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Ye Xiwen didn't hurry to head out after he had killed that young expert of the Hidden Devil Clan. Instead, he began deducing the cultivation method of the 'Nine Spirit Shadows'.

Ye Xiwen had had just a glimpse of Yin Luo's soul and memory. He hadn't gotten the chance to see many aspects. He had just seen a few surface parts. Therefore, he was having trouble in deducing this technique since he couldn't form a complete concept. In fact, he couldn't even build a general outline of this technique; let alone deducing the specific cultivation method.

Ye Xiwen had already consumed around 100 million Primary Spirit Dans. So, he had no choice but to give up the idea of cultivating the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique for the time being.

Ye Xiwen was quite frustrated. However, the fact that he could deduce it superficially would already be enough to leave the entire Devil World in shock.

'Nine Spirit Shadows' was the Hidden Devil Clan's own technique. Its fame shook the entire Devil World. One would certainly think of 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique if the name of the Hidden Devil Clan was mentioned to them. After all, one could generate nine powerful avatars after they had cultivated the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique to the peak.

This method could be said to be against the heaven's will.

However, not many people would want to cultivate the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique even if they knew about its capability. There were two reasons behind this... The first one was that the Hidden Devil Clan had kept this technique hidden to such an extent that not everyone even in their own clan had gotten the opportunity to inherit it.

The other reason was that the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique had been created on the basis of the special physique of the Hidden Devils. So, other clans couldn't learn it.

Such a situation was very normal in the Devil World since there were several clans here… Every clan was completely different from the other. Each clan had their own trademark power techniques which were very difficult for the other clans to learn.

This was completely different from the human race. The physiques of people in the human race were different from each other because of different living areas. However, there wasn't much difference between them apart from this. They were all same on the inside.

Everyone's body from inside was same unless one possessed a special bloodline. Therefore, the power techniques among humans were common. That's why it was crucial to look after those techniques.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen might not have been able to cultivate the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique even if he had obtained its complete version. That's because one mustn't look at the external appearance of the experts of the Hidden Devil Clan; it was almost similar to that of humans. But, there was a huge difference from inside between both physiques. It wasn't same at all. There was no way to treat them equally.

This was also the reason why Ye Xiwen couldn't completely deduce the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique even after he had consumed 100 million Primary Spirit Dans.

He must deduce the theory of 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique first. Then, he must create this technique from scratch as per his physique. This difficulty was no less than creating the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique from thin air.

Therefore, he had given up the idea of cultivating the 'Nine Spirit Shadows' technique soon after he had consumed 100 million Primary Spirit Dans. After all, he didn't have a large amount of Primary Spirit Dans. He only had enough Primary Spirit Dans for summoning the Star Colossus Avatar once apart from his own requirement for cultivation and Ye Mo's requirement to promote to a Great Sage tool.

He could summon the Star Colossus's Avatar just once in this Devil World where danger lurked in every corner. So, his safety had undoubtedly reduced enormously.

Ye Xiwen was deeply concerned with the shortage of Primary Spirit Dans. So, he planned to plunder wealth from the bodies of the numerous devil beasts present in the Devil World.

Many of these devils had been alive since hundred years or even thousand years. So, they must have gathered a lot of wealth. They would especially possess Magic Crystal Stones. These stones might not be too precious for other people. After all, they would need to follow several troublesome procedures to transform them into usable spirit stones. However, Ye Xiwen could absorb this wealth directly.

So, it could be said that the Magic Crystal Stones and the Primary Spirit Dans were the same for him. He didn't need any matrix formation to transform them.

Ye Xiwen went deeper into the Devil World. It was like following the path of one's own doom for ordinary human experts because their auras could attract many coveting devil experts.

It could be said that the exuberant vitality of the humans was like the brightest lamp for attracting the devils in this wilderness. In fact, the higher-ups in both the Devil World and the True Martial World had mutually agreed not to send their formidable experts of older generations here. However, they could venture till the boundary of this desolate area without any hesitation. Therefore, many experts didn't want to leave the boundary of the desolate zone.

However, it was no big deal for Ye Xiwen. After all, he needed to attract those devils, kill them, and plunder their wealth. He had also cultivated his 'Restraining Breath Technique' to an extremely profound condition by now. Therefore, he could disguise into a devil for as long as he wanted to. Nobody could recognize him.

That's why he had dared to go into the depths of the Devil World without any hesitation… Ling Fei had strongly opposed this idea. After all, she had spent so much time and money in order to escape from inside. However, she had to once again go inside now. This was extremely depressing for her.

However, she couldn't change Ye Xiwen's mind in the end, and went with him into the depths of the Devil World.

Ye Xiwen was flying in the sky above the Devil World after having transformed into a streamer of light. He had set his aura free without any hesitation. His surging vitality quite quickly attracted a devil.

"Ye Xiwen, there's a devil up ahead!" Ling Fei warned him.

However, Ling Fei didn't need to remind him since he had already sensed the aura of that devil. That devil had completely released his aura without any hesitation as if he didn't care about getting discovered by Ye Xiwen.

However, Ye Xiwen was leagues above him when it came to being arrogant. He was the only human being in the domain of the Devil World who would unscrupulously set his aura free in order to attract those devil experts. He was simply reckless.

"Human, you're quite courageous. I've heard that you've come for the so-called Devil World Competition. You've dared to consider us devils as objects to train yourself. I don't know whether you're arrogant or dumb!" That devil expert arrived in front of Ye Xiwen; he was clad in armor. He looked insolent. He looked down on Ye Xiwen.

He believed that Ye Xiwen was just a nonentity of Sage Accomplished realm. Ye Xiwen wouldn't be regarded as a powerful person even in the ranks of human experts. He thought that Ye Xiwen might have lost his way and come to this place.

In fact, Ye Xiwen had already come far away from the competition zone. He was still at the boundary of the desolate zone. However, only a few human experts would come out here.

This human had now appeared here to deliver merit points into his hands… True Martial World allotted merit points to their experts for killing devil experts. But, the Devil Race also had a corresponding system.

[This human of Sage Accomplished realm has brought big benefits for me. I'll obtain corresponding merit points on killing him. Moreover, my martial power will rise after swallowing him. I can also rob his wealth. I've gotten many things at once!]


Ye Xiwen just spat out this word. Then, he looked at this devil who seemed to have cultivated till the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. This devil expert's martial power was extremely profound. It was clear that he had been in the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm for many years now.

The difference between sage realm and Great Sage realm was as massive as the separation between Heaven and Earth. However, this wasn't true just for the humans. It was the same for the devils. There was no exception.

He might not be able to cross the threshold of the Great Sage realm in his entire life if he didn't come across special adventures. The lifespan of the devils was obviously inherently far more than that of humans. So, they also had more opportunities of becoming Great Sage than humans.

This devil didn't know that he was considering Ye Xiwen as his bloody meal. However, Ye Xiwen believed that the devil was a huge supplement for him. He could completely transform his blood essence into the energy that he required with the help of the Heavenly Source Mirror.

"Fu fu… your death is near at hand. Still, you are retorting strongly!" That devil expert burst into laughter. His laughter sounded like the voice of an old crow. It was hoarse and unpleasant to hear.

That devil attacked amid his weird laughter… His palm transformed into a sky-obscuring hand, and swept out towards Ye Xiwen. His palm was pitch-black just like charcoal. However, it was still emitting a trace of lustre. He had already cultivated this claw technique to an extremely profound state. It seemed as if this attack would break the world.

"Audacious!" Ye Xiwen sneered. It would've been very difficult for Ye Xiwen to deal with a devil expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm if it had happened earlier. However, it was nothing for the current Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen didn't conceal his aura. On the contrary, he had set it free ostentatiously in order to attract idiots like this devil.

Ye Xiwen stretched out his hand. And, it transformed into a big flaming hand… The Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand swept out, and collided with that massive devil hand.


Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand instantly extinguished that devil Hand. Consequently, it became obvious that these two weren't on the same level.

Ye Xiwen's strength was already above this devil expert. Moreover, this devil expert's big hand had been condensed merely from the ordinary 'devil energies' present in the environment. So, how could it have contended against Ye Xiwen's Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand?

"How can he be so powerful?!" That devil expert said as he saw that Ye Xiwen had destroyed his big hand in an instant. He had obviously come to know by now that Ye Xiwen was way more powerful than him.

That devil expert turned around and escaped without any hesitation immediately after this probing attack. He hadn't used his entire strength. However, he certainly didn't want to use his entire strength now after he had seen Ye Xiwen's unfazed appearance. He had realized that it would've made no difference if he had tried.

Ye Xiwen was a bit surprised by this. After all, he hadn't expected that this devil expert would run away so quickly. He had changed his mind quite quickly. He had escaped immediately after coming to know that he wasn't a match for Ye Xiwen. It was rare to see such cowardly devils nowadays.

It was hard to say whether this devil was aware of where he stood or he was simply a coward.

Anyway, how could Ye Xiwen let him go? He pierced his palm with his five fingers. And, his fist transformed into a huge star, and smashed down.


Ye Xiwen's fist pressure entrapped that devil expert just like a prison, and transformed him into a mass of blood fog. Then, the Heavenly Source Mirror absorbed the blood fog, and transformed it into Primary Essence. After that, Ye Xiwen absorbed that Primary Essence.

That devil expert's wealth exploded out in a split second. And, all of it got grabbed by Ye Xiwen. Ye Xiwen calculated it roughly; it was approximately 30 million Primary Spirit Dans worth of wealth. This wasn't much for Ye Xiwen. However, he wasn't a bit dissatisfied as many little drops would make an ocean.

He didn't hesitate even a bit after he thought of this. The pair of devil wings unfolded behind his body, and he quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Ling Fei just shook her head. She was bored. She looked all around the place, bit her lips, and followed him. She also transformed into a streamer of light, and disappeared into the horizon.

(To be continued)

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