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Chapter 673

“Boom!” The entire sky was shaking furiously, and the extremely horrifying gasified giant hand just now exploded on the spot .

The fatty’s horrified shriek echoed, and blood was flowing across his entire arm . He was sprawling weakly and crippled .

Everything happened too quickly . No one had enough time to see or comprehend clearly what was happening . Originally the fatty was unleashing his invincible prowess, and those individual cultivators were all under his prowess, shivering in fear . But in a flash, that fatty’s entire arm was crippled .

Everyone looked towards a person dressed in a green robe standing majestically in the middle of many individual cultivators .

Ye Xiwen frowned while looking at the fatty . His facial expression was indifferent without any sympathy . This fatty made him quite disgusted . He had seen many overbearing and arrogant people, but none of them were like this fatty .

Their arrogance was due to their indifference and disregard of others . They never deem other people as of value, but they wouldn’t degrade other people for fun . This was what made him feel very disgusted .

“You’re just like a crazy dog, biting people everywhere!” Ye Xiwen said calmly with a cold expression .

Everyone was stunned on the spot . They did not expect Ye Xiwen to say such words .  Indifferent . Yes, he was indifferent, as if the fatty was worth nothing .

This was a more brutal pain than disdain . Even if it was disdain, it still meant that you are worth mentioning . But indifference meant you were nothing at all, just like humans facing ants .

There was no reaction even when you stepped on it . This was the feeling .

This sentence immediately made those individual cultivators feel very pleased . No one wanted to be called a crazy dog . If it was not due to their background and strength being too far inferior, they wanted to swear long ago . Compared with them, the fatty who blocked here for no reason was more like a crazy dog .

A crazy dog barking .

Meanwhile, those young masters who came with this fatty felt as if they were slapped on their faces fiercely, hitting them to the point of dizziness . There were mixed feelings of shame and anger in their hearts . These people also contributed in laughing at these individual cultivators just now . Although Ye Xiwen’s words were directed at the fatty, they felt like they were slapped as well .

The fatty looked at Ye Xiwen with bitter resentment as if Ye Xiwen had committed some crime . He also couldn’t believe that Ye Xiwen was able to explode his giant hand with a single finger . In his opinion, Ye Xiwen was just a Semi Sage like those individual cultivators, and those who were below Sage Realm were just ants .

But now this ant actually crippled one of his arms .

“How dare you hurt me, you individual cultivator? You are in trouble . You are in deep trouble!” The fatty yelled at Ye Xiwen with a grudge on his face, like a beaten child who was yelling .

From the perspectives of major sect disciples, if individual cultivators had offended them, they would be doomed . They would be in trouble . A very deep trouble .

Ye Xiwen chuckled . A calm smile appeared on his face, and there was a sound of a loud slap approaching right after that . Then, the fatty was slapped away directly . His plump body spun in the air like a top in the air before hitting hard on the ground .

“I’d like to see what trouble have I got into!” Ye Xiwen took a step forward and charged to the fatty’s side instantly . He sneered while looking at the fatty and said .

“I would like to see which sect taught such an arrogant and ignorant disciple like you!” Ye Xiwen’s facial expression was slightly cold .

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“The original intent of practising martial arts is to take charge of our fate and improve ourselves . But you used it to bully the weak for fun . It’s best to just abolish it!” said Ye Xiwen with a sneer . Ye Xiwen certainly was not a person with a chivalry spirit who took pleasure in helping others . There were a lot of weak people who died in his hands too . But Ye Xiwen looked down at those who bullied the weak for fun . Ye Xiwen even felt that the fatty was not worthy of practising martial arts at all .

Seeing Ye Xiwen raising his hand, Wang Hongchang said quickly, “Senior, please be merciful!”

Although Ye Xiwen looked young, the cultivation world did not distinguish people’s age by their looks . Besides, the most important thing was that everything was false in this society that applied the law of the jungle, and only tyrannical strength was the real thing .

Although he was annoyed by the trouble that the fatty caused him, he also had to admit that the fatty’s strength was not inferior to him . Yet, he was sent flying with a slap now . It was conceivable that the strength of the green-robe young man in front of him was probably comparable to the seniors in his sects .

Although the Medicine King Valley had a great scale, it was just an ordinary sect . It was a far cry from giant aces of the True Martial School . Even if Wang Hongchang was the true legatee disciple of the sect, he was only in Sage Realm . As for Great Sage, he must be a first-class figure like the supreme elder, and his foundation was at most comparable to the top one hundred legatee in True Martial School . It was a completely different class .

He didn’t know why there was such a tyrannical master in individual cultivation . Although he hated the fatty, he had no choice but to protect the fatty .

Ye Xiwen didn’t even look up and stamped on the fatty while his expression was unusually cold .

Following this fatty’s scream, his diaphragm was instantly broken by Ye Xiwen’s trample . Before he even had the time to react, Ye Xiwen had already trampled his diaphragm [1] broken .

What level of cultivation Ye Xiwen was in now? He attacked with all his strength, leaving the fatty’s diaphragm completely crushed without the possibility of recovery .

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It was like turning the original green grassy land into a desert . It was impossible to grow any plants .

“You, you actually abolished my martial arts!” The fatty’s resentful eyes looked at Ye Xiwen with disbelief .  This individual cultivator is simply too outrageous . Doesn’t he know that this might bring him a huge trouble?

In the cultivation world, those disciples with sects were often unscrupulous because there was a tyrannical sect behind them . Once something happened, the sect seniors would immediately seek serious revenge .

Although the fatty was very powerful, the sect behind him was even more tyrannical . How could a single person’s strength be compared with a huge sect?

It was precisely because of the sect behind him that the fatty would recklessly look down at those individual cultivators who did not have such a strong background .

Wang Hongchang looked at Ye Xiwen awkwardly . He did not expect that Ye Xiwen would eventually make the fatal move . Ye Xiwen actually made a merciless move once he attacked . Without giving the fatty any chance to say anything, Ye Xiwen directly abolished his martial arts .

“Having such people like you practising martial arts is simply the shame of my generation!” Ye Xiwen said lightly, but he was straightforward and had no hint of fear between his lines .

Seeing that Ye Xiwen was so cruel and decisive, those sect disciples who were initially arrogant turned into birds and flew away suddenly . They did not dare to stay in front of Ye Xiwen who seemed like a mega monster in their eyes . If they were slightly careless, they might be killed by this guy who looked moody and brutal .

If they ended up the same as that fatty, then it would be miserable . For these people, all their arrogance was based on their own strength . If their martial arts were abolished, it would be more suffering than killing them .

Even Wang Hongchang turned and flew away into the Medicine King Valley hurriedly . He was not fleeing like those people because he could see that although Ye Xiwen had been merciless and decisive while attacking, Ye Xiwen would not willfully murder the innocent .

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But since such a major incident had happened, he had no choice but to go back and report to the sect’s senior officials and let them decide . In short, the incident would not be as simple this time .

In the blink of an eye, these sect disciples vanished immediately, and the remaining were all individual cultivators now . At this moment, their glance towards Ye Xiwen had changed, and the casualness just now was gone . Before Ye Xiwen showed their strength, they could still consider Ye Xiwen as an ordinary individual cultivator . However, Ye Xiwen had now shown the strength that was like an Elderly Predecessor among the individual cultivators . So they couldn’t help being careful .

Ye Xiwen took these changes to heart, but didn’t speak .

“Senior Long, thank you for your help this time, Yang is deeply grateful! If you need to assign me to anything in the future, please don’t hesitate to say it!” Yang Tingyu came forward confidently and said . Perhaps because he had risked it all just now, so this seemed nothing now . People must experience ups and downs before they could make a big breakthrough in their state of mind .

After experiencing the incident just now, Yang Tingyu almost died . The meticulous care he had practised for hundreds of years seemed to be wiped out suddenly . It was like what the world said, once a person had sudden enlightenment, he could thoroughly understand many things instantly .

“It’s nothing . It’s no trouble at all!” said Ye Xiwen with a grin . He didn’t even care about the sect behind the fatty . He could even escape if a Great Sage attacked . When Soul Destruction Temple’s Temple Master chased him previously, he managed to escape too . He was now stronger than he was at the beginning . Would it be possible that the sect behind this fatty is stronger than the Soul Destruction Temple?

Hesitating again, Yang Tingyu said, “Senior, this person the disciple of Thousand Plants Sect . Thousand Plants Sect’s influence in the nearby Star Region has grown rapidly . I heard that they are related to Meteor Sect too . It may be a big trouble if they were to look into this . Why don’t senior…?”

Yang Tingyu’s intention was very clear to let Ye Xiwen leave . Thousand Plants Sect alone was a strong force . Coupled with the inextricable relationship with the Meteor Sect, they were definitely not to be messed with . The highest ruler of the Star Region nearby was the Meteor Sect . No one had a good life after offending the Meteor Sect, especially individual cultivators like them who were not liked and valued by anyone .

Ye Xiwen just smiled and said, “It’s alright . This is a rare gathering . Anyone of you wants to go in with me?”

[1] It referred to Dantian where qi resides . It’s also a common term in eastern fantasy and martial arts novels .

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