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Chapter 675

“Master, it is him. He is the one who abolished Brother Zhou’s martial arts. Master, you have to seek revenge for Brother Zhou!” A resentful voice echoed from the fog all of a sudden.

A group of people was seen to appear suddenly from the dense fog formed by numerous spiritual energies. It was a large team consisting of dozens of people, which was not worse off than the previous Feihong Mansion.

The black-shirted old man who headed the team had a thin body, and he looked slightly angry. He walked with majestic steps without concealing his aura at all, like a violent hurricane.

He turned out to be a Great Sage whose strength was not inferior to the previous Tian Butong.

However, his vital energy and blood was less vigorous than Tian Butong. In Ye Xiwen’s view, the frail old man had a hint of decaying aura within him. Yes, a stream of well-hidden decaying aura.

This was the aura of a person on the verge of death. Ye Xiwen was confident that he wouldn’t read it wrongly. Unlike ordinary people who grew old slowly, warriors could always maintain their optimal and most vigorous state because of their cultivation. But that was only during the golden age. Once a warrior entered the last period of his life, he would begin to fall into the Angel Decay [1] state suddenly. His body would also reveal a decaying aura. According to Ye Mo, everyone had to go through this process unless they reached the Longevity Realm.

Obviously, the old man in front of him had entered the Angel Decay state. This meant that he would die soon. Although this ‘soon’ might mean ten plus years or even decades, he was indeed entering the end phase for a Great Sage with a long life, he was indeed entering the end phase.

Behind him were dozens of disciples, and among them were those disciples that were scared away by Ye Xiwen just now. Judging from their dressing, they were obviously the disciples of Thousand Plants Sect.

When that group rushed out, it attracted the attention of many warriors around.

“Aren’t those people from Thousand Plants Sect? Didn’t they enter the inner Medicine King Valley already previously? Why did they come out at this time? What’s happening?”

Many people didn’t know why the people of Thousand Plants Sect stormed out aggressively, but they still made way for the group of people in order to avoid being mistakenly injured by these seemingly mad Thousand Plants Sect disciples.

“Is that black-shirted elderly man the Supreme Elder of Thousand Plants Sect, Gongyang Yongfeng? This time, the leader of Thousand Plants Sect is Gongyang Yongfeng indeed. Rumour has it that the pellet to break through the Great Sage level by Medicine King Valley has shocked even the top people of Thousand Plants Sect. Although Thousand Plants Sect is incompatible with Medicine King Valley most of the time, they attached great importance to this issue! ”

“Yeah, this is the first time Gongyang Yongfeng stepped out of the Thousand Plants Sect in the past fifty years. I heard that Gongyang Yongfeng is reaching his ultimate limit soon. He never walked out of the sect in the past fifty years in order to train his successor. He accepted a disciple and trained him wholeheartedly! ”

Everyone’s vision shifted towards the gaze of Thousand Plants Sect, and it turned out to be the individual cultivator with outstanding aura just now. Ye Xiwen’s demeanour which was different from ordinary individual cultivators made everyone remember him immediately just now. They wondered what incident made Thousand Plants Sect so furious.

“Master, it is him. He is the one that abolished Brother Zhou’s martial arts. He even said that he would like to see what kind of sect teaches such a disciple!” A young and emotional disciple looked at Ye Xiwen with resentful eyes. He just fled in front of Ye Xiwen earlier after witnessing his senior brother’s martial arts being abolished, and he couldn’t do anything. This was a great humiliation for him. Now, he finally found his master and could teach a hard lesson to this brat who underestimates others’ capabilities.

“Are you the one who abolished my last disciple’s martial arts?” Gongyang Yongfeng’s face was ice-cold and ghastly pale. He said while staring at Ye Xiwen. He looked like a tiger who could devour someone at any time.

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but to gasp. Everyone originally didn’t know what made the people in Thousand Plants Sect so angry, but they did not expect that this was the case.

Everyone knew that the Gongyang Yongfeng’s position in Thousand Plants Sect was very high. In fact, it was slightly higher than the Sect Lord. Because of his towering seniority, he was already the Supreme Elder of Thousand Plants Sect when the current Sect Lord entered Thousand Plants Sect. Not to mention that now, almost all his contemporaries had already withered, except for him.

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Everyone was also very clear that the Gongyang Yongfeng’s ultimate limit was approaching, so the people were more tolerant to him normally. This kind of person who was about to die was not afraid of anything, and he had no concerns. Once a person offended him, there might be scruples usually, but now he was about to die. What was there to be concerned about? He was simply unscrupulous.

These people also had their own trigger button, and Gongyang Yongfeng’s trigger button was his last disciple, as everyone knew. Because he was on the verge of death, he poured all his energy into that disciple. It could be said he taught his disciple everything that he knew as this was his last hope.

The hope in which he passed down all his legacies. Everyone knew that even if they were going to mess with Gongyang Yongfeng, they should not mess with his disciple.

Not to mention his martial arts were actually abolished. No wonder Gongyang Yongfeng looked like he was about to explode with anger. That last disciple was his last hope. Now, the disciple’s martial arts was abolished by Ye Xiwen. It was like shattering all his hopes. the consequences of shattering all hopes of a dying man were unimaginable.

Particularly, the disciple who Gongyang Yongfeng was committed to train. Even if the disciple was not capable, he was still a master in Sage Realm. But this individual cultivator actually abolished his martial arts. This was simply a mind blowing miracle.

Most importantly, this person didn’t leave and even dared to come over. Is he crackbrained or brain-dead?

Ye Xiwen nodded gently without denying. He whispered in his heart, No wonder that the fatty named Zhou was so arrogant and domineering. He didn’t respect people at all. Turns out he has a Great Sage level master. In a typical force, this was indeed enough to be rampant, just like Xiao Ya who entered a Transcendent Realm sect previously.

Especially this Gongyang Yongfeng who obviously appeared in Angel Decay state. Ye Xiwen also understood that it was the worst to offend this dying person because they no longer had hope. So they were more reckless in doing things. Normally, people would tolerate and wait until this old man was dead, but that was not Ye Xiwen’s personality.

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The fatty named Zhou was so arrogant. Perhaps it had something to do with the pampering of this Gongyang Yongfeng.

After seeing Ye Xiwen nodding his head, Gongyang Yongfeng’s initially restrained momentum was suddenly released. At that instant, it was like stormy waves forming in a calm lake. The endless loud coercion was released unscrupulously.

It dispersed in all directions with Gongyang Yongfeng as the centre. His only beloved last disciple’s martial arts was actually abolished by Ye Xiwen. It was like earth-shattering news for him.

Because he knew that he was running out of time, so he was more focused on the cultivation of this disciple. He even did his best to cultivate his disciple with the hope of passing down his legacy. Although he was late in accepting his disciple, his disciple did not disappoint him anyway. He cultivated to be a Sage Realm in a short time. With the preparations he left for contingencies, it was very probable that his disciple could even enter Great Sage in the future.

But now, someone had shattered this hope. His disciple’s martial arts was abolished. He examined the injury already, and there was no possibility of recovery. This was equivalent to someone blowing out his dreams.

Most importantly, the remaining time was simply not enough for him to continue to find a successor and cultivate talents.

The burning anger in his heart was like a volcanic eruption, all spreading out in all directions.

Those surrounding warriors, be it Sage Realm, Semi Sage, or Legend, immediately knelt down from the shock of the horrifying aura outburst, as if they met their own king.

In the face of the horrifying aura resulting from a Great Sage’s violent rage, they were like little white rabbits shivering in fear when facing the roar of a furious old lion. They were shivering in fear and unable to move at all because their bodies were stiffened. The coercion from his spirit made them feel somewhat suffocated.

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The people of Thousand Plants Sect were of no exception. The furious Gongyang Yongfeng did not consider them at all, and perhaps did not even take them to heart. He had no interest in anything else except for his last disciple.

It was already so terrible to be swept away by this stream of momentum. They were trembling with fear. It was impossible to imagine Ye Xiwen’s condition, who was suffering most of the coercion.

Ye Xiwen was like a small boat in a rainstorm. It seemed like it would sink any time, but it persisted forever.

Yang Tingyu next to Ye Xiwen had already pushed his cultivation to the extreme. He was ready to die. Even if the Great Sage thought that he was basically like an ant, being overly ambitious to attempt something impossible, but since he chose to come in, he was mentally prepared for death.

He just didn’t expect that by being at Ye Xiwen’s side, the boundless and horrifying aura disappeared in front of Ye Xiwen’s body. He still looked calm and relaxed, as if the stream of horrifying aura was not existing at all.

Yang Tingyu’s eyes were full of inexplicable shock. What is the origin of this Senior Long whom I accidentally encountered? Gongyang Yongfeng is a Great Sage. For them, a Great Sage was undoubtedly like a Celestial being. Even with just his aura, it was enough to completely crush a Half-step Great Sage. Those who could escape from a Great Sage were all elites. This Senior Long even resolved the coercion of a Great Sage casually?

Is he a Great Sage too?


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