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Chapter 653

It was a terrible, unmatched power . It was contained and boiling . It was almost as if the power was borrowed from an unknown source . Could it be that it was the Holy Realm?

Ye Xiwen didn;t expect that the Emergence God Fist to have this effect in the end . It really deserved to be known as Emergence School’s secret weapon that could dominate the world . Most people would be at a dead end if they encountered this situation .

Behind that portal, it was as if there was really a Holy Realm . An inexplicable energy leaked out of it, and a majestic chanting came from it . It seemed that the Sage in the Holy Realm was yelling out to Ye Xiwen .

“Ye Xiwen, you’re bold! Quickly bow down, do you intend to offend the skies?”

“Ye Xiwen, your sins are enough for you to go to the eighteenth layer of hell . Realise the truth!”

The desire for war in Ye Xiwen’s eyes intensified . What Sage, they just wanted him to confess his sins . What a big joke . So what if the Gods from the Heavens were to descend, his fate is up to himself and not the Gods . If a God were to stop him, he would slay the God . If Buddha stops him, he would slay Buddha . If the skies were to stop him, he would break the skies .

The aura emanating from Ye Xiwen’s body was growing thicker . The aura of blood became more terrifying . His blood began to boil deep down as the Tianyuan mirror’s power started . A terrible demon appeared behind him in the flesh . It had a ferocious and monstrous aura, it was the incarnation of Ye Mo .

The portal was nearing and it suppressed, and from it flew out many Sages . Each of them holding up a gesture to cast their spells, shouting towards Ye Xiwen while their overwhelming power swept the earth .

“Roar!” Ye Mo roared . He was the instrumental spirit of Tianyuan Mirror . After Tianyuan Mirror was promoted to become a Great Saint weapon, his strength also increased exponentially .

Ye Mo stretched out one claw and it turned into a magical hand that covered the sky and grabbed towards the Sages that rushed over .




The Sages screamed as they were caught into a cluster of spiritual energy . There were not real sages, but instead were formed from spiritual energy . However, it was still extremely rare to be able to refine the Emergence God Fist skill to this point .

There were still countless Sages being constantly formed at the Gateway of the Holy Realm . The Sages emerged one after another in vast and mighty numbers . They formed into a large holy army that rushed towards Ye Xiwen with killing intent .

Although Ye Mo caught the Sages one by one, but the Sages were falling down on at a terrifyingly fast speed like a ferocious tiger . It was as if they do not intend to stop until they manage to kill Ye Xiwen .

“Boom!” The demonic hand that covered the sky grabbed towards the Gateway of the Holy Realm . The two unparalleled forces clashed against each other, and a boundless force swept up, causing the whole space to shake violently .

The demonic hand that covered the sky only blocked the Gateway to the Holy Realm for a while, only making it tremble a little . However, the Sages continued descending from the Gateway to the Holy Realm .

“It’s futile . This is a Gateway that opens to the Holy Realm and summons Sages . Nobody can destroy the Gateway to the Holy Realm . What do you mortals know!” Lao Yi shouted, his face full of pleasure, as if he could see Ye Xiwen being killed the next second .

Ye Xiwen frowned slightly . In an instant, countless thoughts turned in his mind, and countless elixir began to burn . But at this critical moment, the mysterious space was used to deduce the truth of this Gateway to the Holy Realm .

Ye Mo and Ye Xiwen have the same mind, and immediately knew what he was going to do . They unleashed many peak Demon Realm techniques, many of which have been lost for a long time . Only an old man like him with unknown age and origins could unleash it .

All kinds of lost techniques blocked the Gateway to the Holy Realm . Although it was only for a moment, but it was enough for Ye Xiwen . In the short moment of a few seconds, Ye Xiwen burned at least several hundred thousands of elixirs and used the mysterious space to deduce some things .

The Gateway to the Holy Realm may be the will of Lao Yi to communicate with another world and it was formed with an endless energy . To make a balance with the Gateway to the Holy Realm is to have an equal will in this world . Although it’s just a small ray of will in that world, but to a mortal, it was an unmatched force .

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It would be very difficult to defeat this Gateway to the Holy Realm . Ye Xiwen had an idea right away . Since the Gateway to the Holy Realm was difficult to break, then it would be easier to break Lao Yi . As long as Lao Yi is killed, the Gateway to the Holy Realm would soon disappear, and by that time, any crisis will be resolved .

Ye Xiwen didn’t hesitate, and immediately stepped out and rushed towards Lao Yi .

Then when Lao Yi saw Ye Xiwen rushing over, and immediately understood that Ye Xiwen had seen through the weakness of this trick .

The weakness of this technique lies in himself . If it was a powerful warrior that summoned it, then it was indeed invincible . His power was not weak as he was at the peak in the early days of crossing over to Great Sage . In this infinite sky, he was one of the strongest, is that weak?

Of course not!

But Ye Xiwen was even more powerful . He could actually suppress him, a real Great Sage, as a Half-step Great Sage . So his weakness which was not exactly a weakness turned into his fatal wound .

Since he’s seen through Ye Xiwen’s intention, naturally he couldn’t let Ye Xiwen succeed . He quickly unfolded his body and stepped away suddenly .

“Pa!” Ye Xiwen squeezed his fingers into a fist, and leaped towards Lao Yi in an instant .

His body unfolded, like a hunting falcon . The punch blasted out and turned into a big star, falling down suddenly .

“Die!” Ye Xiwen sneered, his speed was extremely fast . The Demon’s Wings haven’t spread open . But in such a short distance, the time gap was not much different whether or not the wings were spread open . He chased towards Lao Yi .

Lao Yi couldn’t get rid of the hunt chase at all .

“Impossible, you will be killed by me first . No one can break the Gateway to the Holy Realm, you only have a dead end!” Lao Yi kept running away, saying so rather hysterically .

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“Where does all these nonsense come from you?” Ye Xiwen snorted with a Hmph, and chased towards Lao Yi . His punch blasted onto Lao Yi, and a violent power poured into Lao Yi’s body instantly .


An unimaginable force boiled in Lao Yi’s body, and a loud explosion blasted out from his body . His blood sprayed everywhere, broken bones flying out .

Lao Yi seemed to be constantly exploding . He kept struggling, and even he could see that his Great Sage technique was about to be blasted out, screaming .

On the other side, Ye Mo was continuously roaring . The huge portal was constantly suppressed . He was like a giant against the sky . He was carrying that portal, which was not an ordinary portal, but the legendary Holy Realm . He, a great Demon suppressed the portal . The skin on his whole body was boiling as he touched the gateway, burning violently . It was terrifying .

He was catching his opponents constantly, grabbing towards the flying sages . The Tianyuan mirror also burst out and unimaginable light, resisting against the Holy Realm . This was a pride to the Demons . It was the utmost price for a weapon that was once carried by a demon .

Lao Yi screamed endlessly . At this time, he finally regretted it . He never dreamed that Ye Xiwen was so monstrous . As a Half-step Great Sage , he crushed a Great Sage, it was like a miracle .

He began to regret that he should not have been troubled by those junior brothers and sisters to find trouble for Ye Xiwen, or that he was so proud that he never put Ye Xiwen in his eyes . In his eyes, those that have not crossed over to be a Great Sage were all ants . So what if this person was called the person under the Great Sage? Nevermind that he was only selected by the Real Martial Realm, even if it is the first person under the real Great Sage . It must be suffocating enough to meet someone that was in the early stages of becoming a Great Sage . Moreover it was like him, a skilled person that was unparalleled in existence in the early stages of being a Great Sage .

Originally, in his mind, it would have been a shame if Ye Xiwen had escaped . He even thought about killing Ye Xiwen with a few techniques .

He just didn’t expect that Ye Xiwen was so terrifying . It was such a joke thinking about it now .

“Oh my God, did I see a myth? Ye Xiwen is really going against the heavens, and he can actually fight against a Great sage as a Half-step Great Sage !”

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Many people couldn’t believe it when they saw this scene . Of course, they believe that Ye Xiwen was not an ordinary Half-step Great Sage . There must be something different about him, but even so, in their hearts, Ye Xiwen is almost like a god .

“Being able to fight against a master in the early days of becoming a Great Sage, from now on, I am afraid that it is not only the strongest under the Great Sage . The two of them are now fighting, and they are fighting with patience . If Lao Yi is slain by Ye Xiwen is first, then the Gateway of the Holy Realm will disappear, but conversely, if Ye Xiwen is dead, then everything will be gone!”

Many people with good eyesight could see that both sides were snatching time, to see who could grab enough time first . Whoever who grabs enough time would kill the other, and the victory would be determined .

Lao Yi’s screams traveled through the universe .

“Faster, faster! We have to take action against Ye Xiwen . We can’t let him kill Senior Brother Lao . We just need some time, then we can slaughter him, we can kill him!” The disciples of the Emergence School said suddenly .

The other Disciples of Emergence school suddenly realized that they couldn’t let Ye Xiwen carry on . Otherwise, Lao Yi would really die .

They didn’t hesitate, they rushed in front of Ye Xiwen as fast as lighting, and an Emergence God Fist appeared . It was in mid air as they banded together to form a Domain of Immortals . It covered the land and sky, and fell towards Ye Xiwen .

“It is as futile as a mantis trying to stop a car!” Ye Xiwen sneered coldly . The pores of his body opened, and endless sword aura emanated . A huge sword materialised midair and struck down like lightning .


For Ye Xiwen, who now has full control of Tianyuan Mirror, these Half-step Great Sage s are unlikely to pose any threat to him .

The Domain of Immortals disintegrated midair, and the disciples of the Emergence school suddenly screamed while clusters of blood mist sprayed out . The Tianyuan mirror absorbed all the blood and wealth .

“Bang!” Lao Yi couldn’t hold on first, and his physical body disintegrated immediately .

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