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Chapter 666
Chapter 666: A Big Business


Although these people come from different forces and have different purposes, they obviously directed enmity toward him . As long as he dared to come out of True Martial School, he would most likely face the pursuit of many masters of various forces .

Although he was arrogant and able to compete with the Great Sage Intermediate masters, the opponent would obviously make special preparation after he killed the Great Sage initial Tianjiao Lao Yi and escaped the series of things from the Soul Destruction Temple Master . It was impossible for them to obediently send the Great Sage Intermediate masters to die; they would definitely send more powerful masters .

Especially Demon Worshipping Religion, Great Sage Intermediate masters would be sent directly, especially for those wanting to break into the Transcendent realm . This was the best opportunity and the easiest way . They could get empowerment as long as they killed Ye Xiwen .

And even if it was just the Great Sage Intermediate, it was still a huge threat to Ye Xiwen . He could only contend against the Great Sage Intermediate . He was far from being able to eliminate the Great Sage Intermediate masters . So, if they just send a few more Great Sage Intermediate masters, he could only flee .

Once a character like Soul Destruction Temple Master appeared, his life would be in threat . Although he had entered the Half-step Great Sage Intermediate, he had not become stronger in front of a character like Nie Han . When a weak ant becomes a slightly stronger ant, they would still be hunted and killed .

Ye Xiwen was bold and not lacking in courage, but he was not stupid . If he left the True Martial School boldly, that would be a dead end .

Disguising as Kang Jinlong would be completely different . He could avoid detection from other forces . It wouldn’t possess too much of a problem even if someone really knew Beidou’s secret .

When he joined Beidou at first, he had a somewhat indifferent attitude, and did not feel that there could be any changes in joining Beidou . After all, the rules of Beidou were too loose . Basically, there was no difference between joining and not joining . As long as he didn’t want to, then nothing had to be done with no pressure coming in .

He just didn’t expect that there were still rooms for maneuver .

Ye Xiwen changed into the clothes of Kang Jinlong and went straight out of True Martial School . He did not alarm anyone . With his agile speed, it only took a brief moment before he left True Martial School and went straight to a place in the southern area .

This place was no other than Thousands Treasure Pagoda in the southern region . Since the rise of Thousands Treasure Pagoda, it became well-known to the world in merely a few decades . His branch also quickly opened throughout the Real Martial Domain .

In the major cities of the Real Martial Domain, there were branches of Thousands Treasures Pagoda . Among these branches, there were some relatively larger and some smaller . Across all regions, there was a large branch to manage all Thousands Treasures Pagoda affairs .

No one really knows where the headquarters of Thousands Treasure Pagoda was . Despite Thousands Treasure Pagoda entering the public’s attention in a few decades, no one had so far succeeded finding the Thousands Treasure Pagoda’s founding place and the person behind Thousands Treasure Pagoda even with countless people participating in the process .

There was a Thousands Treasure Pagoda branch in the capital of the Great Ming Empire located in the southern region . It was seemingly built overnight . No one knew how it all happened as it just popped out of nowhere in a single night .

Ye Xiwen strolled around the imperial capital . It was bustling with traffic . In the imperial capital, it was filled with people with cultivation . Any passerby would at least be Houtian Sixth Level cultivation . Xiantian Masters could be found at a simple glance . Even the Truth Masters were not uncommon with a few of them passing by occasionally .

People around were not surprised with Ye Xiwen’s strange costume . It seemed that because they dwelled in the capital, they had a border horizon and found it not surprising at all .

Ye Xiwen threw his senses out and the various layouts in the city were clear at a glance . With his profound cultivation, although there were various arrays in the capital of the Great Ming Empire, how could that prevent his senses getting spread out . He got a clear picture of this place in an instance . In the entire imperial capital, there were many Legend masters and Half-step Sage masters . Even in the Forbidden City where the emperor lived, there were many Sage Realm masters lurking, all wearing bright yellow dragon robes .

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Ye Xiwen suddenly realized that these were all emperors of the Great Ming Empire . After being emperors for a hundred years, these people had to abdicate and become a Retired Emperor, and conduct hidden cultivation . This was also the rule of most empires . Otherwise, there were no ways for the dynasties to alternate .

Ye Xiwein couldn’t help but let out a sigh . It seemed the rumor claimed there was a Great Sage behind several major empires in this southern region was not wrong . Just look at these Sage Realm Retired Emperors .

However, these Great Sages were also disciples in True Martial School . Otherwise, how could True Martial School allow forces under the eyelids that were not under their control to appear .

In other words, the seemingly chaotic Southern Territory was actually completely in the hands of True Martial School . Although there were several major empires in constant conflict, there was rarely a real battle that eliminated the entire empire unless the Great Sage behind them was killed unexpectedly . It was also possible that they died of old age .

On the contrary, True Martial School could utilize the conflicts between these major empires to hone their Disciple, and use this as a trial mission . There was no shortcoming to it .

The Great Ming Empire lived up as one of the several major empires in the southern region . The cultivation of people here far exceeded that of the Great Yue Empire . At the time, there was no such scene in the Great Yue Empire’s capital where all civilians were in cultivation .

The soldiers of the Great Ming Empire were not ordinary people, basically had a strong cultivation . Fireteam captain[1] would be in Xiantian cultivation .

Aside from the deepest part of the Forbidden City where the Great Sage’s array was situated, Ye Xiwen also could not push his sense into the only towering Thousands Treasure Pagoda into the capital . This towering Thousands Treasure Pagoda was actually a great holy tool, faintly emitting the Great Sage’s law . When encountering Ye Xiwen’s spiritual senses, it automatically activated the defense array and blocked off Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen could not help but sigh . Thousands Treasure Pagoda were really rich . Their branches in various places were made of various grades of arrays . No wonder many people said that these Thousands Treasure Pagoda branches appeared in one night without any sign previously . It was a Great Sage tool . Of course, it could just appear at will .

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However, having a Great Sage tool meant that there must be a Great Sage sitting in it, deterring all parties .

But given a few thoughts, although Thousands Treasure Pagoda had only just risen up for a few years, its terrible financial resources and mysterious origins would induce many people to covet its wealth . At the same time, they would be intimidated by its foundation and origin too .

If there was no strong master guarding the place, most likely it would be immediately divided up .

Even if it was a giant in the southern region like True Martial School, they were still quite intimidated by Thousands Treasure Pagoda . Wealth did play a role . Although some high-level people were jealous of Thousands Treasure Pagoda’s wealth, its nature of being mysterious and unpredictable possessed a dominant problem as compared to wealth . In case they were not careful, it would be a big loss .

However, these thoughts only passed through Ye Xiwen’s mind . These were the headaches for the True Martial School’s big shots, and he didn’t need to take care of these things at all .

Entering the headquarters of Thousands Treasure Pagoda in the southern region, Ye Xiwen found that it was more magnificent than the branch he saw in Wind Dragon City in the past . There were dragon engravings and paintings everywhere . Flickering mysterious reflections of jewels dazzled people’s eyes .

Ye Xiwen said secretly . Although this was a great sage tool, this kind of tool was often only about function and effectiveness . The aesthetic should come second . Even though the power of this treasure building was so vast, once such interior was chosen, it would come at the expense of considerable power .

Apparently, it was true that Thousands Treasure Pagoda had great wealth .

Ye Xiwen stepped into Thousands Treasure Pagoda, and immediately a waiter came up to say hello .

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“Sir, is there anything we can do for you?” The waiter was polite without belittering himself .

Ye Xiwen glanced around . The waiter was actually a Legend’s master . In the Great Ming Empire, he could also be regarded as a master and shocked the existence of one party . In Thousands Treasure Pagoda, he could only serve as a waiter .

However, Ye Xiwen was just a little surprised . After all, this scene was quite common in True Martial School . In True Martial School, where the talents of the entire South Region were gathered, Legend was nothing . This could be considered as average . Those of Truth Realm didn’t have much power to speak; but only those with Sage Realm had some right to speak .

Legend as a waiter was common in True Martial School .

“I want to talk to you about big business in regards to pellets!” Ye Xiwen spoked in a low tone with his dragon mask .

“Sir, please wait!” The waiter saw Ye Xiwen’s resoluteness, and did not dare to be negligent . He went upstairs to seek instructions . After all, Thousands Treasure Pagoda’s status were proven with countless bloods of those who attempted to challenge them in the last 20 years .

After a while, someone who looked like a manager quickly walked downstairs . He turned out to be a master of Half-step Great Sage Late . Such a person actually became a manager among Thousands Treasure Pagoda .

He wore a green shirt in his middle-aged . He quickly came to Ye Xiwen, saying, “I don’t know what pellets business this big brother wants to discuss . ”

He didn’t ask Ye Xiwen about his identity and name when he came up . It didn’t matter to him . For Thousands Treasure Pagoda, it was nothing . As long as someone dared to offer it, they dared to accept it .

[1] Fireteam captain: It doesn’t reflect the meaning directly . The original raw text meant a captain in the team of five people, as according to the Ancient China military system .

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