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Ye Xiwen felt that his Heavenly Source Mirror was transforming at an astonishing speed. In fact, an astonishing change was occurring every second.

Transforming into a Great Sage tool was an enormous transformation. It could be said that it would be like reaching heaven in a single bound after this transformation.

One would lay the foundation for the later stages until the legendary realm… be it may martial cultivator or divine tools. And, the process of transformation would begin from the sage realm. The so-called cultivation was constantly improving oneself.

One would begin to break away from the category of ordinary lives from the legendary realm. And, the so-called rising to the Heaven for the divine tools was this kind of transformation. In fact, making a breakthrough into a Great Sage tool from a sage tool was the most difficult breakthrough until that point.

Ye Xiwen and the Heavenly Source Mirror were closely related. The more it would transform and become stronger, the stronger he would become as well. This was like complementing each other.

The Heavenly Source Mirror itself could fend off many attacks as it would grow stronger and stronger. This would reduce the chances of him sustaining injuries. So, he could exhibit its true divine power once it would make the breakthrough and become a Great Sage tool.

Even common Great Sages didn't have a Great Sage tool; let alone these experts of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. In fact, it was impossible for them to display the entire might of a Great Sage tool even if they possessed a damaged one. However, Ye Xiwen was different. He had Ye Mo's full-strength coordination. Therefore, he could display the entire might as long as he kept consuming the Primary Spirit Dans.

He and the Heavenly Source Mirror had already reached the point of merging into each other… like water and milk. In fact, it was almost an extended portion of his body. Other people couldn't accomplish something like this.

Everyone thought that he had already gone all out. However, he-himself believed that he hadn't started to feast yet.

Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes and looked at the Young Barbarian King; he had been blown far away by his one fist. The killing intention was flickering in Ye Xiwen's eyes. [This Young Barbarian King is one of those people who are harbouring malicious intentions for me.]

Ye Xiwen obviously wouldn't let off the Young Barbarian King and his subordinates after he had seen that they were plotting to kill him.

He didn't know that the disciples of many forces had obtained the news from their sects to encircle and annihilate him. However, he could see that some people were harbouring evil intentions for him. The only way to deal with such people was to annihilate them. This was the best solution.

Ye Xiwen stepped forward. Nobody could stop him. He appeared in front of the Young Barbarian King in an instant.

Suddenly, the Young Barbarian King made a move, and the space surged about. Then, a huge finger arrived whilst breaking the sky. Hundred Barbarians Liu Ren Fingers… It was a martial technique of the Hundred Barbarians Cave.

Ye Xiwen had come across this technique in the past. However, only a semi-sage expert had used it at that time. Therefore, the real might of the Hundred Barbarians Liu Ren Fingers technique wasn't demonstrated. However, the Young Barbarian King was just a step away from the Great Sage realm. And, he had used it in this instance. So, it displayed incredible might. Just a finger had broken the world, and transformed it into chaos.

It seemed as if everything in the world had broken down, and an incredible hurricane was set off.

Ye Xiwen shot a punch, and it transformed into a big star. It then transformed into a profound star, and exploded on that huge finger even though the finger was like a giant pillar supporting the sky.

The dreadful barbarian energies which had arrived whilst breaking through the space exploded on Ye Xiwen's hand one after another. They then cut open his golden divinities, and issued incredible buzzing sounds. However, it was soon concealed by the divinity waves emitted from his body; it couldn't cause much impact on him.

Ye Xiwen's fist seemed to be metal-cast. No attack could shake his incredible body.

A horrifying power began to boil on Ye Xiwen's body. And, those barbarian energies were wiped out in an instant. The huge finger also began to break up in the sky.

A muffled groan came from the Young Barbarian King's side. Blood was dripping from his finger, and the bones were almost broken. His eyes were filled with astonishment as he looked at Ye Xiwen; it seemed as if he was looking at a monster. One must know that his body was the Barbarian God's Real Body that was mentioned in the legends. The Barbarian God's Real Body could even blow up the vault of the heaven.

Barbarian God's Real Body was Barbarian God's very own body and physique in the fables. It was a confidential technique. However, the Fire Cloud Cave possessed it. Moreover, even a few forces of the Southern Wilderness had methods of cultivating the Barbarian God's Real Body. After all, all of them had initially split-up from Barbarian God's Temple which had been the most authentic and topmost force of its time.

The most outstanding disciples of each generation of these forces of Southern Wilderness could enjoy the benefits of transforming into the Barbarian God's Real Body. He had never come across a more powerful body than his among his peers after undergoing the transformation into Barbarian God's Real Body.

He was like a humanoid T-rex. He had even accomplished a feat like fighting with the demon beasts in terms of physical strength. However, he had now suffered a huge defeat while facing Ye Xiwen who was a realm below him.

"Barbarian God's Real Body?" Ye Xiwen had recognized this physique within a split second of contact. However, this wasn't the first time that he had come in contact with this physique. Chi Tian had also possessed such physique. It had been quite difficult for Ye Xiwen to defeat him in that fight. That battle was second only to the fight which he had had with Emperor Chen. So, it was extremely difficult to deal with people who possessed such physiques.

Young Barbarian King was countless times more powerful than Chi Tian. Chi Tian was already known to possess Barbarian God's Real Body back then. However, his physical transformation hadn't been completed. However, the body of Young Barbarian King who had already surpassed Sage Accomplished realm had made this transformation in its entirety. Therefore, the might displayed by him was also far more from what Chi Tian had displayed at that time.

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't an inexperienced youth like he had once been. After all, a decade's time was enough for him to grow up and become a person whom many people would look up to for a lifetime.

Young Barbarian King had already felt that he was inferior to Ye Xiwen. Moreover, his attacks couldn't cause any effect on Ye Xiwen. He-himself possessed an extremely tyrannical body. It could be said that he used to crush other people depending upon his body. Therefore, he knew well how troublesome a person with such tyrannical body could be.

"One Finger Breaks the World!" Young Barbarian King didn't get time to think much. He could only attack Ye Xiwen with his finger. He couldn't depend upon other people at this time.

These people were as majestic as Ye Xiwen had expected. However, all of them were harbouring evil intentions. They wanted others to take the initiative. And, then they wanted to sit back and enjoy the advantages like a fisherman after Ye Xiwen had been killed by them.

They didn't attack even when they saw that the Young Barbarian King had been cornered by Ye Xiwen. They wanted to kill Ye Xiwen. However, they didn't have the strength to save someone from him. It must be said that there were disciples in the Hundred Barbarians Cave who were willing to die for the Young Barbarian King. But, they couldn't withstand even a single blow from Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen merely sneered while facing Hundred Barbarians Liu Ren Fingers even though it had arrived whilst splitting the world. He then brandished his big hand. It was Fire Cloud Cave's martial technique — the Fire Cloud Cave's Falling Sky Hand. It swept towards the Hundred Barbarians Liu Ren Fingers to grasp it.

"Bang!" a dreadful power originated from the collision, and emitted endless rays of light. These rays of light swept out over a thousand miles. And, the space broke down in its entirety. Many people in the surroundings were blown away by this power. They couldn't withstand such terrifying power.

"Bang!" The Young Barbarian King went out flying once again. He spouted a mouthful of blood. His eyes were filled with bitter hatred. Such an expression had appeared on his coarse face. So, it was evident that he hated Ye Xiwen very much.

"Are you all going to watch someone die, and do nothing to save them? You all will be killed one by one by this hunter if you don't attack. Your end won't be better than mine at that time!" Young Barbarian King shouted in resentment. Many tyrannical auras were hidden in the crowd that had surrounded Ye Xiwen. And, nobody among them was weaker than him. However, they didn't attack this time. It seemed as if they wanted to watch from the side-lines.

"Young Barbarian King has said that all of us will be killed one by one by this monster if we don't kill him first!" A figure came out of the void. It seemed as if this man's steps were setting off ripples as his figure walked in the void. He left imprints of principles while walking. He was very formidable. He was a dreadful person who had already stepped one foot into in the Great Sage realm.

Everyone immediately recognized him. [He is the top-tier expert of Eastern Region's Great Unity Sect — Zuo Xiu Zhu.]

The Great Unity Sect was a dreadful force… It was a colossus in the Eastern Region. It was said that the Great Unity Sect wasn't a native force of the True Martial World. They had entered the True Martial World in large scale one day. And, they had gotten the command over the Eastern Region when the True Martial University had declined. Thereupon, they had become one of the Eastern Region's super-dominant forces.

And, Zuo Xiu Zhu was the strongest person among the core disciples of the Great Unity Sect. He had already become famous in the entire True Martial World. He also had the accomplishment of escaping unscathed from the hands of a Great Sage. He was regarded as one of the strongest experts in the half-step Great Sage realm. He was ranked third on the merit list. He was right below the member of the True Martial University's Heavenly Punishment Faction — Fan Yi Cheng.

Zuo Xiu Zhu must be an even bigger pressure for Ye Xiwen as compared to the Young Barbarian King. He truly deserved to be ranked among the top three on the merit list.

"You're a strong man. However, you'll die here unfortunately!" Zuo Xiu Zhu looked at Ye Xiwen somewhat pitifully, and said. "True Martial University has sent two formidable men this time. You're one, and Fan Yi Cheng is the other. I'll go to that Fan Yi Cheng after I've killed you. The Heavenly Punishment Faction had become famous in the True Martial World when the True Martial University was ruling the True Martial World. So, I'll go and see if they still have some standard… I'll see if they still deserve this reputation!"

Zuo Xiu Zhu was carrying a faintly visible aura on his body. The Great Unity Sect didn't pursue an ordinary martial arts way. Instead, the so-called Great Unity Way was an entirely different martial way. Every disciple of the Great Unity Sect carried a faintly visible aura.

His provocative gaze apparently attempted to infuriate Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen himself didn't have good relations with the Law Enforcement Hall. So, he didn't mind whether the Heavenly Punishment Faction deserved its reputation or not.

Ye Xiwen sneered, [He's gravely mistaken if he thinks that he can infuriate me in this way.]

"Come on if you want to fight. Don't try to irritate me by using this method. It's pointless!" Ye Xiwen softly replied.

"You're a fine man. But, you're overconfident as well. We can't let you succeed in this matter. Otherwise, won't we all lose face?" A sneer came from the void. And, another tall figure came out walking from it.

(To be continued)

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