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Aguda was sitting on that outstanding horse. He finally moved at this time… And, a spear suddenly appeared in his hand. It pierced the void, and suddenly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. Everything happened only in that split second. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

Aguda didn't let down his top-notch 11th rank on the merit list. His strength wasn't a bit inferior to that of Shou Kun. Shou Kun's strongest aspect lied in his foundation. However, things like foundation weren't always beneficial.

It wasn't an easy thing to transform one's foundation into fighting prowess. Shou Kun's background might have transformed into his tyrannical strength after he had made the breakthrough into Great Sage realm. However, his foundation had made him only slightly stronger than his peers when he hadn't made the breakthrough and was in the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. It hadn't created a conclusive impact. Shou Kun had been popular as a veteran. After all, he had had thousand years of experience. There hadn't been any expert as experienced as him among those who had participated in the Devil World Competition. However, he was still ranked 6th on the merit list. There were some people who were more tyrannical than him.

Aguda was ranked 11th. However, he wouldn't have lost if he had fought Shou Kun. Therefore, he didn't give importance to Shou Kun. This was his confidence… It was something that other people seemed to be lacking.

However, how could Ye Xiwen be an affable person? He wasn't a pushover either. So, he eventually moved while facing Aguda's sudden attack. He suddenly trod forward, and covered dozens of feet instantly… He arrived in front of Aguda, and shot a fist.

The surrounding environment suddenly transformed into a starry universe, and Ye Xiwen became the only God in that universe in that instant. Then, his fist transformed into a big star, and suddenly smashed down.

He was well-aware of the fact that he must first take down the ringleader. [This Aguda is clearly the leader of these people. So, I must annihilate him first. Afterwards, it'll be easy to deal with those other Northern Barbarian Experts.]

These Northern Barbarian experts had an army background. So, they used to think like soldiers. They had spread out in a battle formation. So, they were very difficult to deal with.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen's golden vitality infected the entire universe, and illuminated the entire sky.

"This is bad!" Aguda's complexion changed violently. He finally reacted at this time. Ye Xiwen had revealed far more powerful strength than that of an ordinary expert of the Sage Accomplished realm. In fact, even an ordinary expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm wouldn't be even one-tenth as ferocious as Ye Xiwen.

Aguda had finally understood how ridiculous the rumors were. The rumor that Ye Xiwen's strength had promoted because of using some special secret technique seemed meaningless now; it wasn't like that. Aguda himself had seen now that Ye Xiwen's strength was so incredible that it had overshadowed his own.

This realization was naturally unpleasant for him. He used to think that it was impossible for others to surpass him. He had been confident that he was the strongest person under the Great Sage realm. He had believed that nobody could be compared with him.

However, he was now apprehensive to face Ye Xiwen. Suddenly, the spear in his hand blossomed endless white mists. They froze the space, and obstructed the path of Ye Xiwen's fist which was coming from the front.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's speed was incredibly quick. He effortlessly exploded the layer of white ice that had condensed from those endless mists. It couldn't even reduce the momentum of Ye Xiwen's fist.

"Ding!" Ye Xiwen's fist smashed on top of Aguda's sage level spear. Aguda's spear began to shake violently even though it was a sage tool. The dreadful power reached to his hand after passing through the spear.

Aguda had always been known for his body. However, the web between his thumb and forefinger ruptured in an instant. His palm got badly mutilated, and he almost dropped his spear.

[So strong!]

Only this thought was left in his mind. The contempt and disdain that he had had earlier looked very ridiculous now. All his contempt and disdain had now caused a humiliation for himself.

Aguda became insane with anger as he realized this. After all, when had he been humiliated like this by someone? [Ye Xiwen's strength is tyrannical. But, he shouldn't have dared to humiliate me.]

Then, the ruptured web between his thumb and forefinger was frozen by the ice almost in an instant. After that, his wounds restored at a rapid speed under the layer of ice. However, the movement of his hand didn't slow down. The spear suddenly swept out like a dragon. It transformed into a small white dragon, and rushed straight towards Ye Xiwen whilst passing through the horizon.

Ye Xiwen was very close to him at this moment. So, it was a heaven-sent golden-opportunity for him. Therefore, he had used the most tyrannical skill of his life.

This spear surmounted the space… It even surmounted time!

This spear was the strongest among the spears that he had used in his entire life. It instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen… It had transformed into a small white dragon. And, this small dragon had opened its mouth wide. It seemed as if it would definitely swallow Ye Xiwen whole.

This small white dragon's body possessed endless ice-energy. It looked substantial (1). It was sparkling and lustrous. It seemed as if ten thousand beasts would submit before it and the entire heaven would be suppressed by it as it suddenly flew out!

This spear was the strongest strike that Aguda could launch. He now knew about Ye Xiwen's strength. He also knew that this man wasn't inferior to those Top 20 dreadful people on the merit list. Therefore, he had forgotten about the humiliation that he had suffered a moment ago, and had attacked with his entire strength. He hadn't held back since he wanted to kill Ye Xiwen in an instant.

However, how could Ye Xiwen surrender? He suddenly moved… Then, he clenched his fist, and shot a fist upward. However, it was just a casual punch… It wasn't something wonderful. It just blasted out golden waves. He hadn't used any flashy martial technique. [It doesn't matter what kind of tricks you have... My fist will break ten thousand laws.]

The golden waves condensed into a small golden God, and welcomed that approaching white dragon... This was his 'Dragon Slayer Technique' for slaying dragons.


Ye Xiwen's fist and that small white dragon collided with each other. Ye Xiwen felt that that small white dragon's ice-energy had frozen his arm and then his entire body. This ice-energy could even freeze a ten-thousand years old volcano. It was extremely exceptional.

Aguda's home — the dwelling place of the Northern Barbarians — was one of the coldest places in the entire world. So, Aguda who had grown up in such a place was best in using ice-type power techniques. His one attack could freeze the entire sky.

However, his ice-energy got thoroughly annihilated in a split second by Ye Xiwen's golden light. Consequently, the ice couldn't spread any further.

That little white dragon also broke down inch by inch under Ye Xiwen's stunning divinity waves. It couldn't maintain its form, and got extinguished.

The momentum of Ye Xiwen's fist didn't stop. It finally smashed down on that spear with an irresistible force.

"Ding!" The entire spear once again began to tremble after bearing Ye Xiwen's powerful attack. The tremendous power penetrated the spear, and slammed into Aguda's body.

"Crack!" Aguda's inner defence-armor got smashed into pieces. A divine tool was simply nothing in front of Ye Xiwen's absolute tyrannical strength. Aguda's internal organs had sustained injuries... He had cultivated his body to an extremely perfect condition, and his internal organs had strengthened because of that. Otherwise, his internal organs might've gotten ruptured by that tremendous power.

His offensive was simply nothing in front of the momentum of Ye Xiwen's fist.

Aguda's complexion turned deathly pale. He repeatedly retreated several hundred feet in order to avoid Ye Xiwen's fist-attack. He was panting unceasingly. There was a look of extreme bewilderment in his eyes. He couldn't believe that Ye Xiwen was so terrifying. Aguda was ranked among the Top 20 experts on the merit list. But, it was quite difficult for him to receive even one of Ye Xiwen's blows.

The disparity in their strength wasn't a qualitative one like the disparity between sage and Great Sage realm. However, there was an enormous quantitative disparity.

Aguda knew that human experts had enormous energy limitations in the Devil World. However, he didn't know that the situation for Ye Xiwen was completely different... This place was like Ye Xiwen's home-ground. He could directly use the devil energy of the Devil World. The devil energy couldn't cause any effect on him. In fact, he could directly use it as energy source!

Therefore, he wasn't afraid of anyone in this Devil World.

"You have a death wish!" Aguda became angry as he saw the slightly careless expression on Ye Xiwen's face. "Horsemen Draft West!"

Aguda had finally used the unique skill of the Northern Barbarians Imperial Clan — 'Horsemen Draft West'.

This was a complete set of battle formation techniques. A spear swept out, and it seemed as if the sound of war cries had begun to reverberate in the entire world in a split second. The horsemen were charging everywhere violently. The entire world had transformed into an Asura battlefield.

Everyone had surrendered in front of this mighty force. This was the power that ruled the entire world.

This was the representation of the artistic conception of his spear technique. It was extremely dreadful.

Ye Xiwen clenched his fist, and a punch smashed down. It landed into that Asura battlefield. It seemed as if it would destroy the world. The arrogant and despotic Asura cavalrymen who had been slaughtering everywhere a moment ago screamed one after another and vaporized.

His tyrannical spear technique was simply nothing in Ye Xiwen's eyes. He could destroy any artistic concepts. This was the most direct method of destroying artistic concepts. And, only Ye Xiwen could do this.

"Bang!" Aguda finally couldn't block the dreadful strength of Ye Xiwen's fist. The horse on which he was sitting was suppressed by the power. Its legs got crushed, and it crouched down in mid-air. It was screaming and yelling desperately.

Aguda also couldn't withstand it. His majestic body went out flying just like a string-less kite.

"Your Majesty!"

Those Northern Barbarian experts finally reacted at this time. They shouted one after another. They were very anxious. It wasn't that they had reacted slowly or were sitting and watching this entire time. The fact was that the speed of both individuals was extremely fast. They didn't get enough time to react.

Aguda wasn't a match for Ye Xiwen. However, he was still incredibly tyrannical in comparison to other people. Therefore, these people had been willingly following him. However, their powerlessness had become the deadliest factor now. They couldn't catch up with Ye Xiwen's and Aguda's speed. They could only watch helplessly as Aguda got blown away.

They couldn't do anything.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't stop. Instead, he rushed in Aguda's direction…

(To be continued)

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