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Chapter 668
Chapter 668: Promotion From Beidou


After the fifty Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan were proved to be authentic, Thousands Treasure Pagoda purchased all of them . They were not sold but stored instead .

These Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan meant the presence of Sage Realm masters . One Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan represented a Sage Realm master . They had already tested this kind of pellet, and it was more powerful than any pellet they had known before in order to break through Sage Realm . Even if the consumer were less qualified, they could break into Sage Realm successfully .

However, for those who were less qualified, they were not eligible to consume Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan . A Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan was worth ten million, and even more expensive at times . If these pellets were used on a person with no qualifications, then it was not worth it at all .

Fifty Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan was equivalent to fifty Sage Realm masters . This was a very huge power, and with the continuous delivery of such pellets, it would create even more Sage Realm masters .

If these Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan were sold to different forces and dozens were divided to each force, it would not form powerful forces . However, when these pellets were concentrated in one force’s hand, it could play a great role .

Although Ye Xiwen knew that ordinary alchemists could not mass-produce standard grade pellets, he never imagined that the pellets that he produced spontaneously would have such a massive impact on a force .

Shortly, the people from Thousands Treasure Pagoda sent five hundred million elixir . When Ye Xiwen got the five hundred million elixir in hand, he roughly scanned it and stopped looking at it . Then, he walked out of Thousands Treasure Pagoda’s doors directly .

The manager sent Ye Xiwen out of Thousands Treasure Pagoda and immediately went to the top floor . He stood outside the door and said respectfully, “Young master, five million elixir is delivered to Mr . Long!”

This manager did not know Ye Xiwen’s name, so he called him Mr . Long when Ye Xiwen said his surname was Long .

“En, not bad . I didn’t expect that my trip to the Southern Region this time could seal such a big business . Fifty Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan is enough to create fifty Sage Realm masters . Our force will also overtake several other forces in one fell swoop . You accomplished a great achievement this time . I will definitely not forget you!”

There was a cheerful voice behind the door as if the young master was making some promises, but the manager was still very cautious that he did not even raise his eyelids . He knew that the Thousands Treasure Pagoda was divided into several factions and each of the factions had their own candidates . These were the young masters, but there could be only one Thousands Treasure Pagoda Master . There would surely be another intense competition by that time . He did not want to participate in these things too early .

He had lived for more than a thousand years, so he had become very cunning . He would not express his position casually .

“Young master, should we send someone to find out the background of this person?” asked the manager .

“There is no need . There must be a huge force behind such a person . It would be terrible if the other party was annoyed after finding this out!” The young master behind the door said, almost immediately rejecting the manager’s idea . He was still depending on these Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan to build up his own force . Why would he offend Ye Xiwen? “Plus, we at Thousands Treasure Pagoda open our doors to do business . Nobody cares who he is as long as the goods are fine!”

The manager agreed . They all felt that there was a big force behind Ye Xiwen, so they did not dare to do anything with him . This was also normal . If it was a small business, naturally it would not alarm Thousands Treasure Pagoda to check them . If it was a large business, most of them would have big forces behind them . Thousands Treasure Pagoda opened their door to carry out business and not to offend people .

Soon, there was no sound inside the door, and there was silence .

The half-year period was fleeting . In these six months, Ye Xiwen had ten transactions with Thousands Treasure Pagoda with a total of five hundred Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan . Each transaction consisted of fifty pellets .

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Such a stable supply of Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan shocked the entire Thousands Treasure Pagoda quickly . There were up to five hundred Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan from the beginning until now with a total value of more than five billion elixir . It was also an enormous deal for the entire Thousands Treasure Pagoda system .

After the first time, Ye Xiwen’s treatment at Thousands Treasure Pagoda rose to Profound level suddenly .

In Thousands Treasure Pagoda, different customers would get different treatments . They were divided according to the four levels of Celestial, Earth, Profound and Emperor . It was said that there were only a handful of Celestial-level customers while most of the Earth-level customers had been dealing with Thousands Treasure Pagoda for many years . Ye Xiwen could be promoted to Profound level in half a year because Ye Xiwen took out five hundred Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan consecutively, all of which were bought by Thousands Treasure Pagoda . Although it was very expensive, there was no place to buy such a marvellous thing even if one intended to . Usually, they could only collect it sporadically, and it couldn’t be scaled up . It was not easy to find a stable supply source now, how could they not be ecstatic?

However, they didn’t know that Ye Xiwen didn’t plan to keep doing it . He already bagged five billion elixir . In addition to what he originally had remaining and the portion earned during this period of time, he already had six billion elixir in his hand . If the tremendous number was divulged, it would definitely cause countless Great Sages to go wild .

Thousands Treasure Pagoda did not see anything amiss too because they assumed Ye Xiwen was the representative of a certain organizational force . For individuals to possess so many elixirs would make countless people dazzle . However, it would not be that eye-catching if it was a large force .

Only Ye Xiwen and Thousands Treasure Pagoda knew about this matter . If Thousands Treasure Pagoda didn’t talk about it, Ye Xiwen naturally would not either .

After all the seven hundred Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan had been sold, Ye Xiwen would stop doing this . As for when he would produce pellets again, it would depend on when he would be short of elixir .

In the past six months, the sign that a storm was brewing had been more evident . Many people had found disciples of Emergence school in Wind Dragon City and other cities nearby Tian Region . It was said that they were sent to map the area . Soon, the Emergence school would launch a large-scale attack to wipe out True Martial School in one fell swoop .

Amongst the clamors of these rumors, the major forces in the Real Martial Domain had the intent to add fuel to the fire . This made the news spread even more quickly throughout the Real Martial Domain overnight . The drama became more intense over time .

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After completing the tenth transaction of Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan, Ye Xiwen returned to True Martial School straight away, but it was not for alchemy purposes . Although there were two hundred Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan remaining, he needed some time to collect the medicinal materials .

Although True Martial School had a great foundation and deep background, there were not so many ingredients and medicinal materials for standard grade pellets . After all, Ye Xiwen was going to exchange a whopping seven hundred standard pellets . It would take some time to collect them .

Without the True Martial School, Ye Xiwen had no other choice but to find medicines in the old forest and mountains for the rest of his life if he were to collect them by himself .

This showed that it would be very difficult for those who cultivate individually . All legatee martial warriors who belonged to sects would look down at those individual cultivators . Except for a few of them who had great talents, most of them had little cultivation . They belonged to the bottom layer and of unknown existence in the cultivation world .

Ye Xiwen also sincerely knew that he had obtained countless benefits from True Martial School . On the surface, it seemed that he had relied on himself along the cultivation path, and True Martial School had not helped him much . Even the Tibetan Star Summit Senior Brothers didn’t seem to help him much .

However, it gave him many things that were not available in individual cultivation, which was opportunities . If he was not in True Martial School, then he would no longer have the opportunities for all kinds of secret cultivation in the future, including the Demon Domain trial practice some time ago . He would not even stand a chance to participate in it .

This was so-called, ‘The master teaches the trade, but the disciple’s skill is self-made’ . Ye Xiwen didn’t think there was anything bad about it . He advanced each of his cultivation paths on his own . It looked strenuous, and he was way more tired than ordinary people . But in fact, he was actually way more stable than ordinary people because he could see everything clearly along the way .

What he lacked was opportunities . What was the big deal with hard work? What he was afraid of was that there was no chance for hard work . With such an opportunity, he was already luckier than countless people .

With five billion elixir in hand, he could summon Star Beast Avatar for a few more times . So even if a catastrophe came immediately, he also had a certain degree of self-protection, Plus his personal cultivation was not weak . It would be enough to match against the Intermediate Great Sage .

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He traded out five hundred Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan within half a year because he also considered the fact that he was running out of time . If it was not due to the fact that he didn’t know when the medicinal materials of the two hundred pellets would be ready, he might even trade the remaining two hundred pellets urgently .

Although he also knew that once there was a big change, the prices of these pellets might increase exponentially . Who didn’t want to boost their strength to survive in the face of a big change? However, Ye Xiwen couldn’t wait until then .

Ye Xiwen was about to enter into the mountain range of True Martial School when he saw a figure descending from a distance . Ye Xiwen glanced at it, and it was Jiao Mujiao with a moon-white robe, but Jiao Mujiao didn’t wear his dragon mask . Instead, he was in the appearance of a middle-aged man, looking very ordinary without any grandeur like when they first met .

“Ye Xiwen, where have you been? I finally found you!” said Jiao Mujiao .

“What is so urgent?” asked Ye Xiwen . Beidou was very loose in its member management . It was normal to not contact them once in a hundred years . There was nothing weird .

“I’m here to congratulate you!” Jiao Mujiao said while giggling . “Tsk tsk . You are now famous, and your fame is about to spread to the starry world . You have even killed a Great Sage . You are really going against nature’s order!”

Ye Xiwen heard him but did not answer him . He just glanced at Jiao Mujiao and could see the depth of Jiao Mujiao’s current cultivation . Jiao Mujiao had already attained Great Perfection of Sage Realm .

Only a few years had passed, and he had even practiced Sage Realm to Great Perfection . Such furious speed was astounding . Although he was inferior to Ye Xiwen, it also showed how great was his innate talent .

Seeing that Ye Xiwen didn’t respond, Jiao Mujiao said beamingly, “Good for you . The organization heard about your news and has the intention to promote you as an Alkaid star!”

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