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Chapter 654

“Boom!” Lao Yi’s body burst into the air, like a burst of firecrackers; blood splattered out; bone splinters flying, his body disintegrating into the air .

His spirit screamed in agony as Ye Xiwen captured it . Whatever secrets he had flooded Ye XIwen’s mind in an instant . After that Ye Xiwen could infer all of it into a mysterious space . Whatever secrets there was meant nothing to him . As long as he had enough elixirs, he could extract all of them .

Ye Xiwen calculated for bit . He consumed at least a hundred million elixirs during this battle, but the wealth that he obtained from others exceeded a hundred fifty million elixirs . Generally speaking, he didn’t lose anything and instead gained some .

This gave him a little balance in his heart . Otherwise, he would be so depressed . He was involved in a fight that he didn’t want at all, but the other party involved him regardless of whether or not he was willing to be involved in this fight .

People domineering and looking at him with disdain made him unsatisfied . Before this, the disciples of the Emergence school were also noy good people, but if they hadn’t instigated the fight, he wouldn’t have been inexplicably involved in the fight .

Perhaps now, the people of Emergence School would hate him to death . Before this, the distinguished prince was nothing . After all, he was just another Half-step Great Sage, he was nothing at all .

But now it was a group of elite-tier Half-step Great Sages that died . Just think about the status of a monstrous kraken in a monster village and one would understand the status of these people within the disciples of Emergence School .

This is not the most important thing . The key is that they have also injured a great saint, an actual great saint . Moreover, he wasn’t just any ordinary Great Sage, he was someone with unlimited power, looked up by many . Maybe he even had a chance to surpass Great Sage in the future .

But now he was injured . When Emergence School knows of this, they would be furious . No matter which great force, the Holy Realm was considered to be the top beam of the pillar . It could be on its own, known as the dominating king .

Injuring one of them would shake every single person in higher power . Not to mention that Emergence school was one of the dominating forces in the world .

But for Ye Xiwen, it was nothing . He didn’t care for it at all . Slaying one distinguished prince was still killing, so what if he killed a few more? Even if one of them were to be a Great Sage .

He didn’t even care about it at all . On the contrary, his attention was ofcused on being able to cooperate with the Tianyuan mirror . After cooperating with Tianyuan Mirror, Ye Xiwen can really be considered to have the strength to compete with the Great Sage, not just in theory .

The Great Sage was too strong . Not to mention that without the cooperation of a Great Sage weapon like the Tianyuan mirror, he was someone at the highest point who could simply kill Half-step Great Sages like a monstrous kraken . But now, tyrannical people like Liu Jingyuan could be killed by him with a simple smack of his hand .

However, the gap between a Half-step Great Sage and a full fledged Great Sage was still huge .

But the gap between the Great Saint and the Great Saint is still very large . It was definitely an instant success .

The only difference was the gap between the earth and the sky .

He bridged the gap with his own domineering power and cooperation with the Tianyuan Mirror . No one else could possibly dol . After all, most Great Sages don’t have Great Sage weapons, how could a mere Half-step Great Sage have such an item? One would be considered to be in the wealthy category to have an incomplete Great Sage weapon .

Secondly, they couldn’t compare to Ye Xiwen’s own powerful strength, not to mention that Ye Xiwen and the Great Sage weapon have a seamless cooperation .

Therefore, only Ye Xiwen could achieve such a miracle, there was no way to replicate it .

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Ye Xiwen stepped on a golden divinity, it seemed as if he was a gold-casted god of war . With the borrowed power of the late stage Great Sage that just slain countless Half-step Great Sages . The people from the Holy Realm that were watching and the Half-step Great Sage warriors all held their breaths . It was as if even breathing would anger the moody and cruel Demon lord in front of them .

The people that Ye Xiwen glanced over bowed their heads, not daring to look directly into his eyes . It indicated their obedience .

Ye Xiwen calmed down his thoughts and didn’t think about the issue with Emergence School . He killed them all anyway, it was not a big deal . Those disciples of the Emergence School dared to try and murder him on the street, looking down on people of the True Martial World . They should have been prepared to be killed . Moreover, wouldn’t he as a disciple of the Real Martial school, have the guts to do so?

He turned and stepped out, turning into a ray of light . He went towards the Wind Dragon star below the Wind Dragon City .

After Ye Xiwen left, the warriors who were suppressed by his terrible aura were relieved . That gaze was too terrifying . It was like a sharp knife, illuminating thousands of miles . Although it wasn’t directly targeted towards them, but they were shocked and terrified of Ye Xiwen who just killed a great Sage .

“That gaze is too terrifying, it makes one feel like they are falling into an ice cave!”

“He killed them, he really killed the disciples of the Emergence school . Oh my god, These were disciples that were sent here by Emergence School . Now all of them are gone, Emergence school will be furious! They might even send an army to take on a punitive expedition!”

“They are already dead, do you think that the people from the Emergence School would be at ease? These past few years, many forces in the depths of the sky have appeared in the grounds of the Real Martial Realm . It is said that they are looking for something shocking . I predict that by then, there would be a big war . Do you think we won’t be affected . ?”

“You’re right . They’re not good people . During this time, these forces in the depths of the sky are all overbearing and tyrannical, and overbearing . They treat us like primitives . The problems of bullying our men and taking our women is common . If it wasn’t because we aren’t their match, we would have slaughtered them long ago . It is so pleasing that Ye Xiwen did it now!”

Suddenly, everyone discussed about it . It created a real buss and everyone started discussing it without restraints .

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Along with their discussion, the incident that Ye Xiwen slaughtered all the leaders of the Emergence School spread quickly across the starry sky, and spread towards the True Martial World .

It was spreading out at an alarming rate .

Ye Xiwen naturally didn’t know what happened after he left, and he didn’t mean to care about these things at all . Instead, he fell directly to the big Wind Dragon Star .

Over the past many years, there are still many experts on the wind dragon star . For people like Ye Xiwen who have only lived for decades, the past twenty years have indeed been regarded as a very long time . But for those who have lived hundreds of years, thousands of years of sanctuaries and Great Holy Realm’s masters, what was this? It was as long as a snap of their fingers . Many of them would spend more time than this when they go into seclusion .

Moreover, along with twenty years on the Wind Dragon Star, many treasures have been found constantly . More and more elite members of the Holy Realm joined in, and even Great Sages appear sometimes .

This has led to more and more masters coming from this wind dragon star . Half-step Great Sages have no position of foothold at all now . At the very least, they have to be elites of the Holy Realm to be eligible to come forth, Although there were no clear roles, it was basically an unspoken rule . Half-step Great Sages were too weak compared to these Holy Realm Great Sages .

They have no qualification to intervene at all .

However, the rules were like clouds in front of Ye Xiwen . He, who was an elite that slaughtered a Great Sage, was also one of the rulers on this Big Wind Dragon Star . Only others follow his rules, what rules could restrain him?

Compared to when Ye Xiwen first stepped into this place as a Half-step Great Sage, he much more powerful . When he swept out his divine thoughts, he found that this star is full of holy places; elite-tier Great Sages; warriors from the outside; ferocious beasts and star beasts . There were also local monsters like giant beasts lurking, but they couldn’t hide from his scanning .

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After confirming that there are no masters of Holy Realm within five thousand miles, Ye Xiwen immediately relieved his heart . If other Great Sages approach,it was also a huge trouble for him . Although it was impossible for elite Great Sages to exist, but he didn;t want to deliberately create more problems . He was already very unhappy when the elite from Emergence School interfered .

Ye Xiwen fell on that plain . There was a cave originally, but it was razed by that battle long ago .

Ye Xiwen swept down on the ground, and sure enough, underneath, there was a giant dragon-shaped spirit vein struggling, like a living creature, struggling and roaring . But its voice couldn’t escape out . It was completely blocked by the barrier . It’s body was also blocked by the barrier, unable to move . Ye Xiwen’s spell at the very beginning locked it up tightly .

However, Dragon Veins are dragon veins after all . Although it was unconscious, if a great saint is not careful, they may be torn apart . Therefore, even if Ye Xiwen now has the strength to compete with the great saint, he would not dare to have the slightest carelessness .

In addition, when Ye Xiwen deployed the dwarfed dragons, he was still young . Moreover, his strength was still lacking too much . So the spell that he originally laid down struggled open quite a bit .

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate at all and stretched one spiritual hand downwards, grabbing straight for the dragon vein .

“Clang!” A terrible howling was heard, and the pair of originally glassy dragon eyes opened up . It howled wildly and opened up its mouth, biting towards Ye Xiwen’s big hands .

“Boom!” The terrible collision between the two sides started to shake the whole earth, and it seemed like the earth was about to collapse in a moment .

Ye Xiwen let out a cold Hmph and blended into the ground .

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