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Chapter 652

Lao Yi’s punches blasted out one by one and in the blink of an eye, it was over a thousand moves . Yet, he still couldn’t defeat Ye Xiwen, and he began to realise something was amiss . He was not a fool, he was fighting too smoothly . It was only because Ye Xiwen let him fight as if there was no resistance at all . But he had faced many battles after all, so he recovered very quickly .

Once he recovered and sobered up, that last little bit of pride and arrogance disappeared without a trace .

His Emergence God Fist already landed many times . Ye Xiwen’s protection seemed like it could handle no more, yet it still shook and remained until now .

“Damn!” Lao Yi muttered in a low voice . The immortal blasted his way instantly, and his whole body’s aura was instantly adjusted to the highest point . He struck with all his might, wanting to break down Ye Xiwen’s barrier completely .

“Boom!” The place where Ye Xiwen stood was completely broken .

“Ha …” Lao Yi laughed immediately . But it seemed that he was choking on something when he laughed half way . Ye Xiwen, who was supposed to die, still stood there firmly . He was stepping above the chaos, with layers of golden waves undulating beneath him . The chaos that could obliterate someone couldn’t even approach him .

“Boom!” Ye Xiwen had a monstrous aura sweeping emanating from his body . The weather changed in an instant and even the stars shook .

“It’s my turn now!”

Ye Xiwen yelled loudly, his eyes full of the spirit of battle . His aura was even more overbearing than before .

This was his first time really fighting with a Great Sage, as the previous encounters didn’t count . He borrowed the avatar of the star beast, so he already had an invincible and tyrannical body . It could only be broken by force . Whatever martial arts and techniques were useless to his physical body, so he didn’t care for it . He just needed to be rolled over repeatedly .  

But now it wasn’t possible . He had to borrow the power of his deity even though his physical body was already very resilient . However, it couldn’t be compared with the star beast and had to cooperate with the Tianyuan mirror . He was in the process of constantly adapting to the power of Tianyuan mirror in that period of time . It might seem like he was being beaten passively, but in reality he was constantly improving .

All the spectators were shocked . Could it be that Ye Xiwen still had hidden abilities that he hasn’t shown? It was like a roller coaster, suddenly it was heaven, and suddenly it became hell .

He was a half Great Sage battling against a full fledged Great Sage, and he actually concealed a part of his real strength . It was really questionable if he was really strong enough or if he was looking for death .

None of them knew it . Ye Xiwen never kept anything hidden . Yet he was preserving his real strength when facing a Great Sage, isn’t that looking for death? It should be noted that one must use their full strength even when dealing with a minor problem .

Moreover this was winning from a weak position . Before this, his coordination with the TianYuan Mirror was not so seamless . Ye Xiwen needed some time to familiarise himself with the Tianyuan mirror that upgraded to become a Great Sage tier weapon . It was most suitable to familiarise himself with it during battle .

As the mutual understanding between them increased, Ye Xiwen was also able to be in touch with the Tianyuan mirror’s power after upgrading to become sacred weapon . Thus, his abilities seemed to rise continuously .

Ye Xiwen cried out . He stomped abruptly, setting off golden waves as an incomparable aura radiated from his body .

The void of the universe shook as he stepped forward, a bloody aura swept through the entire universe . He appeared in front of Lao Yi in a flash, a long sword appearing in his hands .

The sword light that reached the sky struck down like lightning .

“Clang!” Ye Xiwen slashed the long sword and Lao Yi quickly raised his hand to stop it . A surge on mysterious aura emanated from his arms, forming into a barrier in front of him . As the long sword clashed on the barrier, sparks flew everywhere . The sparks were burning through space, and the sound was like the clashing between metal and gold .

“Ye Xiwen, you can’t do anything to me!” Lao Yi Laughed loudly . He didn’t realise when, even something such as Ye Xiwen unable to do anything to him became something to be proud of .

“Can’t do anything, scr*w you!” Ye Xiwen’s long sword slash down again, as if it was a machete . It was a simple slash with no techniques, yet it brought unimpaginably terrifying power with it .

The whole space was instantly torn .

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“Clang!” The sound of metal and gold clashing sounded again, sparks were flying everywhere .

Lao Yi felt a brute force rushing down and was nearly sent flying . He felt very depressed . Even though he was able to stop the sharp edge of the long sword, he couldn’t block out the strange force . It was literally a humanoid dragon, a monster in human skin .

Without waiting for him to think about it, Ye Xiwen swept down a second technique, he was using the long sword like a knife . Earlier on, it would have been handy for him to use the Acquired Knife technique, Cold Moon Slash . Back then he was in the Acquire Realm, but now, a simple technique that he just made out could possibly be beyond the Holy Realm .

The strength of Cold Moon Slash was ten thousand times stronger in his hands . The characteristic of being more powerful than a sword was showing incisively in his hands .


The power of this slash was more terrifying than the one just now . Lao Yi felt as if his hands were going to be crippled . His barrier showed that it was cracking everywhere, and he instantly felt extremely depressed . This barrier was casted from his inner armor, it was an incomplete sacred weapon . When he received this armor several hundred years ago, he took care of it like a baby . It was also because of this armor that he had never sustained any injury when he was battling with people of the same rank as himself . It was always him crushing others, but now it was his turn to be crushed .

There were cracks surfacing on the barrier . To him, it was simply unthinkable .

If only he knew that Ye Xiwen had a sacred weapon on him, maybe he would understand .

“Scr*w you!” Ye Xiwen was still enraged in his heart, these people from Emergence School were simply too bullying and arrogant .

“Clang!” Another sound of the clashing of metal and gold stuck out . Lao Yi’s arms were collapsing .

“Scr*w you!”


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“Scr*w you!”


As Ye Xiwen wielded the long sword, the Cold Moon Slash a power that even the original creator could have hardly imagined . Or at least the original creator probably didn’t expect that one day this set of blades could completely crushed a full fledged Great Sage until they couldn’t fight back .

“Bang!” Ye Xiwen drew another sword, the sword light swayed and hurt the eyes of those that saw it . It broke Lao Yi’s defenses for a moment . It was already an incomplete sacred weapon, how could it stand against a complete sacred weapon, and Ye Xiwen’s crazed slashing .

An incomplete sacred weapon compared to a complete one was nowhere near the same notion at all . A sacred weapon is difficult to be damaged, but once damaged, it’s power would be greatly reduced .

The sword light slashed onto Lao Yi and cut a long crack which was blocked by his internal armor, but Lao Yi was sent flying and crashed into a meteorite . He looked at Ye Xiwen with horror in his eyes, unable to believe that this was the outcome .

How could be be defeated and crushed by a half Great Sage? It was almost like listening to a myth .

At this time, all the spectating warriors, especially the Emergence School disciples were frightened, what did they see? Just what in the world did they observe?

A Great Sage was crushed by a half Great Sage!

If it was a miracle that a half Great Sage could compete with a full fledged Great Sage, then what is it now? A myth?

“This is impossible . Senior Brother Lao is invincible . How could he be crushed by this half Great Sage?” No one wanted to believe this, especially the disciples of Emergence School . This was someone from the True Martial World that they despised . The so-called strongest under the Great Sage was a joke to them . But seeing as it is, not only was he the strongest under the Great Sage, the weaker ones are not his opponents at all .

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However, the True Martial World warriors all took in a deep breath . Seeing this, they were no less astonished compared to the Emergence School disciples, especially after seeing Ye Xiwen slaughtering the warriors in the Demon Realm before . It was a boundless frustration .

If it was a miracle before that Ye Xiwen slaughtered hundreds of half Great Sages, then it is really a myth now .

A half Great Sage actually crushed a Great Sage . If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe it .

It wasn’t that Lao Yi was too weak, but Ye Xiwen was too strong . If Laoi Yi was a genius and arrogant, then Ye Xiwen is a demon, a demon dressed in human skin .

Yes, that’s what they think now . Aside from this, they have no reason to describe it .

Ye Xiwen ignore the surprise of the crowd . Taking another stepped, he lounged towards Lao Yi .

“Ye Xiwen, die!” Law Yi saw that Ye Xiwen lounged towards him, and suddenly looked a little crazy . There was an inexplicable power in the void was permeating, boiling, and countless mysterious power swept through and fell .

The space was torn apart silently . A huge portal descended from the sky . A huge white jade portal entangled with mystery; an unimaginable atmosphere; mysterious; simple; noble; and suppressed in an instant .

“Oh my God, is this the gateway of the Holy Realm? This is the peak of the Emergence God Fist . Senior Brother actually practiced until he could summon the Gateway of the Holy Realm . If he could borrow the power from the entire Holy Realm to collapse the void, then that Ye Xiwen is dead!”

“Yes, the Gateway of the Holy Realm is a gateway to communicate with the Holy Realm . It has the essence of the Holy Realm . Legend has it that once you cross throught the Gateway of the Holy realm, you can be baptised by the power of the Holy Realm and become a Sage . it’s impossible for him to fight against the Gateway of the Holy Realm, because it is to fight with the whole world!”

The disciples of Emergence School recognised this enormous portal and were shocked .

Ye Xiwen’s expression was dignified, he felt a terrible power from this portal .

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