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The battlefield had turned chaotic. Killings and flames of war could be seen everywhere.

Ye Xiwen had initially taken full advantage of the critical situation of devils, and had killed their elite experts. He hadn't paid much attention to the situation of humans. He had heard more news after he had returned to the battlefield of humans and devil experts.

Geniuses had risen to fame for a time, and had met their ends afterwards. They were like shooting stars… They had dazzled for a while, and then fallen down completely.

"Who is that man? Am I mistaken or is he Ye Xiwen?" Someone had recognized Ye Xiwen. The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and The Ten Thousand Beasts Villa had condemned Ye Xiwen, and had distributed his pictures throughout the experts.

However, Ye Xiwen hadn't come out no matter how much the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa had clamoured in the last few months. Consequently, many people had declared him a coward who didn't dare to come out.

However, they had now discovered that Ye Xiwen had arrived in the battlefield. This had instantly grabbed the attentions of countless top experts.

It was impossible for them not to pay attention to him. After all, both Shou Kun and Li Yi Feng had been stunning figures. And, both of them had died at Ye Xiwen's hands. It was being said that he had used some secret technique for enhancing his power. However, it was still amazing enough.

Nobody knew how many times this secret technique could be used. In short, he couldn't be underestimated. Many people didn't give value to Ye Xiwen's ranking. However, they also had no choice but to admit that he was very formidable.

Ye Xiwen's rank at this time was entirely different from earlier when he had been an unknown player. His rank had improved at a very fast speed after he had fought for the last few months with all of his strength. He had already entered among the Top 1000 names. Apparently, he had just entered the strongest group. However, it was already a very fast progress for Ye Xiwen who had fought his way to the Top 1000 experts from being among ten thousand names; his rank had fallen too much in the beginning.

His ranking was still low because of falling behind in the beginning. However, he didn't have any regrets because he had obtained many things. He wasn't considered as a top-notch expert back then when he had just entered the Devil World. In fact, he hadn't even entered the top group. However, he could now dare to say that he was one of the strongest individuals and could even fight Shou Kun!

His ranking and points were low compared to others. However, his trip to the Devil World hadn't gone in vain.

"It's him! Yes, I can't be wrong. It's him, yes. I hadn't expected that he would appear himself today after nobody could find his whereabouts in the last few months. He he… This opportunity has been bestowed upon us by the heavens. Reward of 500 million Primary Spirit Dans… Ah!" a powerful expert said eagerly. He was obviously a senior expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. He had recently entered this realm. However, he was already regarded as one of the top-tier experts around here.

The next step after having entered the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm was to make the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. However, how could it be that easy to make the breakthrough into Great Sage realm? It needed very high talent, boundless opportunities, and huge amounts of resources. All these factors were indispensable.

He could obtain huge volumes of resources after he had killed Ye Xiwen. After all, Ye Xiwen was worth 500 million Primary Spirit Dans. This was an amount that could be used to summon the Star Colossus Avatar just once. However, it was an astronomical wealth for the majority of people. It would also be regarded as a big income even by a Great Sage.

It could even be considered as an instant success.

"Yeah. I don't believe that he's very powerful. He's merely an expert of the Sage Accomplished realm. He can't be compared with us even if he has some secret power," someone said loudly. Nobody could resist the temptation of 500 million Primary Spirit Dans.

Several messages flew out in a short while. It was easier to obtain the reward of 10 million Primary Spirit Dans for transmitting information about Ye Xiwen as compared to those 500 million Primary Spirit Dans. One could obtain 10 million Primary Spirit Dans as long as they transmitted information about him. Was there any reward easier to obtain than this?

A black light suddenly appeared in the sky just when everyone was getting restless and thinking whether they should attack or not. Then, a huge claw swept down from the sky. Its speed was extremely fast. Many people didn't see it coming. It had already smashed down.


Ye Xiwen suddenly trod away. His figure instantly moved away hundreds of feet, and avoided the attack of that huge claw.

An angry roar came from inside the clouds when the owner of the huge claw saw that Ye Xiwen had easily avoided its attack. It seemed as if a huge monster was roaring therein.

Devil clouds surged about, and a huge head emerged out of them; it was approximately 4 or 5 meters in size. It had huge pairs of eyes like lanterns. Its entire body was pitch-black, and was covered in scales. It was extremely huge… It was dozens of meters tall! It was faintly visible inside the devil clouds. Its roar shook all directions!

"That is an ominous war dragon!" Someone held their breath as they saw that huge head. "How has this monster been attracted here? It is said that this ominous war dragon has been in the closed-door training for making the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. However, it was disturbed by someone, and it couldn't complete its breakthrough. It has now become mad, and is killing people everywhere. Nobody was left wherever it went!"

"Yeah. It couldn't make the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. However, it already has its one foot in the Great Sage realm. Nobody can match such strength. The top-tier disciples of our human race have also fought it. However, they couldn't deal with it. It's an exceptional ominous beast. I hadn't expected that it would be hidden here and we won't be able to sense it. We might have been dead already if it were to be directed against us instead of Ye Xiwen!" someone said whilst being terrified.

Ye Xiwen looked at it. It was a kind of sub-dragon. Dragons themselves were the strongest species in the entire world. It was said that they were the species that could challenge the Gods. Therefore, it was very powerful even though it was just a sub-dragon.

Moreover, its one foot was in the Great Sage realm. So, it was extremely difficult to deal with.

That ominous dragon's huge pair of lantern-like eyes was fixed on Ye Xiwen. Its eyes were filled with greed. It could sense the vitality on Ye Xiwen's body which was far more exuberant than that of an ordinary human. Its intuition told it that it could step across the threshold of the Great Sage realm if it devoured Ye Xiwen.

It had been frantically slaughtering people everywhere till now. However, it wasn't just because it had become mad in anger and had wanted to take revenge. It was also stealing blood essence from its preys since it could enter the Great Sage realm only after having swallowed enough blood essence.

It wasn't a real dragon. Therefore, it was impossible for it to be a Great Sage from its birth. Great Sage realm was a huge threshold for it. It had been preparing for such a long time, but still couldn't make the breakthrough. This had made it insane, and it was looking for people to swallow everywhere. Its instincts told it that it could quickly enter the Great Sage realm as long as it swallowed this man.




Loud rumbling sounds came from the sky. That huge ominous dragon rushed over towards Ye Xiwen. The entire world swayed and lost its color under every step that it took in the sky.

Its closed-door training was valuable. It hadn't made the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. However, it had managed to peep through the doorway of this realm. Therefore, it could use some methods that only a Great Sage could comprehend.

That's why it was so rampant.

Ye Xiwen sneered. Such Great Sage level means were incomparably deadly for an ordinary expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, it wasn't enough for Ye Xiwen.

He had fought many Great Sages, and had even slaughtered Great Sages. So, these means were far from enough to faze him.

The huge ominous beast rushed towards Ye Xiwen. It opened its mouth wide like a sacrificial bowl, and spouted mouthful of huge devil light. The light swept across the sky just like a laser cannon, and broke the void. It opened a huge crack in the space as it went straight towards Ye Xiwen.

It was extremely dreadful. This was the killing move of this ominous beast.

Many people were overwhelmed with shock as they saw this scene. They thought in their mind, [How would we have responded if we had been in his place?] They realized that they could only escape. In fact, many people realized that they couldn't even escape, and would be vaporized by this devil beam.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. He clenched his fist, and shot a punch. It set off golden waves, and they swept up in an instant.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen blasted the incoming devil beam. This was beyond everyone's expectations.

Ye Xiwen's golden fist had smashed the devil beam into pieces in the sky.

Everyone was stunned to see this scene before their eyes. They felt terrified as they looked at Ye Xiwen. He was just too powerful. They weren't surprised by the fact that he had survived under such a fatal blow. After all, many people among them could do this. However, effortlessly exploding the devil beam in one casual fist like he had done was far beyond their imagination.

It was impossible for their bodies to withstand such an attack. Their bodies had already become perfect after having made the breakthrough into the Sage Accomplished realm. However, perfect didn't mean powerful. So, it was impossible for them to contend against these ominous beasts depending upon their bodies. In fact, they considered fighting using brute physical strength disgraceful. They used to say that it was uncivilized.

However, Ye Xiwen had done it. And, he had done it without fooling around. The people who had been getting restless and had wanted to grab Ye Xiwen earlier in order to obtain the reward were now feeling a chill running down their spine. Forget about other things… Just the dreadful strength revealed by Ye Xiwen's fist just now was far from what they could handle.

Ye Xiwen didn't stop even a bit after he had defeated the devil beam. He trod forward, and transformed into a streamer of light. Then, his body rushed towards that ominous beast. He stretched out both of his hands, and forged ahead to fight hand-to-hand with that ominous beast.

Ye Xiwen clenched his fist, and it emitted golden rays of light. And, there occurred a massive explosion at this crucial moment when that ominous beast was about to dash away.

"Bang!" a huge rumbling sound was heard. Ye Xiwen's fist penetrated the layers of space, and struck the huge head of that ominous dragon.

That ominous dragon screamed, and its body went out flying just like a string-less kite. It smashed through several mountain peaks, and then finally came to a halt.

Everyone was left dumbstruck. [Is he even human?]

[Can someone blow away a sub-dragon with bare hands?]

Ye Xiwen's cyan clothes fluttered in the cold wind, and issued a fluttering sound. He looked like a God of War!

(To be continued)

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