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Chapter 660

Ye Xiwen knew how horrible the blow was just now . That lance took away all the life of his internal organs in just an instance . If it wasn’t for the effect of his physical training already spreading over the internal organs, just that one blow was enough to make him perish .

Nevermind Ye Xiwen, if it was ordinary great sages, there was only one ending for them . They would be crucified on the ground with no element of luck to escape .

Ye Xiwen was now holding his last straw to stay alive . If it weren’t for the Phoenix Regeneration technique, he would be completely dead at this time, and it would be impossible to survive .

The destruction power of the Holy Destroyer Lance lived up to its name .

That Nie Han had spent such a great price to summon the Holy Destroyer Lance aura . It was indeed terrifying .

“Evildoer, you dared to offend True Martial School!” Suddenly, a loud yell came from True Martial School . Nie Han’s tyrannical strength and over spilled magical power rose in the air . With the complement of Holy Destroyer Lance’s evil aura seemingly ready to destroy the world that was almost visible to the naked eye, it had directly shocked many experts in True Martial School .

Suddenly, a horrifying aura of True Martial School surged forward, locking directly at Nie Han .

Nie Han’s face changed instantaneously . He had indeed made a miscalculation . Just now, he saw Ye Xiwen escaping from his hands . The depressed mood made him disregard the fact that he had rushed into the range of True Martial School and made a move to launch the Holy Destroyer Lance into Ye Xiwen’s body . Even though he was surprised that Ye Xiwen did not directly turn into minced meat, he was very confident in the power of the Holy Destroyer Lance . Ye Xiwen should have perished since it was impossible to survive from it .

However, the person who should really be careful at this moment would be him . He had unknowingly rushed into the True Martial School’s territory .

Sure enough, in the True Martial School, countless masters were instantly shocked .

Immediately, Nie Han stepped on the light and fled without any hesitation .

“Fleeing . Do you still have the chance even if you realize it now?” A cold snort came from True Martial School . A big hand almost towering the sky pressed down and grabbed Nie Han . Nie Han’s Great Mastery in Great Sage Realm was like an immature child in the face of this huge hand . It was exactly like how Ye Xiwen was when facing him . There was no way to fight back .

It was a big shot in True Martial School who made the move . Nie Han’s power was nothing at all in front of the power beyond the Great Sage Realm .

This was the power surpassed the Great Sage Realm that he longed for day and night, but now this power came to pursue his life .

“Bang!” He couldn’t escape at all, and was slammed directly by the big hand . His body was sent flying like a cannonball . The solid body akin to the demon had almost disintegrated at this moment .

“Pu!” Nie Han spat out blood . He did not hesitate at that instant as he quickly bit and stopped the blood trace . All the blood in his body smoldered, activating a secret technique . His figure quickly disappeared in a clump of bloody light, disappearing in the sky from the Real Martial World .

Nie Han was greatly depressed . He had just summoned Holy Destroyer Lance with countless ramifications . In addition, now that he was slammed directly by the master who surpassed the Great Sage Realm, it was already unfortunate that he didn’t die . Even so, he could basically conclude that even if he survives this time, his cultivation would drop from great mastery to minor mastery .

Thinking of this, he almost trembled in fear . As a matter of fact, in Demon World, there were only unreserved mutual killing . The law of the jungle was manifested there fully . In Demon Worshipping Religion, he could become the Temple Master of the Soul Destruction Temple not just because of his superb means but also his overwhelming strength that played an important role . However, his strength was not as overwhelming as he previously was . He could completely imagine what kind of turmoil and chaos Soul Destruction Temple would face .

But then he thought that he had killed Ye Xiwen, and he could get the empowerment of the big shots in Demon World . With that, he felt better again . Overall, it was not a loss .

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However, he wouldn’t know Ye Xiwen, whom he had thought was dead for a long time, had recovered quite a bit during the period when he fell from the sky .

The insurmountable power of the Phoenix Regeneration technique was once again manifested . When he rolled directly into the True Martial School, he finally escaped from his dying state that was holding the last straw of life . If not, he might even become the first Half-step Great Sage that became famous for the death from falling from the sky .

At that time, he was indeed holding his last breath . If he was not careful, he would die from falling as he couldn’t stand any further fatal injuries .

“Ye Xiwen, are you okay!?” Ye Mo asked with concern . He couldn’t be of any help in the fight just now . Most of Tianyuan Mirror’s power was used to suppress that dragon vein . He could only watch but not help . Otherwise, if this dragon vein was allowed to run amok, it could only be said to be worse for Ye Xiwen .

“It’s okay .  Hehe, I’m not dead yet!” Ye Xiwen chuckled and it tore the wound on his body . He grinned to the sudden pain . His entire body seemed to be split into pieces, not belonging to him . He was almost penetrated and nailed in True Martial School . Even the Domineering Body was so vulnerable .

After this incident, Ye Xiwen understood the truth, whether it was Domineering Body or other martial arts, it was all just a mean . What really determined everything was strong cultivation .

Like Nie Han, the magic skills he learned were far from being comparable to Ye Xiwen, but he relied on his own cultivation to chase Ye Xiwen to True Martial School like a dog .

“But this Holy Destroyer Lance is really powerful . If there is no Phoenix Regeneration technique to hold my lifeline, my soul might have already perished!” Ye Xiwen also had to admit that the Holy Destroyer Lance was really powerful .

“Of course it is powerful . He has summoned the Holy Destroyer Lance aura from god knows where it is hidden . Even if there is only a trace, it is fatal to you . That lance was once wielded in the hand of the demon ruler . A lance that has destroyed a world!” said Ye Mo . “I wonder how much it cost that guy to summon a trace of its aura!”

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Ye Xiwen listened to Ye Mo’s words . He was grinning in pain yet he couldn’t help but heave a cold sigh . A lance that had destroyed a world . That was a world, a world like the Real Martial World . It was destroyed in one shot . Ye Xiwen simply couldn’t imagine what kind of power could reach such a point where one shot would destroy one world .

“Destroy the world with one shot …” Ye Xiwen found that the more he understood, the more difficult it was to imagine the power of this world, and the more he understood his ignorance and naivety .

Soon, the three people from Tibetan Star Summit who got the news arrived and took Ye Xiwen back to the Tibetan Star Summit .

The news of Ye Xiwen’s return was like a locust . It spread throughout the True Martial School overnight . Many people vowed to say that they saw Ye Xiwen escape from the Demon Worshipping Religion Soul Destruction Temple Master .

After this story spread, it immediately caused a great uproar . What was the power of Demon Worshipping Religion? Many people disdained Demon Worshipping Religion . They couldn’t understand why they worship the Demon worship, and they thought those cultists were brainwashed by the Devil . But no one dared to say that Demon Worshipping Religion was not strong . If Demon Worshipping Religion is not strong, then they would have been annihilated by many martial arts .

Among them, who could serve as a temple master, were all great characters in Great Sage Realm . Such characters, even in True Martial School, carried a heavy weight . Most people need to look up on their presence .

Ye Xiwen actually escaped from such a master . Such a feat was a legend in itself . The usual great sage could not achieve this feat at all, let alone a Half-step Great Sage like Ye Xiwen . In the eyes of a Temple Master like Nie Han, he was really no different from the ants .

For a while, the performance of Ye Xiwen in Demon Realm’s trials, which had calmed down, suddenly became trendy again, and became the focus of countless people .

“What? Did Ye Xiwen escape from the Demon Worshipping Religion Temple master? How is that possible? It is impossible . I don’t believe that . Any of the Demon Worshipping Religion Temple Master are Great Sage . Who is Ye Xiwen? How could he escape from them? If I remember correctly, he’s just a Half-step Great Sage . You can’t joke like this!”

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Many people did not believe this rumor at all . Generally, when Half-step Great Sage could escape from the ordinary great sage, it was enough to make him famous . It was simply an impossible feat to escape from Demon Worshipping Religion Temple Master .

“I wasn’t mistaken . I was there at the time . I really saw it . I can’t be wrong!”

Nevermind they do n’t believe it, even the tops of True Martial School are hard to believe, but at that time the movement made by Nie Han was too great and shocked most of the tops of True Martial School . They all saw it . It was indeed Nie Han .

Even if they didn’t want to believe it, there was no other way since they saw it . At that time, Nie Han was already anxious and impatient . He obviously was helpless with Ye Xiwen . Only then did he pay a large price to summon the Holy Destroyer Lance to kill Ye Xiwen .

While they were still discussing it, the news from Wind Dragon City came consecutively .

Ye Xiwen killed many Half-step Great Sage masters at Emergence school in succession, and killed the Great Sage Yuzun .

It really caused an uproar . There were many explanations to escape from the great sage . It could be said that there were elements of luck . However, killing a great sage was beyond the imagination of everyone .

The reason why great sage was noble and high was because of their overbearing strength . When did Half-step Great Sage capable of killing the great sage? It was simply not reasonable .

When everyone was looking for Ye Xiwen for verification, everyone was told that Ye Xiwen was in closed cultivation…!

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