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However, he also couldn't do anything. After all, there wasn't a single appropriate teacher for Xiao Ya in the entire Hidden Star Peak. To what extent the talented people of the Hidden Star Peak had withered could be clearly seen from this point. Would it have been any difficult to find a suitable teacher for Xiao Ya if Hidden Star Peak had been at its peak?

"It's no problem. Leave this matter to me!" Bai Jian Song patted his chest, and said. "It'll be an enormous advantage for them if Xiao Ya joins their peak. It's already pretty good since we aren't asking them to give large number of gifts as thanks. So, will they still dare to refuse?"

The True Martial University used to open its gates in every hundred years. But, it wasn't the time for recruiting people yet. However, these things didn't matter. A colossus like the True Martial University would've been a mystery for Ye Xiwen if he had still been in the Yi Yuan School. So, it would've been impossible if he had wanted to make them open the back door for her. He could've only waited obediently for a hundred years for the recruitment to start.

However, he could even make an idiot enter the True Martial University as per his current cultivation and position; let alone an exceptional genius like Xiao Ya.

It was impossible to be absolutely selfless. Nobody could even think of being so. For example… the descendants of these True Martial University disciples wouldn't wait for a hundred years in order to enter the university.

Recruitment in every hundred years was only applicable for other small forces.

The problem that looks complex at first doesn't remain any problem after one has reached a certain level. It becomes extremely easy. In fact, it wouldn't be a problem at all.

This is like a different level of people thinking about the same problem in different ways.

Moreover, the most important thing for a heritage was that they required a steady flow of outstanding disciples inclined towards them. The entire force would only continue to excel if the outstanding disciples kept joining their heritage.

Many people might crazily fight over a disciple like Huang Wuji; let alone someone like Xiao Ya who had such aptitude. Ye Xiwen vaguely thought, [Xiao Ya's qualifications must be even above that of Big Brother.]

The factions would fight over the geniuses whenever the True Martial University would start the recruitment in the past. Ordinary talents would be picked up by them like ants. However, they would fight over those top-notch heaven's pride experts. They would fight for each such talent. In fact, some bloody conflicts had also occurred in the past because of this.

The True Martial University's elders had formulated a rule to solve this problem — the disciples would have their own choice. On the one hand, it had prevented such bloody battles from taking place any further. On the other hand, they had made a balance between so many inheritances. After all, the inheritances established by the many ancestors would also slowly disappear into the long river of time if all the talents went to only a few inheritances.

The result of this rule wasn't extremely good. However, it wasn't without good results. For example… Huang Wuji, Bai Jian Song, and the other people had entered the declined Hidden Star Peak because of this reason. Otherwise, the Hidden Star Peak might have already perished.

Ye Xiwen also had no choice but to admire. [True Martial University's ancestors truly had foresight.] However, many inheritances had still disappeared. And, only several ancient books were left. They didn't have any successors to carry on the legacy.

This was also a helpless matter. Survival of the fittest is the natural law. Nobody can violate it.

Bai Jian Song had said that they must give huge gifts in return if Xiao Ya joined the 'Fair Maiden Peak'. And, this wasn't an exaggeration.

Xiao Ya had great speed. Therefore, any heaven's pride expert would be insignificant in front of her if she obtained education in all aspects.

Ye Xiwen looked at Xiao Ya. He and Xiao Ya had talked about this matter. He was surprised that she hadn't refused… She had agreed.

She had said that she used to only watch him fight bloody battles outside every time and couldn't help him. Therefore, she also wanted to become stronger.

Bai Jian Song had said that there shouldn't be any problem in the recruitment of Xiao Ya into the 'Fair Maiden Peak'. However, she would only get recruited to the 'Fair Maiden Peak'. But, they hadn't discussed yet about what kind of treatment she would receive. The most important thing was to conduct an aptitude test.

The candidates usually wouldn't need to go through this test when the True Martial University would start the recruitment. That's because their qualifications could be figured out just by looking at their cultivations. However, people who would enter from the back door must go through the aptitude test.

The better one's qualifications would be, the more nurturing they would receive. They would naturally grow up more quickly.

Ye Xiwen took Xiao Ya to qualification test stele the next day. This stele was situated outside the Ying Xin City. A person's innate talent could be figured out from the colour displayed on the stele. The stele had seven different colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Red signified the lowest level, and purple signified the highest.

Ye Xiwen's hadn't casually chosen a random day for the test. However, more than hundred people had arrived for the test. The number would've increased by several times if it were one of those special days. This was quite normal.

After all, the True Martial University had so many disciples that it was hard to count. There were several millions of them. So, many of them had their descendants also had descendants. Therefore, many people would appear every day for the qualification test as per the requirement.

It was just that they didn't have a highhanded reach like Ye Xiwen. Therefore, a person wouldn't be qualified to become a disciple of the True Martial University if their qualifications lacked by too much. They could at most become disciples on the record.

Xiao Ya was sure that she would become a member of the True Martial University. Only her aptitude needed to be tested now.

A few disciples of 'Fair Maiden Peak' were waiting here when the people of the Hidden Star Peak arrived. After all, Bai Jian Song had personally requested this. Therefore, 'Fair Maiden Peak' had no choice but to attach importance to this matter.

All these were famous female disciples. They were incomparably beautiful, and had outstanding strength. The majority of them were senior core disciples of sage realm. The strongest among them was a senior disciple of Sage Accomplished realm… She wasn't below Ye Xiwen.

They promptly saluted when they saw the people of Hidden Star Peak. Bai Jian Song didn't say anything... A mighty Great Sage had arrived. Could anyone dare to disrespect him? And, Ye Xiwen's reputation had risen even more recently. He had become famous as the strongest under the Great Sage realm. They were well-known big personalities in the True Martial University. They couldn't be compared with these ordinary core disciples.

Ye Xiwen's status had risen crazily in the True Martial University after he had killed several hundred experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. He was the most respected person apart from those aloof true disciples. Many people were unwilling to acknowledge this. However, they had no choice but to do so.

A few people also curiously looked at Xiao Ya since Ye Xiwen was drawing-her-in by holding her small hand. They didn't know who this person was that the high-level experts of 'Fair Maiden Peak' had arrived personally in order to examine her qualifications. After all, she would've been admitted as an inner sect disciple as long as her qualifications weren't too bad. But, it was highly unlikely to be admitted as a core disciple unless she displayed incredible qualifications.

These female disciples were somewhat unwilling in the beginning. After all, they were core disciples who believed that these things were below their status. However, what would they say after they had seen that two legendary personas — Bai Jian Song and Ye Xiwen — had personally brought her for the qualification test?

The group of people who had come for qualification test gradually stepped forward. The qualifications of the majority of the people were above yellow level. After all, their parents were the disciples of the True Martial University. They might be ordinary disciples in the university. However, they were considered as top-notch talents in other places. Therefore, how could their children be inferior? A few people also displayed green level qualifications from time to time. They would already be regarded as top-notch talents in other places.

It was soon Xiao Ya's turn.

Xiao Ya shot a glance at Ye Xiwen. She pressed her hand on the stele after she got an affirmative look from Ye Xiwen.

Everyone had held their breath when Xiao Ya had pressed her hand. Even Ye Xiwen was no exception. He knew that Xiao Ya certainly had outstanding innate talent. However, he didn't know the extent of it…








Everyone saw that all seven colors had flashed alternatively on the qualification test stele.

"What is this?" Ye Xiwen was baffled.

[The qualification test stele had emitted different lights on the basis of different qualifications soon after ordinary people had pressed it. However, it has emitted all seven colors this time. What is going on here?]

"Young Brother Ye, this is seven-colored aptitude. My goodness… I've heard about such aptitude only in the legends!" Bai Jian Song's vision had turned complicated as he looked at the surprised Xiao Ya and Ye Xiwen. "Even the qualifications of an ordinary heaven's pride expert would merely be of indigo level. A person like Big Brother also merely has purple level qualifications. However, this young girl has seven-colored qualification… In other words, her innate talent has surpassed purple level. Such qualification only appears in legends. The gods used to have such aptitude in the legends!"

Ye Xiwen was staring blankly. He had understood after listening to Bai Jian Song's words that Xiao Ya seemed to possess incredible aptitude.

[God knows whether my qualification would've been even at the yellow level or not if I had given the test in her place!]

The entire True Martial University was alarmed in a split second after watching seven rays of lights emitting from the qualification test stele that had intertwined and formed a light pillar and soared into the sky.

Ye Xiwen suddenly realized… [This matter… will make huge noise!]

An incomparable tyrannical aura stretched across the vast sky. It was coming in this direction of the Ying Xin City.

"Who is this? Who has seven-colored aptitude?" a huge shout came from the sky. Then, a middle-aged man appeared. He had a stubble across his face. He looked somewhat unconventional and dejected. However, an intimidating imposing aura was emitting from his body. In fact, the entire space had been distorted by his aura.

He turned towards Xiao Ya who was standing in front of the qualification test stele. He immediately understood everything, and burst into laughter. "Heaven has bestowed a qualified disciple upon our Dangyang Peak to carry on the legacy. I'm the chief of Dangyang Peak… Fu fu fu… Baby Girl, I want to recruit you as my last disciple, and transmit the great techniques of Dangyang Peak to you!"

Ye Xiwen looked at that unconventional middle-aged man who was present before him whilst being somewhat flabbergasted. [Is this man the chief of Dangyang Peak? That's one of the Top 10 great inheritances!]

[He looks fu*king ugly… like a middle-aged paedophile who would kidnap and sell young girls!]

"Dangyang? How dare you fight over a disciple of our Fair Maiden Peak!" a loud and clear shout came from the distant sky.

(To be continued)

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