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He had consumed 300 million Primary Spirit Dans in the last few months of closed-door training. However, he had no regrets. After all, his fighting prowess had once again taken a huge leap after he had made the breakthrough into the Sage Accomplished realm. This was the most accomplished stage one could reach during the cultivation in the entire sage realm. Consequently, his entire person had transformed now…

Sage realm was the realm in which the transformation of body would take place. So, one's body would've transformed completely after they had cultivated to the Sage Accomplished realm… It would become a perfect body. In fact, it would be the most perfect body which had transformed under the effect of the entire world's power.

The ultimate goal of martial cultivators was to become immortals like Gods. And, what is God? God is majestic… God is invincible… God is perfect... God is supreme. In short, all the praises of the entire world can be used for God.

God's body is perfect and formidable. The body of a martial cultivator who had come out of sage realm might not be extremely tyrannical… especially in comparison to the bodies of Great Sages and the almighties beyond them. However, it would still be considered perfect.

Ye Xiwen's current appearance could only be considered as delicate and slim. It wasn't outstanding. However, his three foundations — soul, vitality and body — had completely transformed, and were radiating health and vigor.

Ye Xiwen had made the breakthrough into the Sage Accomplished realm. So, he was confident that he could explode an ordinary expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm in one punch. He could even defeat a common heaven's pride expert with ease.

However, he knew that he still hadn't reached the pinnacle. This was because he knew that he might still not be a match for people like Shou Kun and Bi Jing Wei. After all, these people were the heaven's pride experts among the heaven's pride level experts. They had tyrannical strength and profound accumulation. So, Ye Xiwen was still slightly inferior to them. However, he would be able to defeat people like Shou Kun depending solely upon his own strength if he was given some time to stabilize in this realm.

Therefore, it could be said that Ye Xiwen's current strength had made him qualified to walk unhindered among the core disciples.

Only the true disciples were above him now. Those true disciples were very few. However, each of them was far more tyrannical than an ordinary heaven's pride expert. Moreover, they had the hope of making a breakthrough to the level of Supreme Lord in the future.

On the other hand, Ye Xiwen had no hopes of reaching that stage at present.

"Ye Xiwen, you've finally come out. These last few months have been extremely boring!" Ling Fei complained to Ye Xiwen. She had nearly gotten bored to death in these last few months when Ye Xiwen had been in closed-door training. In fact, she might've gone insane if Xiao Ya hadn't said a few things to her from time to time.

These frequent closed-door trainings were very hard to endure in her opinion. After all, she had smoothly cultivated beyond Ye Xiwen's cultivation… She had smoothly made the breakthroughs step by step. Therefore, closed-door trainings and whatnot weren't practical concepts in her opinion.

Ye Xiwen grinned in response. A few months had passed. However, he didn't feel that too much time had passed. And, that's because this was the easiest closed-door training that he had ever had. And, it was only because a Great Sage level expert like Ling Fei had been keeping watch outside. Therefore, this experience had been much smoother for him than any other thing.

The last few months had passed in an instant. However, many world-shaking matters had taken place in this period. Ye Xiwen hadn't been present outside. However, he had been keeping an eye… especially on the people who had been stirring up trouble outside. Therefore, he knew that many people had been planning to take his head in order to obtain that reward of 500 million Primary Spirit Dans.

Ye Xiwen sneered. [Some people are thinking about using me for making profit? Let them come and try. Let's see how many reckless people will come to die.]

The True Martial University had issued the statement that they would protect Ye Xiwen. In fact, they had said that death would be lingering upon the person who'd dare to go after him. Whoever would dare to make a move would be exterminated!

Ye Xiwen wasn't a kind-hearted person to being with. But, he would be even worse to the errant people who'd make a conspiracy against him.

"Who's there?!" Ling Fei looked to the other side. She looked at a distant place as she shouted. Her shout transformed into sonic arrows, smashed the void with lightning speed, and swept towards that figure.

"Haa!" That figure broke through the vast sky while avoiding the sonic arrows. He had used a mysterious agility skill, and had instantly arrived in front of Ye Xiwen to kill him.

He then slashed out a sword-light, and it instantly reached to Ye Xiwen's forehead like a flying fairy. It had seemed as if a sword had pierced through the sky and landed in front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen's face exposed a stunned look. However, his hand's movement didn't become disordered. This was the biggest difference between him and Ling Fei. After all, Long Fei had grown up in a favourable environment. However, Ye Xiwen was different in this regard. In fact, it wasn't clear how many times he had experienced life and death battles in his entire life. So, he was accustomed to being calm and composed even in the most dangerous situations.

That's because he knew that getting nervous was pointless. Only being calm and composed was right.

The sword-light's speed was extremely fast. In fact, it ripped apart a huge black rift in the space as if it were a painting as it rushed towards Ye Xiwen. Its target was clear.

Its speed was fast. However, Ye Xiwen's speed was even faster. A big hand suddenly stretched out… The sword-light was about to strike Ye Xiwen's forehead. But, the big hand suddenly transformed into boundless golden lights, and grabbed that sword-light!


Every bit of sword-light that came in contact with the golden lights broke down, and transformed into fine dust. It couldn't pose any fatal threat to Ye Xiwen.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen coldly snorted. Then, a big hand stretched out. It passed through the horizon, and the surrounding space immediately got locked by him. This was a kind of magical power of a Great Sage. His fighting prowess had already far surpassed sage realm, and had reached to this point. He couldn't lock the space as easily as Ling Fei had done earlier. However, he had also done it to a certain extent.

A figure appeared in the sky as expected. It couldn't remain hidden any more. It was a slightly petite figure. It was a normal-looking man. His entire body was dark, and his face seemed to be covered with thick fog. His face wasn't clearly visible.

His figure was entirely different from the tall and sturdy figure of a common devil.

"Ye Xiwen, be careful. He's a member of the Hidden Devil Clan!" Ye Mo promptly reminded.

Ye Xiwen's expression suddenly turned cold. After all, this man was a member of the Hidden Devil Clan. This clan was one of the eight big devil clans. The Fallen Angel Clan could said to be the most mysterious and noble clan among the eight major devil clans. But, the Hidden Devil Clan was extremely strange on the other hand. In fact, it was famous as a clan of assassins in the Devil World.

They were born with the ability to assassinate. In fact, all the abilities that they were born with were suited for assassination. It could be said that a sage level expert from this clan could assassinate even a Great Sage by catching them off-guard.

Great Sages had dreadful strength and divine sense. So, they would easily find out if an ordinary person approached them… even if they hadn't been paying full attention to the situation around them. So, one could well-imagine how outstanding the stealth skill of the Hidden Devil Clan was.

Ye Xiwen hadn't sensed him. It would've taken him some time to discover the assassin if Ling Fei hadn't found and exposed him first.

These experts of the Hidden Devil Clan were masters in the art of assassination. But, this didn't mean that they weren't ferocious in fighting head-on. However, many people would often forget their dreadful strength… How could they kill a Great Sage depending upon the strength of sage realm if they didn't have enough attacking strength? A Great Sage may be standing motionless, and not paying attention to anything around them. However, it must be noted that the Great Sage's body would still be extremely tyrannical… In fact, a Great Sage could explode an entire mountain range with the flick of a finger.

Ye Xiwen's expression had turned solemn. Provoking these natural assassins was very troublesome. Even Ye Mo had very rarely talked about them in his introductions in the past. They were very troublesome because one could face these assassins of the Hidden Devil Clan anytime and anywhere.

The Hidden Devil Clan would kill the opposite party without any hesitation… anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. They would have no scruples whatsoever. Moreover, they weren't scared to run into a dreadful target. Instead, the thing that they would be most scared about was meeting a shameless person who didn't care about using any method.

This was also the reason why Shou Kun had earned a bad reputation despite having tyrannical strength. He could've obviously advanced to the Great Sage realm. However, he hadn't done so. Instead, he had planned to bully the younger generation. Such reputation wasn't good.

"Who are you? And, why are you looking for me?" Ye Xiwen looked at the opposite party with his profound gaze, and coldly asked. Ye Xiwen had clearly understood that he was this enemy's target. After all, the recent attack had made it evident that this assassin hadn't run into him by accident.

He had initially thought that this expert of the Hidden Devil Clan might have accidentally run into him. After all, this was a blood-and-flesh-mill-like battlefield of humans and devils where both parties were slaughtering each other... Both parties would go all-out in order to kill the enemy if they came across each other. There was nothing to say in this regard.

However, Ye Xiwen's and Ling Fei's situation was obviously a bit special.

That youth of the Hidden Devil Clan replied in a humming voice, "You're Ye Xiwen, right? I've heard that there is a reward of 500 million Primary Spirit Dans on your head. Ha ha ha ha ha…"

"Ha ha!" Ye Xiwen laughed, and exposed his pure-white teeth. "So… even the devils know about this matter! However, I don't know if you will live to get that reward!"

[This expert of the Hidden Devil Clan is amusing. He wants to receive a reward from the humans. I don't know what to say. Is he reckless or is he simply courting death?]

"Naturally, I have my methods. It's enough as long as I'm sure that you're Ye Xiwen!" that youth of the Hidden Devil Clan sneered. It was clear that he didn't give importance to Ye Xiwen's words. He was just thinking about his own methods.

"Don't tell me they've dared to collaborate with the enemies," Ye Xiwen narrowed his eyes… There was an ample amount of killing intention in them. The deep hatred between humans and devils had already surmounted the barriers of the two worlds. So, the people who would dare to collaborate with the devils would certainly draw the collective strangulation of the entire human race.

After all, matters like that of Devil Worship Cult couldn't be allowed to take place again.

"You don't need to be concerned about it. Just go to hell, and tell the King of Hell that the name of the man who had killed you is Yin Luo!" that youth of the Hidden Devil Clan suddenly shouted. Then, the longsword in his hand began to make a sizzling sound. And, stunning sword-beams soared to the sky the next moment!

He then suddenly trod forward… He transformed into a meteor, penetrated through the vast sky, and arrived in front of Ye Xiwen. The longsword issued a metal clanging sound, and smashed down!


The entire space was distorted, and the mountain on which Ye Xiwen had been standing collapsed in a flash!

(To be continued)

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