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Chapter 661

Indeed, Ye Xiwen was in closed cultivation . This time, he deeply understood his inability . He did achieve shocking feats considered by many people to fight against Great Sage and to kill Great Sage amateur . However, in the end, he still could not fight back in the face of absolute strength despite those shocking achievements .

Strength! Only strength could give him the power to protect himself in an increasingly chaotic world today . Without sufficient strength, all goals were illusory and could not be achieved .

So, when he recovered well enough using the Phoenix Regeneration technique, he immediately went to close cultivation . Tibetan Star Summit was the safest place that Ye Xiwen could think of so far . Masters such as Bai Jiansong could protect him during his cultivation . Even if there was any pending danger, there was second senior sister Liu Yanlan who was also in close cultivation . Although no one could see her on weekdays, her presence still remained .

Close cultivation was most appropriate in such a place .

He had accumulated enough growth . On the way to Great Sage, he had completed the transformation of the soul . In other words, he had completed the qualitative change that was most difficult to the others . What remained was the accumulation part . Now, as long as sufficient accumulation was achieved, the breakthrough would happen naturally .

He had now reached the peak of the Half-step Great Sage Amateur . After absorbing the spiritual energy left in the dragon vein for many years, his body was like a well with countless spring water pouring in, reaching a saturated state in an instance .

It was the time to grow further and improve the power realm . Only with the increase in capacity could allow him to continue further his cultivation .

This was why despite Ye Xiwen completing the process of qualitative change, he was still unable to step into the Great Sage and must continue the accumulating process .

Stepping into Great Sage was a process of both quantitative change and qualitative change . Most people first perform quantitative change . When the quantitative change reached a certain level, qualitative change would naturally occur .

However, Ye Xiwen was completely the opposite . The process of qualitative change came first . He would utilize the qualitative change to bring upon quantitative change, completely the opposite of others . It rendered his pathway much more difficult . But fortunately, Ye Xiwen had used the tremendous pressure in that special space to resolve the issue beforehand .

Otherwise, his practice must not be so smooth now .

But even so, breaking through to Half-step Great Sage Adept was also a huge test for him . It was not so easy . The realm barrier was like a dam . With water constant dripping wears away stone . It was supposed to wear down the dam slowly . Ye Xiwen had just attained the Half-step Great Sage Amateur not long ago . Soon, he would attain Half-step Great Sage Adept, which meant that there were still some impurities residues that were not cleaned up previously . It was more difficult to break through in a hurry, and it would not be easy .

Ye Xiwen sat in the secret room, rested and recovered his injuries . After years of battle, Ye Xiwen’s body had some hidden injuries . Now he was recovering them little by little .

Compared to the previous injuries, these hidden injuries were actually more difficult to recover .

Ten days later, he finally completely recovered from the hidden injury on his body . The magic of the Phoenix Regeneration technique was great . He knew what these were for . The more amazing the Phoenix Regeneration technique was, the more lifespan he would consume .

He might appear grand now, but only he knew that his lifespan could not surmount to even one-third of the normal Half-step Great Sage’s life expectancy . It was a life span worth hundreds of years . Ordinary people most likely were not bold enough to practice the Phoenix Regeneration technique .

But for Ye Xiwen, it was nothing . Without the Phoenix Regeneration technique, he would have died a long time ago with his corpse laying cold for a long time .

The injury that was previously bombarded by Nie Han at least wasted more than a hundred years of his life .

The lifespan of a hundred years! Ye Xiwen gritted his teeth over it . Although it was not an unacceptable price with 2,000 years of lifespan as someone in the Great Sage realm, the problem was that he had not lived a hundred years . Having a hundred years worth of lifespan missing was inexplicable . He could not help but feel heartache .

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When thinking of this, Ye Xiwen’s murderous intention could not be hidden at all . This Nie Han pushed him to such a point that he suffered heavy losses, how could he not hate it, and lost a hundred years of life .

Although he didn’t know that Nie Han suffered heavy losses and inevitably took a step back in cultivation later on with the loss was no less than him, he still remembered this grudge .

Demon Worshipping Religion, Soul Destruction Temple, Nie Han! Sooner or later, I will have revenge!

No matter how fast his cultivation progressed, he could only breakthrough in cultivation little by little .

He didn’t know, the outside world already went crazy because of his affairs!

In this boundless starry sky world, once there was a Great Sage in any place, it would be something worthy of celebration and could shake one side of the world .

Even in some remote places, Great Sage would be the lord of a place . Although Great Sage was not very rare in True Martial School, any Great Sage appearance was enough to command Real Martial Realm .

There was no exaggeration at all . In the Real Martial Realm, they were basically in a state of hostility to each other, and they were very concerned about each other’s talent . So, once the talent appears, it would quickly shock the entire Real Martial Realm .

Although Ye Xiwen did not advance into the Great Sage, his strength was impressive . He slayed the Great Sage Amateur Tianjiao and escaped from the Soul Destruction Temple Master . This strength was no less than the average Great Sage since even the characters off the Great Sage Amateur were not likely to accomplish such feat .

His performance was no different from that of a Great Sage, and many people even regard him as a Great Sage already .

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Therefore, this news could cause such a shock . As time went by day by day, this matter did not slowly drown over time, but had become more and more intense . It was because after the story of Ye Xiwen killing Lao Yi spread, soon the top master of Emergence school came to Real Martial Realm and came straight to True Martial School .

They had pinpointed and demanded to take Ye Xiwen away, otherwise True Martial School would be at its own risk . This news suddenly caused a great uproar in True Martial School .

Although True Martial School declined for a long time, its ability to monopolize the vast area of ​​the southern region was an apparent symbol of its strength and heritage . True Martial School was the lord in Real Martial Realm all the while . No one should underestimate True Martial School .

True Martial School was the side bullying others all the while . How could anyone persecute True Martial School? However, in the past decades, as many forces had entered the Real Martial Realm one by one, they had extended their power into the Real Martial Realm . The situation in Real Martial Realm was getting more and more complicated . It was like a huge vortex . One could be involved and got crushed in an accident .

In particular, Emergence school was a terrible behemoth in the depths of the starry sky, which could be compared with the True Martial School in the peak period . No one could ignore such behemoths’ will .

In the face of the blame from Emergence school masters, countless disciples came into discussions . Although they had such experience last time when Ye Xiwen beheaded sons of nobility, there were blames and pressure from Emergence school . At that time, no one really took it to heart . It was merely the death of a Half-step Great Sage . There was no big deal in it . In this Demon Realm trial, the Half-step Great Sage that died from all sides of Real Martial Realm were numerous times in masses . Half-step Great Sage, in the eyes of the entire huge battalion, was nothing at all .

But now it was a Great Sage! They had heavyweight even in Emergence school . Not to mention a Tianjiao who had just broken through to Great Sage, he carried more weight than the Elder Great Sage .

But this was not the thing that countless people cared about the most . Although the death of a Great Sage was enough to shake one side, it was not enough to make two behemoths fight each other .

The reason for the possible severe collision was only one . They really wanted to invade Real Martial Realm . Over the years, these behemoths from the depths of the starry sky had continuously shoved their power into Real Martial Realm . It was already apparent in their intention . No matter what reason they had to join the Real Martial Realm, but the truth was they had a great ambition to invade Real Martial Realm .

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This matter was likely to be an excuse . An excuse for Emergence school to intervene in Real Martial Realm . A Great Sage was still far from having the weight to trigger the desperate fight between the two forces, but it was enough to serve as an excuse .

Therefore, many people were concerned . If Emergence school used this as an excuse to invade True Martial School, then who could prevent these masters from invading . In fact, the Emergence school could compete with the peak of True Martial School .

Therefore, these people advocated surrendering Ye Xiwen in order to quell the anger of Emergence school . The most unfortunate thing was that they could not find an excuse to not invade .

However, some radical right-wings felt that they must not compromise now . Since there was no use to compromise, these Emergence school people were obviously eager to invade Real Martial Realm . There was no difference between excuses and no excuses . There would be war in the end anyway, thus having no point to trouble their own disciple .

Since the people at Emergence school wanted to wage war, then they could only greet each other with fist .

In this controversy, time passed by quickly . Another year had passed . During this year, because of the persecution of the Emergence school, things regarding Ye Xiwen that should have died down were still heating up .

Ye Xiwen, who was in the secret room, didn’t know anything about the outside world . He had closed cultivation in the Tibetan Star Summit . He didn’t need to set up vigilance on the outside world but focus entirely to breakthrough .

He had finally reached the most critical moment . The thick realm barrier was finally about to be broken .

No one knew how long it had been, but Ye Xiwen opened his eyes suddenly, and two brilliant rays shot out . The aura on his body was finally not capped and stagnant, but it escalated all the way limitlessly .

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