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Chapter 670

From Ye Xiwen’s perspective, Big Dipper was taking the world as a chess game and they were playing a really long game . Ye Xiwen was just one of their chess pieces . They did not expect Ye Xiwen to be of any use or to occupy a high position in the Alchemist Association for the time being .

They did not know when the spy that they dispersed casually would come in handy, but they would be useful sooner or later . This was something that could only be done by a huge force with a strong foundation .

Since Big Dipper’s requirements were very loose, he certainly did not have to disagree . So he nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, I agree to it!”

Ye Xiwen did take promotion of becoming the Constellation Lord seriously . After all, it was a matter of truly joining Big Dipper and becoming a senior member .

However, there was really nothing to hesitate about this . Anyway, it was just up to him whether to do it or not . It depended on whether the price would allure him . Moreover, based on the deep foundation of the Alchemist Association, it was simply impossible for him to occupy a high position in a short time . It was only possible in a loose organization such as Big Dipper . Even so, he still had no access to Big Dipper’s core secrets . Even if he was regarded as an official member of Big Dipper, he would not necessarily know more than those external members .

Seeing that Ye Xiwen had agreed to it, Jiao Mujiao passed the invitation to Ye Xiwen . Ye Xiwen looked at the invitation, and the gathering time stated on the invitation was exactly one month later . The reason why Ye Xiwen had not received any news for such a long time was actually due to the delay of their gathering .

Judging from the invitation, this gathering actually brought together a lot of alchemy masters to refine a pellet . It was actually used to break through the Great Sage Realm . No wonder Big Dipper specifically invited Jiao Mujiao to talk to him about this .

Beneath the Great Sage Realm was a huge dividing line . Whatever below the Great Sage was considered nothing . Only after becoming a Great Sage could one be regarded as entering the ranks of first-class masters . In some small forces, Great Sage was eligible to be a founder to dominate a region . Even in a transcendental force such as True Martial School, Great Sage could take charge of a section and hold important posts . This was completely different from that of Sage Realm .

At Sage Realm, there was still a way to break through with pellets to create a master of Sage Realm, but it would not work in Great Sage Realm . This was because Sage Realm was a change in the body, so pellets could work . But Great Sage Realm was a change in spirit, and there was no way to change it with pellets .

Even the standard grade pellets were unable to achieve such effect . In ancient times, there were pellets that could do it . That was a legendary generation where it was many times more prosperous than it was today . It was full of geniuses and the Great Sage Realm as well as Transcendent Realm was not a big deal because deities existed at that time . Many legends about deities that were passed down now were not just myths, but they were passed on because they really existed . That was definitely an inconceivable great world that was unimaginable among the people nowadays .

At that time, alchemy was also many times more prosperous than it was now . Even the pellets that could break into the Great Sage were available . Now people could only think about how thriving was that era that they could break into the Great Sage easily by relying on pellets .

It was not that there were no such pellets now . On the contrary, even after undergoing major changes, there were still some scattered pellets passed down, but the amount was too small . The Alchemist Association was committed to restoring the prosperity of alchemy in ancient times . Earlier, the situation was even worse than it was now . At that time, there was not even a pellet that could break into Sage Realm . It was also the Alchemist Association who restored many pellet recipes bit by bit . Although the major forces continued to do this too, the invested energy and vigor was voluntary . It was far from comparable with the Alchemist Association .

Aside from the few pellet recipes that were divulged, most of the pellet recipes to enter the Sage Realm were held in the hands of the Alchemist Association . That was why the Alchemist Association could develop stronger over time . Nobody knew how many masters they had created and nurtured secretly using the pellets . Even many rich and influential families were very afraid of them .

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Finally, the Alchemist Association was reaching out to the Great Sage Realm now . If it was a success, then probably even Great Sage could be mass-produced in the future . Then, the Alchemist Association power would expand to a formidable level . No one would know .

No wonder Big Dipper also wanted to make him an undercover agent in the Alchemist Association . Even Big Dipper who had deep hidden forces were afraid of the Alchemist Association . When they found the pellets that could break into Sage Realm previously, they did not stir up much commotion because Sage Realm was just Sage Realm after all . Regardless of the high quantity, it was difficult to really decide one’s success or failure .

Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but to feel excited for it . In the beginning, he didn’t have much interest in this gathering . It didn’t matter whether he went or not . But now Ye Xiwen had to go even if there was no other reason than the pellet to break into the Great Sage .

Even when he broke into Sage Realm previously, he was a bit powerless and needed pellets to help him . Now, although it was much simpler than others because his spirit had accomplished the complete transcendance, it was only relatively speaking . If it was using the normal method, perhaps it was better to break into the Great Sage within one hundred years . Thirty to fifty years were inevitable, but how could there be so much time for Ye Xiwen now? He definitely couldn’t wait for thirty or fifty years, or even hundreds of years .

This pellet that could break into the Great Sage Realm was undoubtedly great news for Ye Xiwen .

“Ye Xiwen, this is a good opportunity . While you are at the gathering, wait for a chance to seize the pellets . This will save you years of hard work!” said Ye Mo eagerly . From his perspective, any method could be used as long as Ye Xiwen’s cultivation continues to break through .

In fact, Ye Xiwen did not have the Great Sage pellet recipe . For ordinary people, it was simply impossible to obtain a long-lost pellet recipe from the ancient era when alchemy was flourishing . Various methods were needed to restore part of it . But with Ye Mo by Ye Xiwen’s side, he knew all the ancient secrets . Although Ye Mo was a person from Demon Domain, he was an antique who had lived for countless years after all . So, he knew many secrets that were unknown to others .

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However, even if he knew the pellet recipe, he needed another astronomical wealth to collect the complete materials for the pellet production . It was similar to when he was collecting the medicinal ingredients to produce Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan during the Semi Sage . He wouldn’t be able to gather all of the ingredients if it had not been for Big Dipper’s help .

This gathering was several years late compared to the originally planned twenty-year period . It was not because of anything else, but because the materials were difficult to collect . Therefore, they had no choice but to delay for several years .

Although the Alchemist Association had enormous power, this gathering was just an independent research of some alchemists . Otherwise, it would not be known to everyone . Without the support of the Alchemist Association, they could only rely on themselves .

Although Ye Xiwen had received the invitation, he did not leave immediately . The venue was on a planet next to Meteor World . It was originally a barren planet, but was dominated by several alchemy masters who teamed up . The place served as a sect station for a sect created called Medicine King Valley .

The Alchemist Association was not a sect . It was just an alliance of forces . Many alchemy masters were associated with the Alchemist Association or were members of the Alchemist Association, but that didn’t mean that they did not have their own forces .

In fact, more than half of the members had their own huge force that provided strong support for their cultivation . Compared with other martial arts, alchemy’s dependence on wealth could be said to have reached an unprecedented level . Many people relied on pellets to advance their cultivation, so it would be hard if there was no huge force to support them .

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This planet was one of the sect stations, and the Alchemist Association’s president of the Great Wei Empire was actually Medicine King Valley’s disciple .

It took a long time for Ye Xiwen to go to Meteor World previously, but it was a world of difference now . It was not the same thing currently . If he used Big Dipper’s teleportation array, he wouldn’t need even ten days to reach Meteor World . Meanwhile, the time stated on the invitation was one month later . Therefore, he still had a long time to buffer, so he was not in a hurry .

In the remaining twenty days, Ye Xiwen wanted to push his cultivation all the way to the peak of the Half-step Great Sage Intermediate . Although he could fend for himself against the Great Sage Intermediate now, it was merely self-protection . It was still a challenging thing for him to kill a Great Sage Intermediate now . However, if he could advance to the peak of the Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, then he was confident that he could trample all over the Great Sage Intermediate .

In the past six months, he had made a total of five billion elixirs, and the total number of elixirs he had was close to as much as six billion . It could be said that he was wealthier than he ever was . He kept thinking that the quantity of his elixirs was not sufficient . In fact, it was far less from enough . That was because he was considering the situation where he had to summon Star Beast Avatar at any time . He did not have the power to freely summon the Star Beast Avatar without fully integrating the Blood Slave with the Star Beast . So, he could only use elixirs to forcefully summon it . That was equivalent to burning elixir pile by pile .

However, if it was simply based on his own needs, it was absolutely sufficient . With such a huge support of elixirs, he was confident that he could advance his cultivation to the peak of Half-step Great Sage Intermediate in the remaining twenty days . It was just one step away from Half-step Great Sage Late . After coming back from this gathering, he would enter closed cultivation immediately to break through his cultivation to Half-step Great Sage Late . Then, he would be only one step away from Great Sage, and it was possible to step into Great Sage at any time .

If there was a pellet that could help him break into the Great Sage at that time, he could even break into the Great Sage and rank among the first-class masters under the stars from then on .

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