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Chapter 671

Rounds of space ripples flickered in the boundless starry sky, and a figure suddenly appeared in this Star Region, but it was a green figure .

Ye Xiwen appeared in a meteorite . Compared with more than twenty years ago, this Star Region had not changed much . In the vast starry sky, it was difficult to make any real changes in billions of years, let alone in twenty years . It might be a long time for humans, but in terms of the cosmic void, it was nothing more than a snap of a finger .

After more than twenty days of closed cultivation, he finally pushed his cultivation to the peak of Half-step Great Sage Intermediate . He might step into Half-step Great Sage Late at any time . He had already planned to start close cultivation after the gathering ended in order to advance his cultivation into Half-step Great Sage Late .

Compared to the previous time, Ye Xiwen was already familiar with the place this time . Wearing Big Dipper’s moon-white robe, Ye Xiwen charged towards Medicine King Valley .

When he was reaching Medicine King Valley, he could see a lot of warriors flying in that direction like a stream flowing endlessly, forming a stream of light in the universe . It was also a bustling scene . Those who could fly in the universe were at least warriors of the Truth level .

Soon, the entire Medicine King Valley was in the vicinity . It was a gigantic star . It was a barren planet initially, but under the management of countless people in Medicine King Valley, It had become a thriving planet now . The mountains and rivers were beautiful . In addition, there were countless formations that penetrated into the ground, and firmly absorbed countless spiritual energy . It was much more condensed than the spiritual energy of ordinary places . Aside from a part that was the residence of Medicine King Valley’s disciples, most of the entire planet was planned as medicine fields which were filled with precious medicines .

In True Martial School, there were such places as well . All major forces had such a common approach, but it was not at such a large scale . After all, they were not a force that majored in alchemy in the cultivation road .

All spiritual energy was locked in by a series of arrays . There was no trace of medicinal power flowing out . Most people who did not have a special way could not enter at all . Therefore, although the medicine field was spread all over the planet, there were very few people taking care of it .

Ye Xiwen descended from the light onto a road among the fields . He was not in a hurry to attend the gathering at Medicine King Valley, so he looked around .

“Ye Xiwen, this Medicine King Valley is just a faction of the Alchemist Association . It is amazing that there are medicine fields of this size!” Nie Ying said while sincerely admiring the entire planet that was used for planting herbs .  The cost of this is not cheap . “But unfortunately, it’s not precious species . It’s all herbs that can be grown in batches!”

Ye Xiwen nodded as he scanned around . From time to time, there were some herbs that were outstanding and unique among the other herbs, but most of them were relatively mediocre species .

It was startling to have such a large scale, but because of this, it was impossible to grow any medicine king or precious special species .

Because basically each of these medicinal materials needed favorable time, geographical and social conditions in order to grow . Most importantly, it needed the irrigation of countless spiritual energies . Certain medicinal materials even had to absorb the entire planet’s spiritual energy in order to grow .

For instance, Ye Xiwen’s Mingxin ancient tree . When he discovered it, there was an entire dragon vein locked on the ground to provide the spiritual energy needed for the growth of the Mingxin ancient tree . It required great maintenance . At the beginning, Ye Xiwen didn’t care too much about it, but when he really started to take care of the Mingxin ancient tree, he discovered that it was hardly a human task to nurture the Mingxin ancient tree .

Just ensuring the Mingxin ancient tree would survive required massive spiritual energy . If he wanted to grow the Mingxin ancient tree, the amount of spiritual energy required was an even more astronomical figure .

The situation did not improve until he caught that dragon vein . He simply transplanted the Mingxin ancient tree to the dragon vein, and then he was relieved . Only when the Mingxin ancient tree was rooted in the dragon vein that it showed a flourishing growing pattern .

Although the Mingxin ancient tree was the legendary deity tree and ordinary spirits organism required less spiritual energy, the same principle applied . The more medicinal materials were planted, the more scattered the spiritual energy was . Hence, it was less likely to plant top quality herbs .

True Martial School was able to grow this many medicinal materials, but it was not necessary . They could just purchase some low-quality medicinal materials . There were warriors who took the alchemy path in True Martial School, but the number was not large anyway . So it was not necessary to plant so many herbs to cultivate their disciples .

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However, different factions had their own considerations, and they couldn’t be viewed in the same way .

Ye Xiwen was not in a rush, but how fast was his footwork? It was just an hour, and he could see the situation of Medicine King Valley from a distance . He was already near the valley . Although it was called a valley, it was actually more like a huge plain surrounded by countless mountains .

Even this group of mountains contained the truth of the true way . It was obviously being moved from faraway places by powerful people . The mountains were like dragons, which locked the entire underground dragon veins and spiritual energy . At the same time, they converged into a series of formations .

“Brother, are you here to attend Medicine King Valley’s Truth Discussion Conference?” Suddenly, a person caught up behind Ye Xiwen and walked to his side while speaking .

Ye Xiwen turned around, and it was a middle-aged man who looked quite destitute . He was obviously an individual cultivator .

Ye Xiwen nodded and said, “Is brother here to attend the Truth Discussion Conference too?”

Ye Xiwen didn’t show disdain like the disciples of many major factions just because the other party was an individual cultivator . These individual cultivators were even tougher, like weeds on the roadside, they survived independently . It was very respectable that this middle-aged man could cultivate a Semi Sage Intermediate .

Furthermore, he was a warrior who practiced alchemy . It was countless times more difficult than a typical warrior .

Ye Xiwen restrained his aura with his aura convergence martial art . From the eyes of the outsiders, he looked like a normal Semi Sage . Unless his skill was far higher than Ye Xiwen like a Transcendent master, it was impossible to see through Ye Xiwen’s disguise .

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“Yeah, hehe . It’s rare that this Truth Discussion Conference does not restrict us, the individual cultivators, from participating . It is said that there will be a lot of alchemy masters . We are also fortunate to be present . Even if we just listen from a distance, it will be good enough!” That middle-aged man said with a bit of self-deprecation .

The biggest problem for these individual cultivators was not the shortage of resources, but the lack of martial techniques mentorship . Many individual cultivators who took on the cultivation road were completely due to coincidence or something . Most of their martial techniques were intermittent . It was similar to the previous Tibetan Star Summit who was restoring the Tibetan Star Sutra intermittently .

For them, many paths had to be explored by themselves . It was far from the convenience of the major legate disciple . Having the opportunity to listen to many alchemy masters to discuss about the Truth was more important than anything else .

Such an opportunity was very rare .

It seemed like the middle-aged man was a little self-deprecating after thinking about his own hardships . They dared not expect to reach the end of the true way, but they went as far as they could .

“I’m Yang Tingyu . May I know your name, brother?” The middle-aged man cupped his hands in greeting . He saw Ye Xiwen as a Semi Sage like himself, but judging from Ye Xiwen’s demeanor, it was nothing like an individual cultivator . Ye Xiwen also did not show any hint of inferiority hidden deep inside like a typical individual cultivator . So he naturally knew that the person in front of him was extraordinary .

“My surname is Long!” said Ye Xiwen . Since he was going to pretend to be Master Long, then let it be so till the end .

“It turns out to be Brother Long!” Yang Tingyu saw Ye Xiwen didn’t say his complete name, but he didn’t mind . “May I know which faction Brother Xiong belongs to?”

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“I’m just practising individual cultivation in the starry sky outside the region . It’s not worth mentioning!” said Ye Xiwen, He had no intention of revealing his true identity . Although this place was far from the Real Martial Domain, there was no guarantee that there were no enemies here .

Seeing that Ye Xiwen didn’t specify, he understood and didn’t ask further . The two kept walking forward .

As they got closer and closer to Medicine King Valley, they could see individual cultivators in pairs and in small groups everywhere, and they were all basically individual cultivators . Those warriors who had social status and background would probably have been escorted by the Medicine King Valley people earlier .

In the minds of these major faction’s warriors, individual cultivators were not important at all . Allowing them to sit in and listen was already doing them a great favor . It was impossible for them to send people to escort them .

These individual cultivators were also very sensible and walked there themselves . They knew where they stood . Hence, they walked all the way without flying in order to show their respect for Medicine King Valley .

“Brother Wang, look at these individual cultivators . Don’t each of them look like dogs who smelt the fragrance of bones? They are only allowed to listen, but they grovelled here!” All of sudden, a frivolous voice sounded from the sky .

Hearing this sentence, many of the surrounding individual cultivators’ expressions suddenly turned pale . They even compared these individual cultivators to dogs . Such shame could be considered to be the ultimate humiliation .

The crowd looked up and saw a group of young men in elegant robes commenting on these individual cultivators outrageously . They didn’t care if the individual cultivators would hear them as if they were really commenting on a dog .

A fatty who was the leader showed some contempt and disdain on his face . Obviously, he was the one who said those things just now .

Many individual cultivators heard this and glared at him originally, but when they saw the sign on his sleeve, many people were dumbfounded immediately . Even if some of them were extremely furious, they were just glaring at this group of young men fixedly . They did not dare to retort, as if they were afraid of something .

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