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Chapter 674

“It’s alright . This is a rare gathering . Anyone wants to go in with me?”

Ye Xiwen’s eyes glanced at these individual cultivators . Although it was Ye Xiwen who rescued them just now, they were all dodging eye contacts at this time when facing Ye Xiwen’s eyes . They did not dare to enter with Ye Xiwen .

Everyone knew that Ye Xiwen abolished the martial art of Thousand Plants Sect’s true legatee disciple . It was a great offense for Thousand Plants Sect . How could Thousand Plants Sect not retaliate? In the eyes of Ye Xiwen, Thousand Plants Sect’s scale was at most comparable to the last few ranks of the top one hundred legatee of True Martial School, but in the hearts of these individual cultivators, it was already gigantic .

Thousand Plants Sect’s thunderous revenge was about to come . Wouldn’t entering with Ye Xiwen now be equivalent to admitting that they were on Ye Xiwen’s side? They would be avenged as well at that time . So they didn’t want to take the risk .

Just when Ye Xiwen was about to go in by himself, he saw Yang Tingyu gritted his teeth and came forward while saying, “Senior, let me enter with you!”

After witnessing Ye Xiwen’s strength, Yang Tingyu changed Ye Xiwen’s title from Brother Long to senior . He didn’t know that Ye Xiwen was not as old as him, but even if he knew it, it was okay . In the cultivation world, the most important thing was strength . As long as one had strength, his age or seniority was not important .

Ye Xiwen looked at Yang Tingyu surprisingly . He didn’t expect someone dared to follow him at this time .

He was confident enough to protect himself, but this was not the case, at least in the eyes of others . Ye Xiwen was an individual cultivator from the outer region . He would not be able to compete against Thousand Plants Sect even if he was powerful . The concept of individual cultivators being no match against sects was deeply rooted . Even if those individual cultivators in the Elderly Predecessor level of cultivation had scruples on the sects, it was still only scruples . They dared not provoke the sects if it wasn’t anything crucial .

Following Ye Xiwen to go in at this time had a feeling of bearing life and death together . Therefore, Ye Xiwen was surprised as he did not expect it .

“Come in with me then!” Ye Xiwen said to Yang Tingyu . As for other individual cultivators, he didn’t look at them again . From his point of view, this was the so-called opportunity . If they missed it, it would not come again .

Opportunity could either be existing or not . Those who could really understand thoroughly and had the guts would have the opportunity to obtain it . Ye Xiwen had encountered miraculous opportunities countless times . But it was also obtained every time he risked his life . Never once it was easy . Without courage, one’s journey was destined to be limited in the martial world .

Seeing Ye Xiwen being so determined, Yang Tingyu was somewhat relieved . Anyway, Ye Xiwen did not seem to be the kind of lunatic who purposely courts death . Ye Xiwen must have something to rely on . Furthermore, Ye Xiwen saved his life . He would just bet on this once .

The two walked all the way into the Medicine King Valley . Originally, this road was clouded by the fog, but now the mountain gate was wide opened to enable those individual cultivators to come in .

But from time to time, Ye Xiwen could still see glimpses of spiritual senses scanning around him occasionally . They were some disciples of Sage Realm who were on the lookout .

At this time, Ye Xiwen and Yang Tingyu were surrounded with a lot of individual cultivators, but they were not the previous group . There were many roads to enter the valley, and they all came from other paths without experiencing the incident just now .

A lot of individual cultivators heard that there would be a lot of masters who would come to discuss the Truth, so they came from far and near .

“The masters of Feihong Mansion has arrived!” At this time, Ye Xiwen heard a lot of exclaims from the individual cultivators around him .

Among the vast Star Region near Meteor World and Meteor World, the Meteor Sect was naturally the leader . But besides the Meteor Sect, there were still some sects which were fairly powerful and some had Great Sage presiding .

The Meteor Sect disciples were the same as the people above the Celestial from the individual cultivators’ perspective . Even these sects were huge for them . In terms of scale, Feihong Mansion was even larger than that of Medicine King Valley . The people had a whole new level of respect for them .

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“Isn’t that Guan Rui, one of the top ten true legatee disciples of Feihong Mansion? He can be ranked as the top three among the younger generation disciples of the Feihong Mansion . Although Feihong Mansion is not an alchemy-cultivating sect, Guan Rui is the legatee of alchemy cultivation . Guan Rui is really exceptionally remarkable to stand out among them and rank among the top ten true legatee disciples . Now he is in Sage Realm Great Perfection . There is hope for him to be a Great Sage in the future! ”

“But look at the old man before Guan Rui . Is he one of the Supreme Elders of Feihong Mansion and Guan Rui’s master, Tian Butong?”

Everyone looked at them and saw a group of people stepping on the light approaching . The first person was an old man with white hair and youthful face . He had a fair face and his eyes were shining . His vital energy and blood was very vigorous . Everywhere he looked was like shone by candlelight .

Others couldn’t see it, but Ye Xiwen noticed it . This was the sign of a Great Sage . Only a true Great Sage could have such vibe . Although Ye Xiwen’s current cultivation was enough to defend against a Great Sage, he couldn’t exhibit the same signs .

Moreover, Tian Butong’s cultivation had entered the peak of the Great Sage Intermediate, and might leap and attain Great Sage Late anytime .

Behind him was a young man in purple clothes . He had extraordinary demeanour and was super handsome . Obviously, he was the Guan Rui that the people were talking about . In Ye Xiwen’s eyes, Guan Rui’s cultivation was already in Sage Realm Great Perfection . It probably wouldn’t take long before he could step into Half-step Great Sage .

“Gosh, even Tian Butong came this time? I originally thought that it would be good enough for them to send an elder in Sage Realm casually, but I didn’t expect that Tian Butong would lead the team personally . ”

“We are really blessed this time . Since Feihong Mansion is already led by a Great Sage, then the others, Thousand Plants Sect and Medicine King Valley, will not be weaker than this formation . They come together to discuss the Truth . Even if we are just fortunate enough to hear one or two sentences, it will be extremely useful for us! ”

After everyone saw Tian Butong, they were extremely excited . For these Semi Sage and a handful of Sage Realm individual cultivators, a Great Sage like Tian Butong was just like a Celestial deity . They were simply legendary characters, who were generally impossible to meet .

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Even Yang Tingyu, who was next to Ye Xiwen, had a blushed face after seeing this Tian Butong . Tian Butong was well-known among the individual cultivators in the Star Region . His existence was like deities and immortals . For a warrior who cultivated alchemy like Yang Tingyu, the significance was even more extraordinary .

Ye Wen naturally didn’t understand . To him, he was nothing but a Great Sage . There was nothing special .

“This is a worthwhile trip as I can see Tian Butong and Guan Rui this time!”

“Yeah, meeting in person is much better than just hearing such a famous name, especially Guan Rui . His cultivation is less than three hundred years, but he has reached the level of Sage Realm Great Perfection . We may not have this opportunity in this life, but everyone of them enjoyed exceptional advantages .  Haih, comparisons are odious indeed! ”

The surrounding individual cultivators let out a big sigh . Compared with these sect disciples, they were unremarkable like weeds on the roadside . Not everyone had the same fate indeed .

But they were just lamenting for a while, because the masters of Feihong Mansion had already entered the Medicine King Valley by stepping on the light . They could fly in, but these individual cultivators still had to go in by walking .

Everyone entered the Medicine King Valley, and the whole valley was extremely huge . Not sure how many miles was the circumference . Everyone was at the plaza after entering the Medicine King Valley . On a typical day, this huge plaza had a misty appearance covered by endless spiritual energy . Countless Medicine King Valley disciples would sit with both legs crossed and cultivate here . Of course, they were all junior disciples . Prominent disciples would have their own cave dwelling and rest area where spiritual energy was more abundant .

But at this time, in order to entertain disciples and incoming guests, they were temporarily vacated . Upon entering this place, plenty of individual cultivators quickly used their martial arts to absorb the spiritual energy here . Normally, it would be hard for them to find places with such abundant spiritual energy . Once these places were found, they were definitely occupied by great forces .

Some mocking laughs of Medicine King Valley disciple resounded from the surrounding . They seemed to be laughing at these individual cultivators for being inexperienced, and some individual cultivators were flushed with shame following the mocking laughter . However, few people stopped because of it .

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For them, cultivating for an hour here was almost equal to their usual agonizing cultivation for a whole day . They thought in their hearts, No wonder these major sects’ disciples’ cultivation advances by leaps and bounds . This basic condition was not what they could enjoy .

Of course, there were wealthy people amongst the individual cultivators . There were always people who had all kinds of miraculous opportunities that made them very wealthy . In fact, they were many times richer than ordinary sect disciples .

This scene reminded Ye Xiwen of the time when they first went to the Yiyuan Sect Headquarter . It was a similar dumbfounded expression . It was also exactly the same .

Thinking about the past, Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but grin and chuckled lightly . He felt that many eyes were fixated on him, especially those of individual cultivators’ gaze . It was as if they were looking at an alien . Ye Xiwen was like a giant among the dwarfs in this group of individual cultivators . He did not have the slight inferior feeling like these individual cultivators .

He was proudly independent .

Yang Tingyu beside him was much more outstanding than others too . It seemed like he was afraid of embarrassing Ye Xiwen, so he tried to maintain his grace .

Even many of the Medicine King Valley disciples looked at Ye Xiwen in surprise . Although they were not as bad as the fatty named Zhou before, they somehow despised those individual cultivators as well .

However, they were somewhat impressed by Ye Xiwen’s demeanor .

“Master, it is him . He is the one who abolished Brother Zhou’s martial arts . Master, you have to seek revenge for Brother Zhou!” A resentful voice echoed from the fog all of a sudden .

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