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Chapter 655

Ye Xiwen had just integrated into the ground and he felt a dragon claw falling from the sky . It grabbed towards him overwhelmingly, and the roar from the dragon vein met his ears . It sounded lifelike and as if every single scale was shaking . It was angry to the extreme .

Even though it didn’t have its own consciousness, it only had a little instinct given by God . But even if it was just this instinct, but it was extremely terrible .

Dragon veins are born endowed with the shape of a dragon, so they have the fighting instinct of the dragons . The dragons are a natural born fighting race, and they can fight against God . This shows how terrifying it is .

So for these dragon veins, even a Great Sage would feel tricky facing it . They could be torn in half if they were careless .

Although this isn’t a dragon, but to Ye Xiwen, there was no difference from a real dragon . Instead, because it doesn’t have its own consciousness, the fighting instinct is even more terrifying .

The dragon claws were extremely fast . It was its territory underground, and it was quite obvious that Ye Xiwen was slower underground . It was far less handy and smooth as it would have been when he was above the ground .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen was caught in the dragon claw and far in the distance, there was a loud roar from the dragon veins . His whole body was locked within a huge barrier, so he couldn’t go far . In the midst of it was also a part of a barrier that Ye Xiwen cast later on . But similarly, the barrier and seal was the best weapons to protect him . Even a Great Sage wouldn’t be able to break this barrier . If they wanted to take away the dragon vein, the would have to personally enter the barrier and fight with this huge dragon vein .

“Ha!” Ye Xiwen let out a low growl, his body suddenly bursting into a golden frenzy . At once, all of it turned into the sword’s energy that stretched into the sky, shooting out in all directions .

“Boom!”The Dragon Claw made up of spiritual energy exploded in mid-air, forming clumps of Spiritual Energy which was absorbed by Ye Xiwen .

Ye Xiwen only felt that his whole body was comfortable . His cultivation which was as firm as a dam improved by another small step, and his eyes flashed suddenly .

“The effects of this dragon vein is really unordinary . I only devoured a clump of its claw’s spiritual energy, yes ut pushed my cultivation a step forward!” Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but lament .

“That is natural . The dragon vein itself contains some dragon energy, it is a great opportunity for you . If you can devour this dragon vein, you can immediately cross over to be one of the Great Sages!” Ye Mo said .

Ye Xiwen was only a Half-step Great Sage in the early stages now . He was an elite that could cooperate with the Tianyuan mirror to beat an early stage Great Sage . If he managed to cross over to become a Great Sage, how strong would he be?

One has to know that a dragon vein can succeed a big faction, and now all of it was consumed by Ye Xiwen .

It is conceivable how much resources and temptations this is .

However, Ye Xiwen pushed this tempting idea to the back of his mind quickly . Although consuming an entire dragon vein could allow his cultivation improve in leaps and bounds, but that was short-sighted . The biggest use of the dragon vein is to suppress one’s destiny . He needed to nourish his mind and body at all times, so that his ability could grow more and more . There might even be hope to surpass a Great Sage in the long run .

Only the dumbest people would think to consume this dragon vein in a hurry .

Ye Xiwen looked into the distance . He saw that the huge body of the dragon vein bound by the huge barrier . It was entangled together and it could only move within the space of the barrier . But even so, it looked like a small mountain, and Ye Xiwen standing in front of this dragon vein seemed so small .

“Roar!” The loud howl of a dragon caused a terrifying aura to sweep over, causing Ye Xiwen’s clothes to rustle as it’s blown .

The huge face on the dragon vein was filled with a ferocious expression, apparently furious at Ye Xiwen’s intrusion .

Ye Xiwen had an abnormally serious expression . The Tianyuan mirror flashed a blood colored light, and Ye Xiwen immediately changed into his star beast avatar . Although he was now strong enough to compete with a Great Sage, he could sense that the dragon vein in front of him was not easy to deal with . Even a normal Great Sage might fear the fate of being torn apart, he couldn’t risk his deity .

“Whoosh!” Without waiting for him to think, the dragon vein disappeared into thin air within the barrier and reappeared in front of Ye Xiwen waving it’s claws . No one knew when the claws that were blown up by Ye Xiwen earlier regrew .

This was an authentic dragon claw . Many teachings have martial arts that imitate the shape of the dragon claw but it wasn’t authentic . No matter how a human used their two hands, it was impossible to look completely similar to a real dragon claw . Only those from the dragon clan has the greatest power when they use it fully .

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Although this dragon vein is not of the dragon clan, but compared with the dragon clan, it only lacked the self-consciousness and it isn’t in a flesh and blood body . When it used the Dragon Claw, it tore through the space .

The dragon claw was like five sharp swords, killing fiercely . It was as if it wanted Ye Xiwen’s existence to go extinct that very instant .

Ye Xiwen was shocked, it was such a high speed . With this kind of speed, a normal Great Sage would have exploded .

His speed has always been his pride . He had escaped from the Great Sage when he was still in the Holy Realm . It should be said that he has escaped from the hand of a Great Sage while he was still a Half Sage[1] . It could be seen that his speed was incredible and even a Great Sage couldn’t catch up with him . Not to mention that right now he was already a half-step Great Sage and he was really only one step away from crossing over to become a Great Sage . But he was actually caught by the dragon claw while he was in the barrier at this speed .

The speed of this dragon was really rare to see in his life! It was like a fish in water inside the barrier!

Fortunately, this barrier is not in the soil itself, but separated by another void . Otherwise Ye Xiwen would be in trouble .

Although fleeing underground was a common magical martial art, but ever since the true way, human warriors started obtaining abilities that they weren’t inherently born with like flying; diving in water; and walking on fire .

What was the true way? It is to return to the basics . Aside from the truth of the martial ways, there was also the truth of the human body . As the biology studies of the creatures on earth says, mixed raced tend to be different and better . Any species under the starry sky is better than a pure blooded species .

Those sub species of dragon often needed to evolve again and again to purify the impurities in its blood to become a pure blood dragon race . It was so that they might have a chance to become a real dragon race .

The human race is actually similar . In the legends, the ancient human beings have various special abilities . They were born powerful warriors . There was nothing they couldn’t do, from opening rocks and splitting apart mountains . You could see it from the special constitution of human beings, those are the people who have awakened their ancestry bloodlines . That’s why they are particularly strong amongst the ordinary warriors .

The true way stimulates the inherent potential in the body starting from a certain extent . In the terms of previous lives, these special abilities are hidden genes, genes that are in deep slumber . Only a minority of people are able to awaken it from birth . Most people have to go through cultivation to stimulate it step by step .

The process of stimulating it bit by bit was by starting from the true way .

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However, although he has all kinds of special special abilities that ordinary humans cannot have . After all, it wasn’t a natural instinct . The underground still had too much restraints for him . It was far from the dragon vein that was a natural spirit, like a fish in water .

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate, and immediately blasted out a violent punch .

“Boom!” The claw and fist colliding . Endless rays flew everywhere, illuminating the barrier and the large space collapsed .

Ye Xiwen’s fist actually started to hurt faintly . He was shocked, this is Star Beast avatar . If it was replaced by the deity, his whole arm would have been broken by a punch .

It has always been him relying on his domineering body to break others’ arms in one punch . He’s never met something that had a physical body that was so much stronger than him .

Moreover, this is not physical, it is just a collection of spiritual energy . This dragon vein is simply outrageous . A normal Great Sage is really not its opponent at all .

Ye Xiwen was also fortunate that he didn’t come down hastily at first, otherwise, he would have been looking for his own death .

“Ha!” Countless elixirs started burning inside the Tian Yuan Mirror that was in Ye XIwen’s body . The consumption of Star Beast avatar was too large . At least one billion elixirs would be consumed in a full-out fight . Most of them were used in the last breakthrough, and there was only about one billion eight hundred million in total . There was only enough to fight once .

But at this time he also had no choice . He absolutely had to obtain the dragon vein . Who knew if there would be any changes the next time? He didn’t stop and accelerated the consumption of the elixirs instead, burning them wildly .

Ye Xiwen rushed forward and fought with the dragon vein .


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The terrible bombardment between a person and a dragon spread out .

“Roar!” The dragon vein roared, opening its mouth wide . The endless Spiritual energy around it was instantly absorbed, forming a huge spirit bomb .

“Boom!” The spirit bomb was blasted out in an instant . Even if it were a Great Sage would be broken into pieces if they were to be blasted by such a huge spirit bomb .

But time has not allowed him to think more . Moreover it was quite spacious in this barrier for his humanoid figure . However, he had limited space when it comes to facing the spirit bomb that was rolling over like a hill . He wasn’t able to hide away from it .

The reason why he chose to fight the dragon vein with all his might was because he considered this . The space was small, and no matter where you tried to move there wasn’t enough room . He could only give his all and fight to the death .

Ye Xiwen spread his hands, and a bloody barrier appeared in front of him .

“Boom!” That huge spirit bomb hit the barrier fiercely . A huge pothole blasted out on the barrier, and the cracks scattered in all directions .

“Ha!” Ye Xiwen shouted . Ten million elixirs burned in his body as a terrifying power poured through his body .

[1] There are a few different ranks, where Great Sage is the highest, followed by Half-step Great Sage, then Half Sage

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