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"What? It's him… How is it possible?"

The news that all the Lords had received in their hands had been transmitted from the Devil World, and had carried information on the people of every force. However, all of them were left in shock this time.

That's because the news that they had obtained stated that several experts of the Northern Barbarians had died at Ye Xiwen's hands.

These Lords had been a bit unfamiliar with this name earlier. However, they didn't find it unfamiliar now. The first time that Ye Xiwen's name had entered their minds was when he had won the Martial Arts Championship. All the lords had come to know at that time that there was such a person.

Ye Xiwen might be nothing at this time. However, he might shine in the future after a hundred or thousand years. These lords would still be strong and vigorous at that time. They might've retired from their current positions. However, they would still be supreme elders. Therefore, it was impossible for them to ignore Ye Xiwen.

Those lords were left in shock as soon as they saw the record that Ye Xiwen had killed Shou Kun. Shou Kun had a tyrannical impression in their minds. They had believed that he might become the backbone of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa in the future.

However, this person about whom these lords had been well aware had now died at Ye Xiwen's hands. This had to make them surprised. However, they were only surprised and nothing more. After all, it was like a competition between two ants in their eyes. The weaker ant had somehow won. But, it wasn't enough to leave them in shock.

Moreover, Ye Xiwen had disappeared for a few months after that. So, many of these lords had already forgotten about it in a flash.

However, they had once again heard this name now after Ye Xiwen had killed many youths of the Northern Barbarians. Aguda was the most outstanding expert among the youths of the Northern Barbarians. But, even he was about to die at Ye Xiwen's hands.

The Lords had obtained the ins and outs of this matter… Aguda had been chased by Ye Xiwen, and Aguda's followers had unceasingly tried to obstruct Ye Xiwen in order to save Aguda. Consequently, all of those followers had died at Ye Xiwen's hands.

The attack had been so fierce and decisive that it had made everyone a bit surprised.

Ye Xiwen had once again appeared after being missing for the last few months. Some smart Lords guessed that it was most likely that Ye Xiwen already had absolute certainty of his win.

Otherwise, nobody would be so foolish as to appear out in the open. Ye Xiwen had earlier managed to kill Shou Kun depending upon some secret technique. However, things like secret techniques if used continuously for making up for a deficiency could certainly have big side effects and so on.

It was obvious that Ye Xiwen hadn't paid a small price in order to skip levels to kill Shou Kun. Otherwise, he wouldn't have remained hidden for a few months. So, he had to have absolute assurance now when he had appeared again.

They could also see from the records that Ye Xiwen hadn't been a match for an expert of the late stage of the half-step Great Sage realm in the beginning. However, the experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm seemed just like a flock of sheep in front of him now… They didn't have the power to fight back.

Even the potential future Lord of the Northern Barbarians Imperial Clan — Aguda — was chased down by him. Therefore, these Lords could clearly see that Ye Xiwen's strength had advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few months.

Aguda was in imminent danger now…

"How dare he?!" The Northern Barbarians' Emperor opened his eyes wide to glare. He then coldly looked at the True Martial University's Supreme Lord.

The Supreme Lord's expression was calm and composed. He didn't care about the threat of the Northern Barbarians' Emperor. After all, it was impossible for them to interfere in this matter since all the forces of the True Martial World had together drawn up this rule. Even the people that occupied the position of Lords didn't dare to interfere since all the other forces would rise up against them in that case. No force had the courage to bear such a consequence.

Moreover, which force hadn't faced such a loss? The True Martial University had also come across such a situation when its experienced and high-handed top experts of the younger generation had gotten wiped out in a battle.

"He's gone… Aguda's name has been erased!"

An expert suddenly shouted, and everyone's vision went there. Aguda's name had occupied the eleventh position on the merit list. But, it had been erased now. And, his position had been taken by the person who had been ranked twelfth on the list.

Everyone knew the meaning of being erased from the merit list. What did it mean? It meant that that person had been killed… that he had died in the Devil World. A person's name would be erased from the merit list only after their death.

The complexion of the Northern Barbarians' Emperor changed abruptly. An incomprehensible expression was flickering in his eyes. It wasn't clear what he was thinking. A look of hatred flashed in his eyes, and then his expression once again became calm and composed. It seemed as if the whole world couldn't affect him.

Everyone knew that he was brimming with murderous intent. He was an emperor… He was the Emperor of the Northern Barbarians. Moreover, he was an ambitious man. So, it was impossible for him to tolerate the matters that had gone beyond the scope of his expectations. And, this matter was an example of that.

The Devil World Competition wouldn't continue forever. It would certainly end one day. And, his anger would perhaps burst at that time.

Many people knew what Aguda's position in the Emperor's heart was. So, they were afraid for Ye Xiwen.

The Supreme Lord shot a glance at the Northern Barbarians' Emperor. But, he didn't say anything. He quite clearly knew his intentions. So, he just let out a contemptuous snort as a reply.

"This Ye Xiwen is too ruthless. He attacks without any hesitation. He is another unscrupulous man. First Shou Kun — who was as outstanding as Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie. And now Aguda… He has already offended two big forces to death!"

"The Northern Barbarians Imperial Clan has an abundance of experts. However, an expert like Aguda is unlikely to be born often even in their clan. Such an expert has died at Ye Xiwen's hands now. So, it would be a wonder if the Northern Barbarians' Emperor left this matter as it is. A great war would be unavoidable when the time comes!"

Many people were whispering… This matter might spark a conflict between the Northern Barbarians and the True Martial University. In fact, it might push these two old enemies to war.

However, the True Martial University was indifferent about it. After all, one would stop worrying when they're up to their ears in debt. The True Martial University had many enemies… They had so many enemies that one more wouldn't cause any difference. In fact, they would have many enemies even if a few of them reduced.

Meanwhile, in the Devil World...


Ye Xiwen's punch blasted Aguda. Aguda didn't have the power to fight back under his continuous pursuit. They hadn't even fought ten rounds, and Aguda had been exploded by his fist.

Ye Xiwen's ice-cold vision penetrated the layers of void. The smell of blood rose in the blowing devil wind to an incredible extent. Corpses were lying everywhere on the ground. These incomparably ferocious barbarians had thought of making easy profits in this matter. They had thought that they could obtain 500 million Primary Spirit Dans if they found Ye Xiwen first.

However, they had now become a pile of corpses that were littered on the ground. This scene was extremely shocking.

Ye Xiwen stood quietly, but his voice spread over thousands of miles.

"Who else is coveting those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans? Come together. I'll be sitting alone on the Devil Mountain Range for the next three days. I'll be waiting for the heroes of the world!"

This statement left the entire world in shock as soon as it came out. [How many heroes were there in this world? Isn't this statement of Ye Xiwen against heaven's will?]

[He has openly challenged all the heroes of the world.]

Many people thought that Ye Xiwen had gone crazy. He had undoubtedly killed Shou Kun and Aguda. However, what did that have to do with this proclamation? After all, those were only two heroes among all the heroes of the world. There were experts in the world that were even more tyrannical than them. There wouldn't have been any problem if it were to be one-on-one battle. However, his statement was equivalent to attracting the entire world's experts. What kind of aspiration was this? It didn't matter whether he was arrogant or he considered himself superior to others… His words had shaken the entire world.

[Is a war going to take place between all the experts of the world in three days?]

[Perhaps, the title of the strongest person under the Great Sage realm will be his if he is truly going to sit there and wait.]

Then, Ye Xiwen's next statement shook the entire world once again, "The heroes of the devil race are also welcomed to join… without any exception. Everyone will be entertained!"

Ye Xiwen's action of challenging so many human experts at once had left everyone in shock. But, his invitation to the many young experts of the devil race had made them feel that he had truly gone insane. After all, the Devil World was the home of the devil race. Human experts often couldn't display their entire fighting prowess in the Devil World. Therefore, they would always be in a disadvantageous position while competing with the devils. A human expert with strength on par with their devil counterpart would often suffer a defeat because of this reason.

Ye Xiwen was extremely powerful. So, one-on-one was already an easy thing for him. However, it would be one-on-many now since he had challenged several experts at once.

Ling Fei was looking at Ye Xiwen with her big eyes whilst blinking. Ye Xiwen's strength might not be worthy of mentioning in her opinion. And, this journey had always been a fun game for her. However, her heart surged a bit at this moment since nobody had ever made her feel like this. Also, nobody had ever aroused such peculiar fluctuations in her mood.

These two statements in the cold wind had uplifted Ye Xiwen's slim cyan figure in her galaxy-like glittering eyes. Who was the most outstanding genius of the generation? This was the most outstanding genius of the generation.

This feeling had made her heart palpitate madly. It was somewhat unbelievable for her. However, it wasn't a bad kind of feeling.

Ye Xiwen's statements had shaken the entire world. It's hard to fathom a person's mind. However, it wasn't difficult for him to guess what these people were thinking. [They just think that I'm insane. An ordinary person would indeed think that I'm insane since I've challenged the heroes of the world and made the entire world my enemy.]

However, Ye Xiwen wasn't a fool. He obviously wouldn't act unreasonably. The wheel of fight was of little significance for Ye Xiwen since he could directly transform the devil energy and possessed the Phoenix Regeneration Technique. He wouldn't be defeated because of the wheel of fight as he could restore to his most peak state in a matter of moments.

However, this didn't mean that he was careless. After all, he knew that any one of those heroes could pose a threat to him. On top of that, there were so many of them… Ye Xiwen couldn't stop them from coming at him at once. So, a fierce and bloody battle would certainly take place in that case.

Ye Xiwen had issued the challenge even after being fully aware of this. This was because he wanted to use this battle for tempering his cultivation realm. He needed to stabilize his current realm within a short period of time. And, the only shortcut for that was battle.

He wanted to use the battles to perfect his realm so that he could become an overlord under the Great Sage realm.

In addition, he was also tempering his mind. After all, a real match is a combination of strong physique and powerful mind.

(To be continued)

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