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"He's the so-called strongest person under the Great Sage realm? It's really laughable. He has just killed some low-level experts of the True Martial World, and dares to claim this title. He's really ignorant and fearless!" A young man who was in a restaurant narrowed his eyes. He was dressed in a magnificent embroidered robe. He looked at Ye Xiwen with a slightly cold expression; Ye Xiwen was mixed in the crowd in the street.

Ye Xiwen had never restrained his aura on purpose. However, his 'Restraining Breath Technique' had already reached to an extremely superior realm. Therefore, he didn't need to operate it all the time. He would look like an expert of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm unless he deliberately released his imposing aura.

There were a few young men and women around him. They were dressed in similar magnificent embroidered robes. Every one of them had restrained their aura. Bright rays of light were flickering in their eyes. They had profound martial power and the principles had congealed around them. Each of them was a dreadful person who differed just a bit from the Great Sage realm. The strongest person among them was as good as Bi Jing Wei. In fact, his strength had slightly surpassed that of Bi Jing Wei.

Especially, the aura of that young man who had just spoken up was as strong as that of Shou Kun. The sheer might of this group was simply unimaginable.

A youth who was dressed in a yellow robe was in this group. He was sitting in his seat, and looked calm and composed. He didn't pay attention to that embroidered-robed youth's words.

"Yeah…Yeah… These natives of the True Martial World consider their world as the entire world. How can anyone among them deserve to be the strongest under the Great Sage realm? They are just some aboriginals who have lost their ancestral glory!"

"Yeah… They don't have their past glory now. Only some stupid aboriginals are left!"

The other disciples also agreed one after another. Their faces were filled with pride. They looked down on the entire True Martial World.

It seemed as if the experts of the entire True Martial World were weaklings in their opinion.

"He he… strongest person under the Great Sage realm of the True Martial University?! The True Martial University will soon become just a name in the history. You say… how do you think those old guys of the True Martial University would react if I suddenly attacked and killed this so-called strongest person under the Great Sage realm?" A ridiculous and tyrannical expression flashed on that embroidered-robed youth's face. It seemed as if he wasn't afraid of the True Martial University's might.

"Jing Yuan, don't mess around. The so-called strongest person under the Great Sage realm of the True Martial World is of little value. However, he must have some knack since he has obtained this title. Be careful or you'll overturn in the gutter!" the yellow-robed youth said. He had apparently warned that embroidered-robed youth. However, there was still no respect for the True Martial World in that embroidered-robed youth's words. What the people of True Martial World considered a legendary accomplishment was merely some 'knack' in his opinion. "I'll make a move when necessary!"

"Brother Lao, how can you set into action for something like this? You just need to look at it!" the embroidered-robed youth looked respectfully at that yellow-robed youth, and said.

"Yes, yes, Brother Lao. We won't be able to watch if you attack. Crushing that Ye Xiwen is extremely easy for you!"

Other people also showed their consents one after another. They looked relaxed. It seemed as if they were just watching a monkey show and weren't the least bit excited.

"All of you are overestimating the True Martial University!" the embroidered-robed youth — Liu Jing Yuan — laughed and said. His eyes were locked upon Ye Xiwen. "People of our school are too prudent. It doesn't matter if we kill the people of the True Martial World. They'll soon become history anyway!"

Liu Jing Yuan sneered, and then suddenly moved. He transformed into a streamer of light, and immediately arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. A slap swept out towards Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if he didn't only want to defeat Ye Xiwen, but wanted to defeat him in the most humiliating way. He deliberately wanted to humiliate him.

How powerful would the strength of a senior expert of the half-step Great Sage realm be? Especially, nobody could imagine how powerful the strength of a half-step Great Sage expert who was comparable to Shou Kun would be.

Liu Jing Yuan felt that he had won after he saw that Ye Xiwen didn't seem to react. A smile full of pride flashed on his face. However, his proud appearance didn't stay for a long time as he saw a sword coming head-on towards him. It seemed as if it would definitely cut him into two halves in the next second.

Liu Jing Yuan's reaction wasn't slow. He fiercely trod, and moved away from his current position. He retreated dozens of feet in order to avoid this sword light. He finally managed the speed, and came to a halt.

The frivolous expression had vanished from his face by now. Instead, his expression had become solemn. He still didn't think that any man of the True Martial World deserved the title of the strongest person under the Great Sage realm. However, he didn't dare to be negligent like before. [He indeed has a few tricks up his sleeves.]

An expert of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm had forced him to retreat in one sword attack. This was enough to stun everyone. An expert of the initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm and an expert of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm like him who was just slightly away from entering the Great Sage realm weren't on the same level at all.

"Who're you?" Ye Xiwen frowned and asked. Liu Jing Yuan couldn't see through Ye Xiwen's martial power since Ye Xiwen had perfected the Restraining Breath Technique to the peak. However, Ye Xiwen could see through his cultivation in one glance. It was as good as that of Shou Kun.

Such people weren't commonly seen. There was a massive disparity among the strengths of the experts of the late stage half-step Great Sage realm even if they were in the same realm. A person who had cultivated to the level of Shou Kun must be an elite even among the heavens' pride experts. An ordinary person couldn't cultivate to this extent.

These kind of people weren't many in the True Martial World. And, one such person had appeared here now.

"You're a member of the Emergence School?" Ye Xiwen recognized him as soon as he saw the symbol on his shoulder. It wasn't that he had come across a member of the Emergence School for the first time. Therefore, they were no stranger to him.

"I hadn't expected you to have such strength of vision!" Liu Jing Yuan laughed. A ridiculous look appeared on his face. He then looked at Ye Xiwen, and said, "Strongest person under the Great Sage realm, ah… An ignorant and fearless person deserves this title. A group of aboriginals are claiming to be invincible in the entire world!"

[Aboriginal!] Ye Xiwen's complexion immediately changed. [These people of the Emergence School consider True Martial World's people as aboriginals.]

It wasn't that only Ye Xiwen's reaction had been so… The complexions of the majority of experts present in the surroundings had changed since all of them were True Martial World's experts. Liu Jing Yuan's words meant that they considered them as ignorant aboriginals. It was a clear slap on their faces. He had trampled their self-respect under his foot.

"Ah, Liu Jing Yuan, you're too blunt. You're no better than these aboriginals!" The mocking voices of Liu Jing Yuan's fellow disciples came from the restaurant. It seemed as if they were mocking Liu Jing Yuan. However, they had looked down upon these experts of the True Martial World in reality.

Ye Xiwen shot a glance. He was slightly amazed. [All these disciples are top-notch heaven's pride experts. Each of them is a ferocious figure of the half-step Great Sage realm who can sweep away a large area.]

"They are going too far. These people of the Emergence School are too self-opinionated. Do they consider themselves Gods? How dare they call us indigenous? This is aggravating!"

"It's intolerable. More and more people of the Emergence School have arrived here this time. So, are they planning to build their stronghold here?"

The unscrupulous teasing words of the Emergence School's people had infuriated several experts of the True Martial World. Only a small portion of disciples among them belonged to the True Martial University, and the majority of disciples were of other forces. However, all of them had stood on the same side at this time. All of them were representing the dignity of the True Martial World's experts.

"Humph! I allowed him to attack. Otherwise, it's extremely easy for me to catch him!" Liu Jing Yuan unscrupulously retorted while facing his mates' teases. He pretended that he was talking in a calm and cool manner.

Liu Jing Yuan looked at Ye Xiwen after he said this. He then opened his mouth, and said fiercely, "What strongest person under the Great Sage realm? I'll let you know how laughable you are today. You're just a group of ignorant and narrow-minded aboriginals!"

The entire street turned quiet. The faces of all the experts of the True Martial World were brimming with anger. However, they didn't dare to speak anything. After all, the enemy was an expert of the Emergence School. And, it was obviously a formidable force that was leading a big world in the depths of the starry universe. Moreover, that big world wasn't any less than the True Martial World. So, one could well-imagine how formidable the Emergence School would be. After all, it was leading the Emergence World. Perhaps, only the True Martial University in its flourishing period had assets and strength on the same level as them.

Liu Jing Yuan moved. A fist swept out, and the entire space ferociously twisted. It was boiling just like boiling water. The fist emitted endless divine beams. They seemed to be magnificent rays of light that would tear the sky and reveal the grandeur of another world.

The faces of countless people exposed a terrified look. This was Emergence School's martial technique — Emergence God's Fist. This was a set of Supreme God's Fist technique of the Emergence School. Several experts of the Emergence School had established outstanding achievements in the starry sky with the help of this technique. One fist could display a magnificent scene of levitating heavenwards.

The Emergence School was unlike the other forces. It had always tried to levitate heavenwards, break the barrier to this existence, and become immortals. This was just a legend. However, one could well-imagine how vigorous and ambitious this Emergence School which had founded the technique of Emergence God's Fist was.

There was another advanced world in the Emergence School's fables. They used to call it as the 'world of immortals'. A person could break through the barrier of this existence after they had cultivated to a certain extent. Then, they could levitate heavenwards, fly to the other world, and become immortal. And, those people who would become immortals would have endless life. They would forever enjoy the good fortunes of an immortal life.

Some people used to say that the Emergence School had once tried to teach their disciples the method of levitating heavenwards and reaching to the world of immortals. They had failed. However, nobody had dared to belittle them because of their strength and background.

The entire world seemed to have landed into a country of immortals as Liu Jing Yuan shot a punch. Countless immortals were flying in the sky… The heavenly music was playing in the depths of the sky... Golden lotuses had sprouted on the ground… It was an extraordinary scene everywhere!

However, murderous aura was present everywhere. Those immortals, golden lotuses, and strange immortal beasts on the mountains had formed from Liu Jing Yuan's Real Elemental Energies. Every wisp of them contained exceptional murderous aura which could crush a person into fine dust.

It was said that the practitioners of Emergence God's Fist could build a country of immortals if they cultivated it to the peak. A domain of immortals without foundation could be born out of thin air. Everyone would be as weak as ants in front of this domain of immortals that consisted of countless immortals. Nobody could contend against it.

Ye Xiwen moved while everyone exclaimed. Then, a big hand interweaved as it swept out. That big hand travelled back and forth in Liu Jing Yuan's domain of immortals. It couldn't stop his big hand.

"Bang!" the sound of a tight slap on the face reverberated.

(To be continued)

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