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Chapter 659

“Just die!”

There was a terrifying roar of great sage echoing in everyone’s ears . It almost shattered the entire universe .

A huge demon hand fell from the sky to catch Ye Xiwen . However, everytime the hand tried to catch Ye Xiwen, Ye Xiwen managed to escape with his Demon’s Wings .

After a while, Nie Han’s figure appeared in front of everyone . Although Demon Worshipping Religion’s reputation in the Global Association was foul with everyone treated them as street rats, Nie Han was different . With his strength, there were very few people who could defeat him in this world . A mouse that is larger than a cat can devour the cat instead .

With his cultivation, as long he wasn’t too close to the True Martial School, there would be no one capable of defeating him . He was simply unbridled with no worries as he went straight to Ye Xiwen .

As soon as the pursuit stormed the Wind Dragon city, everyone understood why Ye Xiwen would flee in embarrassment . It turned out that it was because of being hunted by this great sage . In the encounter of a terrifying great sage, there was no surprise to flee .

“Isn’t that Demon Worshipping Religion – Soul Destruction Temple Master!?”

Someone recognized Nie Han’s identity and immediately inflicted a series of huge grasp of cold air . Soul Destruction Temple Master Nie Han was ranked at the back though not the last among the ninety-nine temples of Demon Worshipping Religion . However, he was treated as a horrifying legend by the dwellers . He alone could bring great ruin to Wind Dragon City . Although there were many great sages in the city, no one could compete with a legend like Nie Han .

During this very moment, the experts who originally shouted the propaganda to eliminate the evils of Demon Worshipping Religion had collectively lost their voices and didn’t know what to say . Generally speaking, it was pretty normal to portray a supportive attitude in eliminating the evildoers . But in this case, if they want to get rid of the evildoers to support justice with their strength, it is very likely that they will be eliminated the evildoers first .

Although they did not know why Ye Xiwen was desperately pursued by a terrible master like Nie Han, everyone still spread the news at this moment .

The emergence of Soul Destruction Temple Master Nie Han was definitely a thing that shakes the world . When such a grand villain appeared, it would attract the attention of countless experts . Although they couldn’t defeat Nie Han, it didn’t mean that no one could . There were always hope to have someone capable of bringing down Nie Han .

When the news of Soul Destruction Temple Master immediately spread out, the news that Ye Xiwen was pursued was spread alongside .

No one figured out what happened . The speed of the two was too fast . They had disappeared into Wind Dragon City at light speed, shocking all the dwellers . It was particularly shocking for those who had ill intentions for Ye Xiwen .

It was normal for Nie Han to have such a speed . The terrible power of great sage couldn’t be ignored by anyone . Anyone knew what terrible power he represented .

However, how could Ye Xiwen a Half-step Great Sage Ameteaur even fend off himself from the Great Sage Nie Han? At least, in the aspect of speed, Nie Han couldn’t catch him . This was simply a miracle . The speed of a Great Gage was inferior to a Half-step Great Sage .

They wanted to see it more clearly, but they could no longer see them .




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The huge demon hand constantly slapped on Ye Xiwen’s surroundings, blasted down many spaces and created many voids . The surroundings fell into a chaotic flow of time and space with horrifying chaos masses poured out .

Ye Xiwen vigorously flapping the Demon’s Wings behind him . He managed to avoid Nie Han’s attack at the critical moment . The Demon’s Wings was indeed a great ability, but the host’s strength was still far too inferior .

At this time, he was not sorry for those elixir . The life and death moment forbid him from being stingy .

The elixirs were consumed in the quantity of a hundred thousands each batch . In Tianyuan Mirror, one could witness piles of elixirs being consumed to the end .

Under normal circumstances, it was not necessary to do so . It was because his Demon’s Wings were usually quite fast . In the very moment, it was not enough to avoid Nie Han’s attack .

“Little brat, I will definitely mince you up!” Nie Han’s roar kept coming . For him, it was a shame for Ye Xiwen to escape .

This was still the case where his cultivation was far higher than Ye Xiwen . If his cultivation was not as good as Ye Xiwen, then he would be left behind by Ye Xiwen in the blink of an eye . Generally, Half-step Great Sage couldn’t even see his shadow, let alone being able to catch up .

“Old bastard, don’t bump into my hands in the future, or you will definitely have a tragic end!” Now that he was pursued to the point of having no place to go . Ye Xiwen was also getting irritated with Nie Han . He didn’t care why Nie Han and how many reasons Nie Han had to pursue him . Since he set foot on the martial arts path, he had not fought such a battle that he was unmatched to an opponent at all . He could only flee but could not fight back .

Almost every moment, while Ye Xiwen was fleeing frantically, he also obtained insights of Demon’s Wings little by little . As the saying goes, human potential is oozed out by the pressure . Ye Xiwen now could feel this saying closely to his heart . Human potential is forged under pressure .

Under Nie Han’s pursuit, his understanding of Demon’s Wings was improving little by little at a speed that he could hardly imagine .

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That was why he could repeatedly escape from Nie Han .

Ye Xiwen’s goal was very clear that was to flee to the direction of True Martial School . At this time, only True Martial School might protect him and have the ability to protect him .

Nie Han obviously knew what Ye Xiwen wanted to do which was to escape to True Martial School . Although he was arrogant, he also knew where True Martial School was . It once ruled the Real Martial Realm . Occupying all the places in the southern region . There was no demerit to overestimate such giants . Once Ye Xiwen escaped into it, he would never dare to approach it .

Therefore, Ye Xiwen must be killed before he escaped . Otherwise, he could only watch his prey escape, which might be the only chance in this life to break through the Great Sage Realm and be wasted like this .

Ye Xiwen’s speed was too fast . In this endless starry sky, even a moment of negligence might allow Ye Xiwen’s escape . This starry sky was more immaculate than the sea . Great sage was just a drop in the ocean . They were nothing at all .

He didn’t dare to relax at all, but just kept grabbing at Ye Xiwen to determine his position and not let him escape .

Ye Xiwen secretly said in his heart that he did not expect that the strength of Great Holy Realm would be so great . With his current strength, approaching a Great Holy Realm might be a dead wish .

His opponent Mu Shengjie in True Martial School was probably such an opponent . Now thinking about it, he really overestimated himself and challenged the Great Sage as a Sage .

At that time, in Mu Shengjie’s eyes, Ye Xiwen was just a kid who didn’t know the limits .

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Thinking of this, Ye Xiwen was suddenly stunned .  I need to be extra careful . If Mu Sheng comes out from his close cultivation, there will be no one capable of protecting me except for my senior or my master – Zang Xingzi .

It was merely a brief moment, yet the two had leapt through thousands of miles, chasing and escaping into the atmosphere of the Real Martial Realm . The two were like two dazzling meteors rubbing in the atmosphere in dazzling light .

Seeing that True Martial School was close at hand, Nie Han was so angry . If this continued, Ye Xiwen could survive .

“Just die already!”

Suddenly, he made a move . Between heaven and earth, the colors suddenly changed . The countless spiritual energy in the sky condensed in an instant, and was contaminated into a magic gas . It slowly condensed into a spear the size of a mountain, exuding unbelievable evil aura .

“Holy Destroyer Lance!” Ye Mo exclaimed, “Ye Xiwen, hurry up, this is a very horrific art in Demon Realm . It is called the Holy Destroyer Lance . It was a magical weapon once wielded by a demon ruler, allowing him to run amuck . Later, the sacred lance was lost, but it had left an art to summon some remains of the sacred lance aura! No one could withstand it!”

Then, Nie Han seemed to have consumed endless energy . For a moment, his body was slightly crooked with his face a little pale . He seemed to be a lot older at an instant . This was the ramifications for forcibly launching this terrible magic . With the necessary cultivation to activate the art yet forcefully activating it, the price would be his life span . No one knew how long the lifespan he sacrificed . It was a great loss just to kill Ye Xiwen .

“Boom!” The demonic lance cut through the sky, instantly smashing all the defenses on Ye Xiwen’s body, and pierced into Ye Xiwen’s back .

“Argh!” Ye Xiwen spat blood, and almost his body was pierced by this magic lance . From a distance, Ye Xiwen, who spread his wings, was like a fallen angel experiencing a terribly hit . He fell down the sky at a horrifying speed, and fell directly into the sky of True Martial School .

Ye Xiwen was relieved . It seemed that he was finally saved!

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