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Ye Xiwen had appeared very suddenly. However, Shou Kun didn't remain idle either. He brandished his long blade, and it immediately produced blade-beams. The space made a loud buzzing sound and trembled. This was a 'dao sound'. Every movement of a divine tool contains the presence of 'dao principles' once it arrives at Great Sage level… just like the experts of Great Sage level. Therefore, that vibration and the buzzing sound contained the traces of dao.

In fact, the experts of Houtian and Xiantian realms would've obtained big profits if they had seen it. Shou Kun had tyrannical cultivation. He contained dao on his person to such an extent that he might become the embodiment of dao and transform his very body into dao.

Such dreadful halos displayed incredible might under the control of an unimaginable blade technique. This was Shou Kun's blade technique which he had obtained himself. It was the technique of some ancient sect. And, this blade technique had fallen into his hands after the decline of that sect. He had killed many enemies on several occasions depending solely upon this blade technique.

However, this set of blade techniques was simply nothing in front of Ye Xiwen. It got instantly eradicated by him.

"Stars Chopping Blade!" Shou Kun shouted. Then, his entire 'Real Elemental Energy' condensed and swept out through the hilt of the blade. It carried an abundance of killing intention for Ye Xiwen.

This Great Sage tool completely withstood Shou Kun's fighting prowess. An ordinary sage tool would've exploded if Shou Kun had gone all out and poured out all his power...

Therefore, even Great Sages couldn't display their entire power if they had mere sage tool in their hands. Only Great Sage tools could truly reveal the power of a Great Sage.

Shou Kun possessed a Great Sage tool at present. So, his fighting prowess had gone up to 120%.

However, Ye Xiwen was unfazed by this. He clenched his fist... The surroundings transformed into a boundless starry sky, and clashed down with the incoming blade attack.


The dreadful collision set off a boundless storm... A feeble cracking sound was heard. It wasn't remarkable in the sound of the violent explosion. However, everyone had still heard it quite clearly.

Everyone was left dumbstruck when they saw that the Great Sage long blade had cracked under the explosion.

[This is a Great Sage tool, and someone has grabbed it with bare hands. Moreover, this long blade has been shattered!]

[What is his body made up of that he is so powerful?] Especially, those people of the True Martial University were left dumbstruck. They had also inquired about Ye Xiwen. So, they knew that Ye Xiwen ought to have cultivated a very powerful body technique. However, they hadn't anticipated that he would shatter that Great Sage level long blade with bare hands. This was the result of cultivating a top-tier body technique.

Shou Kun just felt a very large power reverberating. He felt as if a stunning giant power had poured into his hand whilst travelling through the long blade like a powerful spiral. In fact, the web between his thumb and forefinger had been ruptured by the vigorous impact.

He had almost dropped his blade. He simply couldn't hold it anymore. One must know that this Great Sage long blade wasn't just tough. It could also dissolve the majority of power of an attack. However, his palm had still been ruptured. So, one could well imagine how massive this power must have been.

He almost spouted blood fiercely. As the situation stood now... he didn't have an extremely high or lofty enthusiasm like earlier. He had lived for a thousand years. So, it was obvious that not every opponent that he had encountered had been weaker than him. However, he was still alive and kicking while all of his opponents were dead. Moreover, he had now become a very famous person too. What had kept him alive all this time...? It was naturally his wariness. He didn't forge ahead blindly. And, he knew when he must retreat.

However, he had big grievances in his heart now. He had never been bullied by a junior like this. Moreover, he had never suffered such a big defeat either. However, he didn't have any choice but to retreat now. After all, he could still look for an opportunity to attack and kill Ye Xiwen in the future if he retreated right now…

He would have a fair chance to attack and kill Ye Xiwen as long as he escaped.

His accumulation was very profound. Therefore, his cultivation would once again rise sharply within a short time as long as he got enough time. Great Sage initial stage wasn't a match for Ye Xiwen. But, what about Great Sage intermediate stage or Great Sage late stage?

It would be Ye Xiwen's time of death when Shou Kun's cultivation would rise again. Shou Kun could eventually attack and kill Ye Xiwen if he escaped now.

What would Ye Xiwen do at that time even if he possessed formidable strength? Moreover, Shou Kun understood that Ye Xiwen's great strength obviously wasn't his own. It seemed that Ye Xiwen had paid a high price for making a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. Moreover, he didn't believe that Ye Xiwen could produce Great Sage level fighting prowess whenever he wanted.

[It would be impossible for Ye Xiwen to reveal such strength next time. Therefore, it'll be his time of death when I fight him again.]

Shou Kun's entire 'Real Elemental Energy' exploded. His figure was about to fly out of the crater. He had realized that he would be able to kill Ye Xiwen the next time as long as he retreated now. However, couldn't Ye Xiwen have realized this as well?

Ye Xiwen sneered. He knew that he would be in big trouble if he allowed Shou Kun to get away. Ye Xiwen believed that killing Li Yi Feng would be as simple as trampling an ant if he let him escape this time, and fought with him later instead…

However, Shou Kun was different. His almost thousand years of accumulation had made his martial power profound to a dreadful extent. He had deliberately suppressed his martial power in the past since he didn't wish to make a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. Otherwise, he could make successive breakthroughs within a short time as long as he was willing. And, Ye Xiwen wouldn't be able to suppress him if that happened. In fact, he might have to make Ling Fei go into action in that case.

And, Ye Xiwen didn't want that to happen.

"You want to escape?! I won't let you leave this place today!" Ye Xiwen sneered. Countless star-lights erupted from his palm. They then weaved a huge net of starlight and swept towards Shou Kun to shroud him.

It was the Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm. Ye Xiwen's grasp of the Thousand Stars Tyrant Palm wasn't a bit inferior to his understanding of the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. It could be said that any martial technique wasn't an issue for him as long as he had enough 'spirit energies'.

Shou Kun struggled to break free. He wanted to escape from that huge star-net. However, Ye Xiwen's movement was very fast. He obviously wasn't going to let him do so. Consequently, Shou Kun immediately got shrouded by that net...

"This day will be your death anniversary next year!" Ye Xiwen's martial power erupted in its entirety. And, that huge star-net started getting tighter and tighter as a result. Consequently, Shou Kun got completely shrouded by it soon after...



"Bang!" That huge star-net became tighter. Violent explosions occurred unceasingly on Shou Kun's body whenever the star-lights of that huge star-net touched it. Blood splashed out, and he screamed unceasingly. However, it was useless to struggle. After all, he couldn't set himself free from that net no matter how much he tried...

"Damn it! How is this possible?" Li Yi Feng had been defeated by Bi Jing Wei by now. He was a legendary expert. However, Bi Jing Wei had accumulated immense anger, and had vented that anger at this time. Li Yi Feng's strength was slightly weaker than that of Bi Jing Wei. However, the disparity seemed greater at this time.

Li Yi Feng became scared to death when he saw Shou Kun screaming endlessly.

The Great Sage Shou Kun whom he considered as his biggest support was now screaming and struggling like a trapped beast. Therefore, Li Yi Feng had become scared to death when he had seen this scene.

"The Ten Thousand Beasts Villa withdraws from the competition this time!" Ye Xiwen coldly said. Then, a palm suddenly smashed down. Shou Kun who had been screaming endlessly was struck by this palm, and transformed into blood fog. He hadn't had any power to protect himself!

This blood fog had covered the entire sky. However, it soon got absorbed by Ye Mo. That Great Sage long-blade also got absorbed along with the blood fog.

"Ha ha ha… Ye Xiwen, it's great. Absorbing the blood essence of this Great Sage has led to a new beginning. I'm about to make a breakthrough and become a Great Sage tool myself!" Ye Mo shouted in excitement.

He had been waiting for this day since a very long time. However, this situation would be completely different if he could get the support of an intact Great Sage tool.

Ye Xiwen had already caught a Great Sage tool twice with bare hands. His body was tough enough. However, he had been in a difficult situation the last time he had dealt with a Great Sage tool. So, it would save him a lot of trouble if he also had a Great Sage tool. After all, blood had splashed out from his hand when he had grabbed the Demon Inscribed Tablet. However, he hadn't had any other way at that time. So, he had been forced to withstand it with clenched teeth back then...

Ye Mo submerged into the depths of the Heavenly Source Mirror as soon as he was done talking. He then began the closed-door training to make a breakthrough and become a Great Sage tool. Only Ye Mo was like this among all the divine tools that Ye Xiwen had seen so far. He had never heard of any other divine tool evolving through such a method.

"Let's go quickly. This man is extremely ferocious. We must escape quickly. Otherwise, I'm afraid that all of us will die here!"

Some people's courage suddenly crumbled when they saw that Shou Kun had died in Ye Xiwen's hands. So, they quickly turned around to escape.

"Let's escape quickly. Wait until we gather even more tyrannical experts. Then, we'll come back, and kill this monster!"

"Run quickly!"

The disciples of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall finally panicked. Each of them was powerful enough to take charge of a region. The situations in which they would be perturbed had been quite rare up until now. However, they couldn't keep calm when they saw that Shou Kun had been killed on the spot.

They were extremely close to death at this time. In fact, they might die at any time!

"True Martial University, you are a sworn enemy of our Xuan Yuan Palace as well as the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa from now on!"

These disciples of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall wanted to escape. However, how could Bi Jing Wei and the others allow them to do so? Bi Jing Wei and the others simply didn't care about these empty threats.

Li Yi Feng shouted, and let out a sonic boom. The entire horizon trembled under the terrifying fluctuations. He set himself free from Bi Jing Wei's grip in one fell swoop, turned around, and began to escape. However, a big hand suddenly appeared in the sky... It then smashed down towards him, and grabbed him.

"Bang!" Li Yi Feng didn't have the power to defend himself. So, he got crushed on the spot!

Shou Kun and Li Yi Feng had been killed by Ye Xiwen! The rest of the people wanted to escape. However, they couldn't escape from the encirclement of Ye Xiwen and the others. Soon, all of them got slaughtered one by one.

"Everyone!" Ye Xiwen descended from the sky. He had quietly switched the body of the Star Colossus's Avatar with his real body, and returned to the Sage Great Perfection realm. "These people have been executed. So, I would like to bid farewell!"

He had burnt more than 400 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' in killing Shou Kun. However, he had also obtained many benefits... After all, Ye Mo would soon make a breakthrough and become a Great Sage tool. Basically, it wasn't a deal of loss as far as he was concerned.

(To be continued)

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