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"Shou Kun is too powerful. He deserves to be called a contemporary to Huang Wuji and Mu Sheng Jie. He hasn't advanced to a higher realm in so many years. However, his martial power has become incredibly profound because of the accumulation of so many years. Perhaps, he'll become a powerhouse of the Great Sage realm if he were to make a breakthrough!"

"He's a great core disciple of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa. So, he has inherited many martial techniques that are impossible for many other disciples. This is hateful... These techniques should belong to our university. These damned traitors…"

Shou Kun's fighting prowess had left everyone in shock. They might've been exploded in just one move if they had come across such fighting prowess in Ye Xiwen's place.

Even Bi Jing Wei's and Gao Ling Xiu's complexions had turned unsightly at this time. It wasn't that they hadn't anticipated Shou Kun's fighting prowess. They indeed had. In fact, that's why they had wanted to take numerous precautions… It was just that they hadn't gotten enough time to take these precautions since Shou Kun had arrived out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, the people of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and Xuan Yuan Palace Hall were looking excited. It was clear that Shou Kun's fighting prowess had boosted their morale enormously. Especially, the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa's people were even more encouraged. Some of them were participating in the Devil World Competition for the first time. However, they believed that they would triumph in every battle as long as they followed Shou Kun.

"Is this all you've got?" a cold voice suddenly resounded. Then, a figure slowly appeared in front of everyone as the dust settled.

Everyone opened their eyes wide. It was Ye Xiwen! He had survived… He hadn't died even after he had taken such a terrifying attack head-on. Such vitality was far greater than normal!

Ye Xiwen's expression was ice-cold. Shou Kun's recent attack had been very dreadful; so much so that an ordinary expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm would've exploded on the spot. Even Bi Jing Wei and the others might have sustained injuries if they had come across such an attack.

However, Ye Xiwen's body was extremely formidable. Moreover, the body of the Star Colossus's Avatar was even tougher than that of its master. In fact, the toughness of its body must be far beyond Great Sage level. It was extremely dreadful.

Shou Kun suddenly narrowed his eyes. He hadn't anticipated that Ye Xiwen would survive. He had been very confident about his martial arts technique. However, Ye Xiwen was still alive and kicking. This was a big insult for him.

Shou Kun was well-aware of his humiliation. So, he immediately became angry... The beastly aura of his entire body skyrocketed. And, his figure suddenly became even more ethereal. He looked like a legendary Beast God! His aura became more tyrannical with every step that he took. The inexhaustible devil energy in the surroundings was swept away by him, and he suddenly transformed into a Demon God!

The void in the vicinity transformed into a country of beasts in this moment! And, he was the only God in this country!

He didn't hesitate as he faced Ye Xiwen whose figure was gradually emerging from the dust and smoke… A hand stretched out, and his palm transformed into a chicken claw. However, it wasn't an ordinary chicken claw… It was a silver-white claw of a real phoenix! In fact, it seemed as if the claw had been casted with silver. It emitted dark and cold rays of light amidst the glowing glaze of the devil energy.

It seemed as if this claw would extinguish the world in a split second. It ripped apart a huge crack in the sky. This crack then swept out in all directions, and left the entire world to shake.

This claw then grasped toward Ye Xiwen's head… It seemed as if it would smash it. Ye Xiwen had thoroughly angered him. This was clear from the fact that he hadn't held back in this attack.

"Humph!" Ye Xiwen attacked. There was an austere killing intent in his eyes. He was determined to make the Star Colossus's Avatar go into action this time. He had even contemplated the idea of killing all of them. Otherwise, the price of 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' would be too great a waste.

"Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand!" Ye Xiwen suddenly set out… A fiery big hand covered half of the sky, and went up to make a counterattack. It swept out fire-colored energy pillars that rose to the sky.

Both sides' attacks ferociously collided in the sky. And, an incredibly dreadful force swept out the next moment. The energy waves unleashed by them collided in the sky… Tremendous energy waves — one red and one white — were grinding each other in the sky. The places that came in contact with these waves got swallowed by them. It was a very terrifying scene!

Shou Kun coldly snorted. The sound waves proliferated in all directions just like the sound of a big bell. He then marched forward taking large strides. The silver waves once again began to boil. They seemed to possess even more power than before. Both sides had looked evenly matched at first. However, it suddenly seemed that Shou Kun would overpower Ye Xiwen… Then, the dense silver waves smashed down!

Ye Xiwen unceasingly swayed like a small boat in a tempest under the influence of this dreadful power. In fact, it seemed as if he would collapse any moment.

Shou Kun's dreadful strength had been revealed. He wasn't a Great Sage. However, his accumulation was many years old. So, he could be considered as a peerless expert under the Great Sage realm. Bi Jing Wei and the other people were also very powerful. However, Ye Xiwen could feel that the foundation of a thousand-years-old fogy like Shou Kun was much stronger than theirs.

This was a one of a kind accumulation. Any celestial genius could accelerate the accumulation. However, accelerated accumulation and long-term accumulation weren't the same thing. In fact, even the celestial geniuses required to accumulate. Otherwise, they wouldn't be a match even for an ordinary person.

And, Shou Kun was someone whose accumulation had become profound to a scary extent. Moreover, he was a heaven's pride expert as well. So, he had both talent and accumulation. An ordinary expert couldn't even come close. He could almost be weighed as the strongest in the half-step Great Sage realm. Therefore, he had never paid attention to anyone, and had been unscrupulous his entire life. He could effortlessly slaughter a few senior heavens' pride experts. And, the True Martial University was his current target. That's why Bi Jing Wei had no choice but to launch an attack on him in advance. In fact, this was the main reason why Bi Jing Wei had wanted to attack him.

Ye Xiwen's flaming red rays of light spread wide. It seemed as if a dreadful power was boiling within… A Barbarian God had condensed behind him! It seemed as if the surrounding area had transformed into a world of barbarians… The beasts suddenly performed a long-range raid from the world of beasts unleashed by Shou Kun, and burst into the barbarian world.

Countless barbarian experts were holding all kinds of weapons in the barbarian world. They began to kill the crowd of beasts that had arrived in their world.

This was a competition between the embodiments of two martial concepts. Shou Kun's profound essence of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa's heritage had given birth to the phantom of a Beast God. However, Ye Xiwen was more ferocious than him. Ye Xiwen's martial way had reached beyond an ordinary person's comprehension. Especially, the Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand had been deduced to the peak by him within a short time after it had fallen into his hands. Even the Fire Cloud Cave's Lord wouldn't have such a strong understanding of this technique.


Both worlds were crushing and engulfing each other. A scene of doomsday had evolved in the sky!

It seemed like the end of the world… like the dusk of Gods. Two Gods suddenly collided in the sky; each of them commanded a country. The edges of both worlds collapsed in the collision. Countless beasts and barbarian experts bellowed and clashed. Bloody battles were going on everywhere.

The spectators were left dumbstruck. [Is this a battle of Gods?]

The fight between the two men appeared to be a re-enactment of the fight between the Gods. Both sides were using incredible methods that had been passed by the two ancient Gods. It seemed that the contest between both methods was taking place via the hands of these two individuals after a period of countless years. The winner and loser among the two Gods would be decided in this manner.

"How can he be so powerful?" Li Yi Feng looked at the two men involved in this intense fight. The expression on his face had turned frantic. He had agreed to arrive here and team up with Shou Kun in order to deal with Bi Jing Wei and Gao Ling Xiu. But, wasn't it because of Shou Kun's incredible strength?

Shou Kun had obtained the 6th rank on the merit list. He hadn't broken into the Top 3. However, Li Yi Feng knew that Shou Kun had the strength to be ranked in the Top 3. It was just that the most crucial time hadn't arrived yet. And, nobody wanted to reveal their entire strength before that time.

The experts who occupied the Top 20 positions on the merit list would begin to frantically slaughter the devil experts at the last moment. And, they would crazily earn points at that time. So, that would be the time to see the results.

Shou Kun had the strength to aspire for the top position. In fact, he had also shown interest in this.

However, Li Yi Feng had never anticipated that a random person of the True Martial University would appear out of nowhere and stop Shou Kun. The situation had changed after their biggest support had been blocked. So, Li Yi Feng must face Bi Jing Wei and Gao Ling Xiu alone now. And, it was an entirely disadvantageous situation for him.

He would've had an advantage if he were fighting just Gao Ling Xiu. However, he would fall into a disadvantageous position while facing Bi Jing Wei. After all, Bi Jing Wei was much more powerful than Gao Ling Xiu. However, he had to face both of these individuals at the same time now.

Other people also felt the same. [How can he be so ferocious?] They felt as if a God had descended to the world as they witnessed Ye Xiwen's intrepid strength. However, they didn't know that Ye Xiwen had kept his real strength suppressed. In fact, he could've been countless times more powerful than present.

Meanwhile, Ling Fei was excitedly watching the fight between the teams of Shou Kun and Ye Xiwen. Her beautiful eyes shone brightly… It seemed as if she had never seen a fight between people before. She was brandishing her small fist in excitement. In fact, she even wanted to replace Ye Xiwen and go fight herself.

She would've gone up and taught a lesson to Shou Kun if Ye Xiwen hadn't prohibited her from revealing her strength.

She would've told everyone that she believed that Shou Kun was extremely ugly, and deserved be taught a lesson.

Ye Xiwen's voice sounded amidst the battle, "Brother, leave this to me. You don't need to worry!"

Ye Xiwen's words had made everyone feel that he was incomparably arrogant and boastful when he had spoken-out before the battle had started. However, his current words had made them feel incomparably relaxed. And, this was because they had seen that he truly had enough tyrannical strength to back up his words.

"Everyone attack! Kill these traitors! Let them know how serious a crime it is to betray our university!" Bi Jing Wei roared. Several disciples of the True Martial University became excited. Some of the people in the opposite party used to be their juniors, while some used to their comrades. However, all of them were now traitors in their opinion. Moreover, Shou Kun had been blocked. Therefore, the opposite party was very easy to handle now.

The morale of the True Martial University's disciples had been boosted. However, the complexions of the disciples of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had also undergone a big change.

(To be continued)

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