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Chapter 677

“Clang!” The light of the sword in Ye Xiwen’s hand soared up to the sky . The sword’s light tore the sky, and the long sword slipped down instantly, forming a huge ripple mark before it fell down .

“Kaboom!” The long sword and the wooden spear met in the air, bursting into boundless sparks and making clashing sounds . It was an unparalleled clash .

Gongyang Yongfeng was indeed a former Great Sage Late master . Although his strength had fallen to a certain level, it was still enough to wipe out all the Great Sage Intermediate masters .

His skinny arm had the strength of ten million pounds that could split the star and universe with one shot . If it was another average Great Sage Intermediate, this move would probably send him off in the air . The difference between Great Sage Intermediate and Great Sage Late was unimaginable .

Although Ye Xiwen had reached the peak of Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, if Gongyang Yongfeng was still in peak state, Ye Xiwen could only flee unless he summoned the Star Beast .

But Gongyang Yongfeng encountered a freak like Ye Xiwen, and Ye Xiwen’s fighting ability was extraordinary . His [Domineering Body] had remarkable strength . If they were in the same realm, he could even completely crush Gongyang Yongfeng . Even though his realm was far inferior to Gongyang Yongfeng, he wouldn’t give in at all .

“I’m going to tear you to pieces!” roared Gongyang Yongfeng . He hated Ye Xiwen so much that his body’s vital energy and blood was boiling, and he wasn’t stingy to exert any of it anymore . His anger had completely clouded his rationality . He was flamed in anger, and it was basically impossible for him to think about his body’s vital energy and blood that was draining . It was not only because of his fury, but also because he couldn’t stop .

He was in a period of declining vital energy and blood of the Angel Decay, but Ye Xiwen was in his peak condition . Ye Xiwen was simply stronger after each battle . At first, Gongyang Yongfeng chased after Ye Xiwen, but he soon realized that Ye Xiwen was more proactive than him . With a wave of Ye Xiwen’s long sword, the overpowering wind tore open the sky which was horrifying . These overpowering winds could even tear the space, not to mention a human body .

But Ye Xiwen was different because he had a Domineering Body to protect his body . With the strength of the Domineering Body, he had no scruples at all to go all out . Even if he was hit by the spear qi, it would be difficult to hurt him . It would only scratch some white traces on his bronze skin .

So looking at it at this moment, it turned out that Ye Xiwen had the upper hand, and he became stronger the more he fought .

Countless warriors in the distance could only watch from afar . The battle of two Great Sage-level characters was so powerful that it could destroy everything . It was hard to imagine . The universe space was constantly cracking when the two were battling . The peak pointed by the tip of the spear or sword would crack like a spider web . With the tip of the spear or sword as the center, it would crack outwards wildly .

The skyline seemed to be screaming a devastating cry .

Faced with such a horrifying battle, everyone’s facial expression changed, as if they saw something incredible .

“How is this possible? Who is this person? How can this person battle with senior Gongyang Yongfeng without showing any weakness . He is really scary!”

Everyone was nodding . Gongyang Yongfeng was well-known in this area and everyone knew Gongyang Yongfeng . When they first entered the cultivation path, Gongyang Yongfeng was already a big shot who was very famous .

But who was this person who could actually evenly match Gongyang Yongfeng .

“No, they are not just evenly matched . This person is clearly suppressing the old man…” A man exclaimed, but he didn’t continue because he saw a lot of Thousand Plants Sect’s disciples around him were glaring at him .

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But everyone knew what he meant . Gongyang Yongfeng’s battle was more than a tie . There was also a trend of this person suppressing him, because one side was not afraid of death while the other side was cautiously blocking . From the scene, it was Gongyang Yongfeng who attacked less and defended more . It was an awful scene .

“Darn, if it isn’t because Elderly Predecessor has entered Angel Decay now where his strength is far worse than before, that person can’t match Elderly Predecessor!” A Thousand Plants Sect disciple said indignantly . In his opinion, if Elderly Predecessor was not falling into Angel Decay now, how could he be suppressed and beaten by Ye Xiwen? It was simply impossible .

Many Thousand Plants Sect disciples who were surrounding him nodded, and many other sect disciples also nodded . Gongyang Yongfeng’s situation was not a secret . Many people knew it . After all, he was already old and it was normal to fall into Angel Decay .

“But don’t forget, that person is not a Great Sage . He’s just a Half-step Great Sage, but he can suppress and beat a Great Sage . Such a horrifying fighting power . Do you think it matters if Gongyang Yongfeng is in a peak state? If you put it this way, then wouldn’t Gongyang Yongfeng be doomed if the person is a Great Sage?” At this time, Yang Tingyu was the one who spoke . He saw everyone agreeing to the Thousand Plants Sect disciples’ words, so he couldn’t hold himself from speaking for Ye Xiwen .

When he chose to come in with Ye Xiwen, he was already standing on the same boat with Ye Xiwen . Although it was partly impulsive at that time, he also had the idea of ​​betting on it . He was already tired and sick of such a cowardly life .

Everyone looked at Yang Tingyu immediately, especially those Thousand Plants Sect disciples who were even glaring at him . In particular, those who had met Ye Xiwen in front of the valley before . They even wished to eat Yang Tingyu alive .

In their view, if it weren’t for these lowly individual cultivators, the subsequent incidents wouldn’t happen . Moreover, it caused Brother Zhou’s martial arts to be abolished and even forced Elderly Predecessor to make a move .

All of these were the lowly individual cultivators’ fault . They saw Ye Xiwen’s frightening combat power . Even Elderly Predecessor, who they worshipped like gods, did not stand any advantage in Ye Xiwen’s hands, so they did not dare to blame Ye Xiwen . It was like the ants in the face of gods . No matter how resentful they were in the heart, they dare not blame . But their anger needed to be vented, so they vented to these individual cultivators . If it wasn’t because of these individual cultivators, how would they end up like this?

They would definitely not think it was their own problem, and would only blame others .

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But more people thought that this was indeed the case . Although it seemed a bit unfair for Gongyang Yongfeng because Gongyang Yongfeng was not in the peak state, that person was not even a Great Sage . It was simply a miracle that he could actually fight with Gongyang Yongfeng like this .

Putting aside the fact that he could fight a Great Sage, it would be a super glorious thing even if he could escape from a Great Sage Initial master .

In particular, Gongyang Yongfeng who had monumental prestige and reputation among the Great Sages . Who is this person? If there was such a remarkable person, it was impossible that they had not heard of it before .

They were confident that they would not judge wrongly . The difference between Great Sage and those below Great Sage was still huge . The person in front of them had incisive attacks and was unyielding . He did not seem to be worse than a Great Sage, but they could still see that he was not a Great Sage . It was just that his strength was comparable to a Great Sage .

This was also what made it even more unbelievable .

At this time, even the Thousand Plants Sect disciples were speechless . Even if they had thousands and millions of reasons, they could not erase the fact that Ye Xiwen was fighting a Great Sage as a Half-step Great Sage . Solely this fact left them tongue-tied . Ye Xiwen was more horrifying than Gongyang Yongfeng who was not in his peak state .

Fighting a Great Sage as a Half-step Great Sage was simply a myth for them . He was just like a myth and legend . No, they never even heard of it before .

A question popped out in everyone’s mind inevitably, Is he a monster? Otherwise, how could he possibly accomplish things that no one could .

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With a long sword in his hand, Ye Xiwen was just like a terrifying swordsman . The battle between the two went all the way to the depths of the universe, and every meteorite along the way exploded .

The space was full of spider web-like cracks, which were in all directions . There was no distinction of up and down in the universe . All directions were filled with the traces of the battle .

The qi of the spear and the sword dispersed everywhere . There were frequent collisions of uncountable spear qi and sword qi . The sparks that burst out from the collision could ignite everything . It was very scary . Everyone was afraid to go close when they saw this scene . They could only watch from a distance . Once there were close, even the spattered qi of the spear and the sword could kill them .

Particularly Yang Tingyu whose face was especially flushed . He watched Ye Xiwen battle excitedly . After he followed Ye Xiwen into the Medicine King Valley, it was like a desperate bet where he put all of his eggs in one basket . He even thought of it as repaying Ye Xiwen’s gratitude . He was considered a person who already died once anyway, so there was nothing to lose .

He only knew that Ye Xiwen was very powerful . A Sage Realm master was teased like bugs in Ye Xiwen’s hands, but he did not expect Ye Xiwen to be so powerful to this extent . He could fight against Gongyang Yongfeng, who was a long-known master among the Great Sages, without being in an inferior position . In fact, Ye Xiwen even prevailed .

At least this meant that he didn’t have to die . Even if Gongyang Yongfeng burst into rage, he could protect himself .

Not only he didn’t have to die, but it seemed that he even followed a super mighty person . This was simply an unexpected joy . It was an opportunity . Indeed, this was the opportunity that everyone talked about . Opportunity was the most important thing for a warrior .

He didn’t expect that his impulsive decision could actually give him such a great opportunity .

Ye Xiwen didn’t know that the people outside the battlefield were discussing incessantly . At this time, he was completely immersed in battle . The Guanren Sutra in his body was spinning speedily and streams of powerful qi gushed to all his limbs, making him as strong as an ox . He was just like a Greek God who fully unleashed all his strength . He actually looked more skilled the more he battled .

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