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Shou Kun had been hovering around the half-step Great Sage realm for a thousand years. Such accumulation had taken him to the front of the Great Sage realm's threshold. In fact, he had only differed from the Great Sage realm by an inch. Therefore, he could make the breakthrough as long as he would undergo a normal closed-door training.

However, this was impossible for Bi Jing Wei and the other people even though they were on the same level as him. So, one could well-imagine how dreadful Shou Kun was.

However, Shou Kun hadn't had any extra time for making a normal breakthrough at this time. He could only make the breakthrough forcibly. This breakthrough hadn't occurred because of comprehending something during the fight. Instead, it was the result of profound accumulation. Making a breakthrough forcibly in this way would certainly cause some injuries that would be hard to repair. In fact, it would cause immeasurable injuries in the future. However, how could Shou Kun care too much about this thing at this time?

"You ant-like man… You've thoroughly infuriated me. You'll die today. But, you won't die alone. Soon, everyone in your True Martial University will die. Our Ten Thousand Beasts Villa will sweep away the entire world. And, I'll be the only god. Ha ha ha ha…" Shou Kun's power was still rising. He had reached the peak of the initial stage of the Great Sage realm within a short time. His dreadful accumulation had finally revealed a terrifying might.

Shou Kun suddenly launched an attack on Ye Xiwen. His speed had increased to the peak. He was clearly displaying the dreadful strength of the Great Sage realm.

"Bang!" Ye Xiwen was struck by a fist. And, his body went out flying like a kite without string.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha… You damned ant... I won't let you live. I won't let you die. I'll take out your soul, and you'll suffer endless torture year after year!" Shou Kun had gone insane. He looked just like a crazed beast.

"He has made a breakthrough!" The hearts of True Martial University's people sank as they saw Shou Kun's new form. It would've been very difficult to deal with Shou Kun even if he were still in the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. However, everyone would've had some confidence in that case. After all, there would've been quantitative disparity between them. But, there wouldn't have been any qualitative disparity. However, the qualitative disparity had suddenly come into play after Shou Kun had made the breakthrough into Great Sage realm.

They had placed high hopes on Ye Xiwen. However, even he had been blown away in one blow. Such fighting prowess was enough to make them terrified!

Bi Jing Wei's complexion had changed significantly in particular; he was fighting Li Yi Feng at present. After all, he hadn't expected that Shou Kun would make a breakthrough in this most crucial time.

"Ha ha ha… You'll meet your death today. True Martial University, ha ha ha… will soon be history. It will be reduced to a mere name!" Li Yi Feng laughed furiously. His spirits had lifted… as if he had suddenly risen to Heaven from hell. This development had made him much more excited than a person on a roller coaster ride.

"Is this all you've got? You're such a disappointment!" a clear and cold voice came from afar. Then, a boundless imposing aura soared to the sky, and smashed the endless clouds.

Another Great Sage!

Everyone was stunned. They had witnessed the appearance of two Great Sages in succession!

The faces of the True Martial University's people exposed a look of excitement. And, that was because this voice belonged to none other than Ye Xiwen; the same Ye Xiwen who had been blown away in one punch a moment ago.

Ye Xiwen's endless divinities surged about. They engulfed him, and transformed into a golden storm. A human figure was faintly visible standing inside this storm.

Suddenly, everyone had an illusion. They felt as if this figure wasn't that of a human. It seemed that it was an exceptional ominous beast carrying a murderous aura; the bloody energy swept all across. Moreover, it seemed like a dreadful ominous beast of the Great Sage realm!

"Ant…?" The inexhaustible spirit energies were boiling inside Ye Xiwen's body. They then combusted and integrated into his body… Shou Kun had unexpectedly made the breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. This had forced Ye Xiwen to let go of the restriction, and make the Star Colossus's Avatar quickly break through into the Great Sage realm.

100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' had been burnt in order to put away the restriction. This price was unimaginable…

Ye Xiwen looked at Shou Kun with eyes full of killing intention.

"Die you fu*king ant!" Ye Xiwen rushed out. His body suddenly transformed into a golden light along with a loud bang inside the void. However, it was obviously just an afterimage.

His real body had already smashed its way through the void, and appeared in front of Shou Kun. It must be said that the body of his Star Colossus's Avatar was peerless. It could travel back and forth within the space. On top of that, Ye Xiwen had the stunning magical agility technique of the devil wings. And, he had revealed his dreadful fighting prowess in its entirety at this moment.

He raised his fist, and endless spirit energies instantly gathered on top of it. His fist then transformed into a big star, and smashed down upon Shou Kun.




Ye Xiwen's fist pressure unceasingly pressed down… It seemed as if it would extinguish the world. All the defences on Shou Kun's body got destroyed layer by layer. His sage level armour also couldn't resist… It broke down into pieces, and the fragments began to swirl about in the air.


It took a lot of time to describe. However, everything had happened at light-speed. Then, Ye Xiwen's fist struck Shou Kun's chest. Its speed was incomparably fast. Shou Kun didn't get the opportunity to react, and was hit by that fist.

"Bang!" Shou Kun crashed onto the ground at the speed of a bullet. A several hundred feet wide and dozen feet deep crater was formed on the ground as a result. Shou Kun couldn't help but spout a mouthful of blood.

The scene turned silent after this. In fact, there was a pin drop silence. Everyone was left dumbstruck after they saw this scene before their eyes. How could the outcome be like this? They couldn't have imagined that the outcome could be like this.

Shou Kun had gained the upper hand at first. He should've gone on a killing spree after making the breakthrough. However, the situation was reversed soon after that. Everyone felt as if they were having a roller coaster ride. It would rise to heaven one moment, and would fall down to hell the next.

People with weak hearts might've been scared to death.

Everyone looked at Ye Xiwen in a manner that made it seem as if they were looking at a monster. After all, even Great Sage Shou Kun had been wrecked by Ye Xiwen! Ye Xiwen seemed to have no limit. Ye Xiwen could always overpower Shou Kun no matter how much Shou Kun promoted his strength.

[This Ye Xiwen is too powerful. He is fully equipped with crushing strength.]

"Ah!" Shou Kun's roar came from inside the pit, and echoed in all directions. It shook the entire world. He had never suffered such a big humiliation. He hadn't even displayed his absolute strength when he had been overpowered by Ye Xiwen once again.

Someone had crushed Shou Kun in front of everyone without using any tricks… This person had done so depending solely upon tyrannical strength. It was very difficult for Shou Kun to accept this. He had the biggest qualifications among these core disciples. He had already become famous like his peers Huang Wuji et al. However, he had been crushed by a trivial junior. This was a tight slap on his face!

There was no way Ye Xiwen was going to give the opposite party a chance to respite. He stepped across a very long distance, and attacked… 'Spirit energies' present in the surroundings condensed into a big star, and smashed down.

The Ten Thousand Beasts Villa's people thought to rescue Shou Kun. However, they couldn't catch up with Ye Xiwen's speed. After all, this was a fight of the Great Sage level. So, they didn't have any means to interfere in it.

Suddenly, stunning rays of light emitted from inside the deep pit. Then, a crescent moon-shaped blade-beam swept out. It rose whilst facing the wind, and became ten-thousand feet long in an instant. It ripped apart the void, and swept down towards Ye Xiwen.

"Brother Ye, be careful. It's a Great Sage tool!" Bi Jing Wei instantly recognized this blade energy that carried terrifying power.

However, he didn't need to remind Ye Xiwen since Ye Xiwen had also recognized it. It was an incomplete Great Sage tool!

The number of Great Sage tools was very less as compared to the number of Great Sages. Many Great Sages still used sage tools since they didn't have enough resources to refine a Great Sage tool for themselves. Countless people would go crazy if they came across just an incomplete Great Sage tool.

Shou Kun had only been in the half-step Great Sage realm until very recently. However, he still possessed an incomplete Great Sage tool. This fact was enough to prove how important he was for the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa.

Ye Xiwen had fought with Cao Yuyu; that man had possessed an incomplete Great Sage tool. So, he had a lingering fear of the Great Sage tool's might. Both of his opponents possessed a Great Sage tool. However, the might displayed by Cao Yuyu's Great Sage tool was entirely different from the might revealed by Shou Kun's Great Sage tool. After all, the latter was a Great Sage initial stage expert.

It must be mentioned that a Great Sage tool was equal to a Great Sage level divine tool. And, only Great Sages could display its true might. Therefore, this Great Sage long-blade displayed incredible might in Shou Kun's hands.

It was incomplete. However, it still possessed infinite might.

"Die! I don't know how you have made the breakthrough. However, everything will end now!" A crazed look flashed on Shou Kun's face. He didn't look calm and composed at this time. He was just thinking about killing this vile ant. After all, he wanted everyone to know the end of an ant who had dared to challenge a great dragon.

However, Ye Xiwen was unfazed by this. A big hand stretched out. Then, it soared to the sky, and rushed towards that incredible blade-energy in order to grab it. In fact, a look of disdain had flashed on Ye Xiwen's face. He wouldn't have dared to grab that Great Sage tool like this if this were his real body. After all, he would've received a huge wound on his hand…

However, the situation was different now. After all, this was the Star Colossus's Avatar. It couldn't display its entire strength since there was a need of endless 'Primary Spirit Dans' to make it work. However, the toughness of its body had always been there.

And, it was enough to grab a Great Sage tool with bare hands.


Ye Xiwen's big hand and that stunning blade energy collided with each other. However, it didn't lead to the stunning explosion that everyone had anticipated. This was because Ye Xiwen's incredible big hand had grabbed that blade's tip. So, only a muffled noise had sounded instead. Moreover, this sound was produced when he had grabbed and extinguished the blade-energy.

"Is this what you had been relying upon? Die for me if it is so!" Ye Xiwen grinned and exposed a mouthful of pure-white teeth. His expression had become ice-cold.

Then, his figure ferociously moved and appeared inside the deep crater.

(To be continued)

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