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Chapter 669

In the Big Dipper organization, official members were named Constellations which include fourteen of them . Aside from the newbies who had great potential like Ye Xiwen, most of them were Half-step Great Sage Great Perfection or even Great Sage Realm .

Above them were members named accordingly to the Big Dipper . They were a level higher than these Constellations and there were only seven of them . Basically, only those who were very powerful in Great Sage would have the opportunity to serve in these positions .

They were the seven Big Dipper Constellations Lords . Last but not least, the Constellation Emperor who was the person in charge of the entire Big Dipper Organization . Overall, the Big Dipper Organization had a distinctive hierarchy .

Alkaid was the last constellation among the seven Big Dipper Constellations . Even though it was ranked as the last constellation, one must be the strongest among the Great Sage in order to be the master of an Alkaid .

In Big Dipper, there were many warriors at his level . Some constellations even had more powerful strength than him . He didn’t stand a chance whether it was in terms of qualifications, strength, or contributions .

Therefore, he never thought he could become a Constellation Lord at this stage .

Seeing that Ye Xiwen’s face finally revealed a surprised expression, a smile of satisfaction finally appeared on Jiao Mujiao’s face while he said, “Well, you didn’t expect it too, right? I heard it was designated by the Constellation Emperor himself!”

Ye Xiwen was silent for a while .  It turns out that the Constellation Emperor is involved in this . No wonder he could make the final call to appoint the Constellation Lord .

Big Dipper could only be regarded as a loose organization . There was a clear hierarchy, but in fact, there was no clear relationship of subordination between the official members . Therefore, even though as a Constellation Lord, he might not be able to instruct some constellations effectively, especially those constellations with powerful strength that were even comparable to the Constellation Lord . They would not take the Constellation Lord’s words to heart .

However, there was one person who had the supreme authority . That was Big Dipper’s Constellation Emperor . The previous generations of Big Dipper’s Constellation Emperors were the mighty ones in the Transcendent realm . Those who claim to have an overwhelming strength advantage were still vulnerable in the face of the Constellation Emperor even if they were invincible in the Great Sage realm .

Although the Constellation Emperor didn’t talk much, no one would object once he spoke .

“I must say that you have set a new record for our Big Dipper . No one has ever become the Constellation Lord in less than a century . Although the Constellation Emperor has spoken in person, your strength is the real reason that makes the old fellows who think that we are ranked based on seniority to be speechless!” Jiao Mujiao said while looking at Ye Xiwen with admiration . For Big Dipper members like them, becoming the Constellation Lord was basically the ultimate goal of life to fight for . Despite his extremely fast cultivation in Sage Realm where he attained Sage Realm Great Perfection from the original Half-step Sage in just a few decades, he also knew that the cultivation time needed was ten times, or even hundreds of times more after entering the Great Sage . Not to mention the Transcendent realm which really required both human’s effort and great opportunity to attain!

Those Constellation Lords’ seats were basically held by Great Sages who had Great Mastery or Great Perfection . They were comparable to Temple Master in Demon Worshipping Religion . In a short time, one would not dare to have any hope of achieving it . However, Ye Xiwen was being promoted to become the Constellation Lord . How could Jiao Mujiao not be envious?

But he was purely being envious . He and Ye Xiwen had been able to partner with each other for decades, and they had experienced different things a lot . They had a close relationship, so he could joke with Ye Xiwen casually .

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However, Ye Xiwen did not show much joy or enthusiasm to be Big Dipper’s Constellation Lord after listening to him . There were surely numerous benefits and Big Dipper’s resources would naturally lean towards Ye Xiwen . It could be considered to be a level higher than the current constellation treatment .

But there was also a precondition which was completely different from the idle situation when he was a constellation . In order to join Big Dipper officially and enjoy better treatment, he naturally had to contribute more .

When he was a constellation, he could still decide whether to work for Big Dipper . But after he was promoted as a Constellation Lord, it would be different as it would be compulsory to serve .

Therefore, some people who did not want to be bound in this way were still constellations even though they already had the strength of a Constellation Lord .

Nonetheless, since the Constellation Emperor personally appointed him to take up the Constellation Lord position, it was considered an honour to him .

“This is superb news . You don’t stand a chance initially . But the original Alkaid no longer serves as the Constellation Lord as it has been more than a thousand years . You just have this opportunity because it is time to change a new person!” said Jiao Mujiao . He naturally knew why Ye Xiwen was hesitating because he had been partnering with Ye Xiwen for a long time . He also knew that Ye Xiwen agreed to join Big Dipper previously because of its easy going environment . It would be a different story if he were to become the Constellation Lord .

“Let me think about this!” said Ye Xiwen . He knew that Jiao Mujiao was more enthusiastic than him about this matter . He had no soaring ambitions in Big Dipper’s promotion, but Jiao Mujiao was different . Jiao Mujiao had always been very keen in this aspect, often completing some Big Dipper’s missions . It could be said that Jiao Mujiao was more competent than him . If it was not for his extreme cultivation that made him advance way faster than Jiao Mujiao to this day, there would probably be opposition noises inside Big Dipper .

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However, he didn’t think there was anything . It was more like a trade with Big Dipper . Whatever he received, he had to pay for it relatively . There was no such good thing in the world that he could take advantage of . Naturally, True Martial School was a completely different situation .

“Then let’s not talk about this first . Do you remember the invitation you received from the Alchemist Association when you were at Meteor World thirty years ago?” Jiao Mujiao asked .

Ye Xiwen nodded . He definitely remembered this event . At that time, the Alchemist Association’s president of the Great Wei Empire had invited him to an alchemist gathering twenty year later because he had produced standard grade pellets .

But that was almost thirty years ago . In the past twenty years, Ye Xiwen had experienced many things and almost forgot about it . Most importantly, it was now a few years past the agreed time . Even if they accidentally thought of Ye Xiwen, they would treat this matter as the past, so he didn’t take it seriously . It was okay if he didn’t manage to catch up . He was not going for the alchemy route anyway, so he didn’t place much importance to it .

“You promised them at that time and they have sent the invitation to Big Dipper now!” Jiao Mujiao said with some envy in his tone . Ye Xiwen’s progress in cultivation made him stunned . It was beyond just two little realms higher than him . When he first saw Ye Xiwen, although Ye Xiwen was already famous regionally for beheading someone in the Semi Sage Peak, Ye Xiwen’s cultivation could not reach this realm . It was a lot lower than him .

But in just a few decades, Ye Xiwen had reached a point where he even needed to look up to Ye Xiwen . He was confident that he would enter the Great Sage sooner or later, but that was the future . Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen had killed a Great Sage now and escaped from the Soul Destruction Temple’s Temple Master . Such a talent had already made him feel like Ye Xiwen was a monster, but Ye Xiwen even had some talent in alchemy to develop standard grade pellets . Ye Xiwen was simply not a human . Although most of the alchemy masters also had a strong cultivation, they were not on par with the level of their powerful alchemy skills . Plus, they were mostly elevated by pellets . Therefore, it was a very different situation .

“Is the invitation posted to Big Dipper?” Ye Xiwen was a little surprised . Indeed, he agreed to it at that time, but when he thought about it later, he was a bit reckless . At that time, he covered up his identity . How could the other party find him? This was also the reason why Ye Xiwen didn’t pay much attention to it during this period of time .

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I just didn’t expect that they could find me through Big Dipper . The strength of the Alchemist Association force is really deep and unimaginable . They are indeed the giant figure that existed in the starry sky for countless years .

“Yeah, we actually have a lot of cooperation with the Alchemist Association in the past . We know some of their background, but they don’t know that you are a member of us, Big Dipper . The Constellation Emperor also wants me to pass a message to you . Regardless of whether you want to be a Constellation Lord, he wants you to break into the internal Alchemist Association! “Jiao Mujiao hid the smile on his face and said to Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen immediately understood that the Constellation Emperor hoped that he could become a spy in the Alchemist Association . Although they might not have any ulterior motive towards the Alchemist Association, it was always reasonable to prevent it beforehand . Perhaps they had relied on this method to place spies in many forces . Ye Xiwen could not imagine how vast a network they had operated over the past few years .

Usually these undercover spies were inactive, and they would make a move once they were needed . Maybe they could be a complete game changer at critical moments . It seemed like Big Dipper was plotting a chess game, a long game indeed . Ye Xiwen was just one of the chess pieces . Every chess piece had its value .

Ye Xiwen was not against this . Before he had enough strength to be a chess player, he had no choice but to be a chess piece . The key was to reap enough benefits for himself .

However, he could also foresee that with Big Dipper’s style of work, they would certainly not let his efforts be in vain . Every piece of information would probably correspond with an unparalleled benefit . Although it was quite materialistic, it was Ye Xiwen’s favorite method as it had no strings attached . Things ought to be perfectly clear .

“I can agree to this matter first, but there are plenty of masters in the Alchemist Association . Even if I go in, I may not be able to occupy a high position!” said Ye Xiwen .

“That is for sure . Lord Constellation Emperor will not force you!” said Jiao Mujiao .

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