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Chapter 667
Chapter 667: Using Powerful Connections to Intimidate Others


What kind of place was Thousands Treasure Pagoda? It was a horrifying force that even many giants in the Real Martial Domain were extremely fearful of . No one knew the depth of its background . Who dared to fool around with Thousands Treasure Pagoda?

Thousands Treasure Pagoda dared to collect anything, regardless of whether it was stolen or if it came from unknown sources .

“It’s a kind of pellet that can help one to have a breakthrough and enter into the Sage Realm!” said Ye Xiwen lightly .

He could say it very lightly, but the manager could not take it casually by just listening to him .

A kind of pellet that can help one to enter Sage Realm .  He certainly believed that there were such pellets . In fact, the Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan made by Ye Xiwen was just one of them, and there were not just one type of them .

But this was not the main point . Basically, such pellets had to be of standard grade . However, even the so-called alchemy master couldn’t produce the standard grade pellets in batches . The failure rate and the end result of refining non-standard grade pellets were completely astonishing . It almost reached a terrifying point instantaneously .

Therefore, even if there were such pellets, they were mostly just a handful of the scattered ones and nothing more than that . But even so, it would cause countless people to compete every time they appeared .

There were actually a lot of Sage Realm masters in this world . In fact, there were many Sage Realm masters presiding in all major forces . But compared to these Sage Realm masters, there were even more Legendary warriors who were unable to advance . It was exaggerating to say that there were thousands of them . So it was hardly sufficient to have the occasional one or two pellets that could advance one to the Sage Realm .

It could be said that there would be no problem selling it since the demand in the market was huge . Even if the price was a little higher than the limit that a typical Legendary master could bear, there were always some richer ones amongst the Legendary . For instance, the former Ye Xiwen was more affluent than the average Sage Realm when he was still a Legendary .

Although there were only a few of such people, there were plenty of them in terms of Real Martial Domain . When the base widened, the number of people was naturally more .

Besides that, there were many families who put high importance on their juniors . It was common for some Sage Realm and even Great Sage who had the financial capability to buy the pellets for the juniors in their families or martial factions .

However, how was it considered a big business if it was just these pellets . One pellet was priced at ten million at most . Even if there were several of them, it was just tens of millions of elixir . Although tens of millions of elixir was a considerably large business, it was really not a big deal for Thousands Treasure Pagoda,

Thinking of this, there was a hint of disdain in his eyes when he looked at Ye Xiwen .  Perhaps he came from some remote place . Although the pellets that enable breakthrough into the Sage Realm are rare, they are really nothing . Yet he says that it is a huge business .

Despite that, the expression on his face remained unchanged . As the manager of Thousands Treasure Pagoda, he still had some wits . It was impossible to refuse a business .

“I don’t know if you brought it, brother!” said the manager . Although he felt disdainful of the so-called fuss made by Ye Xiwen, he could feel a hint of aura in Ye Xiwen which intimidated him slightly . Thus, he dared not treat Ye Xiwen with disrespect .

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded . “This time I brought fifty of them…”

Ye Xiwen had not finished speaking yet, and the manager was suddenly startled and blurted out, “How many? Fifty?”

The manager was almost shocked to death by Ye Xiwen’s understatement .  What do you mean you brought fifty of them? Originally, he did not take Ye Xiwen’s words to heart . After all, these pellets were very rare although they were very precious and countless people were crazy for them . If he could mass produce them like non-standard grade pellets, then it would be a different story .

But can these standard grade pellets be mass produced?

Of course not!

This is a basic common sense .

If those alchemists outside knew that Ye Xiwen was able to mass-produce standard grade pellets, they would probably be so depressed and ashamed that they would want to die .

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So he didn’t pay attention to the big business mentioned by Ye Xiwen at first, but now when he heard that there were actually fifty of them, he almost choked on his own saliva .

How many? Fifty!

This is a quantity that has to be accumulated over a long time .

However, he soon discovered that it was too early for him to be surprised . Originally, he thought that he would already be extremely shocked when Ye Xiwen said he had fifty pellets . Yet, Ye Xiwen said another sentence which almost let him bite his own tongue out .

“En, this is the first batch . If it sells well, there will be endless supply of incoming pellets!” Ye Xiwen glanced at the manager and said .

Ye Xiwen knew what the manager was thinking at a glance . Ye Xiwen could see right through the manager’s heart with just a glance but he did not expose the manager, nor did he have the intention to dispute about it .  Isn’t everyone like that?

He had a steady heart like a solid rock now . There was no need to make a fuss with this kind of person .

He also thought about it before . He planned to sell all the pellets at one time initially, but he gave up the idea after thinking about it . It was simply impossible that seven hundred pellets would fill the entire market . It was not enough even if it was a hundred times more .

But he still decided to take it out in batches . Otherwise, it would be a bombshell to reveal seven hundred pellets at a time . On the contrary, supplying in batches would make others think that it might be a certain force of alchemists selling them . In this case, it would save a lot of troubles .

Ye Xiwen was not very proficient at handling these things, but he was not unaware of them .

There are actually more pellets incoming .  The manager’s gaze looking at Ye Xiwen changed immediately .  He was right . This is a huge business indeed .  The first batch of pellets alone is worth more than five hundred million elixir . This is a wealth that can even make a Great Sage rich overnight .

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If this wealth was obtained by ordinary people, it could be considered to hit the jackpot . Purely by pumping money in, one could pump up his cultivation to the Great Sage Realm .

It might only be insufficient for people like Ye Xiwen who consumed an awful lot of pellets . In fact, since Ye Xiwen started cultivating, the various elixirs and wealth consumed had totaled more than five hundred million elixirs .

Hence, this was nothing to him . Five hundred million elixir was not even enough to summon for Star Beast Avatar once .

However it was already an astronomical figure of wealth from the perspective of this manager . It was impossible for an average person to have such a splendid wealth . Even if he struggled for a lifetime, he could not achieve such abundant wealth .

He was a quick thinking man as he almost immediately thought that Ye Xiwen might belong to a very large organization who had many alchemy masters, which was as planned and hoped by Ye Xiwen originally . This was the only possible reason that he could provide fifty standard grade pellets at once .

The failure rate of standard grade pellets could be said to have reached a very high level . Therefore, no one could figure out exactly how many disposed pellets were behind the final fifty pellets . No average force could sustain such an amount .

However, the manager did not know that Ye Xiwen could not only mass-produce such standard grade pellets, but also most importantly, he could control the failure rate at zero . So it was impossible for him to lose money . It was only a matter of earning profit and how much he could earn .

Meanwhile, the forces behind him were non-existent as it was just him alone . However, this was the effect that Ye Xiwen wanted .

This was so-called using powerful connections to intimidate people and taking advantage of other people’s influence to exploit others . As long as it would save him some trouble, it didn’t matter even if he had to make use of the illusory force .

Thinking of this, the manager did not dare to be negligent and said to Ye Xiwen, “Brother, let’s go upstairs please . We have a special inner room to talk about this!”

The matter of five hundred million elixir made it impossible for him to not take it seriously . If there was no powerful force behind Ye Xiwen, maybe he dared to have the intent to steal it and own it immorally in the face of such a huge wealth . Although Ye Xiwen’s aura gave him a very dangerous feeling faintly, this was the branch of Thousands Treasure Pagoda in the Southern Region . There was a Great Sage presiding here . He believed that everything would be fine if the Great Sage made a move .

No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t compare to a Great Sage . Five hundred million elixir was enough to make a Great Sage raving wildly .

However, it would be a completely different case if there was a powerful force behind Ye Xiwen . How great was the force that it could produce standard grade pellets in such large quantities? If he dared to own this wealth by stealing, the Thousands Treasure Pagoda would chase him to the ends of the earth, let alone the force behind Ye Xiwen . It was absolutely impossible to survive .

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Ye Xiwen nodded, and the two of them went to the second floor and entered a secret room .

“May I know what is your name, brother?” said the manager . He originally thought that it was only a few standard grade pellets, and it was just a one-off transaction . Therefore, he did not ask for Ye Xiwen’s name, but now he must ask because Ye Xiwen said that there might be more pellets coming .

“My surname is Long [1]!” said Ye Xiwen . Those in the Meteor World called him Master Long previously, so he simply nicknamed himself as such .

“I see, Brother Long . I’m not sure if you can let me take a look at the finished product first?” The manager looked at Ye Xiwen and asked .

Ye Xiwen nodded and took out a Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan . He handed it to the manager and said, “You can go ahead and examine it!”

Ye Xiwen understood their caution .

That manager called his man to take Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan away, obviously to let someone examine it . There were many kinds of pellets in this world, it couldn’t be stated one by one .

However, since Thousands Treasure Pagoda ran such a large business, there was naturally a way to verify its authenticity and efficacy .

Ye Xiwen was not in a hurry . He chatted casually with the manager while enjoying his tea . Four hours later, Thousands Treasure Pagoda sent someone to send a message to verify that there was no problem with the pellet .

“Brother Long, we at Thousands Treasure Pagoda will have all the pellets in this batch . We also want to have all your pellets in the future . We will take as many as you have . The prices are all based on the market price . We will definitely not let you suffer a loss!”

“Okay, that’s a deal!”

[1] ‘Long’ means dragon in chinese

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