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Bi Jing Wei had initially been ranked ninth on the merit list. But, he had moved to the eighth rank now. He had planned to kill Shou Kun. However, who would've imagined that Shou Kun would find out about his plan, and launch a surprise attack on them in advance along with the experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. Shou Kun had come close to killing several experts of the True Martial University, and they had almost suffered a crushing defeat.

However, someone had moved into action right then... It was Ye Xiwen. He had thoroughly defeated Shou Kun with a powerful attack. Then, he had taken advantage of the situation, and killed Li Yi Feng as well.

He had killed two senior experts who had been ranked among the Top 20 personalities. This method was extremely world-shaking. In fact, another rumor said that Shou Kun had made the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm on the spot. However, he had still been killed by Ye Xiwen.

However, nobody believed this rumor. After all, Ye Xiwen was an insignificant expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm. Many people believed that he was just a nonentity. He wasn't even worth mentioning.

He was an expert of the Sage Great Perfection realm. But, he had defeated an expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. It was already equal to snatching good luck from the heavens… Was it that easy to cross the barrier between the Great Sage realm and the sage realm? This barrier was as big as the separation between Heaven and Earth for many people.

These experts who had participated in this Devil World Competition were well-known figures among the core disciples. However, they still lacked strength while facing the threshold of the Great Sage realm.

Moreover, they had never heard about any secret method that could suddenly promote a person's cultivation from the sage realm to the Great Sage realm.

Therefore, this rumor was only considered as ridiculous. And, it quickly got overshadowed by many of the other rumors.

As per the rumors… Ye Xiwen had used some secret method as well as great divine power, and killed two senior experts who were ranked among the Top 20 experts on the merit list. Many people felt that he had used some secret method. However, it was still extremely shocking and incredible.

Ye Xiwen's ranking on the merit list showed that thousands of experts were still above him. Consequently, Ye Xiwen had suddenly become famous as a young hero even though he had been an unknown entity before.

However, many voices of doubt had emerged against Ye Xiwen when his fame rose all of a sudden.

"He's just a lucky boy who uses cheap tricks… He has certainly obtained this cheap advantage because of joining hands with Bi Jing Wei!" someone who didn't believe the rumors said.

Several people believed this statement… In fact, much more people believed this statement as compared to the rumour that said that Ye Xiwen had killed Shou Kun and Li Yi Feng after he had increased his martial power enormously using a secret method. After all, this statement seemed much more reasonable than that rumor.

"Why did he have to be so rampant? The people of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa will certainly get offended. He'll have to face the encirclement and pursuit of these experts when the time comes. Then, it'll be a dead end for him. He may have some secret method for increasing his martial power. But, he can't use it again and again. After all, such methods always have huge repercussions!"

Someone said somewhat disdainfully. He looked down on Ye Xiwen even more after he came to know that Ye Xiwen had used some secret method. Such secret methods possessed outstanding might. However, they often had irreversible repercussions. And, the more powerful a secret method was, the more severe its repercussions would be. Ye Xiwen had killed Shou Kun with the strength of the Sage Great Perfection realm. So, one could well-imagine how powerful this secret method must have been…

However, more powerful also meant that it would have more serious side-effects… Consequently, it wouldn't be that easy to survive while facing the encirclement and pursuit of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa.

Moreover, a thought arose in the minds of many people who had heard this... A nonentity of the Sage Great Perfection realm had killed Shou Kun… the same Shou Kun who had been a peerless expert in the half-step Great Sage realm…? So, this secret method must be extremely ferocious. Therefore, it would have a very big side effect. However, countless people still wanted to obtain it. They wanted to obtain it for the moment when they would need it.

[It may have big side effects. But, would those side-effects be so serious that they would lead to death?]

[The chances of a person's survival who has such a secret technique to protect himself would rise enormously in this Devil World.]

These people wanted to find Ye Xiwen for various purposes. They wanted to steal his martial techniques, secrets methods, and so on.

The Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa had lost many experts. On top of that, they had suffered great humiliation, and their vitality had sustained a huge injury. Therefore, they weren't ready to let go this matter. They vowed to hunt down and kill Ye Xiwen.

"Ye Xiwen's heinous act has made us very angry. He is a sworn enemy of my Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa from today. Anyone who gives us his information will get a reward of 10 million Primary Spirit Dans. And, whoever kills him will get 500 million Primary Spirit Dans!"

This news set off a storm as soon as it came out!

There was no doubt that even a Great Sage expert would willingly try to find Ye Xiwen for these many Primary Spirit Dans. However, they obviously wouldn't go to find him personally. It would be those big forces behind them that would set out after they got some clues.

500 million Primary Spirit Dans was a huge amount. However, it was nothing for colossuses like the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa.

Both Li Yi Feng and Shou Kun were top geniuses who had been nurtured by them with the utmost care. And, both of them had unexpectedly died at Ye Xiwen's hands now. So, how could they be willing to leave this matter?

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen was in the limelight. And, everyone's focus was fixed on him regardless of the purpose they had in mind.

Especially, the reward issued by the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa had made countless people restless. And, many outstanding talents who were believed to have peerless martial arts accomplishments left to look for Ye Xiwen in quick succession. After all, they wanted to obtain these rewards.

It could be reckoned that the person who'd kill Ye Xiwen would reach heaven in a single bound. One could directly reach the Great Sage realm depending upon the consumption of Primary Spirit Dans if they had 500 million Primary Spirit Dans in their hands.

Many people were confident that they could finish this mission. After all, all of them were outstanding talents.

The True Martial University hadn't made any noise at first. But, it finally moved into action at this time. Bi Jing Wei and few other leaders of the True Martial University issued a joint statement — [Whoever dares to help the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa better be prepared to be hunted down by the True Martial University.]

[Ye Xiwen is under the protection of the True Martial University. So, whoever tries to cause trouble for him will provoke the wrath of the entire True Martial University.]

The True Martial University had declined. It couldn't be compared with the True Martial University of the old. However, it had declined only in comparison to its status of those days. It was still a colossus as far as the other forces were concerned. Therefore, this statement had immediately deterred the people who had been ready to cause trouble.

The amount of Primary Spirit Dans was huge indeed. However, they'd need to be alive in order to make use of those Primary Spirit Dans.

The True Martial University's intervention had made this extremely chaotic matter even more confusing. In fact, it was equivalent to having an acrimonious falling-out with the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall.

The Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had suffered heavy losses. So, they had been the victims in everyone's opinion initially. Therefore, many people had believed that it would be worthwhile to use an unknown boy like Ye Xiwen for quelling the rage of these two big forces.

However, this matter had taken the shape of a confrontation between two forces now. And, this was a huge deal. The loss of one or two individuals usually couldn't sway the foundation between two forces. After all, making compromises with each other was of utmost importance.

However, it was said that a violent quarrel had broken out between the leaders of the True Martial University on the issue of whether they should protect Ye Xiwen from death or not?

Some people believed that they would be treating Ye Xiwen fairly as long as they weren't causing trouble for other forces for his sake. After all, Ye Xiwen's life was still insignificant in comparison to the entire True Martial University.

However, Bi Jing Wei stood his ground against the opinions of the masses. He eventually facilitated the resolution that he would protect Ye Xiwen from death.

The True Martial University had several huge conflicts with the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa after this resolution was made. And, both sides suffered casualties as a result.

The desolate areas of the entire Devil World suddenly exploded and began to boil like a pot!

Everyone's attention was fixed on this matter. It must be said that Ye Xiwen should've been one of the leaders in all this. However, he had suddenly disappeared instead. Everyone was endlessly arguing for his matter. But, he had disappeared without a trace… In fact, it seemed as if he had never existed in this world.

Some people said that he was a coward, and was hiding somewhere. However, he didn't appear no matter what people said.

Inside the boundless Devil Beast Mountain Range…

Endless devil energy was surging towards a place whilst taking the shape of a huge funnel. It seemed as if a monster was sucking-in all the devil energy from the environment.

It had created a big spectacle. However, many devil beasts didn't dare to approach that place. After all, devil beasts weren't like humans… They could only hide far away on coming across such a powerful being.

Inside the mountain range… Ling Fei was pacing back-and-forth outside a cave. She appeared somewhat impatient. She would peek inside the cave from time to time whilst complaining, "So boring… Die Ye Xiwen… Stinky Ye Xiwen… He had even said that he would take me to the human world! But, he has deceived me!"

"Elder Brother hasn't cheated you. He just has to deal with some matters in the Devil World first," Xiao Ya's crisp voice came from the other side. Her delicate and small face was filled with a serious look.

"Well, you always take his side. This is very boring!" Ling Fei pouted her small mouth whilst being dissatisfied. She would usually have a comeback to anything. However, she would feel defeated whenever she would see Xiao Ya's face.

Ling Fei would sometimes seem like an unreasonable person who liked to create a scene. Well, only sometimes… That's all. However, she felt helpless while facing Xiao Ya. After all, Xiao Ya would only recognize whatever Ye Xiwen would say as right.

Ling Fei couldn't say what she wanted to when she looked at Xiao Ya's serious appearance.

However, she also knew that Ye Xiwen was still in the Devil World Competition, and that she could follow him once the Devil World competition ended.

She became excited as she thought of this since she had gotten bored of watching the same Devil World again and again. In fact, she had already thought to go and take a look at the human world since it was like a world filled with life and beauty in the fables.

Moreover, she had found that it would be much more exciting than all her past experiences since she would often come across people who were looking for trouble. And, she had found this after she had followed Ye Xiwen for these last few months. The battle between Ye Xiwen and the troublemakers wouldn't look impressive to her. However, she would still watch it with great interest. After all, who would dare to attack her in her clan?

She was immersed in her imagination. Meanwhile, the devil energy in the surroundings began to enter the cave at a great speed, and formed a huge cyclone.


Suddenly, a boundless majestic aura emerged out throughout the mountain range. Then, the devil energy and the principles in the surroundings began to crazily twist and squeeze under this imposing aura.

A long time passed. Then, this imposing aura finally disappeared without a trace, and a cyan figure came out from it…

Ye Xiwen's face exposed a smile after he saw the two individuals who were standing guard at the entrance. He had finally succeeded after several months of closed-door training. He had finally made the breakthrough into Sage Accomplished realm! He had finally accomplished the cultivation of sage realm!

(To be continued)

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