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Ye Xiwen went on a plundering spree without any hesitation after he had obtained the sweet taste of success for the first time. His attention was fixed on the many formidable devil experts in the depths of the wilderness. None of the experts on whom his attention landed could escape his vicious attack.

Ye Xiwen's name had begun to spread gradually among the devils. Especially, those devil experts who wanted to obtain benefits in this Devil World Competition were afraid of Ye Xiwen's vicious methods now.

Most of the experts whom Ye Xiwen had chosen to rob were young elites in the Devil World. All of them were the most elite bunch of late stage half-step Great Sage level experts. There were also some heaven's pride devil experts among them. However, they couldn't turn out to be a match for Ye Xiwen… All of them got killed by him eventually.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiwen's pocket had gradually bulged out… His wealth had once again surpassed 1 billion Primary Spirit Dans. His current wealth couldn't be compared with his earlier wealth. However, it was still pretty good. He could at least summon the Star Colossus's Avatar more than once now. So, he was quite pleased with this progress.

His pocket had gotten swelled up gradually… Meanwhile, his cultivation had also promoted little by little. He could barely defeat an ordinary heaven's pride expert back then. However, an ordinary heaven's pride expert was no match for him now. In fact, he could defeat a heaven's pride expert of Shou Kun's level now.

This was a huge progress. Shou Kun had had approximately a thousand years of accumulation. This feat couldn't be matched in a matter of years. Therefore, Ye Xiwen had made quick progress depending upon the support of huge amounts of Primary Spirit Dans. He had also had to temper himself by making himself go through life and death battles.

Ye Xiwen had chosen these young devil experts to attack. Naturally, it wasn't that easy for him. He had thrilling experiences many a times.

After all, those young devil experts weren't the kind of people who would sit and wait for death. They had also launched counterattacks many times, and had set up ambushes in order to encircle and kill Ye Xiwen.

Even Ye Xiwen had to escape after a bloody battle despite the fact that he possessed such cultivation. He himself had sustained serious injuries. In fact, he had almost been forced to summon the Star Colossus's Avatar. So, one could well-imagine how intense this battle must've been.

However, this wasn't the most intense fight that Ye Xiwen had come across. The most intense fight had taken place between him and a heaven's pride expert of the devil race. That heaven's pride devil expert had been quite exceptional. Ye Xiwen would have a blitzkrieg strategy for everything. However, he had had to fight with this devil expert for a day and a night before he could finally kill him.

That fight had led to a bloodbath. That heaven's pride devil expert had been nearly exhausted when he had been killed by Ye Xiwen. However, Ye Xiwen had also sustained serious injuries. In fact, not a single part of his body had been in good condition afterwards. Therefore, he had had no choice but to rest for an entire month before finally recovering.

These two were the most thrilling battles that Ye Xiwen had been involved in. However, the other fights could also be rated as fierce and hard-fought.

The quality of these young devil experts was very high. Moreover, the True Martial World's forces had turned out here in full strength. So, how could these young devil experts not have done the same? Their number was far beyond people's imagination.

Ye Xiwen had dared to fight with these young devil experts all alone. Any other person in his place would've already been killed by them. It was simply impossible to contend against them for so long.

Those young devil experts had become aware that there was a ferocious and lunatic boy among the humans. They also knew that he was in the territory where they used to operate all year around. So, they had encircled him many times. However, they had failed to kill him.

Finally, the devil experts classified him as an unrivalled opponent. However, this news wasn't publicly known yet. After all, the devil experts felt that it was a matter of extraordinary shame and humiliation for them. They wouldn't have minded if Ye Xiwen had been an expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. After all, there wasn't any certainty about who could be the king in the same realm; there could be one or many. Nobody could predict this. However, Ye Xiwen was only an expert of the Sage Accomplished realm. He differed by three small levels from the experts of late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. In fact, several devil experts wanted to commit suicide because of this. After all, how could this not be a matter of extraordinary shame and humiliation for them? They wanted to take revenge one day, and wash off this disgrace from their heads.

Therefore, this news hadn't transmitted to the humans' side. Otherwise, it would've set off an uproar. There had been only a few people in the past who had obtained the title of an unrivalled opponent. For example… Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie who had participated in the Devil World Competition back in the day were well-known figures among such people.

These title holders of 'unrivalled opponent' had become infamous in the entire world. That's because they had single-handedly killed the devil experts, turned them into a complete mess, and caused a bloodbath.

Time passed day by day… The Devil World Competition had entered the most intense stage now. Several experts had penetrated deeper into the Devil World. It could only be considered as the periphery of the desolate zone in comparison to the entire Devil World. However, several young devil experts had acted as soon as they had gotten the news.

The news of the death of a heaven's pride expert could be heard almost every day. Those rarely seen heavens' pride experts had suddenly become an everyday sight. They were falling one after another. The battle situation had become extremely intense.

A large number of human experts had died. However, the condition of the devil race wasn't good either. They had also suffered a great loss.

This place had become like a huge mill of flesh and blood. The heavens' pride experts who were considered as peerless geniuses earlier were nothing here. They could die at any time.

More and more young devil experts had arrived from various places of Devil World after they had obtained the news. The devil clans whom the experts of the True Martial World had rarely seen had arrived one after another in front of everyone now.

There were eight big Devil Clans. They were the main clans. Also, there were others who were the members of some rarely-seen devil clans. They might not be members of any of the eight major clans. However, the strength of those devil experts couldn't be despised either.

It was an overwhelming battle… It was a bloodbath. Countless experts of both parties had died. However, those who had survived must've obtained enormous experience. They had suffered disastrous losses. However, it was also worth it.

Those who had survived could make enormous breakthroughs. All of them could become elites in the future. It was a huge loss for those big forces who would pursue a genius over a thousand mediocre experts. However, they could still tolerate it.

Time passed day by day. The fight between the devils and the humans had become more and more intense. However, the powerful force that was leading the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa hadn't given up the idea of encircling and killing Ye Xiwen. They had unceasingly issued big statements. They wanted Ye Xiwen to surrender himself. They had also unceasingly put out baits in order to lure and deceive Ye Xiwen.

It's just that Ye Xiwen didn't appear. He took advantage of the critical situation of the youths of devil race, and unceasingly killed those devil experts. He didn't care about the fact that he was considered as an unrivalled opponent by those young devil experts.

He himself would go and pick a fight with them if they didn't provoke him. He would do so in order to temper himself and fill his pockets.

It wasn't that he didn't know about the movements of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the others. However, he couldn't take out time to deal with them. This whole chaotic situation continued for half-year.

The Devil World Competition of this time was approaching its end now. It was about to end after a few more months. Everyone must return to the True Martial World no matter how much profit they had obtained or whether they had earned any profit or not. This was the mutual agreement between both sides. Therefore, it was impossible to continue the Devil World competition any further.

In a remote mountain range… Ye Xiwen stretched out his big hand, grabbed a devil expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm, and crushed him. Then, his flesh and essence was thoroughly absorbed by him.

"Is Devil World competition finally going to end?" Ye Xiwen sighed. He had obtained many benefits in this Devil World competition. Therefore, he wasn't happy that the Devil World competition was ending…

"It's finally ending. Great! I can finally go to the human world now!" Ye Xiwen was a bit sad. However, Ling Fei was very happy. She had been with Ye Xiwen for almost a year. She had already gotten bored of staying here. She might've left due to impatience if she hadn't been promised to by Ye Xiwen that he would take her to the human world.

Ye Xiwen looked at Ling Fei jumping in joy like a small girl in the distance. He couldn't help but reveal a smiling expression. He had learnt everything about Ling Fei after interacting with her for more than a year's time. She was like a small and immature girl since the beginning. She possessed outstanding strength. However, she hadn't matured mentally.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen felt a profound fragrance coming from behind him and entering his nose. Then, a pair of arms hooped around his neck like two snow-white roots of lotus. After that, Ling Fei's joyous laughter entered his ears.

She was a simple-minded and naive person. She had thought that she should be good towards Ye Xiwen since Ye Xiwen had been good towards her in the last one year. She didn't' consider him as an outsider anymore.

Ye Xiwen could feel the pressure of that pair of plump bunnies on his back. He couldn't help but be startled as a result. He immediately regained his calm. Ling Fei had already gone somewhere else jumping. He saw her running madly as far as he could see. The entire mountain forest reverberated with the vigorous roars of devil beasts. However, Ye Xiwen wasn't a bit worried for Ling Fei.

He should rather be worried for those devil beasts. The vigorous roars of those devil beasts soon transformed into screams just like it was expected. This sister looked very cute. However, she had always been a ferocious devil. So, provoking her wasn't a good idea.

Ye Xiwen felt numb in his scalp as he thought of the day when he had met her for the first time… She had almost killed him that day. Fortunately, he had reacted quickly. Otherwise, he would've been killed by her. Then, he wouldn't have had any place where he could go and cry.

Ye Xiwen let out an enormous smile from the corner of his mouth after he heard Ling Fei's unscrupulous laughter. It seemed as if all of his worries had vanished on hearing Ling Fei's simple-minded laughter.

However, the smile on his face suddenly vanished. His complexion turned ice-cold as he thought of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa who were clamouring that they would chase and kill him. He was also thinking about some other people who had evil intentions for him.

He hadn't had enough time to go and settle them earlier. These guys thought that he was weak. That's why they were clamouring even more loudly. They were also making noise on the rumor that he didn't dare to fight.

Ye Xiwen let out a sneer from the corner of his mouth, "They want to fight. So, I shall give it to them. I — Ye Xiwen — am coming back!"

(To be continued)

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