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Chapter 651

“Emergence Rising Immortal!”

Lao Yi shouted with a blast, conjuring up infinite fairy light . The infinite fairy light tore into the sky, as if it leads into another world, there were many voices chanting . The countless fairy lights condensed onto a Domain of Immortals . It was bombarding from the other side of the crack, vast and mighty, almost as if it was going to shock someone to death .

“Clang!” The light of the sword in Ye Xiwen’s hands expanded into the wind, growing into the size of about ten feet . When he slashed down light lightning, there no martial arts or techniques . It was just the simplest slash .

Yet, such a simple slash changed the color of the entire sky . The space was completely split open, and slashed towards Lao Yi .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen’s sword was extremely fast, and there was a sound of rushing thunder in it . The sword cut through the kingdom of saints and the country of immortals crumbled in an instant .

These two realms were switched almost effortlessly in Ye Xiwen’s hands . This alternating power instantly crumbled the unstoppable Country of Immortals .

“Damn it, that is the eternal, imperishable country of immortals!” Ye Xiwen sliced open his Kingdom of saints with one slash . Lao Yi was furious, he shouted in a rage, “The Sage’s gentleTouch!”

Another punch blasted out, and a Great Sage materialised, with white hair and beard; a white robe; over a thousand feet tall like a true immortal . It punched towards Ye Xiwen .

This was the condensed supreme fist . In Lao Yi’s ideology, this was the true Great Sage . It was the goal that the Emergence School teachings have been searching for billions of years .

This punch surpassed the origins of the universe . A huge crack broke into the entire space with one punch . With the swiftness of a sudden clap of thunder, the punch swept towards Ye Xiwen .

Yi Xiwen immediately lifted his sword that extended its light into the sky and protected himself . After all, he hasn’t crossed over to become a Great Sage, he couldn’t underestimate the attack power of a Great Sage .

If he had crossed over to become a Great Sage, he wouldn’t even take this kind of attack into consideration . It was impossible to pose any threat to him .

“Boom!” The black crack collided with the sword light that reached the sky .

A noise that shook the skies rang out as a huge mushroom formed at the location of the collision, rising . The boundless force was like waves, sweeping out in circles . It was like a star that suddenly exploded . It illuminated in general .

It was an even shade of autumn, the black crack didn’t advance even an inch . Then, another shout followed, “Binding Hair of Longevity!”

Another supreme fist technique was blasted out by the healthy and hearty old man .

Yet another punch broke the earth and the skies . A punch bombarded downwards, blasting out the essence of longevity .

Lao Yi was angry, he was really enraged . He stacked on another punch recklessly . It was just like the waves . Before the previous one settled down, the next one rose again .

This technique of the Binding hair of Longevity was consecutive to The Sage’s Gentle Touch . Coincidentally as these two techniques were stacked together, the power of the two techniques were magnified greatly, it was terrifying to the core .

Ye Xiwen just blocked the attack . Suddenly an even more terrifying force swept over . It was much stronger than before . It was a huge fist that seemed to appear from the sky . It broke Ye Xiwen’s protective sword light . The countless sword lights perished at that fist . However there was no stopping it, but instead it was strangled by the first into fragments .

“Boom!” The fist burst three inches in front of Ye Xiwen, but was blocked by a scarlet barrier . The boundless boxing blasted on the enchantment, and the boundless power spread out in circles . .

It was Tianyuan Mirror that launched immediately and automatically protected its master .

A huge pit suddenly appeared inside the barrier, and cracks like spider webs cracked in all directions .

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Ye Xiwen’s body was sent flying and continuously flipped over dozens of times due to the giant force, then he stepped on a broken meteorite to stop himself .

“Is that all you’ve got? If that’s all you can do, then you should die!” Lao Yi’s gaze was tyrannical, and he was extremely delighted . He completely released the highest strength in the early days of the Great Holy Realm . He hadn’t been able to have such an enlightening match after crossing over to become Great Sage . The other opponents were either too weak or too strong, he couldn’t fight a satisfying match at all .

Although this fist did not hammer Ye Xiwen to death, but it was much stronger than before . Looking at Ye Xiwen who was blasted and sent flying, his heart was extremely delighted . Someone who didn’t cross over to become Great Sage was indeed not up to par . It was a world of great difference to be compared to someone who truly crossed over to become Great Sage such as himself .

Thinking of this, his depressed feeling due to him being unable to take down Ye Xiwen for a long time dissipated .

Lao Yi stepped forward and shortened the world, as if the land had shrunk into an inch . The fist that punched Ye Xiwen reappeared, punching towards Ye Xiwen .




With a loud booming sound, each of Lou Yi’s punches turned into a country of immortals and fell on Ye Xiwen’s body . The barrier around his body crumbled under the shower of attacks like raindrops . It was cracking all over like a turtle shell, as if it would break the very next second . Yet it didn’t break and shouldered the attack bit by bit .

Under Lao Yi’s attack, Ye Xiwen also seemed to be losing ground and retreating .

Seeing that Lau Yi had completely gained the upper hand, many of the Emergence School disciples were relieved, with a proud expression on their faces as if they were the ones who defeated Ye Xiwen now .

“Hahaha, as I have said, the strongest person under this great saint is nothing but rubbish . He is simply a clown that doesn’t know his own strength!”

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“There is no failure if Senior Brother Lao take his shot . This man even dared to challenge our Emergence School deciples . He was really looking for death!”

The disciples of the Emergence School all uttered insults, as if to vent their sullen mood . They were even worried just now that Senior Brother Lao would be defeated at the hands of Ye Xiwen who was only halfway crossed over to become Great Sage .

They all feel a sense of shame thinking about it now . Senior Brother Lao was such a genius person, how would he be defeated at the hands of this jumping clown . It was simply impossible .

They completely forgot the horrible shock that Ye Xiwen’s powerful performance just gave them, and how at that moment, they almost felt that Brother Lao was about to be defeated .

Looking at it now, Senior Brother Lao ’s Emergence God Boxing has been practiced to the point where he is incomprehensible . One punch broke the world, one punch destroyed the world, and the two forces of birth and death were reflected in his fists .

Although they are all Emergence God fists, the intention of the fist cultivated by each person was different . Not everyone was the same . They were the best among the core disciples, and they have the opportunity to be taught the Emergence God Fist . They were considered rare amongst the thousands and millions of disciples that Yu Hua had taught .

However, their practice of the Emergence God Fist could not be compared to Lao Yi who has already crossed over to become a Great Saint . His Emergence God Fist made rapid progress in the early stages when he crossed over to become a Great Sage .

Just by looking at the Emergence God Fist that Lao Yi blasted out let them have great understanding that it was almost at the peak of the skill .

It was a great help to their practice of the Emergence God Fist just by spectating .

Many warriors of the True Martial World had different views . They looked at the egoistical disciples of the Emergence school with disdain . Crushing someone that was halfway to become a Great Sage just because they failed to meet a Great Sage was already a great problem . Only they didn’t feel that way and still felt proud of themselves, thinking that they were incredible .

Of course, they don’t look down on Yi Yi, a Great Sage, nor are they qualified to despise them . Although Lao Yi has never taken down Ye Xiwen, everyone knows that it was not that Lao Yi was not strong enough, but that Ye Xiwen is too scary .

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If it was them instead, they would not be able to withstand the raindrop-like shower of fists .

“This Ye Xiwen is really outrageously strong . Did he really not cross over to become a Great Sage? He can counter the Great Sage even as a halfway Great Sage . This battle really needs to be remembered in history!”

“He really hasn’t crossed over to become a Great Sage, he doesn’t have the coercion abilities of a Great Sage that carried dread straight into the soul . But what’s the difference if he crossed over to become a Great Sage? Even if he has the help of other things, it is enough for his name to be known everywhere . It is a miracle for a halfway Great Sage to be a match with a full fledged Great Sage!

“But this battle should also end . Although it is unknown what methods Ye Xiwen used to contend to this, but it cannot go on . The stronger Lao Yi’ techniques are to surpass the skies, Ye Xiwen can only continue defending himself . There is only waiting for someone to let their guard down, and no such thing as keeping your guard up all the time! The more he defends, he is bound to lose! There is no way he can continue holding it up!”

Although many people were shocked by Ye Xiwen ’s performance, before that, they simply couldn’t imagine that there was a halfway great sage who could compete with a full fledged Great Sage . However, no one was optimistic towards Ye Xiwen . After all, it was one thing to contend against a Great Sage, and by merely contending there was no way of defeating Lao Yi . The sacred barrier was no match for a true Great Sage . It was already astounding to be able to contend temporarily, but it was simply impossible to compete in the long run .

It was like people fighting against ants, ridiculous .

But son, they were stunned . Because under their observation, Ye Xiwen did not lose quickly . Instead, he continued to persist .

One thousand moves, two thousand moves, three thousand moves!

After some time, even Lao Yi felt that something was wrong . His Emergence God Fist was casted for an uncountable amount of times . His originally strong momentum was also slowly weakening down, Yet Ye Xiwen on the other side didn’t have the slightest change .

Suddenly, a monstrous aura emanated from Ye Xiwen .

“It’s my turn now!”

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