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"Bang!" the loud sound of slap-on-the-face reverberated. It wasn't too loud. However, it had strangely spread throughout the city.

That country of immortals had immediately broken down along with the sound of the slap… The grand magnificent scene collapsed, transformed into a light spot, and disappeared into the sky.

Liu Jing Yuan screamed. One side of his face had already swollen, and he looked unrecognizable as a result. His mouthful of teeth had broken down into halves. He looked incomparably miserable.

He was stunned. He hadn't anticipated that this would be the outcome. Ye Xiwen had effortlessly crushed his Emergence God's Fist. He had crushed his domain of immortals in just a slap, and also crushed his fist intention. What kind of dreadful strength was this?

He wanted to humiliate Ye Xiwen, and give him a tight slap on his face. However, Ye Xiwen had conversely given him a tight slap on his face, and left him disoriented. His entire skull had been almost entirely crushed by Ye Xiwen.

This outcome was a big humiliation for him. He had never faced such humiliation. He had thought that he was a top-notch heaven's pride expert of the Emergence School. When had he gotten humiliated like this before? He had always used this method to humiliate others. However, he had never thought that he himself would face such humiliation one day.

…and that too by an aboriginal of the True Martial World who he looked down upon!

"Aboriginal?" Ye Xiwen grinned. He let out a disdainful smile from the corner of his mouth. It seemed as if he was laughing at Liu Jing Yuan's incompetence. Perhaps, those experts of the Emergence School still would've been mocking Ye Xiwen if it were a moment earlier. However, it was now evident that Ye Xiwen truly had such strength, and that his title was genuine.

"Ha ha ha… Won't you dare to look down upon us? Ignorant and narrow-minded aboriginals… Emergence School is merely so!"

"Emergence School is also a mediocre bunch. Won't this Liu Jing Yuan act arrogantly this time? He didn't show respect to the experts of our True Martial World. It's good that someone has made him understand just how formidable the experts of my True Martial World are!"

"Ye Xiwen is extremely formidable. Liu Jing Yuan's strength wasn't bad by any means. It seemed as if his domain of immortals would supress and break down the void. I reckon that an ordinary expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm would've been suppressed to death by the domain of immortals. However, it has been crushed by Ye Xiwen in just one slap!"

"He really deserves the title of the strongest person under the Great Sage realm. He possesses an unimaginable amount of strength. Such a formidable person is under the Great Sage realm. How hasn't he entered the Great Sage realm already? Perhaps, the outcome will be the same even if he comes across a Great Sage!"

Everyone had begun to discuss spiritedly. Especially, they had been almost scared to death by Ye Xiwen's dreadful strength. After all, they had never thought that the Emergence God's Fist would be extinguished this effortlessly.

Ye Xiwen merely smiled. It seemed as if he was mocking a guy who had overreached himself. He looked down on him. Moreover, he didn't want to waste time on him.

There wasn't anything more important in his mind than that dragon's vein. His strength could progress by leaps and bounds within a short time only if he obtained that dragon's vein. He would have enough strength to protect himself for these forthcoming troubled times.

Moreover, this Liu Jing Yuan of the Emergence School was just a jumping clown in his opinion. He could've become a nuisance for Ye Xiwen three years ago. After all, he was equally matched to Shou Kun. He had been no joke. However, he was nothing but an ignorant clown for the current Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen turned around, and left. He didn't shoot another glance at him.

"Damn it!" Liu Jing Yuan felt extraordinary shame and humiliation as he saw Ye Xiwen ignoring him. He felt as if Ye Xiwen considered him insignificant like an ant. He couldn't accept this.

"Die for me!" Liu Jing Yuan's face was filled with exceptional resentment. He clenched his fist, and endless 'spirit energies' coagulated on his body. The heavenly music turned on, and immortals began to fly. Another domain of immortals formed on the spot, and slammed towards Ye Xiwen who had already turned around.

"Careful!" Countless people exclaimed in alarm. It didn't matter whether they cared about Ye Xiwen or not… They were standing on his side right now. After all, Liu Jing Yuan and these people of the Emergence School were extremely arrogant. They didn't have any respect for the True Martial World's people. So, they would naturally stand on Ye Xiwen's side this time.

That domain of immortals seemed like a country that had existed since eternity as it suddenly smashed down upon Ye Xiwen.

"Clang!" a metal clanging sound was heard. Then, a group of sword lights appeared just like the Sword God that had reincarnated from ancient times. It was a sword that could cut open the world and split the dark blue space. The sword-lights shook the entire world as that sword instantly broke into that domain of immortals.

This was a sword that could extinguish the world. Countless immortals roared inside that domain of immortals. They issued all kinds of immortal barriers towards those sword-lights. However, they proved to be nothing in front of this incomparably formidable sword-light.

This represented the so-called saying 'one sword can break ten-thousand laws'. Any kind of techniques and methods were jokes in front of this incredible sword-light.

They had been entirely cut open in a split second. The entire domain of immortals had been slashed through by the sword. The entire domain of immortals with its eternal power once again collapsed. The boundless fist intention was also instantly pierced by the longsword.

"Bang!" The entire domain of immortals began to disintegrate. It transformed into a stream of light, and disappeared.

"Acting recklessly!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. He went along with his sword, and appeared in front of Liu Jing Yuan in an instant. He looked grave and stern. He had earlier ignored Liu Jing Yuan. He also didn't want to waste time on him. However, Liu Jing Yuan had attacked from behind. And, this had thoroughly infuriated him. He had earlier believed that it was unworthy to kill Liu Jing Yuan. However, he didn't care about it now.

The sword in his hand that had been condensed from the sword intention swept out and went straight towards Liu Jing Yuan.

Ye Xiwen's figure grew bigger and bigger in Liu Jing Yuan's eyes as Ye Xiwen's longsword was also getting closer and closer to him. A look of horror appeared on his face, and he almost screamed.

"Stop!" An incomparably dreadful coercion smashed down from top of the restaurant. A mighty imposing aura immediately shrouded the entire city; especially at the spot where Ye Xiwen was standing. This endless and majestic power transformed into a domain of immortals, and smashed down.

Ye Xiwen's expression turned serious. [This man has instilled the martial arts into his imposing aura. He can give rise to the supreme will of his martial art if he sets free his imposing aura.]

[Great Sage!]

Ye Xiwen concentrated... A Great Sage of the Emergence School was hidden inside that restaurant.

[So what if it's a Great Sage?] Ye Xiwen let out a cold smile. Then, his longsword suddenly changed its direction. It then went upward straight towards the domain of immortals that was smashing down.


Two peerless terrifying powers collided in the sky. The collision immediately set out shock waves that destroyed even the atoms. A dreadful mushroom cloud slowly rose in the sky. This was a collision between two powers that could extinguish the world. The dreadful fluctuation swept out swirling in the air.

The matrix barriers in the Wind Dragon City resurrected endlessly in a flash. They firmly stopped these dreadful shock waves, and didn't let them destroy the entire Wind Dragon City.

It wasn't clear until now how many times the Wind Dragon City's matrix formations had already been reinforced for situations like this.

Ye Xiwen sneered in the face of these dreadful shock waves. The terrifying astral wind was blowing his clothes, and the fluttering sound echoed.

He shot a fist. It transformed into a big star, and suddenly swept towards Liu Jing Yuan who was feeling lucky after having escaped just a moment ago.

"Bang!" Liu Jing Yuan could only watch Ye Xiwen's fist getting closer and closer. This fist finally struck his sea of energy.

"Bang!" His entire sea of energy was invaded by a dreadful power, and it finally shattered into pieces.

His martial art cultivation and his sea of energy were exploded by Ye Xiwen's punch. It seemed as if he had passed through a terrifying battle of extinction. He seemed to be dead… really dead!

His martial arts cultivation was everything for him. After all, what was he without his martial arts cultivation…? He was just an insignificant ant.

A person's martial arts cultivation was everything in this world where only powerhouses were respected. A person would be nothing without their martial arts cultivation.

"You…" He opened his eyes wide, but his entire body went out flying upside down before he could say anything. He flew away just like a string-less kite.

"Bang!" Liu Jing Yuan's body ferociously knocked against a building. And, the terrifying force swept away everything in the vicinity. His body collided with the reinforced wall. However, cracks appeared on the wall. Then, the densely packed traces of cracks proliferated in all directions just like a spider's web.

"Bang!" Liu Jing Yuan's body smashed down on the ground after he collided with the wall, and a black crater was formed.

The dreadful strength proliferated through the wall, and broke down the entire building.

It took a long time to describe all these things. However, everything had happened in an instant. Everyone was left dumbstruck as they saw this scene before their eyes. They looked at Ye Xiwen, and the expressions in their eyes made it seem as if they were watching a mythical god.

They had just now felt that power that was enough to make them shudder. It was obvious that a Great Sage had attacked. Moreover, he was a strong person in the Great Sage realm. They didn't feel that it was some basic Great Sage's attack. However, they could truly feel that it was a Great Sage. After all, a Great Sage couldn't be faked.

Ye Xiwen was known as the strongest person under the Great Sage realm. He was number one… He was an unrivalled king. However, it didn't matter which title he had since the precondition was that it was under the Great Sage realm.

It wouldn't be strange if he defeated any enemy under the Great Sage realm… no matter who. Therefore, nobody was surprised on seeing that he had defeated Liu Jing Yuan even though he had done it so effortlessly. However, he had resisted the suppression of a Great Sage. How terrifying was this?

The suppressive power of a Great Sage was enough to kill countless sage experts even if a Great Sage didn't attack personally. Therefore, it was a matter of glory for all sage experts if they could escape from the hands of a Great Sage. Nobody among the sages could ever dare to say that they could contend against a Great Sage.

Moreover, it was quite clear that the opposite party was a powerhouse in the Great Sage realm.

"Sss! He… has become… stronger than three years ago!" An expert who had participated in the Devil World Competition three years ago was among the crowd… He couldn't help but hold his breath and shout as he saw this scene.

"Well, you're a courageous dog!" a cold shout came from the restaurant. Then, a yellow figure dashed out from inside.

(To be continued)

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