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Ye Xiwen took one step forward. He had arrived in front of Aguda in an instant. It seemed as if he had cast a magical power that had shrunk the large distance in between them to an inch.

The entire world shook. It seemed as if a huge thing had smashed down all of a sudden.

Aguda's followers roared when Ye Xiwen caught up with him. Their eyes had turned bloodshot. However, it seemed as if they weren't afraid. They desperately wanted to obstruct Ye Xiwen in order to borrow some time for Aguda to recover.

These people were Aguda's followers. They had thought that Aguda would ascend to the throne. Therefore, their entire alliance would collapse if he died now.

A Northern Barbarian youth rushed with an extremely fast speed. It was clear that the speed of the horse that he was riding was faster than that of other people's horses. His horse was inferior to Aguda's horse. However, this disparity was small.

Ye Xiwen didn't show any mercy. He stamped his foot, and kicked the horse on which that Northern Barbarian youth was sitting.

He had resorted to extreme methods!

The Northern Barbarian youth was also a top-tier expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. He differed by just one step from the heaven's pride experts. He was certainly an important member in Aguda's party. In fact, he was his most important confidant besides those Great Sages who backed Aguda.

He was strong enough to run amuck among his peers. However, he wasn't a match for Ye Xiwen.

"Bang!" The neck of that ominous-beast-like horse broke under Ye Xiwen's kick, and it was sent flying.

"Haa!" the Northern Barbarian youth roared in grief and indignation. This horse had accompanied him in all his expeditions till now. However, it had now been killed by Ye Xiwen in just one kick. Ye Xiwen's terrifying power awed the several experts who were watching this fight. He was way too frightening!




Ye Xiwen's speed was incomparably fast. The golden wings unfolded behind him, and his speed immediately promoted to a dreadful extent.

"Bang!" He clenched his fist, and punched that Northern Barbarian youth on his chest.

"Bang!" That dreadful expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm seemed just like a child in front of Ye Xiwen. He didn't have the power to fight back. He got exploded in just one punch. He just wasn't a match for Ye Xiwen.

The Northern Barbarian people who had reacted and arrived had finally understood that Ye Xiwen wasn't a source of easy profit… He wasn't a weakling as mentioned in the rumors. The rumor that he had killed Shou Kun by depending upon some secret technique… appeared very ridiculous now. [Would such a powerful person need some secret technique to kill Shou Kun?]

They didn't know how terrifying Shou Kun was. However, he couldn't be more terrifying than this slim man who was present before their eyes.

Ye Xiwen had killed a top Northern Barbarian expert in just one punch. However, he didn't stop... He attacked once again.

Those Northern Barbarian youths had gathered around Ye Xiwen by this time. Their response had been extremely slow. However, their speed was very fast… They had surrounded him in a split second. Moreover, it was impossible for them to retreat at this time since they were Aguda's followers. They must buy some time for him to recover.

But, how could Ye Xiwen not know what they were thinking? However, Ye Xiwen didn't care about it… Aguda was indeed powerful. But, Ye Xiwen's strength had increased even further after he had absorbed that ominous dragon a moment ago. So, it was impossible for Aguda to rival him.

Ye Xiwen pounced over like a ferocious tiger. He burst into those Northern Barbarian experts as if a tiger had forced into a flock of sheep. These people could be rated as elites in front of others. However, they were nothing more than lambs in Ye Xiwen's eyes. Ye Xiwen's attack immediately caused a bloodbath. They couldn't withstand even one of his moves. They couldn't stop his footsteps...

Ye Xiwen kept moving in Aguda's direction whilst killing all the way. His speed was extremely quick. Everyone tried to slow him down with all of their strength. However, he rushed into the troop of the Northern Barbarian experts like an arrow.

"No!" Aguda had recovered a bit. However, his eyes became wide-opened as he saw his loyal and devoted followers getting slaughtered like chickens by Ye Xiwen. Tears of blood had started to flow out from Aguda's eyes in desperation.

He had recruited these followers by himself. He had thought back then that he would help them in obtaining a lot of benefits by taking advantage of this Devil World Competition. Thereafter, they would be a huge assistance for him in conquering the Emperor's Throne. But, who would've imagined that they would be crazily slaughtered by Ye Xiwen?

Countless experts became terrified as they saw this scene. The Northern Barbarian experts who had always been known as fierce and strong people had lost gradually at Ye Xiwen's hands.

"It's extremely terrifying. Ye Xiwen is so strong. He looks even more formidable as compared to earlier when he had killed that ominous dragon. He has easily resisted the joint attacks of those Northern Barbarian experts. Such strength can be said to be unrivalled in the entire world!"

"He has become even more powerful. How can it be possible?"

The speed of Ye Xiwen's attacks became even faster. Nobody could withstand the power of his blows.




These young Northern Barbarians were being annihilated and transformed into masses of blood fog one after another by Ye Xiwen; they couldn't pose any threat to him.

Meanwhile, the tyrannical experts of various forces had gathered in an ethereal microcosm situated in the mists in the True Martial World. Even the weakest among them were the tyrannical experts of the Great Sage realm. There was no shortage of frightening experts like Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie among them.

Moreover, a group of supreme leaders were seated on a tall platform which was hidden in the depths of this place. They wouldn't pay attention to common people. They seemed just like the legendary gods from the fables. Each one of them was a Supreme Lord of a force of the True Martial World, and the top-tier experts of every force operated under them. All of them could run amuck in Great Sage realm without any scruples.

However, they were now left in shock as they saw the names and points of all of the young experts of the Northern Barbarians getting erased one after another from the merit list. The merit list had constantly changed along with the participation of several youths of the Devil World. Many experts had been killed, but it wasn't strange. However, all of the Northern Barbarian experts were being killed one by one now.

They all disappeared from the merit list… One by one…

The current Emperor of the Northern Barbarians suddenly stood up from his spot. His eyes were filled with shock. He couldn't believe that all the experts of the Northern Barbarians had been annihilated one after another. Six or seven individuals had disappeared from the merit list within the blink of an eye. They hadn't been even 10% of the total number of the Northern Barbarian experts. However, they had been true elites. In fact, they had belonged to the most elite bunch.

Loss of even one of them was enough to make him feel bad; let alone such a crazy loss. It was the loss of one individual with each snap of the finger.

"What is happening? How can it be like this?" The eyes of the Emperor of the Northern Barbarians remained wide-opened. He shouted loudly in frustration. The sound spread out, and it seemed as if the entire space would collapse. This was the current Emperor of the Northern Barbarians. He was a terrifying expert of beyond Great Sage realm!

This Emperor had gone and insincerely consoled the Villa Lord of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa when the Villa Lord had obtained the news of Shou Kun's death. This Emperor had been feeling very happy inwardly. A person like Shou Kun had been merely in the half-step Great Sage realm. However, everyone had known that it was just a matter of time for him to make a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. He hadn't been an extremely formidable expert like Huang Wuji. However, he had been far above from being compared to ordinary geniuses.

Such an expert was enough to grab every Lord's attention. There was nothing to fear for them. However, these ambitious and powerful lords believed that it was better if all the powerful experts of other forces died at once instead of dying one by one. After all, all of these Lords wanted to rule the entire world.

That's why this Emperor had gone to insincerely console the Villla Lord along with other lords. Even he-himself couldn't help but laugh on his own falsehood.

However, the wheel of fortune had reversed now. He had been insincerely consoling other people back then. But, he-himself had suffered disastrous losses now.

These experts of the Northern Barbarians had been Aguda's followers. However, Aguda was one of his sons. And, he was an ambitious lord. So, he would consider every son's force as his own force.

Therefore, the death of each of these experts was a loss for his force. These followers might not be capable of reaching to the Great Sage realm. However, even just the possibility of it was enough to make him depressed and mad.

What had made him even more mad was that these experts had been Aguda's followers. They had always accompanied him. And, they had been killed one by one now. Was it Aguda's turn now?

Aguda was just one of his many sons. However, he had always been partial towards him as compared to his other sons. In fact, he wanted Aguda to grow to such an extent in the future that he could contend against his elder brothers. Therefore, an accident now could make him mad.

Aguda's name was also flickering on the merit list now. This meant that he had already sustained serious injuries. Those so-called ordinary experts were nothing in his opinion. He wouldn't regret too much no matter how many of them died like ants. However, Aguda was his favourite son.

The Emperor of the Northern Barbarians was depressed now. However, the Villa Lord of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa was happy. The Emperor of the Northern Barbarians was dressed in an Azure Dragon attire, and was exuding the aura of an Emperor from his body. On the other hand, the Villa Lord of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa was fond of the leather-fur clothes which was the attire of the people of the Southern Barbarians. It looked ordinary. However, nobody knew that it had been made from the fur that had been peeled off from the body of a powerful ominous beast. It would make people tremble with fear even if they shot a glance at it. It seemed as if an ominous beast had reincarnated.

The Ten Thousand Beasts Hall itself had earlier been an organization comprised of those Southern Barbarian experts who had willingly submitted to the True Martial University. They had the ability of controlling beasts. Therefore, the True Martial University had specially set up a hall. This hall had established outstanding martial arts accomplishments during the True Martial University's golden days. However, they had chosen to betray the True Martial University's after its decline.

The Villa Lord had earlier noticed the fake expression on the face of the Emperor of the Northern Barbarians. It had been an exceptionally hateful thing. However, he hadn't been able to do anything. But, it was his time to take the pleasure of revenge now. Suddenly, a talisman carrying a message broke through the barrier of space, and reached all the lords.

It contained the details of all the experts of the Northern Barbarians who had been killed.

"What? It's him… How can it be possible?"

(To be continued)

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