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He was a tall man who was dressed like a barbarian. He unexpectedly looked slightly similar to the Young Barbarian King. He was the most tyrannical expert among the core disciples of the Fire Cloud Cave — Chi Lin.

Ye Xiwen had such an impression of him because he was Chi Tian's ancestor. In fact, Chi Tian's tribe had risen to the jurisdiction of several tribes of Fire Cloud Cave because of Chi Lin.

Chi Lin had soon become a core disciple of the Fire Cloud Cave since he had risen above the others. In fact, his tribe had obtained many benefits after his emergence. More and more talents had taken birth in his tribe, and a top-tier powerhouse like Chi Tian was born later. However, it's a pity that he hadn't even grown up when he was killed by Ye Xiwen.

The aura on Chi Lin's body had to be more overbearing than that on Chi Tian's body. It seemed as if the Barbarian God had arrived from the ancient times. He was looking at Ye Xiwen with an ice-cold and hateful look in his eyes.

Chi Tian was his most-qualified descendant. He looked the most promising to take his position in the future among the core disciples. However, he didn't get time to support him further since he died at Ye Xiwen's hands. It was like someone had cut off the hope of their entire tribe's growth. He had supported his tribe by himself until now, and already brought it to the peak. And then, a successor like Chi Tian had appeared with great difficulties. However, he was killed by Ye Xiwen. So, how wouldn't this man harbour immense hatred for Ye Xiwen?

"I think killing Ye Xiwen will prove my assassination path. Ha ha ha… The more tyrannical my kill, the more it'll prove my existence!" The void distorted, and a figure appeared from inside it; this figure wore a cloak. He was slightly thin. Nobody could see how he looked and how tall he was. They just saw an eye-catching sickle in his hand. This sickle looked like it belonged to the God of Death!

"Tianya's Wind Chaser!" Someone recognized this man. This man was the core disciple of Tianya Group. This group was the biggest group of assassins in the True Martial World. They could be found throughout the entire True Martial World. The branches of the 'Tianya' were also situated in the Great Yue State in the past. Jing Lei had also been its disciple. He had set off a reign of terror in the Great Yue State once. But, it wasn't clear how many experts had been killed by him. However, he had caused panic in the entire Great Yue State.

He was just a disciple of the legendary realm. And, it wasn't clear how much stronger this Wind Chaser was than Jing Lei. As per the legends… this man had once audaciously gone to assassinate a Great Sage. He hadn't succeeded. However, he had escaped successfully. He had become famous after that fight, and had shaken the entire True Martial World. He had soon become the top-notch expert among the core disciples of Tianya Group.

The assassins of Tianya Group used to walk on a different path than the usual path of martial arts… They used to walk on the path of assassination. The result of cultivating quietly would be far inferior to the result produced through killing; especially on the path of assassination. The stronger the expert one would kill, the more breakthroughs they would make. Wind Chaser might've already become a terrifying Great Sage assassin if he had succeeded in killing that Great Sage.

Moreover, Wind Chaser was obviously the code name. Nobody would use their real name in the Tianya Group. In fact, there was no need to use real names either. Therefore, only code names remained.

Another youth arrived after Wind Chaser; he was dressed in white clothes. People recognized him as soon as he arrived. This man was Xiang Baiyu… He was the top core disciple of Northern Region's No Hate Temple. He looked as gentle as jade… like a person carved with jade. He was also an invincible expert among the core disciples of the Northern Region.

He justified the so-called saying 'those with body like Bodhi are so high and aloof that it's difficult to reach them'.

Nobody among these four individuals was below the Young Barbarian King. In fact, they were slightly above him. They were a group of most powerful people under the Great Sage realm.

The arrival of any of these individuals was enough to shake several experts. But, so many people had surrounded Ye Xiwen in order to kill him.

On the other side, the Young Barbarian King had taken the advantage of this time, and more than half of his injuries had healed. His complexion had turned extremely ugly. All these people were his rivals on ordinary days. So, they were well-aware of each other. In fact, it wasn't clear how many times they had fought secretly while representing their respective forces. But, he was in such a difficult situation in front of them at this time. How wouldn't he hate this? He hated these people in addition to the man who had humiliated him — Ye Xiwen.

However, these people didn't know this. Otherwise, they might've killed the Young Barbarian King first. However, their visions were firmly fixed on only one individual now — Ye Xiwen.

They were well-aware of each other. After all, they had been rivals for more than a hundred years. Therefore, they had maintained a balance between each other. They may have across stronger or weaker opponents amongst themselves. However, it wasn't that they couldn't handle the ones who were a bit stronger. However, Ye Xiwen had already surpassed the bottom line that they could take.

The so-called sayings 'the shot hits the bird that pokes its head out' and 'big trees that rise above the forest are always destroyed by the wind' make sense.

How would Ye Xiwen not know this truth? However, he didn't care about it. After all, big trees would be rooted more firmly and grow even healthier and stronger only if they faced the storms.

They were intending to eradicate him since he had stood out among others. Then, why wouldn't he think of using these people as his stepping stones.

"Ha ha ha ha… Ye Xiwen, say whatever you want to say now. After all, this is the time of your death. Nobody can save you now!" the Young Barbarian King wildly laughed. He had become confident that Ye Xiwen would die this time.

"You'll definitely die this time. This thing was bound to happen from the time when Chi Tian had died at your hands. I must tear you into pieces, and avenge him!" Chi Lin looked at Ye Xiwen with his ice-cold eyes.

"A person like you shouldn't be allowed to live!" Xiang Baiyu of Northern Region's No Hate Temple softly said. He meant that Ye Xiwen had destroyed the balance of power. So, everyone had tacitly approved that such a character mustn't be allowed to go on.

"My sickle is getting impatient for your blood. Fu Fu…" Wind Chaser coldly said.

"All of you come together. There's no need to look for any excuses. Not a single person among all of you should think of escaping!" Ye Xiwen took a deep breath. His expression immediately turned incomparably serious. His vitality began to surge. After all, these few people had imposed a huge pressure on him. So, it wasn't like earlier.

His golden divinities emerged out. They formed golden waves, and swept out swirling in the air.

Ye Xiwen's tone was dull. However, everyone felt as if they had fallen down into an ice cave. It seemed as if he was pronouncing their death penalties. Many experts who had surrounded him felt a chill inside at this time. Their eyes were brimming with killing intention as they looked at him. [We can't let him live. Otherwise, all of us will die.]

Even Zuo Xiu Zhu's complexion had turned exceptionally solemn. They didn't believe that Ye Xiwen could kill all of them by himself. However, it was easily possible that a few of them might serve as sacrificial victims. After all, how wouldn't they be aware how Shou Kun and Aguda had died… and how Young Barbarian King had been forced into a difficult situation a moment ago?

Therefore, they didn't take Ye Xiwen's words lightly. [Ye Xiwen is extremely dangerous. He's only in the Sage Accomplished realm, and possesses such a terrifying strength. So, he'll grow up to an extremely dreadful extent if it continues like this. Such an unconventional person mustn't live.]


It wasn't clear who had shouted, but the entire world was flooded with the war cries.

Ye Xiwen immediately felt as if a burst of fierce wind had hit his face. The murderous aura appeared suddenly.


Suddenly, a black light arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. And, it was none other than that grim reaper's sickle that charged swiftly towards his throat.

It had already arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to kill him in this crucial moment. Its speed was beyond everyone's imagination.

It was Wind Chaser! His assassination technique had already become profound to an incredible extent. His speed was incomparably fast. He had arrived in front of Ye Xiwen in an instant.

It seemed as if Ye Xiwen didn't get enough time to react while facing Wind Chaser's killer blow, and it had already arrived near his neck. Everyone held their breath. [Is Ye Xiwen going to die at Wind Chaser's hands?]

Wind Chaser apparently also felt that Ye Xiwen would soon die. Therefore, he couldn't help but let out a complacent laughter.

"Fu fu… I want your head!"

"Really? It's too early to be proud of yourself!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. Then, his body burst out endless golden light. The sword intention condensed in his hand, and then swept out. The sword intention exploded above that grim reaper's sickle when only a fraction of time was left.

"Bang!" Wind Chaser was blown away by Ye Xiwen. He went out flying just like a string-less kite. He didn't possess incredible physique. Therefore, he was blown away while facing Ye Xiwen who was like a tyrannosaurus in the form of a human.

"I knew it!" Blood dripped out from the corner of Wind Chaser's mouth. However, his face exposed an even more sinister look. "You're powerful enough. You're a worthy prey. So, it seems that I don't need to go and kill a Great Sage. I can also prove my path by killing you!"

"Is that so? However, it seems to me that you deserve only to become a ghost under my sword!" Ye Xiwen sneered. He brandished the longsword that was in his hand, and was about to rush over.

The other four individuals including other experts present in the surroundings charged at this time. The other experts didn't have as dreadful strength as these five individuals. However, they didn't hold back their attacks on Ye Xiwen at this time. They couldn't let Ye Xiwen land a killer blow on Wind Chaser. Otherwise, it would be their turn next.

A fiery big hand suddenly swept down from the sky. It was Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. It wasn't clear for how many years Chi Lin had cultivated the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. He had already brought it to perfection. It seemed as if the void would collapse as it swept down.

It seemed as if one palm would destroy ten thousand worlds!

He himself seemed to have transformed into an ancient Barbarian God… He seemed all set to rule the entire world.

Ye Xiwen attacked with his longsword. The cold sword-light divided into 19 sword-lights. They ripped apart the world, and collided with that big hand in an instant.


Endless rays of light emitted out, and gave rise to fluctuations. The sky distorted, and crashed down like a magnificent sea with a loud bang.

It seemed as if the entire world had collapsed. That big hand was chopped off into several fragments by the sword-light in the sky. It exploded in the sky, and opened a huge crack in the sky. The chaos leaked out.

Chi Lin felt as if a tremendous power had transmitted to his hand. He had no choice but to retreat several steps in order to get away from this tremendous power.

He was incomparably horrified in his heart. [My arm would've gotten crushed if my body hadn't been a Barbarian God's Real Body. Ye Xiwen's sword-light is extremely dreadful.]

(To be continued)

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