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Chapter 665
Chapter 665: Successful Pellets Refining


“Moon Peach Skin!”

“Moon Fairy Fruit!”


Ye Xiwen threw numerous familiar and unfamiliar herbs into the alchemy furnace in order while he carefully controlled the fire .

Ye Xiwen staring at the alchemy furnace in great concentration with a pair of dark and profound eyes . There were endless alchemy flames boiling and flutter .

He carefully controlled the temperature of the flame, and compared it with the data in his mind; he didn’t dare to make any slight mistake .

There was already a lot of information about Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan in his mind, and it was not the first time he refined Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan . Therefore, he was experienced in this refining process, basically nothing difficult about it .

If at this time an alchemist saw Ye Xiwen’s work, he would probably be surprised and drop his jaws widely . Ye Xiwen’s works were smooth and natural . Each movement seemed to be a textbook-like standard, and it was almost technical .

In Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan’s refining, it had almost reached the most perfect point .

Previously, when Ye Xiwen refined Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan, he had to exhaust all his strength . Back then, he would use up all his qi to control the alchemy flame magnitude so that it would not explode directly . But now, his skill definitely grew stronger than the past, rendering the refining process to be less challenging .

Although the flame grew stronger due to the need to refine pellets in a short time, it was all under Ye Xiwen’s control .

Within an hour, the rumbling noises from the alchemy furnace echoed in the basement . In that instant, the basement was filled with the medicine scent . Ye Xiwen waved his hand, the cover of the holy tool flew up, and an orange-yellow pellet appeared . In front of Ye Xiwen, the medicine was overflowing with a pale yellow luster with a faint trace of Tao in it .

A faint smile crept upon Ye Xiwen’s face . Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan refining was successful this time . The so-called standard grade medicine was divided into three levels – Heaven, Earth and Man . Each level was divided into nine grades . Hence, there were a total of 27 grades . What lay beyond it was the Almighty Pellets which no one saw before . Legend says that the Almighty Pellets by its nature could activate a person’s qi wisdom . Once the qi wisdom was born, punishment would fall from heaven . After overcoming it, one could turn into a distinct martial warrior . But, the information still came off messy . Some said you could turn into a demon; some said Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan was a Level 1 Man grade, claiming that they were the lowest among the standard grade pellets .

However, for those powerful martial warriors, only standard grade pellets could be regarded as real pellets . Non-standard grade pellets were useless to them since they had little effect, especially to those who had attained the Sage Realm . However, standard grade pellets couldn’t be refined easily . Hence, alchemists were quite welcomed in the starry sky . Almost every force would train up their own alchemists . Although the alchemists in the Alchemists Association were powerful, their overall number right now was in fact not the entire head count of alchemists . Outside the Alchemists Association, there were also a large number of alchemists that were not linked to the Alchemists Association .

This time, Ye Xiwen just simply made his first attempt . After it was successful, Ye Xiwen did not hesitate any further . He immediately poured ten more materials into it, intending to refine ten pellets at one time . However, the truth was being able to successfully refine one pellet did not mean that he could successfully refine ten pellets at once .

After covering the top of the alchemy furnace, Ye Xiwen squeezed the engraved scripture and raised the flame, making it more violent than before . It had almost completely surrounded the entire alchemy furnace .

The entire close cultivation basement was quiet . Only the crackling sound of alchemy fire could be heard . But, it was seemingly burnt .

Two hours passed by quickly . Ye Xiwen frowned, and kept changing the engraved scripture in his hand . However, there were no changes in the alchemy furnace . The alchemy fire was not substantial to support the refining of ten pellets in one go . In this case, once the duration dragged ten times more than how it would usually take, or possibly even longer time, it would be a loss . Ye Xiwen didn’t want that to happen .

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Ye Xiwen opened his mouth widely and poured out the qi from his body . All of it rushed into the flame . With the addition of qi support, the flame came into a higher boiling point with a redoubled power . In that instant, the fiery flame turned white which looked beautiful in the distance .

But Ye Xiwen knew that such a flame was the most terrible . It was a phenomena that would only appear after the temperature had reached a certain level .

It was necessary for the alchemy fire to reach a supreme temperature . Otherwise, the pellet refining process would end up in failure . Moreover, the control on alchemy fire temperature was still demanding in addition to the high temperature . It should not be too high or too low, so it would need to be pinpoint accurate almost like a computer . Even the slightest mistake could not be made .

This was a huge test for others . However, it was a piece of cake for Ye Xiwen . With the help of mysterious space, he would almost become an accurate computing computer when he was performing alchemy .

“Bang!” With a loud noise, the lid of the alchemy furnace was suddenly opened . Ten orange pellets flew into Ye Xiwen’s hands .

Ye Xiwen was immediately very excited, grinning, and suddenly put ten pellets worth of medicinal materials into the alchemy furnace . His eyes glowed . In his eyes, these pellets were not pellets at all, but elixir .

Although he didn’t need Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan now, the pellet could get countless wealth for him . How could he not be excited?

As he had just successfully made ten pellets at a time, it could be converted into 100 million elixirs . For the Half-step Great Sage, it was already an astronomical wealth .

This was just the beginning . There would be a total of 700 pellets . If they were successfully refined, it would be the wealth worth 7 billion elixir . With so much wealth, Ye Xiwen grew more excited the more he thought about it . What an astronomical figure! Even though he used to calculate in billions, the wealth of seven billion elixir was still a huge amount to him .

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At least for those in Great Sage Realm, there was no problem at all . For ordinary people, they didn’t need to be so anxious . From Half-step Great Sage to Great Sage, it would take hundreds of years if it was a relatively longer period, but short decades if it was a relatively shorter period . Many people could not break through this time limit in life . They would achieve it over time as they slowly took off, but the current situation made Ye Xiwen nervous and made him understand that he didn’t have that much time to wait .

Then, his cultivation was rapid . He had completed the qualitative change, and the rest was the quantitative change, which was much easier than ordinary people .

Since it was feasible to refine ten pellets altogether, Ye Xiwen did not hesitate and began to sink into the alchemy .

Time flies . Three days had passed .

At the Tibetan Star Summit, a green shadow appeared on the hillside . It was Ye Xiwen . In three days, he finally refined the fifty copies of Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan without any waste .

He didn’t feel anything, because since he started to learn alchemy, it had come off easily . There was basically no possibility of failure, but if such a success rate were to spread, it would scare a large number of people to death .

Everyone knows that being an alchemist was very difficult . The failure rate was a headache . Even the most successful alchemy division only managed to control the failure rate to a substantially lower level . It could not be completely eliminated .

Ye Xiwen not only had 100% success rate but it was on standard grade pellets rather than ordinary pellets .

Fifty Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan in hand is equivalent to holding 500 million elixir in hand, which is also a huge amount of wealth .

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At this time, the Tibetan Star Summit was empty . Bai Jiansong,Yang Wenjun and Deng Shuixin also entered a close cultivation, especially Yang Wenjun and Deng Shuixin . After listening to the words of Bai Jiansong and Ye Xiwen, they began to fully focus on close cultivation .

As for the medicinal materials required by Ye Xiwen, after the collection was completed, there would naturally be people from outside the Tibetan Star Summit to send them without delay .

After Ye Xiwen refined all 50 pellets and saw that they hadn’t delivered them, he knew that it would take a while to collect these medicinal materials . Otherwise, Ye Xiwen would not have much difficulty collecting them at Half-step Sage . In some cases, wealth couldn’t solve the problem, so many forces were constantly collecting all kinds of medicinal materials and sacred materials so that they could be used in this critical time .

Immediately, Ye Xiwen decided not to wait any longer, but to sell the fifty Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan first and test the market’s reaction . He knew it would be quite demanding since many people were stuck in the barrier between Legend and the Great Sage realm . How could there be no demand?

As for the efficacy, Ye Xiwen was also very confident . At the time, Ye Xiwen’s Sage Realm barrier was so sturdy with a lot of accumulation needed . But, he still managed to push through it .

In this world, would anyone have a Sage Realm barrier stronger than him?

After the decision was made, Ye Xiwen changed into the clothes of the Beidou Organization, put on the mask of Kang Jinlong, and immediately became Beidou Kang Jinlong .

Beidou was not very well-known in this starry sky . His character was considered hidden and not really transparent . It was better than him to go out .

Right now, he had many enemies in the world . Nevermind he had slaughtered hundreds of future Great Sage talents and Late Half-step Great Sage Masters in various Real Martial Domain’s powerhouses, even Demon Worshipping Religion would send a lot of people who desired to break into the Transcendent realm to hunt him down after knowing that he was still alive . Most probably, even some old monsters who were in close cultivation for a long time might appear .

There were many masters of the Emergence school who were also desperate and held great grudges against him .

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