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Chapter 664

“Right, senior brother, is Brother Bai here?” Ye Xiwen asked .

Ye Xiwen had abundance of raw materials, exceeding two billion elixirs . Even the Great Sage could not attain this astronomical wealth . Even though Ye Xiwen was never short of resources, this sum was definitely a fortune that he could use for quite a long time .

Of course, this was under the premise that Star Beast Avatar was not used . If Star Beast Avatar was used, then no amount of wealth was enough to sustain it; unless his strength could overwhelm Star Beast Avatar . In that case, the situation would become the exact opposite .

Generally, alchemists would not sell those materials . Despite the fact that many materials were not very expensive, they were often very difficult to obtain . If they need it at the last minute, they often encounter various problems . Hence, they often chose to sell pellets directly in exchange for wealth . Firstly, they could exchange for more wealth this way . Secondly, they could increase their experience in refining pellets . So, why not?

Only in the case with informal alchemists like Ye Xiwen would approach it differently .

Such a huge fortune for ordinary people, even the average legatee couldn’t buy it all . In True Martial School, only the top 100 legatee could have the Great Sage oversee them . General legatee only had some Sage Realm Great Perfection or Half-step Great Sage to oversee them . However, Tibetan Star Summit obviously did not treat their legatee in such an ordinary manner . The Tibet Star Summit had a very deep heritage . They were one of the top ten legatees in the past . Such legatee backgrounds were naturally supreme .

Over the past few years, they had accumulated a profound strength . Buying his items worthed two billion possessed no problem at all . It was just a piece of cake .

For Ye Xiwen, these magical materials were not very useful . However, for a force who was interested in development and growth, this was not the case . There was a saying: don’t let your own fertile water flow into others’ field [1] .

At the same time, Ye Xiwen could also exchange a large amount of medicinal materials needed for refining Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan in the Tibetan Star Summit . Although some of these medicinal materials were relatively rare, they were considered nothing for the Tibetan Star Summit’s inventory .

“Yes, but even Brother Bai is in close cultivation recently . The brother said that there may be a big change in the near future . He must break through in order to improve his strength!” Yang Wenjun said carefreely . What was the strength of Bai Jiansong? Now it had entered the Great Sage Intermediate, approaching the peak . Within a few years, there would be no problem in entering the Great Sage Late after another breakthrough . He could most likely join the profound realm in the Great Sage within a hundred years, entering the rank considered strongest below Transcendent Realm .

Bai Jiansong’s demon-like talent was manifested fully at this time . However, he still didn’t feel safe with his current cultivation, seeing a need to cultivate and breakthrough . Only after the breakthrough did he have a certain degree of confidence . It was conceivable that this turmoil might far exceed his imagination . Even the Great Sage, who might get involved in it, wouldn’t be able to protect themselves .

In the past, the southern region under the rule of True Martial School was definitely not a peaceful place . The war did not really stop for a moment . However, even if there was any great turbulence, as long as there are those Great Sages, they could stabilize the situation firmly . Nothing would happen to the point where it would become difficult to clean up .

But now Bai Jiansong was not confident .  How could Yang Wenjun not be worried!?

Ye Xiwen frowned . Never mind true Martial School, the entire Real Martial Domain appeared as though they were bracing for a storm . The gale is raging and the storm is about to burst . There was a rumbling of wind in True Martial World .

The intervention of many great forces outside the domain made the situation of the entire Real Martial Domain look even more chaotic .

Many people were aware and well prepared, not just Ye Xiwen . Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen could not help but take a deep breath and must speed up his pace, lest he be caught off guard when the war suddenly comes .

“Brother Bai is right . I’m afraid Real Martial Domain won’t be in peace . Senior brother and senior sister, you better hurry to enter close cultivation, just in case!” said Ye Xiwen .

Yang Wenjun and Deng Shuixin even said this to Ye Xiwen . They couldn’t help but worry . They also heard some news, but they didn’t believe it . With the strength of True Martial School, it shouldn’t be a big deal . After all, it had experienced many situations before . Now that Bai Jiansong said it first, and now even Ye Xiwen said it, they couldn’t help but get worried about it .

Although Ye Xiwen was their mentor, Ye Xiwen’s performance had surprised them all in the past decades with his cultivation far surpassed them . In fact, they did not regard Ye Xiwen as junior in many things . Rather, they see him as a senior brother like Bai Jiansong .

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When Ye Xiwen saw Bai Jiansong again, Bai Jiansong just came back from a short close cultivation . It made Ye Xiwen feel a little bit sad . In his impression, the only training madman in the Tibetan Star Summit was his second senior sister Liu Yanlan . The third senior brother, Bai Jiansong, had always been somewhat lazy with a more relaxed and unrestrained character . Leaving him to spend all day in close cultivation was akin to killing him .

Now, he had frequent close cultivation .

“You mean, you want to sell all of them to the Tibetan Star Summit?” Bai Jiansong asked . With the Tibetan Star Son and Huang Wuji being present and Liu Yelan being a cultivator, the Tibetan Star Summit’s matters had several twists and turns . Basically, Bai Jiansong was in charge . At this time, he separated public and private matters clearly .

“En, help me to convert all of them to the medicinal materials used in alchemy!” Ye Xiwen said and took out a list directly, which was the list of medicinal materials needed for refining Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan . He thought about it . Instead of doing it himself, it would be better to have Bai Jiansong help in collecting these herbs which would be much faster .

“This list is familiar . This is the medicinal material list you were collecting last time right . Why are there so many this time?” Bai Jiansong still remembered the last time Ye Xiwen collected the medicinal materials on the list . The new one was that Ye Xiwen only collected two medicinal materials for the sake of conservatism . It was not a big deal, but this time it was replaced with medicinal materials worthed two billion elixir .

Bai Jiansong was also surprised . Ye Xiwen had so much wealth . He didn’t anticipate that . Generally, it was normal for Great Sage to have one hundred million elixir . Having one billion elixir was considered extremely rich . Evenhe did not have so many, not to mention that once all these medicine materials were to be traded, it was worth as many as two billion . This wealth was an astronomical figure .

If these elixirs were traded for these medicinal materials, how many pellets could be refined? Even taking into consideration the failure rate, this batch of pellets wouldn’t be a small number .

“Senior brother does have a good memory . It’s indeed the previous pellet recipe . Junior brother is referring to that!” Ye Xiwen said with a smile .

Bai Jiansong didn’t ask any more . Ye Xiwen thoughtfully put all these great materials into the Tibetan Star Summit’s treasury .

Soon, Ye Xiwen got fifty copies of Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan’s medicinal materials from Bai Jiansong . Some of these medicinal materials were relatively remote . Even the Tibetan Star Summit could not collect them all of a sudden, but Bai Jiansong would take charge on it .

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Ye Xiwen exchanged these raw materials for seven hundred copies of Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan’s materials, and the remaining sixty hundred Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan’s would be sent over after they finished collecting them .

Those things did not require Bai Jiansong to take personal responsibility . Although the Tibetan Star Summit had few disciples, there were still many peripheral members . Many people relied on the Tibetan Star Summit to live .

After getting these fifty copies of Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan, Ye Xiwen immediately started a closed refining pellets process again .

Inside the secret room, Ye Xiwen sat on the futon with golden rays shone around him . In his body, the mysterious space burst with unimaginable colorful light, constantly deducing Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan’s pellet recipe .

Above Ye Xiwen, a blood-colored mirror floated in the sky, boiling . Bloody ray almost filled the entire basement .

Ye Xiwen didn’t rush into alchemy first, but started preparing the refiner first . In front of him, a group of unknown minerals were melted into a group of liquids . The hot flames were continuously burning underneath, refining those impurities out .

A sacred artifact in the shape of a pellet furnace appeared in front of Ye Xiwen, which turned out to be a sacred artifact .

In fact, after Sage Realm, many Sage would collect various sacred materials everywhere . The materials that could be used to make sacred artifacts were uncommon . At least for many Sage Realm Initial warriors, it was difficult to collect them .

Refining a fated holy tool was quite important for Sage Realm masters, which could add a considerable part of strength .

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It was just that Ye Xiwen did not need to refine other holy artifacts because of Ye Mo’s existence, but this did not mean that he had no ability to refine it .

With his current strength, as long as the materials were sufficient, it was simply a piece of cake to refine a holy weapon .

When he performed alchemy, he needed an alchemy furnace . The previous alchemy furnace was just a magical tool . After the last refining of Tai Huang Po Sheng Dan, it exploded directly .

To make this kind of standard grade pellets, it was naturally best to have an alchemy furnace of the Great Sage class, but Ye Xiwen had not possessed such strength . It was very tough for him already just to upgrade his Tianyuan Mirror’s .

However, the holy tool was also barely usable . Luckily, it still wasn’t a big deal .

If a workman wants to do his best, he must first sharpen his weapon . How can Ye Xiwen not know this?

Soon, under the refining of Ye Xiwen, a holy alchemy furnace gradually took shape and appeared in the air .

“Hoo!” Ye Xiwen breathed a sigh of relief . The alchemy furnace in front of him was completely formed and fell to the ground . Although he was confident for a long time, it was his first time making a holy tool .

With scripture in his hand, he used his qi . Under the alchemy furnace, the purest alchemy flames rose in waves . Ye Xiwen then quickly poured another medicinal material into it .

[1] Don’t let the benefits reap by other party not from your side .

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