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Ye Xiwen's strength had thoroughly stunned the people in the surroundings. It wasn't that they had never seen an incomparably tough body. However, they had truly never seen a body that was so powerful that it could blow away a sub-dragon in one punch.

One fist had blown away a sub-dragon. Such fighting prowess had made everyone tremble with fear.

That ominous war-dragon roared. It faced upwards, and roared loudly. It had never suffered such a defeat. It had been blown away by someone in just one punch. This was a matter of extraordinary shame and humiliation for it. Moreover, this human in front of it wasn't a Great Sage… He wasn't even an expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, he still possessed such an incredible body.

However, this incident hadn't dispelled its desire. In fact, it was coveting Ye Xiwen even more now. [He has such a powerful body. So, his vitality must also be exuberant to an incredible extent. Great Sage realm won't be far away once I've swallowed him.]

No wonder it had had such an intuition. A strange expression appeared on its huge face as it thought of this. It didn't retreat. Instead, it once again rushed towards Ye Xiwen.

However, it didn't attack Ye Xiwen directly since it knew how formidable Ye Xiwen's body was. Instead, it spouted a devil-beam as it approached him at a flying speed.

Ye Xiwen sneered. [This beast is acting recklessly. It is daring to launch an attack on me even now.]

Ye Xiwen moved. He stepped forward, and the entire sky swayed! The scene looked even more dreadful than that of the recent attack of that ominous dragon.

It seemed from afar as if a humanoid ominous beast had attacked. The entire world had lost its color… The complexions of all the experts who were witnessing this scene from afar changed without any exception.

Many people had been planning to plot against Ye Xiwen. But, they gave up that idea as they saw this. [Won't we be courting death if we attack this humanoid monster?]

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen's fist once again struck that ominous dragon's head. And, its huge body went out flying upside down. It had again gone out flying just like a string-less kite. It was an extremely frightening scene.

Ye Xiwen's fist had made that ominous dragon dizzy. But, its mind was still working. However, Ye Xiwen had already set out at this time... A fist once again smashed down.




The heavy-shaking sounds reverberated tremendously. This incomparably powerful ominous dragon got crushed to death by Ye Xiwen. It soon lost its entire vitality. Then, Ye Xiwen collected its corpse… After that, its corpse was transformed into energy by the Heavenly Source Mirror, and poured into Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen felt that his entire martial power had advanced considerably. One must know that his martial power hadn't promoted for a very long time after he had reached the pinnacle of the sage realm. However, it had now made a big progress once again. This was very rare.

Everyone was left dumbstruck. They were blankly staring at this scene before their eyes. That incomparably frightening ominous dragon had been killed. This was way too terrifying. It had been punched to death!

This result was even more terrifying that a direct defeat. This was absolute crushing power! Ye Xiwen hadn't given it any room to fight back. This was like crushing a red fruit.

Ye Xiwen's gaze was ice-cold. He swept his vision across everyone. Then, he thought, [This kind of slaughtering must have deterred everyone.]

Ye Xiwen wasn't afraid of these people. However, there's a saying — 'many ants together can kill an elephant'. Moreover, these people weren't ants, and their number was huge. So, it would be troublesome for Ye Xiwen to kill all of them. Therefore, it would be better to deter them, and make them not dare to attack.

Ye Xiwen was waiting quietly, and didn't take any step.

"Why hasn't Ye Xiwen left this place yet? Is he waiting for someone?" someone abruptly arrived to this conclusion, and turned pale with fright as a result.

"Does he know that we've sent information about his whereabouts? Is he waiting for those people who possess evil intentions for him?"

Someone guessed, and the surrounding lost its color all of a sudden. [It'll be too terrible if it's so.]

"Where is Ye Xiwen!" suddenly, a loud shout came from afar. It swept across whilst rolling through the clouds.

A dozen people arrived along with this loud shout. All of them were terrifying experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. They were dressed up in shaggy fur clothes from head to foot. It seemed from their clothing that they had arrived from an extremely cold place.

They turned out to be the experts of the Northern Barbarians.

One would find the Southern Barbarians if they continued to go south beyond the four sides of the central plains. And, they would find the so-called Northern Barbarians if they went all the way towards the North. Northern Barbarians had always been one of the big threats for the allied forces of the central plains. They were very powerful. Countless armoured horsemen would come south all year around from their extremely cold place.

The living environment of the Northern Barbarians was the nastiest among the four barbarian races. Therefore, they were the strongest and the most aggressive ones among them. It needs to be mentioned that they hated the people of the central plains the most.

Even a high-level force like the True Martial University didn't hold a good opinion regarding the Northern Barbarians. Those four barbarian races had been its main opponents even back then when it had been ruling the entire True Martial World.

They had arrived for Ye Xiwen at this time. So, Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes… Killing intention was surging in them!

Ye Xiwen's vision penetrated the layers of void. He then saw that a youth who was dressed in the attire of the Northern Barbarians was leading the group. This youth had the vigor of a dragon and the ferocity of a tiger. He had rough facial features, and a tall stature. He had mounted a precious black piebald horse. That horse also had an outstanding appearance. It was a demon beast of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm!

The young experts of the Northern Barbarians behind him had also mounted horses. And, all of them were precious horses of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. All of them possessed the bloodline of the demon beasts. It seemed that they could evolve and become dreadful demon beasts at any time.

Everyone had a bad look in their eyes as they saw these people. Northern Barbarians deserved to be called as a nation of horsemen. After all, not everyone had such financial power.

These precious horses couldn't be bought. They were priceless. After all, these horses had cultivated to the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. This proved that these precious horses weren't ordinary.

"You're Ye Xiwen?!" These experts of the Northern Barbarians had ridden for a thousand miles on their horses, and had arrived here before Ye Xiwen in an instant. That young leader of the Northern Barbarians coldly looked at Ye Xiwen, and said in ice-cold tone.

"Isn't this man the thirteenth prince of the Northern Barbarians — Aguda?" Many people clearly recognized the origins of this young group of Northern Barbarians as they arrived.

That young leader was indeed the thirteenth prince. He was the strongest disciple among the experts of the Northern Barbarians who had arrived in this Devil World Competition.

The difference between the Northern Barbarians and the experts of the other areas was that the Northern Barbarians Imperial Clan itself was the most tyrannical force of the Northern Barbarians. It wasn't clear since how many years they had been ruling the Northern Barbarians. Nobody knew how profound the background and strength of the Northern Barbarians Imperial Clan was. They only knew from the records mentioned in the history books that the Northern Barbarians Imperial Clan had been contending against the True Martial University since the time they had been ruling the Northern Barbarians.

The Northern Barbarians were different from the Southern Barbarians who had split up into countless forces. The Northern Barbarians only had two big forces at present; one was the Northern Barbarians Imperial Clan, while the other was the Northern Barbarians Shaman School. At least half of the experts of the Northern Barbarians belonged to the Northern Barbarians Shaman School. Several outstanding heroes were also linked with the Northern Barbarians Shaman School.

Therefore, the Northern Barbarians had turned out to be a very powerful group in every previous Devil World Competition. In fact, their leaders had never fallen down from the Top 20 positions on the merit list. Moreover, they were ranked in the Top 10 most of the times.

The Northern Barbarians' thirteenth prince — Aguda — was the most tyrannical among all the experts who had arrived from the Northern Barbarians this time. He was known as a young barbarian king. He was born late in comparison to some other senior experts. However, he possessed extremely tyrannical strength. He was also a powerful contender for the position of the Northern Barbarians' Emperor.

Aguda was ranked 11th on the merit list. He hadn't entered the Top 10 ranking. However, he was just one step away from it. It needs to be mentioned that the merit list just used to record the number of devil experts one had killed and the points they had obtained for that. So, his strength wasn't necessarily weaker than that of those who were in the Top 10 positions.

Aguda didn't wait for Ye Xiwen to reply, and spoke up himself, "Ha ha ha… Finally, I — Aguda — have gotten lucky. I'll get 500 Primary Spirit Dans after I kill this ant of Sage Accomplished realm. I'll go for closed-door training after returning. Great Sage realm isn't far away. Yes! Emperor's Throne, I'm coming!"

Aguda seemed to be somewhat crazy. However, his tone was extremely cold. He was treating Ye Xiwen like an ant that would certainly die. Ye Xiwen was nothing in his opinion.

"What is urgently needed will cost a lot of effort. However, it'll be achieved inadvertently. The throne is mine from today onwards!" Aguda looked at Ye Xiwen in a manner that made it seem as if he was looking at a treasure.

500 million Primary Spirit Dans was an astronomical figure even for Ye Xiwen; let alone for them. The Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had collaborated to put forward such an astonishing reward. These two forces also had the approval of the ancestors of both forces. Otherwise, it was simply impossible for them to gather such a big reward.

"Ye Xiwen, you're no match for me. Quickly surrender, and you may avoid physical pain!"

"Ye Xiwen, kill yourself. We'll leave your corpse intact!"

The young experts of the Northern Barbarians behind Aguda began to clamor one after another.

An ordinary person would've already been scared to death while facing so many young barbarian experts. However, Ye Xiwen was unfazed by them. He just coldly looked at Aguda, and replied, "It's not easy to cultivate up to your current level; let alone bringing about your own destruction!"

This sentence sent everyone in uproar. They hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would make such a bold statement. After all, everyone believed that Aguda had a clear upper hand at this time. They wouldn't have been surprised if Ye Xiwen had spoken-up strong words at this moment… He was Ye Xiwen after all. However, they hadn't thought that he would say this.

[What is going on? Is everyone here mistaken? Could it be that Aguda doesn't have the upper hand right now?]

"It seems that you're very reckless. But, don't think that you've done something extraordinary by killing Shou Kun. Apparently, you've gotten carried away because of having temporary luck. So, I'll wake you up to reality!" Aguda finally moved at this time… The horse on which he was sitting looked up, and neighed. However, it wasn't the sound of a horse's neigh… It was a demon beast's roar! This horse appeared just like an exceptional ominous beast. It trod on its four hoofs which broke the void. It was extremely terrifying.

(To be continued)

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