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The Devil World Competition that had continued for several months. But, it had also ended perfectly along with the end of this fight that had caused a sensation in the True Martial World.

The competition had ended. However, countless people were still in shock.

Everyone's attention wasn't on the people who were in the top 100 positions on the merit in this Devil World Competition. In fact, it wasn't on the top 20 or the top 10 rankers either… Instead, it was on an individual who was placed somewhere among the top 1000 names.

And, that individual was Ye Xiwen!

Ye Xiwen had caused a huge sensation in the entire True Martial World. He had been a slightly famous expert before. But, he had become a familiar figure for countless people now.

This wasn't because of any other reason… but the fact that he had done something unprecedented. He had done what nobody could dare to do. And, this was enough to make him popular!

Most importantly, he had succeeded in that! Nobody had been optimistic that he'd pull this off. However, he had done it. Wasn't this enough?

"He's just too strong. He has unexpectedly killed several hundred experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm by himself. The title of the strongest person under the Great Sage realm goes to him. Nobody can be placed on par with him!"

"Yeah. This title only belongs to him from now!"

Countless people admired Ye Xiwen for the courage that he had shown in this matter. Who could dare to do such a thing apart from him? This was basically an act of following the path of one's own doom.

"Strongest under the Great Sage realm? So what if he is? He isn't a Great Sage. So, he'll remain an ant as long as he doesn't become a Great Sage!"

"Ye Xiwen… how hasn't he died? Why is such a person still alive? God doesn't have eyes!"

Some people admired Ye Xiwen, while some loathed him. These people were the relatives of those experts whom he had killed. After all, all of them had died in the process of besieging him.

Therefore, these people desperately wanted to eat his flesh, drink his blood, peel off his skin, and pull out his muscles!

This matter of Ye Xiwen had swept across the entire True Martial World like a wave. His name had also spread throughout the True Martial World along with this wave. Everyone deeply remembered this man's name. It didn't matter whether the people liked him or disliked him. They had no choice, but to admit that this man's future prospect was limitless.

The remaining experts also returned to the True Martial World one after another after the end of the Devil World Competition.

Ye Xiwen could clearly feel the many visions that were mixed in the stream of people and were sweeping over his body. Some of them were curious, while some were terrified. This had happened since this time's competition had made Ye Xiwen famous in the entire world. Ye Xiwen had suddenly become a well-known figure.

However, their visions didn't stay on his body for a long time. Ye Xiwen had also become a fierce person now. He had already become a scary Devil God in everyone's opinion after he had slaughtered several hundred dreadful experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. And, an ordinary person obviously couldn't dare to provoke such a man.

Ye Xiwen returned to the True Martial World soon after he had passed through the space that had been established by the True Martial University for entering the Devil World.

Many experts clearly became relaxed one after another after they had returned to the True Martial World. They were very scared during this time… They were living on the edge every day in the Devil World. Anyone could die anytime and anywhere in the Devil World. This had exhausted them both physically and mentally. Moreover, they couldn't absorb the devil energy present in the surroundings with the help of some special method like Ye Xiwen. Real Elemental Energy was extremely precious for them. They wanted to use it as little as possible. Therefore, many people didn't have surplus Real Elemental Energy that could be used to dispel their weariness. So, they looked somewhat dispirited. However, they had begun to grab huge amounts of spirit energies to replenish in their bodies as soon as they had entered the True Martial University. Suddenly, they looked charged up. It didn't seem that it had been them in the recent scene.

"This man is Ye Xiwen? Several experts on the merit list have died at his hands. It's really a miracle!"

"I had heard his name earlier as well. However, he had been just a new comer at that time. I hadn't expected that he would grow up to this extent, and would do things that even we couldn't do!" a few great sage experts who were present in the surroundings discussed spiritedly. They weren't afraid of being heard by Ye Xiwen since they hadn't said anything unpleasant.

Ye Xiwen didn't feel anything. It could be said that both the Devil World and the True Martial World were his home-grounds. Therefore, not being able to adapt and whatnot didn't apply to him.

Ye Xiwen could clearly feel that these people's attitude towards him had changed. They used to ignore him before he had participated in the Devil World competition. And, that's because they used to believe that he was an unimportant nonentity.

However, they looked at him with awe and veneration now. It couldn't be compared with their attitude from the past.

"Ha ha ha ha… Younger brother, you've obtained huge fame this time!" Bai Jian Song's frank laughter came from afar. He immediately arrived in front of Ye Xiwen whilst treading the rainbow light.

Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin were beside him. They had also obtained huge benefits in this Devil World Competition. They had already entered the intermediate stage of sage realm within such a short time. Their progress couldn't be compared with that of Ye Xiwen. However, moving one step further within such a short time was already a matter of happiness for them. After all, no one could be compared with a monster like Ye Xiwen!

He had even dared to challenge the outstanding heroes of the entire world. So, how could an ordinary person be compared to him?

Bai Jian Song's complexion turned somewhat complicated as he looked at Ye Xiwen. [I hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen would progress so quickly. He had been merely in the half-step legendary realm when I had seen him for the first time. And, he has already reached to the Sage Accomplished realm within such a short time now. It's really a miracle.]

[And, such a person is in our True Martial University. So, our Hidden Star Peak will surely rise to the heaven.]

Ye Xiwen also looked at Bai Jian Song. He hadn't seen him for a long time, and his cultivation had advanced even a step further now. However, he still couldn't see through Bai Jian Song's cultivation. He secretly made an assessment. [I reckon that I wouldn't be able to defeat Bai Jian Song even if I were to summon the Star Colossus's Avatar.]

[Bai Jian Song has stayed in the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm for more than a hundred years. So, his foundation must be incredibly profound. Therefore, his cultivation hasn't slowed down even after he has made the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. All these top heaven's pride experts have enormous talent.]

"Our True Martial University hasn't celebrated like this for many years. Those people of other forces had been continuously coveting our regime in the Southern Region. Younger Brother has given them a fierce blow this time. He has almost annihilated their entire generation. They've suffered a disastrous loss!" Bai Jian Song burst into laughter, and said. Making other forces consume defeat was also a matter of great pleasure for these disciples of the True Martial University.

It could be said that Ye Xiwen had killed the entire generation of many forces this time. After all, these weren't inner disciples. They weren't legendary level disciples either… It wasn't that millions of such disciples would appear again in every hundred years. These experts might be gathered over a period of thousand years after passing through severe training and tempering. And, all of them had now been killed within such short time. So, it was a huge loss. They must've been immensely hurt.

Ye Xiwen and the others didn't stay in the Ying Xin City for a long time. Instead, they returned to the Hidden Star Peak.

In the main hall of the Hidden Star Peak… Ye Xiwen, Bai Jian Song, and a few other people were sitting on their respective seats. Xiao Ya was present beside Ye Xiwen. She was looking at these three people somewhat timidly. She had grabbed on to the corner of Ye Xiwen's cloth; and wasn't letting it go. She was slightly nervous. She had already advanced to the half-step legendary realm. However, her temperament hadn't changed from when Ye Xiwen had seen her for the first time; her appearance was also the same. Her strength had grown, but it didn't seem from her body that time had passed. In fact, it seemed as if it had frozen.

"Young Brother Ye… this is?" Bai Jian Song asked somewhat curiously as he shot a glance at Xiao Ya. He saw everything clearly. He said, "Such fine foundation… such smooth and unclogged meridians!"

What kind of eyesight did Bai Jian Song possess? He had found out Xiao Ya's outstanding innate talents in a glance. [Infinite spirit energies, jade-like physique.]

Yang Wen Jun and Deng Shui Xin also found out Xiao Ya's uniqueness. [She's extremely clean… like an infant. She isn't contaminated with dust. She has never been polluted by the worldly stuff.]

The most important thing in cultivation was to have a pure and innocent heart like an infant. The obstructions in any realm were caused to a great extent by the person themselves. However, such obstructions would be quite rare for a person with a heart as clean as that of a child.

Moreover, a person with outstanding foundation would be simply a spiritual baby as mentioned in the legends!

All three individuals shot a glance at Ye Xiwen one after another. They didn't know from where he had brought this young girl.

Ye Xiwen had once spoken about Xiao Ya's origin. He also had many doubts regarding her origin. For example… Xiao Ya's appearance had never changed. One could maintain their facial features after cultivation. However, it was absolutely impossible to maintain it to such extent.

However, these things were secondary to him!

"I want all three senior brothers and sister to step forth now, and help in making Xiao Ya enter the 'Fair Maiden Peak'!" Ye Xiwen said. He had always wanted to do this thing.

He himself was still cultivating. So, he didn't have extra time to teach Xiao Ya. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Ya had top innate talent. Otherwise, she might've already abandoned such a teacher.

Xiao Ya's cultivation was getting higher and higher. So, finding a teacher for her had become an urgent matter. And, the 'Fair Maiden Peak' was the most appropriate for her in the True Martial University. It only had female disciples. Moreover, it was one of the Top 10 inheritances. So, one naturally didn't need to say anything about its background.

The Hidden Star Peak had obviously been the best choice at first. However, the Hidden Star's chief used to appear and disappear unpredictably. It wasn't clear where he was. And, Huang Wuji was also the same. Moreover, Second Sister would cultivate endlessly like a madman, and Third Brother — Bai Jian Song — was carefree and unruly. So, he could become a good friend, but not a good teacher. Lastly, Yang Weng Jun and Deng Shui Xin also couldn't become good teachers. Moreover, Xiao Ya would perhaps overtake them in less than a few years. Therefore, they also weren't appropriate.

Bai Jian Song found it to be slightly unfortunate after listening to Ye Xiwen's explanation. He had never seen such a talented child. However, it was extremely unfortunate that she couldn't enter the Hidden Star Peak.

(To be continued).

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