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"Well, you're a courageous dog!" a cold shout came from that restaurant. Then, a yellow figure dashed out from inside.

Simultaneously, the mighty and boundless coercion of a Great Sage pressed down upon Ye Xiwen's body. It was so immensely heavy that it could suppress even a senior half-step Great Sage expert to death.

It set off boundless astral wind that blew Ye Xiwen's clothes. A sound of fluttering of clothes echoed as a result. The astral wind scraped at his skin like a knife, and issued a metal clanging.

People didn't know whether to call the astral wind dreadful or to say that Ye Xiwen's skin was incredibly hard.

Ye Xiwen raised his head, and saw… That boundless suppressive power of the Great Sage expert didn't cause a very big effect on him. This Great Sage power was enough to make the experts of below Great Sage realm lose their fighting prowess. It would seem like the organism at the bottom of the food chain had come across the one at the top of the food chain. They would only shiver, crouch, and welcome their death.

However, that was true only for ordinary people. Ye Xiwen had already completed the transformation of his soul. So, there wasn't any qualitative difference between him and a Great Sage. There was only quantitative difference between them.

Therefore, this suppressive power which could crush the soul of a person had no effect on him.

A yellow-robed youth appeared before Ye Xiwen's eyes. He had the vigor of a dragon and the ferocity of a tiger. His handsome face was filled with a cold expression at the moment. His eyes revealed a murderous intent. And, this murderous intent was locked on Ye Xiwen.

The boundless pressure crashed down. It was getting heavier and heavier. It seemed as if Ye Xiwen would get crushed under it. However, Ye Xiwen's complexion didn't change despite this desperate situation.

However, that yellow-robed youth — Senior Brother Lao — merely sneered again and again, and said, "Well, the courageous dog is indeed quite crazy!"

He completely unleashed his imposing aura. The dreadful strength of the peak of the initial stage of Great Sage realm was completely revealed. His aura was slightly unstable. So, he must have only recently entered the Great Sage realm. However, he had entered the peak of the initial stage of Great Sage realm relying upon his profound foundation. This meant that he would soon enter the intermediate stage of Great Sage realm.

Shou Kun was also so back then. However, this yellow-robed youth before his eyes was obviously much more formidable than Shou Kun. Shou Kun had been mainly dependent upon his accumulation of several hundred years. But, this man before his eyes was incomparably tyrannical. He was even more formidable than Shou Kun.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Ye Xiwen coldly smiled. "You're just a filthy pig, and you've dared to shame my True Martial World! I would've trampled you to death if I hadn't seen Emergence School's emblem!"

A group of youngsters on top of that restaurant looked at Ye Xiwen with ugly complexions. The complexion of that yellow-robed youth — Senior Brother Lao — also turned exceptionally ugly. He said, "Well, well, well… You're just an insignificant expert of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm, and you dare to insult a Great Sage. I — Lao Yi — am quite the rash person myself. You might be a reckless and arrogant guy. And, you might even be the strongest person under Great Sage realm. However, I'll let you know the strength of a Great Sage today!"

That yellow-robed youth — Lao Yi¬ — stepped forward after saying this. Then, his aura suddenly rose by countless times, and became as heavy as a mountain. It then smashed down upon Ye Xiwen to crush him.

However, he also knew that Ye Xiwen apparently had some special method with the help of which he had remained unfazed by his suppressive power. So, his fist immediately swept out. It produced a domain of immortals in the sky, and smashed down.

Heavenly music began to play, and golden lotuses sprouted on the ground. Countless immortals were reciting ancient scriptures. The world of immortals that everyone longed for for smashed down.

It was similar to the Emergence God's Fist. However, it wasn't clear how many times more tyrannical Lao Yi's strength was than that of Liu Jing Yuan. After all, a Great Sage who had crossed the threshold was unimaginably formidable.

"Clang!" Ye Xiwen attacked with his sword. It emitted endless rays of light which covered half of the sky. It was a move of the Buried Heaven Sword. It was his killer move. He had already seen how the opposite party was… He looked down upon the True Martial World. In fact, he was thinking of using Ye Xiwen to humiliate the True Martial World.

After all, True Martial World's people had already given him the title of the strongest person under the Great Sage realm. Ye Xiwen was also self-confident in his regard. However, it was a typical case of overconfidence in their opinion. Their aim was to humiliate him, and then use this to humiliate the True Martial World. Their vicious intentions were simply beyond description.

The sword-light blasted into the domain of immortals, and destroyed everything. Everything that came in its contact got destroyed. This was the collision of the sword intention and fist intention in the sky.

One person had condensed a huge country. He was using the supernatural power of countless immortals as the foundation of the fight. On the other hand, Ye Xiwen had used the belief inherent in his sword intention that it could destroy the world. Both of them collided in an instant.

One person wanted to build a country of immortals, and the other wanted to destroy the world.

"Bang!" Two formidable martial art concepts collided in the sky. It emitted incredible rays of light that proliferated in all directions in a spherical shape. The dreadful waves immediately destroyed the buildings in the surroundings. Many enchantments appeared in the surroundings when the spectators were about to retreat to save themselves. The fact was that the other Great Sages present in the Wind Dragon City had set into action. After all, they couldn't see the entire Wind Dragon City getting destroyed in the battle of these two individuals. They had to limit the scope of their battle to a certain degree.

A huge mushroom cloud rose in the sky, and proliferated in all directions. The dreadful astral went swept out in circles, and even the barriers that had been put up by Great Sage experts started to collapse.

"Fu*k off!" Ye Xiwen shouted. He was already burning with anger after they had provoked and attacked him again and again. [Damned Emergence School!]

Both men went into the space while fighting. They had a tacit understanding not to fight in the Wind Dragon City. Otherwise, the fight's scope might grow even wider if they infuriated the other Great Sage experts present in the Wind Dragon City.

Everyone followed after them, but didn't dare to go close. Otherwise, even the astral winds produced during the battle would be enough to break these experts of under Great Sage realm like water pots.

"It's extremely terrifying. Is this the full strength attack of a Great Sage expert?" Some people were extremely shocked. They were almost scared to death. Many people had never seen a Great Sage level fight in their entire lives.

Great sages were aloof personalities for them. Many people believed in their hearts that Great Sages had god-like existences.

They had never seen Great Sage experts going all out in a fight. Therefore, they were left in awe when they saw Lao Yi attack.

[We might've already been reduced to pieces if we were in Ye Xiwen's place.]

Lao Yi was merely in the initial stage of Great Sage realm. However, Great Sages who had already crossed the threshold mustn't be compared with their earlier-selves.

Ye Xiwen had also managed to contend against a Great Sage by depending upon the Star Colossus's Avatar. Otherwise, his real body could only manage to escape from the hands of a Great Sage. It was impossible for his real body to contend against a Great Sage.

"This Ye Xiwen is even more formidable. He hasn't entered the Great Sage realm yet. So, how can he contend against a Great Sage?" Someone looked at Ye Xiwen in utter disbelief.

Observant people could see that scarlet rays of light were flashing on Ye Xiwen's body from time to time which had increased his strength, and he had obtained the strength to contend against Lao Yi.

However, the majority of people couldn't see it. They just felt as if they were witnessing a miracle.

Especially, those disciples of the Emergence School who were the first ones to chase after them followed them. Initially, they had thought that they would see their senior brother — Lao Yi — defeat Ye Xiwen in a crushing way.

Ye Xiwen had effortlessly defeated Liu Jing Yuan. This was like someone had ferociously thrown a slap on their faces. It was painful. They had been making fun of the experts of the True Martial World back then. They looked down on them as if they were watching a group of ignorant aboriginals.

However, the person whom they considered aboriginal had given them a tight slap on their faces. The slap on Liu Jing Yuan's face was also a slap on their faces since it had been ferociously aimed at their excessive pride.

It had brought revolving stars before their eyes. However, they couldn't do anything. Liu Jing Yuan was already one of the best experts among them. However, Ye Xiwen had destroyed his martial arts cultivation in one punch, and made him a handicap. They knew one thing very clearly… that it was impossible for them to take revenge. They could only depend upon their senior brother — Lao Yi — to set into action, and take revenge for them.

They wanted to see Lao Yi crush Ye Xiwen. However, they saw that both men were equally matched as they charged into the space. They were almost scared to death by this revelation. Outsiders might not know, but how could they not know?

[Lao Yi has entered the Great Sage realm only recently. But, many veteran experts of the initial stage of Great Sage realm still aren't a match for him. However, Ye Xiwen has turned out to be his equal.]

[How can this be!]

No one could believe this. [Ye Xiwen will become famous in the entire world just because of this fight. Nobody in the half-step Great Sage realm has ever contended against a Great Sage. This news will thoroughly affirm his reputation of the strongest person under the Great Sage realm if it transmits outside.]

They just didn't know that Ye Xiwen had already slaughtered a Great Sage a long time ago when he had been in the sage realm. Though, he had taken the help of the Star Colossus's Avatar for that.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't find those Great Sages to be mysterious and aloof. The legendary Great Sages couldn't build a pressure upon him. He got almost the same feeling from them which he would get from ordinary sage experts.

Both sides had already fought several hundred rounds inside the space within the blink of an eye… The body of a Great Sage was exceptionally perfect. Their fighting speed was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Those spectators were left in awe after they saw that Lao Yi couldn't get hold of Ye Xiwen for a long time… Even Lao Yi himself was exceptionally surprised. It was difficult for him to conceal the astonishment in his eyes. He had never thought that there would come a day when he wouldn't be able to catch an expert of half-step Great Sage realm.

He quite clearly knew the difference between half-step Great Sage realm and Great Sage realm. However, even an arrogant person like him wouldn't dare to say that he could contend against a Great Sage while being in the half-step Great Sage realm. This had already surpassed his imagination.

"Damn it! Die!" Lao Yi looked at Ye Xiwen who was unceasingly contending against him with extreme hatred. He had failed to quickly get hold of Ye Xiwen, and this was already a big slap on his face.

"Emergence Rising Immortal!" Lao Yi shouted loudly, and unleashed the technique within the Emergence God's Fist.

(To be continued)

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