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Chapter 679

That monstrous person was injured …

Everyone gasped after seeing the scene in front of them . In their hearts, Ye Xiwen who fought against a Great Sage as a Half-step Great Sage was almost like a Demon God . He was really a monster .

But now this monster was injured . He was injured indeed . In their perspective, if this was not a myth, then what else?

Previously, the prediction of victory in their hearts had unconsciously weighted towards Ye Xiwen instead of Gongyang Yongfeng . Ye Xiwen was not a Great Sage, but did it matter?

Who had ever seen a Half-step Great Sage suppressing and beating a Great Sage? Yet, Ye Xiwen did it . So they couldn’t help but to think highly of Ye Xiwen indistinctly . Furthermore the most important thing was that everyone could see Ye Xiwen’s vital energy and blood was vigorous and was in his peak state . Meanwhile, Gongyang Yongfeng’s vital energy and blood was depleting as he used it . Sooner or later, Gongyang Yongfeng would die of vital energy and blood deficiency .

But now Ye Xiwen was actually injured, and there seemed to be a complete turn of events . Initially, it was difficult for Gongyang Yongfeng to hurt Ye Xiwen no matter how he attacked Ye Xiwen . Now, Gongyang Yongfeng pierced into Xi Xiwen’s palm with just a move . Their moods were like taking a roller coaster ride; One moment they were in Heaven and the next moment, they were in Hell .

“I must break your bones today and let you die with a tragic end . I’ll grind your bone and scatter the bone powder!” Gongyang Yongfeng’s voice was like from Hell – cold, merciless, and cruel . This was his last battle . He would die regardless of victory or defeat, so he did not have any emotions . His mental fortitude upgraded in an instant . He was giving his everything in the impasse . This was a sign of breakthrough to the peak of the Great Sage .

But at this time, Gongyang Yongfeng could only smile bitterly .  Why didn’t it come earlier? What is the use of this feeling now? He would definitely die after this battle, but then this feeling disappeared again . There was only a state of no sadness and no joy .

The spear moved with a ‘qiang’ sound, and there was a faint sound like a dragon whistling . Azure green brilliant rays glowed faintly on the wooden spear . It was unbelievably harder than golden iron after being tempered for numerous times . There was no more vitality in the wood now, only vicious killing intentions .

“Shua!” The spear shook away its previous image, and was approaching Ye Xiwen’s face again the next second . The speed was simply unimaginable . It was like a long dragon with its mouth wide-open, longing for a bite .

In between Ye Xiwen’s eyes, it seemed that cosmic stars were being destroyed and reborned . He had also entered the state of enlightenment . He had never changed his mind about using Gongyang Yongfeng to brush up himself .

“Boom!” The spear penetrated into Ye Xiwen’s body, and at that moment, it turned into a cluster of golden light . The spear passed through the golden light and penetrated into the space fiercely . Chaos seeped through the broken space which shattered the nearby meteorites . Although it was only a small cluster, it was as heavy as Mount Tai .

The cluster of golden light did not disappear . Instead, it soared all the way along with the spear and went straight to Gongyang Yongfeng . Then, it transformed into a human figure like a celestial deity . Ye Xiwen’s whole body was golden as if it was forged by gold . He had ice-cold expressions . Behind him was a pair of huge wings which were approximately thirty feet long when fully expanded . They flapped suddenly, turning into an endless storm power in an instant . It was like one after another storm blades charged towards Gongyang Yongfeng .

Every storm blade was a few inches long . Although it was not big, it could cut off anything . With the support of the infinite storm power, the speed was abnormally fast . The blades reached less than three inches in front of Gongyang Yongfeng in an instant .

In between Gongyang Yongfeng’s eyes, a fine light flickered past . With a sneer, the wood energy all over his body spewed out, and trees actually grew wildly on his body . They formed a body armor which covered him in it completely . The storm blades severely chopped the trees, but the armor could not be penetrated . So the endless storm power dissipated in the air .

“He!” Ye Xiwen roared fiercely . It was just a prelude just now . He charged forward with his left hand squeezed into a fist, and suddenly punched down . It turned into a gigantic star which stamped on the wooden armor .




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All kinds of noise popped up in an instant . Ye Xiwen’s fist pressure thrusted on the wooden armor fiercely, and a part of the wooden armor cracked at the moment of contact, but the wood energy seemed to be endless . The cracks were repaired immediately after they were shattered . It was constantly broken and repaired continuously . Even with Ye Xiwen’s infinite strength, he couldn’t penetrate it in a short time .

It was almost time . Shortly, Ye Xiwen finally cracked most of the wooden armor, and saw Gongyang Yongfeng under the wooden armor . But Gongyang Yongfeng was slightly sneering under the broken armor .

Ye Xiwen sensed something amiss suddenly . An unpleasant feeling hit his heart suddenly, and he stepped out of the golden light quickly while his body shifted out hundreds of feet instantly . At the same time, a long spear grew out of the wooden armor with an unimaginable speed and chased Ye Xiwen directly . The spear’s speed was actually not slower than Ye Xiwen .

“Poof!” The long spear pierced its first cluster of golden light, and Ye Xiwen disappeared without a trace, but a spray of blood was spewed out .

Thousands of feet away, Ye Xiwen’s figure appeared suddenly . He was panting, and his arm was bleeding profusely . A huge wound was torn on his arm, but his gaze was cold and he didn’t seem to care about the injury at all . During this confrontation, he suffered some losses .

He used the Phoenix Regeneration technique, and the wounds on his body were recovering at a speed that was visible to the naked eye . He knew very well that the Gongyang Yongfeng in front of him would probably be dead soon . The stronger Gongyang Yongfeng was, the faster he would decay . Ye Xiwen didn’t even have to fight . He only had to hang on and it would exhaust Gongyang Yongfeng to death .

He was old and his time had ended . Ye Xiwen’s speed was so rapid that even the Soul Destruction Temple’s Temple Master couldn’t catch up with his speed and let him flee eventually . But Ye Xiwen didn’t want this battle to be like that . He wanted an upright battle . Not only was it a respect for his dying opponent, it was also to brush up himself at the same time . If his opponent was not strong enough, how could he have sufficient pressure to grow?

“Come on, let me send you off your last journey!” Ye Xiwen’s mouth flashed a smile, and charged upwards . It was another glimpse of golden light flashing which set off boundless golden waves .

Everyone was dumbfounded . In their view, the two were fighting too fast . What they saw was simply pieces of afterimages, and it was difficult to really see the two fighting clearly .

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Especially when they saw that Ye Xiwen was in an inferior position . Originally, Ye Xiwen was like wearing armor and Gongyang Yongfeng couldn’t seem to hurt Ye Xiwen at all no matter how hard Gongyang Yongfeng attacked . Yet, the situation was reversed now .

Gongyang Yongfeng could injure Ye Xiwen now . Although Ye Xiwen could injure Gongyang Yongfeng as well, Ye Xiwen was at disadvantage .

What was more unbelievable for countless people was Ye Xiwen’s swift recovery ability . The injuries on his body were recovering at the speed that they could see with their naked eyes . It was really incredible .

Everyone was very puzzled . Even fools could see that Gongyang Yongfeng was overdrawing his vitality so that he could become unprecedentedly powerful in his last battle now . Ye Xiwen didn’t even need to attack . Even dragging the battle would kill Gongyang Yongfeng . Why must Ye Xiwen fight against him fearlessly? In their hearts, this was not scientific at all .

“Senior Long, Senior Long is brushing up himself!” Only Yang Tingyu said excitedly, “He wants to brush up himself with the most powerful state of Gongyang Yongfeng in order to facilitate his breakthrough!”

Everyone couldn’t help but to gasp after listening to him . Ye Xiwen was brushing up himself previously, and many people failed to notice this . But at that time, the battle between Ye Xiwen and Gongyang Yongfeng was considered evenly matched . In fact, Ye Xiwen had the upper hand, but it was different now . In the face of Gongyang Yongfeng who was in Great Sage Late, Ye Xiwen completely fell into the inferior position and might even be stabbed to death in a move . How would Ye Xiwen dare to brush up himself using Gongyang Yongfeng at this time?

“This is why you can never compare with Senior Long . You will only challenge the opponents within your ability . There will never really be a major breakthrough!” Yang Tingyu thought proudly while he looked disdainfully at the crowd who were in disbelief . It was as though he was the one fighting the grand battle at this time, rather than Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen was injured from time to time, and the severe pain made him feel like gasping, but he was getting more excited as he battled . All of his martial techniques were running, especially Guanren Sutra and Phoenix Regeneration technique . It was running almost all the time . He could already feel that the realm barrier was almost in front of him, and he could nearly break through it .

It was just like separated by a layer of gauze, and he might break through at any time . The more he could feel the other realm, the more excited Ye Xiwen was in his heart . He was giving in his best in battling and didn’t bother about his body’s injuries .

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If it was any ordinary person, he would have been killed long ago . However, with the Phoenix Regeneration technique, Ye Xiwen could return to the optimal condition within an extreme time . Therefore, he was not afraid of fatal damage at all, so he was more courageous as he battled .

On the other hand, Gongyang Yongfeng had endless wood energy to restore his vitality . He was like a fighting machine that never wore out .

The two fought all the way to the depths of the stars, and there were meteorites and space shattered around them everywhere . Both of their aura had escalated to the strongest point . They were already at the threshold of breakthrough .

It seemed that the victory and defeat of the two sides were about to be revealed . Whoever broke through first would have an overwhelming advantage .

“Two of you, please stop!” A resonant voice was heard from a distance . The sound came from afar .

By this time, the two had battled to the point of sparks flying off in all directions, and both were fully immersed in it . How could they stop?

This is a critical juncture . I need only one final push .  Ye Xiwen shouted in his heart and shot a punch . The terrifying power of the punch struck Gongyang Yongfeng’s body .

“Bang!” Gongyang Yongfeng was directly blasted out . Gongyang Yongfeng’s originally tall and straight figure shrank suddenly, and it became crooked again . His vitality was cut off immediately .

Ye Xiwen was also about to take the breakthrough step, but he got stuck and failed to step out . All his previous efforts were wasted .

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