple Master, or some extremely weak and flimsy people . There was no evenly matched opponent at all .

Those people who were his peers at that time and those masters who could have battled with him fell behind him gradually over time . His peers had become unable to withstand a battle .

Therefore, it was not easy for him to find an opponent who let him battle to his heart’s content, but he had found such a hearty feeling in Gongyang Yongfeng now .

The feeling of being evenly matched where Ye Xiwen was neither too weak nor too strong . He could give his all into the battle . The long sword in his hand drew glimpses of sword light like it was tearing the sky and cutting it horizontally across . Suddenly, the sword and the spear were fighting together . Golden lights crept all over Ye Xiwen’s whole body gradually . This meant that in his heart, Gongyang Yongfeng was a worthy opponent and Ye Xiwen needed to do his utmost .

After all, his realm was too low relatively speaking because he was just a Half-step Great Sage Intermediate . He was not even a Great Sage . Otherwise, he didn’t need to battle so hard at all, and could defeat Gongyang Yongfeng easily .

On the other side, Gongyang Yongfeng was more panicked as they battled on . Ye Xiwen was more powerful after each battle because Ye Xiwen had Phoenix Regeneration technique which enabled his vital energy and blood seemed to be endless . Ye Xiwen was always at his peak condition wherever he was . In contrast, Gongyang Yongfeng’s vital energy and blood was not endless . The more Gongyang Yongfeng used it, the less was remaining . His original plan was to burst out a powerful combat power and restore to peak instantly, so that he could kill Ye Xiwen . In that case, even if it would consume some of his little remaining vital energy and blood, it was still within his acceptable range .

But this battle was beyond his expectation . From the original plan of quick battle to a prolonged battle . His old age and decaying body became a fatal weakness at this time .

It was not until now that he really felt old for the first time . He didn’t even have such a strong feeling during Angel Decay previously . After all, it was his destiny, and he couldn’t resist it . He really felt his aging evidently .

But because of this matter, his gaze towards Ye Xiwen was even more like a beast that was about to devour people . Ye Xiwen ruined Gongyang Yongfeng’s last hope .

The dancing spear in Gongyang Yongfeng’s hand was more terrifying, but he also felt Ye Xiwen’s more and more frenzy strength . Each slashing of Ye Xiwen’s sword was like Mount Tai [1] crushing down .

When the long sword was in Ye Xiwen’s hands, he could crush his opponent directly without any swordsmanship . It was like a strong unskilled man who could defeat ten skilled men . No matter what magnificent spear skills you had, how strange the angle was and how tricky it was, it didn’t matter to him . He confronted it directly . He charged towards you and tore you into shreds directly . In this case, Gongyang Yongfeng could hardly attack . Ye Xiwen could take on Gongyang Yongfeng’s spear with his bare hands without changing his expression . But Gongyang Yongfeng couldn’t do such a horrible thing . If he was cut by the sword, he would probably pass away while sitting cross legged without having to wait for Angel Decay .

Gongyang Yongfeng felt that his arm was almost numb every time they collided . It was just like the moment of being electrocuted, or a high voltage of hundreds of thousands of volts which instantly paralyzed his arm . If it wasn’t because of the wood martial technique he cultivated which had a special effect in repairing things in the body, his arm would have been shattered by Ye Xiwen by now . This was the first time he felt that a human body could actually be so powerful to such a horrifying extent .

Ye Xiwen was actually able to challenge across power realms . Gongyang Yongfeng was a Great Sage himself, so he knew that the gap between Great Sage and Sage Realm was basically a world’s difference . He had never encountered a person who could challenge across power realms, not to mention it was against an experienced Great Sage like him .

Such a person was worthy of being the world’s utmost pride .

So let me die!

There was a trace of madness in Gongyang Yongfeng’s eyes . He could feel that if he continued to fight like this, Ye Xiwen might exhaust him to death . He could feel that as the battle became more intense, Ye Xiwen was somehow acting by instinct . Ye Xiwen’s eyes were a little misty . He was in sudden enlightenment .

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Suddenly, it was difficult to suppress the burning anger in Gongyang Yongfeng’s heart as it soared all over his body . He wanted to seek revenge for his beloved disciple and kill this guy who dared to abolish his disciple’s martial arts, but Gongyang Yongfeng did not expect to be treated as a stepping stone for this person to advance .

The person in front of Gongyang Yongfeng obviously battled with Gongyang Yongfeng in order to break through the current state in one shot . Compared to the anger of being used as a stepping stone, the fear of Ye Xiwen’s breakthrough made Gongyang Yongfeng tremble uncontrollably . Ye Xiwen, who was only a Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, was already so scary now . If Ye Xiwen broke into Half-step Great Sage Late, there would surely be an increase in combat power regardless whether the combat power would push him into the Great Sage Late level . At that time, it would not be a prolonged battle that was evenly matched, but a one-sided massacre .

Thinking of this, there was a trace of madness in Gongyang Yongfeng’s eyes . When he had already reached this point of entering Angel Decay, he no longer had any scruples .

“Good techniques . Such a person is unprecedented and earth-shattering . I have never seen a genius person like you, but such a person will fall into my hands today .  Hahahaha . It will make this life worthwhile!” Gongyang Yongfeng laughed loudly, and his expression seemed a little fanatical . The gourd behind him boiled suddenly, getting bigger and bigger, and it soon became the size of a hill .

The gourd opening burst open in an instant, and then endless of wood qi gushed out of it uncontrollably, forming a huge wood qi river which infused into Gongyang Yongfeng’s body .

In Ye Xiwen’s eyes, Gongyang Yongfeng’s body was enriched gradually at a speed visible to the naked eye . The old spots on Gongyang Yongfeng’s face soon disappeared, and the white hair turned to fine black hair . His originally crooked and thin body figure became taller and stronger in the blink of an eye . He actually returned to the most vigorous period of his adult life .

Gongyang Yongfeng was no longer old and tattered but filled with unimaginable surging vitality . With his sharp vision, he stared coldly at Ye Xiwen while licking his lips . His face was filled with cruel gazes . He almost could see Ye Xiwen’s looks, the great genius in his eyes, when Ye Xiwen fell in his hands .

His body’s aura was also rising gradually before he suddenly broke through Great Sage Intermediate, and returned to Great Sage Late . The familiar power surged all over his body . Finally, he returned to the Great Sage Late . He yearned this level of strength .

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“Ye Xiwen, be careful . This old man actually forced all vital energy and blood in his body to recover to the highest peak with the endless wood qi . He wanted to perish with you . After this battle, he definitely will die no matter whether he won or lost! “Ye Mo shouted in shock . He was an old antique that had lived for countless years . An old monster who saw all kinds of tricks . At the moment when Gongyang Yongfeng began to transform, he already realized what Gongyang Yongfeng was up to .

Ye Xiwen’s gaze became dignified immediately .  He actually reverted to the Great Sage Late .  Although he knew that Gongyang Yongfeng used to be a Great Sage Late, he did not expect that Gongyang Yongfeng would dare to make such a big decision . Gongyang Yongfeng would definitely die after this battle no matter if it was a victory or loss .

Ye Mo was right in saying that Gongyang Yongfeng was planning to drag Ye Xiwen to perish together .

Probably because Gongyang Yongfeng’s last disciple was dead, and he was also close to his ultimate limit, so he was also like a desperate person who finally became crazy .

However, Ye Xiwen did not give in at all . On the contrary, between his eyes as deep as the stars, it became scorching, as if two huge suns appeared in it .

Ye Xiwen’s fighting spirit became higher . He already had the idea of ​​using Gongyang Yongfeng as a stepping stone to make him break through . Now that Gongyang Yongfeng breaks through, he did not have any tension and fear . On the contrary, he was even more excited . In order to advance more, it was definitely better to have a higher stepping stone .

At this time, someone finally noticed that Ye Xiwen was actually using Gongyang Yongfeng to brush up himself . When they noticed this, everyone was like crazy . It was already surpassing their imagination to fight Gongyang Yongfeng without being in an inferior position, but regarding Gongyang Yongfeng as a stepping stone was simply unimaginable for them .

A Thousand Plants Sect disciple even said mockingly, “He is overconfident . He actually dares to use a Great Sage as a stepping stone . He’s really courting death . Now that Elderly Predecessor has returned to the peak, it will be a piece of cake to kill him!”

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Obviously, they didn’t notice that Gongyang Yongfeng was overdrawing his final vital energy and blood for the final battle . He wanted this battle to be his ending battle .

“Today is your doomsday!” Gongyang Yongfeng’s gaze was as sharp as a knife . His tall and sturdy body rushed to Ye Xiwen in an instant like a fierce beast . A wooden spear came out of his palm and fell in a flash with crashing sounds that were like the sound of a thunderstorm . The spear broke through the sound barrier in an attempt to stab Ye Xiwen into half .

Ye Xiwen could almost feel that the terrifying strength of the spear was close to him . It was like a green lightning that had come straight to the front door in a split second . It was really scary . It was twice as fast as before . It was just completely different now .

“Dang!” There was a sound of metals clashing . Ye Xiwen raised his hand which transformed into a huge mountain before pressing it down .

“Kaboom!” There was a huge explosion sound .

The whole mountain was pierced through by the spear . The sharp spear tip pierced directly into Ye Xiwen’s palm, and blood dripped profusely from Ye Xiwen’s hand .

Everyone was silent, a deadly silence . Everyone kept quiet . This was the first time Ye Xiwen was injured in this battle .

[1] A Chinese popular saying as a metaphor to depict something really heavy or great in magnitude .

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