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He must hide now. He must try to find a place where he could digest this time's gains. Moreover, this time's matter had been a wake-up call for him. He had realized that there was still a huge disparity between him and the top-tier experts. He obviously couldn't deal with those Great Sages. However, he didn't even have a way to deal with the experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. After all, he couldn't summon the Star Colossus's Avatar every time... He needed 100 million Primary Spirit Dans just to promote his fighting prowess to the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. So, he could forget about promoting it to the Great Sage realm.

Ye Xiwen possessed far more wealth than an ordinary Great Sage. However, he couldn't spend it so crazily. Therefore, it would be better to promote his own strength instead of relying upon the Star Colossus's Avatar to replace him every time.

How much wealth would he be able to save in that case?

Becoming top-tier meant that he would need to reach the most peak condition of the sage realm. Thereafter, he could touch the edge of the Great Sage realm.

"Brother Ye, please do as you please!" Bi Jing Wei cupped his hands in obeisance, and said. He didn't dare to stop Ye Xiwen from leaving.

He had also seen that Ye Xiwen had suddenly revealed the fighting prowess of the Great Sage realm. However, it had happened because of a different method. So, he couldn't interpret it clearly.

The disparity between the Great Sage realm and the sage realm was as massive as the separation between Heaven and Earth. It was impossible for sage level experts to cross this gap even if they believed they could. Therefore, it was unlikely that they would look down upon Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen and Ling Fei stepped across the space, and quickly disappeared from everyone's sight.

"Ha ha… Ye Xiwen, that was too exciting!" Ye Xiwen wasn't feeling anything. However, Ling Fei was quite excited. She was hopping beside him in excitement. It seemed that she had never encountered such an exciting matter in her entire life.

Ye Xiwen couldn't help but laugh. [Ling Fei looks like an innocent young girl. She can feel happy for a long time just by watching a fight between two groups of ants.]

Ling Fei's martial arts accomplishments had already become profound to an unfathomable extent. However, she hadn't matured… Fortunately, she belonged to the Fallen Angel Race; and, this race had been blessed by the heavens. Otherwise, it would be enough to make countless heroes spout a mouthful of blood if a person with such mind cultivated to this extent in the human race. Those experts would get depressed to death.

All the people of the True Martial University let out a sigh of relief when they saw that both of the individuals had gone far away. They had initially suspected that Ye Xiwen might have leaked the secret. However, they had realized that their suspicion had been ridiculous. After all, would Ye Xiwen have put his life on stake if he had leaked the secret?

In fact, these people had become increasingly stunned with every new method that Ye Xiwen had used.

"Is he even human? Such a ferocious man has already appeared in the younger generation?!" a disciple of True Martial University said in disbelief. Ye Xiwen's reputation had naturally spread far and wide in the True martial University. But, that reputation was only as a newcomer.

However, he had become so outstanding when not even a hundred years had passed. So, how could these pompous senior elites endure this?

"It's lucky that such a man is in my True Martial University!" Bi Jing Wei let out a smile from the corner of his mouth, and said. He was delighted after having killed all the people of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa.

He was loyal and devoted to the True Martial University. Therefore, he would be glad if more such talents appeared in the university. He was a bit moved since the older generation was being replaced by the new generation. However, he wasn't jealous in any way.

"Yeah! We've escaped a calamity after being trapped!" someone said gladly. An unexpected accident had occurred while setting up an ambush to kill Shou Kun. And, all of them might have been killed if Ye Xiwen didn't have such formidable strength; no one would have survived. The tragic fate of the people from the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa would've been theirs instead.

"Sorry, we're late!"

Suddenly, a man's voice came from afar. His voice surged about, and arrived just like the sound of thunder. It wasn't very loud. However, it had still dug into the bottom of everyone's heart.

Everyone promptly looked up. A team of dozens of people had broken the void, and arrived in the sky whilst treading flying lights.

They were headed by an old man who seemed to be in his thirties. He had sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes. He looked extremely ice-cold. He was dressed in a black robe. The rest of the people behind him were also dressed in similar clothes. Moreover, every one of them was an elite expert. All of them were in the late stage of the half-step Great Sage realm. People with such strength could be considered as elites.

In fact, this team was comparable to the combined line-up of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa.

This was a team of the True Martial University's Law Enforcement Hall. The Law Enforcement Hall was an organization that used to manage law. So, they had the strength and skill to suppress outstanding heroes. They used to handle all the untamed geniuses of the university. These were the people who were most likely to provoke matters. After all, could an ordinary person have so much courage?

The leader of this team was a member of the Heavenly Punishment Faction. This faction was the most elite group of the Law Enforcement Hall. His name was Fan Yi Cheng.

"Sorry Brother Bi, we've arrived late!" Fan Yi Cheng coldly said. He shot a glance on the surroundings. He could tell that it was in a complete mess. A war had obviously taken place at this place. The space that had broken down far away in the sky hadn't automatically restored yet. So, it was clear that the fight had ended recently…

The ground was dyed in blood, and corpses were lying everywhere. So, it must've been a bitter fight.

"However, it seems that we didn't need to come. You've already settled everything on your own!" a rare smile appeared on Fan Yi Cheng's face as he saw the ground littered with corpses. He was a member of the Law Enforcement Hall. So, it was impossible for him to not get affected by this scene. The people of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa were rebels and traitors in his eyes… Therefore, all of them needed to die.

It was just that he was a bit surprised. Bi Jing Wei's strength wasn't weak. However, those people on the enemy's side had also been elites. So, how had they gotten killed in abundance? Moreover, the True Martial University's team looked in good condition. They didn't seem to have suffered a huge damage.

Bi Jing Wei saw Fan Yi Cheng's expression, and quickly understood what he was thinking. So, he forced a smile, and explained everything to him.

"Ye Xiwen?!" Fan Yi Cheng's complexion turned serious. He wouldn't have had any problem if it had been someone else. However, this man was unfortunately Ye Xiwen. Fan Yi Cheng didn't have a good impression of Ye Xiwen. In fact, the people of the Law Enforcement Hall had encouraged him to lead their team in this Devil World Competition and kill Ye Xiwen.

He hadn't taken this matter seriously back then. After all, it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to contend against him no matter how strong he was. Ye Xiwen had to put so much effort in fighting with Cao Yuyu. So, Ye Xiwen obviously couldn't be compared with him.

Fan Yi Cheng was a member of the Heavenly Punishment Faction. He had never participated in such competitions since he believed that such competitions weren't that important. So, he wasn't interested in it. The members of the Heavenly Punishment Faction used to temper themselves through life or death struggles on ordinary days. Their strength was far more above what ordinary people could imagine. Fan Yi Cheng was of Bi Jing Wei's age. However, his strength was above that of Shou Kun. In fact, he was about to enter the Great Sage realm. However, his aim was similar to that of Shou Kun… He didn't want to slow down after having entered the Great Sage realm. He wanted to lay a good foundation in the half-step Great Sage realm so that he could make the breakthrough into an extremely profound realm of the Great Sage realm in one fell swoop when the time would come.

He had been very confident that he could kill Shou Kun after participating in Bi Jing Wei's ambush plan.

In fact, he looked down on Shou Kun. It was difficult to deal with Shou Kun. However, he could kill Shou Kun in one thunderous strike if he went all-out.

After all, Shou Kun was ranked sixth on the merit list, whereas he was on the second spot... It could be said that the True Martial University had declined over the years. However, its background had become incredibly profound because of dominating the southern region for a long interval of time.

The True Martial University would have a place in the Top 10 positions in every Devil World Competition. Two individuals from the True Martial University were in the Top 10 this year. So, it could be said that it was a very strong year for the university.

Fan Yi Cheng hadn't expected that this matter would leak out. Therefore, he had rushed over here as soon as he had obtained the news. However, he had found that the people of Ten Thousand Beast Villa and Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had already been executed once he got here.

Moreover, he had soon found out that they had been killed by Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen had repeatedly opposed the Law Enforcement Hall. However, Fan Yi Cheng had heard about him only recently.

Ye Xiwen had killed very low level disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall in the beginning. Such people used to die every day in the Law Enforcement Hall. So, it hadn't been a big deal. But then, he had finally grabbed the attention of the Heavenly Punishment Faction's elites after he had defeated Cao Yuyu.

However, the disparity between Cao Yuyu and Shou Kun was similar to the difference between Heaven and Earth. They couldn't be compared. After all, it would've been difficult even for Fan Yi Cheng to deal with Shou Kun if he had come across him. But, Shou Kun had been killed by Ye Xiwen now.

Especially, those experts of the Law Enforcement Hall behind Fan Yi Cheng had thought that it was just a made-up story. In fact, they wouldn't have believed it if Bi Jing Wei and the other strong experts hadn't testified.

Fan Yi Cheng's complexion had turned solemn. However, it wasn't clear what he was thinking.

The news of the slaughtering of the disciples of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall spread to all teams of experts. And, it suddenly caused a huge sensation… as if a stone had stirred up the waves.

It wasn't a secret that Shou Kun had malicious intentions towards the True Martial University. In fact, an old expert like Shou Kun was one of the individuals who used to get maximum attention of the people in every Devil World Competition. He could also be weighed among the powerhouses. It was no news that he had repeatedly targeted the True Martial University.

The Ten Thousand Beasts Villa wasn't only an arch enemy of the True Martial University. It was also their main target. Similarly, True Martial University was the target of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa.

True Martial University's people hated Shou Kun. However, they had no way to deal with him because of his tyrannical strength. Moreover, he rarely used to fight with people. For example… Bai Jian Song had sent a war challenge to Shou Kun. And, Bai Jian Song had been very successful the previous year. However, Shou Kun hadn't accepted the challenge.

Therefore, several people would show contempt for his attitude. However, they didn't doubt his strength.

After all, he had been ranked sixth on the merit list. So, no one could dare to look down upon him.

However, Shou Kun had died now. So, the rankings had automatically shifted up by one place after his name had been wiped out from the merit list. Many people would have refused to believe it if this were to be just hearsay. However, it had to be real since his name had been wiped out from the merit list.

It had caused a huge sensation for a moment. Then, another piece of news spread soon after that… Li Yi Feng had also died at the same time! This was extremely shocking news.

Li Yi Feng's ranking wasn't better than that of Shou Kun. However, he was also ranked among the Top 20 big personalities. He possessed incredible strength. However, he had also died at the same time.

The entire matter gradually unfolded in front of everyone as this news spread out more and more.

(To be continued)

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