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This news spread out more widely as Ye Xiwen continued to slaughter. Even those experts who hadn't been paying attention to this matter had started paying attention to it in the end because of the changes that had occurred on the merit list. After all, all these people were experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. They were elites among elites in every force. All of them had reached the Top 1000 positions on the merit list. They weren't as incredible as the Top 10 individuals on the merit list. They weren't as well-known either. However, they were still top-tier experts in comparison to those ordinary core disciples of sage realm. So, they definitely deserved respect.

However, these experts had now fallen one after another just like dumplings. And, their names had been erased from the merit list. Even many Top 100 rankers were wiped out, and their names disappeared.

There were some experts who hadn't paid attention to this matter earlier… or didn't know what was happening because they had been in closed-door training… However, they looked at the sky in astonishment for a moment. [What is happening? How is it possible?]

Several disciples of the True Martial University were also nervously looking at the merit list in the True Martial University's Devil World encampment. The fact that Ye Xiwen had challenged several outstanding heroes had shaken the entire world. They also knew that they must stand on Ye Xiwen's side at this time no matter whether Ye Xiwen looked pleasing to their eyes or not. Their hearts palpitated as they watched Ye Xiwen's name getting dim one moment and dazzling in the next.

And, many names got obliterated from the merit list as Ye Xiwen's name fluctuated from time to time.

Many people couldn't help but hold their breaths as they saw this scene before their eyes. They hadn't gone to the battlefield to see in person. However, they could imagine how intense this fight must be by just looking at the names of a large number of outstanding leading individuals getting erased from the merit list.

"So many have died so quickly… Many names have been wiped out in a split second. Their bodies and souls have been entirely extinguished. Ye Xiwen must be the one to do this. All these people are the essential part of every force. And, all of them have died now. All are dead!" Bi Jing Wei was left dumbstruck as he saw this scene. The core disciples could be weighed as elites inside a force. They were the most important part of a force. Otherwise, they wouldn't be called as core disciples.

Especially, those who had participated in the Devil World Competition were elites among elites. And, the experts of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm were even more so. In fact, they were the cream among the core disciples. But, they had lost at Ye Xiwen's hands this time. So, it could be said that a lot of forces must have received a major blow.

He also thought that Ye Xiwen must have some support since he had dared to challenge several experts… that he must be sure that he wouldn't get defeated and also wouldn't die by the attacks. However, he hadn't thought that Ye Xiwen would slaughter them in such a terrifying way. The names that symbolized a person's existence would be erased in front of countless eyes.

"His speed is even more dreadful. I've never doubted his strength. I knew from the time when he had killed Aguda that his strength was unfathomable. He must be more formidable than me. However, the crucial point lies in his speed. He has managed to kill so many experts within such a short time. What kind of dreadful strength and speed does he possess?" Gao Ling Xiu frowned, and said. She could say that she had seen Ye Xiwen growing up. Ye Xiwen had killed Young Master Jin Xiu when she had seen him not too long ago. However, she could tell that Young Master Jin Xiu and Ye Xiwen had been on the same level at that time. He could at most contend against the experts of initial stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, so many experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm had died at his hands now. In fact, he had slaughtered them just like dogs.

"Good. He has done outstanding service for our university by killing so many elites of every big force. He may have committed some sins in the past. But, he can be forgiven!" Fan Yi Cheng was present beside these two individuals. But, he also softly spoke up at this time. His tone was still ice-cold. However, it wasn't ice-cold to a terrifying extent as earlier.

His words naturally showed the resentment between Ye Xiwen and the Law Enforcement Hall.

This kind of scene wasn't limited to the Devil World. It had exploded like a pot even in that mysterious microcosm. Several mighty lords stood up from their seats in shock. It seemed as if someone had poked the hornet's nest. These experts wouldn't have any expression on their faces on ordinary days. But, they had lost their control at this time, and had started to groan like madmen.

The forces which had enmity with the True Martial University were even more so. Some of the experts who had surrounded Ye Xiwen were longing for his treasures and wealth… Some had even obtained instruction from their sects to eliminate Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen had become a thorn in the eyes of many forces after he had gone and killed Shou Kun, Li Yi Feng, Aguda et al.

Ye Xiwen had won the martial arts championship that had taken place between the four forces in the past. But, that hadn't caused any major sensation. After all, many experts believed that it was just another low-level competition among juniors which took place every hundred years. Therefore, they believed that Ye Xiwen couldn't pose any threat to them even if he had won the championship.

However, this situation was different. Ye Xiwen had already displayed astonishing strength and tricks. So, they couldn't ignore his growth anymore. They wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to eliminate him if he had just been tangled among the experts of the True Martial University. However, he had challenged the outstanding heroes of the entire world now. So, this was a fair opportunity for them to kill him.

Therefore, these forces had sent their most elite disciples in the Devil World Competition to encircle and annihilate him. This operation was different from the single-aimed operation of those people who were longing for Ye Xiwen's wealth. After all, these people worked in an organized manner.

This was the biggest opportunity to kill Ye Xiwen. However, it had somehow turned into the biggest tragedy for them.

They had almost gotten mad with anger as they saw the names of their disciples being erased one by one. After all, this symbolized that their disciples were dead. They issued heaven-shaking roars one after another. They wanted to kill Ye Xiwen in anger. They wouldn't mind killing Ye Xiwen in a slap if he appeared in front of them. They wouldn't mind killing this bastard.

Those disciples were elites. They were their favourites. They weren't as precious as true disciples. In fact, the death of a few such experts wasn't a big thing. However, it wasn't easy to groom such geniuses. And, they had died one by one now. How wouldn't it have made them scream in grief? It had obviously made them mad.

Perhaps, they would've rushed into the Devil World if all the forces hadn't imposed the restriction on interference in the matters of the Devil World and didn't have tacit understanding with the Devil World. They would've then found Ye Xiwen, and twisted his neck like a twig.

It could be said that a knife had pierced their hearts along with every individual's death. It had been taken out thereafter. But, the knife had gradually inscribed a name in their hearts — Ye Xiwen!

The man whom they viewed as an ant was now rooted incomparably deep in the hearts of all these mighty lords… so much so that they were even willing to eat his flesh raw.

Dreadful killing intentions recklessly flew out in the sky. The weakest among them were the overlords of Great Sage realm. Dreadful killing intentions were unscrupulously unleashed. It even seemed as if the entire microcosm wouldn't be able to bear such dreadful pressure, and would definitely collapse.

"This kid can't be left alive. He must be killed. Otherwise, he'll become a huge threat for us!" The Lord of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall clenched his teeth, and said. He obviously didn't think that Ye Xiwen could pose any threat to him at present. However, he might grow up into a dreadful expert in the future after several hundred years. The possibility of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall ruling the entire True Martial World could become non-existent if there would be another such expert in the True Martial University.

Many mighty lords around him also nodded, and showed their consent to the words of the Lord of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. They had also sent many experts to kill Ye Xiwen. However, all of them had died at his hands now. So, these Lords hated Ye Xiwen's guts, and were willing to kill him with their own hands.

They were regretting it deep down now. [My goodness! Why did you have to involve the disciples into this matter? You must look for an opportunity to kill Ye Xiwen. Find a Great Sage to get rid of him, isn't so? After all, it looks far more reasonable than any other way.]

Moreover, many mighty lords who hadn't seen their disciples dying were hopeful. [My sect's disciples should know what is difficult to handle. They mustn't jump into this madness after being fooled by greed.]

"Ha ha ha ha… Heaven is protecting my True Martial University. Such powerful disciples have appeared generation after generation. Ye Xiwen is a god-gifted genius. Nobody can have such a record of challenging so many experts and still succeeding in killing them!"

Some people lamented, while some were excited endlessly. The True Martial University's disciples were naturally laughing in excitement in comparison to those extremely depressed disciples of other forces. The stronger Ye Xiwen would become, the more benefits the True Martial University would obtain. And, they would naturally be even happier.

"It's obvious that Ye Xiwen will become famous in the entire world after this fight… if he can survive!"

An expert of the True Martial University said anxiously. Other experts also became quiet as they thought of this. [We mustn't focus on the fact that the names of several experts have been erased from the merit list. It's still nothing compared to their huge number. Even Ye Xiwen might not have imagined such a scene.] They could see it from the fluctuation of his name.

What level of characters were they that they could even see through the Devil World? They could judge what the present situation of a person would be just looking at the change in the lustre of their name.

"It's not good. It's the Young Barbarian King of the Hundred Barbarians Cave now. His name has suddenly become dim. And, the names of a few disciples of the Hundred Barbarians Cave have also been omitted!" someone suddenly blurted out in shock.

Some people's gaze suddenly fell onto the merit list. They saw that the name of the Hundred Barbarians Cave's Young Barbarian King was getting dimmer and dimmer.

Meanwhile, a loud explosion occurred in the Devil World. And, Young Barbarian King was blown away by Ye Xiwen's punch.

(To be continued)

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