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"Dangyang? How dare you fight over a disciple of our Fair Maiden Peak?!"

It was a Great Sage woman. She was dressed in dark green clothes that enhanced her outstanding personality even further. She looked outstanding. She had a dignified presence. She was the Chief of the 'Fair Maiden Peak'.

The original names of these big inheritances' Chiefs would often get concealed after they had obtained the position of Chief. They would then use the name of the inheritance. For example… Hidden Star Chief wasn't the real name of the Hidden Star Peak's Chief. He had gotten this name after he had obtained the position of the Chief.

"Fair Maiden, who said that this extraordinary child belongs to your Fair Maiden Peak?" Dangyang Peak's Chief objected. "Is there any record for that?"

"Humph! She herself wants to become a disciple of my 'Fair Maiden Peak'!" the face of Fair Maiden Peak's Chief turned cold as she said. She regretted in secrecy. [I wouldn't have let Xiao Ya appear here if I had known that she had such talent. I would've recruited her in advance, and made others jealous.]

However, how would Xiao Ya have gotten the attention of a person like the Fair Maiden Peak's Chief if she hadn't passed through such a ruckus? Grabbing her attention was impossible even for an ordinary heaven's pride expert. After all, what was her duty? Heavens' pride experts were rare. However, she had seen and even killed many heaven's pride experts in her entire life.

"Don't join them!" Dangyang Peak's Chief decided to act shamelessly. [Is face an important thing? It indeed is.]

[However, what is face in comparison to real inheritance and such a talented disciple? One must lose it if it is required.]

Moreover, he wouldn't have dressed like this in the first place if he had genuinely cared about his face.

Dangyang Peak's Chief was firmly staring at Xiao Ya as he said. He secretly calculated. [Her skeleton is exquisite, and the meridians in her body are no exception either. She doesn't only have outstanding qualifications. In fact, her foundation is also extremely rare.]

[Incredible aptitude and rare foundation… Such person is bound to have great achievements. I can say with certainty that it won't be a difficult thing for this little doll to reach up to my level in the future as long as there isn't any mishap. So what if I have to act shamelessly this time?]

"Wrong, Wrong… All of you are wrong. Fate has brought this young girl for our Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak. Can't you see that she is standing as straight as a sword? She must join my sword cultivator sect!" Another figure broke down the space, and arrived from the sky at this time. He looked like a sword cultivator, and was dressed in black clothes. He had appeared riding a flying sword.

He was also an almighty figure in the True Martial University. He was the Chief of the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak; it was also one of the Top 10 big inheritances. He was the leader of the sword cultivation department among True Martial University's several inheritances.

In fact, sword cultivation wasn't a small inheritance in the True Martial World. On the contrary, many people had chosen the path of sword cultivation. There were many experts who used to practice sword technique. Quite rare people particularly had the essence of a sword cultivator. However, they could be regarded as quasi-sword cultivators in reality.

And, Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak was the leader of many sword cultivator inheritances in the True Martial University.

In other words, the sword cultivators of the entire True Martial World had emerged out from the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak. Let's say one looked at the lineage of a sword cultivator and traced back to countless years… Then, one of their ancestral generations could certainly be traced back to the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak.

It was the beginning of all the sword cultivators of the entire True Martial World. One could well-imagine what would be the position of Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak in the True Martial University… or in the entire True Martial World. The Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak had never declined since the time it was ranked among the Top 10 big inheritances of the True Martial University. It had always been among the Top 10 big inheritances. It was different from the Hidden Star Peak which was flourishing once and had then declined from the position of Top 10 big inheritances. Moreover, the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak had always been ahead of several inheritances among the Top 10 big inheritances. In fact, sometimes they had also acquired the first position. One could well-imagine how powerful the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak was.

The Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak's Chief was also a well-known sword cultivator. He had already surpassed the Great Sage realm countless years ago. He was insanely powerful. Some people used to say that he was second only to the Supreme Lord. Meanwhile, some people also used to say that he could even compete against the Supreme Lord. After all, he was a sword cultivator. And, everyone knew the attack force of a sword cultivator.

However, it was just a matter of discussion. Both the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak's Chief and the Supreme Lord were god-like legendary figures for everyone. They knew that such people existed. However, they might not be able to see them even once in their entire lives.

Many disciples present in the surroundings were already left dumbstruck. Two Chiefs had appeared in succession just now. This was already beyond their expectations. And, they hadn't expected that the Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak's Chief would appear for this timid-looking young girl now.

[My God, what the hell is happening in this world? Many of us have given the aptitude test. However, none of us have gotten the opportunity to enter the True Martial University. And, three Chiefs are competing for this young girl now.]

These Chiefs were like legendary gods for these people. What an ordinary person would feel if they saw Gods fighting over something? What would they feel?

Bai Jian Song's complexion had also become unnatural. It was clear that he also hadn't thought that this matter would turn so big. The Chiefs of three inheritances among the Top 10 big inheritances had already appeared. Only this was enough to cause a sensation in the entire True Martial University.

He had already entered the Great Sage realm. So, he wouldn't pay attention to the Chief of an ordinary inheritance. However, he wouldn't dare to disrespect these three Chiefs because they had already surpassed the Great Sage realm. The power which he was immensely proud of… was nothing in front of these three people. His power was nothing even though he had entered the Great Sage realm…

In fact, such elusive characters in the entire True Martial University could be counted on fingers. However, the True Martial University could dominate the entire Southern Region depending upon these people.

These people were the real heritage because of which the True Martial University could dominate a region. Each of these individuals had an illustrious reputation in the outside world.

Therefore, Bai Jian Song was left dumbstruck when these Chiefs had arrived in front of him.

Ye Xiwen was even more dumbfounded. He already knew that Xiao Ya wasn't an ordinary genius. However, he also hadn't thought that these Chiefs would personally arrive here and fight over her.

"No, no, no, no… How can this happen? A little girl like her should associate herself with poetry books. She shouldn't fight and kill all day long!" Everyone hadn't even digested this shock when a figure came out walking from the sky. He was a man who was dressed like a Confucian scholar. He appeared in front of everyone with a book in his hands.

Everyone's mouth became wide opened. [It's the Chief of another Top 10 big inheritance... Statecraft's Institution Chief.] Statecraft institution was a very special sect in the True Martial University. Its headquarters weren't on a mountain. Instead, they were in a huge valley. It had an outer appearance of a college. The disciples of the college were also not chosen from the outside world. The disciples of Statecraft Institution were often educated scholars; each person could be in charge of a region in the world.

It was the birthplace of Confucianism in the True Martial World. It was regarded as a sacred place by every Confucian disciple of the True Martial World.

It had a unique identity in the True Martial University. It was a very unique and rare branch. Their disciples were mainly seen roaming in the courts of every dynasty. Generally, their disciples also used to rarely appear in front of the disciples of the True Martial University.

It was a wing of the True Martial University. However, ordinary disciples also had very limited understanding of them.

However, the Statecraft Institution was one of the Top 10 big inheritances. How could it be a simple sect? One would know this by just thinking about it.

"Scholar, even you want to compete with us? What could this baby doll learn from you? Would she wield the court of a region and its political affairs? Don't you Confucians pay particular attention to the set of three principles? And, don't these three principles basically involve only men? So, what is the need of a woman in the Confucian group?" the complexion of the Chief of Dangyang Peak remained unchanged as he said.

"Those are worldly prejudices. It won't be a difficult thing for her to leave a mark on a country as long as she graduates from my Statecraft Institution!" the Statecraft Institution's chief said disdainfully. It seemed as if he didn't pay attention to the words of the Chief of Dangyang Peak. "Moreover, my Statecraft Institution doesn't merely teach those methods of ruling a country. My noble Confucian way is a nemesis for all evil ways on the basis of cultivation. It has its own uniqueness!"

The Statecraft Institution's Chief didn't hesitate in putting aside his arrogance after he had seen such a good seedling. Courtesy and so on seemed to be exceptionally ridiculous things at present.

"We can't convince anyone. It'll be better to fight it out. Whoever wins will be entitled to recruit this little child as their disciple. Other guys will also show up if we wait any longer. The situation will become even more chaotic at that time. They may also have obtained the news by now. It'll be certainly difficult to compete after a while!" Dangyang Peak's Chief said. This seemed to be the final decision. He wanted to take Xiao Ya's jurisdiction by taking advantage of the absence of other Chiefs. Otherwise, the competition would certainly become even more intense when the other Chiefs would arrive.

"Alright!" Ten Thousand Fathoms Peak's Chief raised his eyebrows, and said. A longsword issued a buzzing sound behind him. The sword energies began to revolve in the surroundings. He seemed all set to unleash it. His cultivation might not be highest among these four people. However, he was a well-known figure in real battles. He was a grand sword cultivator. How could he be defeated at this time?

"Shameless!" The beautiful face of the Chief of Fair Maiden Peak turned ice-cold. She spurted out this word from between her lips and teeth. Her face had a threatening chill. [Xiao Ya was supposed to enter my inheritance initially. God knows how this chaos has occurred? Each of these old guys is shameless. They just don't care about their faces.]

She had understood the mood of these old guys. However, understanding their mentality had no use because nobody could retreat at this time.

"I feel that we must respect this little girl's opinion!" The Statecraft Institution's Chief said at this time. He knew that he had tyrannical strength, and he was one of the top-tier experts in the True Martial World. He might not necessarily lose in the real fight as well. However, he also wasn't sure that he would win. Therefore, it would be better to change the way.

There was a look of embarrassment on the faces of the other Chiefs at this time. They had fought for a long time, and hadn't asked where this little girl wanted to go. The True Martial University's current rule was that the disciple must make their own choice.

Therefore, the gazes of all the big Chiefs commutatively fell on Xiao Ya as this suggestion was passed. And, Xiao Ya looked at Ye Xiwen… It seemed as if she was asking for his opinion.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen instantly felt that the knife-like visions of all the great Chiefs had fallen onto his body.

(To be continued)

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