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The voice hadn't even faded when a tall and slim figure appeared in front of everyone. He was a middle-aged man, and he was dressed in a magnificent robe. In fact, his clothes looked exceptionally luxurious.

"Li Yi Feng from Xuan Yuan Palace Hall!" Bi Jing Wei's eyes turned gloomy as he looked at the man before him.

Ye Xiwen had heard that this was another top expert who was placed among the Top 20 experts on the merit list… In fact, Li Yi Feng of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall was on the 14th position on the merit list at the moment. So, he was more powerful than Gao Ling Xiu.

Li Yi Feng used to be a heaven's pride expert of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall many years ago. Thereafter, he had reached among the core disciples whilst killing his peers along the way. He was a top figure.

He was one of the two leading core disciples whom Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had sent this time.

There had been no problem initially since only Shou Kun had been here. However, everyone's heart sank with Li Yi Feng's arrival. These two individuals were more powerful than the combination of Bi Jing Wei and Gao Ling Xiu.

Moreover, there were blurred figures of a dozen or so experts of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm behind them. They belonged to the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. There weren't many people… only a dozen senior experts. However, the elites of the two big forces had come out.

"It's ridiculous. You've dared to conspire against our Brother Shou?! Have you ever seen someone scheming against our Brother Shou?" a disciple of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa arrogantly said. He was looking at Bi Jing Wei and the others in a manner that made it seem as if he was looking at dead people.

"I wanted to deal with all of you one by one. However, this is also a good option. Half of the True Martial University would collapse if the two of us were to join forces in order to wipe them out!" Shou Kun had ample killing intention as he said.

Many small groups of the True Martial University had arrived here this time. There were many geniuses in those groups. However, the most outstanding experts were that member of the Heavenly Punishment Faction, Bi Jing Wei, and Gao Ling Xiu. Therefore, it wouldn't be wrong to say that half of the strength of the True Martial University's team would collapse if Bi Jing Wei and Gao Ling Xiu got killed here.

"Brother Shou, let's start at once. I'll handle Gao Ling Xiu… I give that ignorant Bi Jing Wei to you. The rest of our disciples will handle the others!" Li Yi Feng said.

"I can exterminate them alone!" Shou Kun let out a cruel smile. However, he didn't oppose the proposal. The True Martial University's people weren't weak. So, there was no certainty that he alone would be able to kill them before that member of the Heavenly Punishment Faction arrived… And, things would turn out bad for him if that happened. Even he was a bit afraid of that bunch of monsters — the legendary Heavenly Punishment Faction!

Bi Jing Wei's complexion turned ugly. [Have they already considered us dead? Have they already given their verdict?]

"He he… I'll take care of Gao Ling Xiu. I've heard that she's hiding a big secret on her body. Even a foreign force like the Emergence School is coveting her!" Li Yi Feng laughed mischievously as he looked at Gao Ling Xiu.

His avaricious eyes made Gao Ling Xiu frown.

Ye Xiwen was thinking how to deal with these people. Suddenly, Bi Jing Wei's voice reverberated in his mind, "Brother Ye, I hadn't anticipated that they would find some hints about our plan. You should walk away when the fight starts. I know your speed is very fast. So, you would be able to escape. Also, take Sister Gao along with you. Let me handle this situation. I'll hold them up here!"

"Brother Bi, you can't deal with these two individuals on your own!" Ye Xiwen replied. Bi Jing Wei's words couldn't deceive him.

"I may not be able to deal with them. However, I can hold them here. I can't defeat them. However, I'm sure that they can't kill me either!" Bi Jing Wei said. He seemed very confident.

"Relax, leave them to me. I won't let any of them leave this place. Not a single one of them will escape!" Ye Xiwen coldly said. He stepped forward as he spoke up.

The murderous intent had already risen in Ye Xiwen's heart.

Shou Kun and Li Yi Feng looked at Ye Xiwen in disbelief. They didn't know from where this ignorant boy had come out.

Even Bi Jing Wei couldn't dare to say that he could kill both of them. So, who in the world was this boy to dare claiming this?

"This guy is insane. He has dared to say that he'll keep all of us here!" Li Yi Feng was stunned. He still thought that he had misheard him. [This guy is extremely daring and unruly.]

"He's indeed quite arrogant. Only such mad disciples are left in the True Martial University now. So, how would it not decline? They themselves are responsible for this!" Shou Kun sneered and said. "Bang!" That hill-sized huge tiger under Shou Kun's feet finally moved at this time… A giant tiger's claw suddenly swept down towards Ye Xiwen to grab him. It seemed as if it would tear this unruly guy into two halves.

A ferocious beast's aura spread overwhelmingly. It seemed as if this claw would rip apart the entire world. This spirit beast also possessed the strength of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. In fact, it was far more powerful than an ordinary expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm.

Many people were quite afraid of the people of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa. This was because they and their pet spirit beasts would grow up together from childhood. Therefore, fighting with one of them was equal to fighting two people at the same time.

Shou Kun was already very hard to deal with. And, he had a powerful spirit beast on top of that. Bi Jing Wei had set up a trap to deal with only Shou Kun. However, he had still invited Gao Ling Xiu and that member of the Heavenly Punishment Faction. Moreover, he even wanted to lay out all kinds of matrix barriers in order to be absolutely safe.

Ye Xiwen stood still. Endless divinities emitted from his entire body, and illuminated the world in an instant. Half of the sky had been covered by his divinities. Then, Ye Xiwen's figure suddenly disappeared. And, he got replaced by the Star Colossus's Avatar when he reappeared.

A pair of murderous eyes filled with blood-thirst and killing intent curled up in a ruthless mood. And, the endless void in the sky distorted under the bombardment of this gaze.

Countless Primary Spirit Dans streamed out from the Heavenly Source Mirror. They flew in midair, and began to burn. They then transformed into 'spirit energies', and frantically instilled into Ye Xiwen's body.

Ye Xiwen's aura surged up as the endless 'spirit energies' began to enter his body. It seemed as if a dead person had suddenly come back to life. His aura went against all the rules of the world as it violently surged up. It seemed as if he had directly made a breakthrough into the half-step Great Sage realm from the sage realm.

Ye Xiwen found that he had suddenly become even more ferocious and bloodthirsty after he had replaced his body with that of a star colossus. This had happened because of the militant factor… After all, the cruel addiction for slaughtering was present inside every cell of the Star Colossus's body.

A heaven-startling sword-rainbow suddenly lased out from his hand, and soared into the sky. It then formed a huge sword-column in the sky… The Buried Sword Secret technique had begun to boil in his hand!

Ye Xiwen's sword-energy travelled in the sky like a rainbow, and shattered that huge tiger's attack. That tiger's attack got smashed! Also, a huge black crack opened in the middle of the sky. The black crack then spread out in all directions in the sky… just like a spider's web.

His current energy consumption was much smaller than the time when he had displayed the power of the Great Sage realm. The present consumption was small. However, more than 100 million 'Primary Spirit Dans' were still required for fighting just once. It must be mentioned that this would exhaust nearly the entire wealth of an expert of the half-step Great Sage realm. In fact, this price was so huge that even a rich person like Ye Xiwen wouldn't agree to pay this price with ease.

The 'Primary Spirit Dans' would start to flow out like running water if he promoted the fighting prowess of the Star Colossus's Avatar to the Great Sage realm.

"Roar!" the huge tiger screamed. Its claw was drenched with blood. After all, nearly its entire claw had been cut off by Ye Xiwen. So, blood was splashing out like a fountain from it.

"Good boy. I've underestimated you!" Shou Kun's vision turned even colder as he stood on that huge tiger. It seemed as if a Beast God had reincarnated from ancient times. This Beast God was emitting a valiant aura... His chaotic and barbaric aura was boiling!

The phantom of a chaotic Beast God immediately formed behind him. It then looked up to the sky and roared. Then, the dark club made up of wolf teeth suddenly pounded down upon Ye Xiwen's body.

"Boy, I don't know what method you're using to promote your strength. But, what would you do about the disparity? Do you even understand what disparity is? I believe that you're just an ant… an overreaching ant!" Shou Kun's ice-cold ruthless voice fell along with that dark club.

That wolf-teethed club transformed into a huge wolf head when it was about to arrive in front of Ye Xiwen. It then suddenly opened its mouth wide, sucked in the energy in the atmosphere, and transformed them into a huge energy ball. This energy ball then smashed down.


That huge energy ball suddenly smashed down upon Ye Xiwen's body. A huge mushroom-cloud rose up from the scene. It was very dreadful... An incomparably terrifying force was released. And, this force then swept across in all directions.

The terrifying power disintegrated the void, and the space of the Devil World shattered into pieces like a mirror.

Those experts looked at this scene in a daze. [Shou Kun is way too powerful… How can an expert of the half-step Great Sage realm launch such an attack?]

The complexions of the True Martial University's disciples suddenly turned deathly pale when they saw that Ye Xiwen's entire body had been engulfed by the explosion. It didn't matter whether they liked Ye Xiwen or not… After all, he was fighting for them at this time. Therefore, it was impossible that they would disregard him.

Bi Jing Wei and Gao Ling Xiu were just about to begin. However, Li Yi Feng blocked them. He sneered and said while looking at both of them, "I'm your opponent... And, he is screwed! Nobody can come out alive from that attack. All of you will die today!"

Ling Fei was the only one present who wasn't worried. After all, her martial power was unfathomably profound. An ordinary person couldn't see what had become of Ye Xiwen. However, she had clearly understood everything by having a mere glance at the situation.

"You're an ant without any reputation. So, you should feel privileged to die by my hands!" Shou Kun's expression was ice-cold. It seemed as if he was just smashing an ant. He didn't care even a bit.

The smoke and dust dissipated, and a figure appeared before everyone. Everyone was left in shock when they saw the scene before their eyes… Even the molecules of air should've been blown away by that attack… The space had gotten annihilated. So, how could a person have survived this?

"Is this all you've got?"

(To be continued)

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