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Several experts of the True Martial University had waged war on the disciples of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall under Bi Jing Wei's leadership.

"Haa!" Gao Ling Xiu shouted. She then attacked with her longsword. It transformed into a sword-light, and covered half of the sky.




Various kinds of sounds were heard. And, many experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa got annihilated in the sky.

Gao Ling Xiu had finally begun to reveal the dreadful fighting prowess of a Sage Accomplished level expert who had broken into the Top 20 ranks on the merit list.

Those experts who had previously looked ferocious collapsed at the first blow of her sword. They simply didn't have the power to fight back.

"Stop!" Li Yi Feng opened his round eyes wide… It seemed as if his eyes had almost split open… as if blood was dripping from them. After all, the disciples who were dying were the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall's elites. Not all of them were elites. However, at least half of their force would collapse if these people got annihilated. In fact, the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall would lose almost an entire generation if they lost all of these people. Such a thing had never happened in the very long history of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. The core disciples weren't the real force of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall. However, they would undoubtedly lose an entire generation if all of them got killed. Its impact might not become visible within a short time. However, it would become visible after several hundred or thousand years.

Li Yi Feng suddenly had an intense feeling as if something had smashed down from the front. He promptly moved back hundred meters in order to avoid this stunning blade energy.

"Bang!" The blade energy smashed down on the bottom of the mountain like a dragon, and opened a huge gap. The ground trembled… It seemed to be wailing under this attack.

"Bi Jing Wei!" Li Yi Feng instantly recognized this blade energy's owner.

Sure enough, there was an ice-cold smiling expression on Bi Jing Wei's face. His heart swelled with pride as he looked at Li Yi Feng. They had been behaving arrogantly a moment ago. After all, there had been a possibility that the True Martial University's team would get wiped out. However, the situation had reversed now. And, it was their turn to crush them. "Li Yi Feng, I'm your opponent. Not a single person of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa should think of walking away from here today. I won't let any of you leave this place!"

Bi Jing Wei stepped forward whilst carrying the long blade after he said this. He instantly arrived in front of Li Yi Feng to kill him. He had revealed the dreadful strength of a person who was ranked ninth on the merit list. It must be said that his reputation wasn't underserved in any manner. He was incomparably dreadful.

It seemed as if the sun and moon had lost their light and the world had lost its color under this blade. He had used his entire strength. He was ranked above Li Yi Feng. However, there wasn't much disparity between them. The disparity wasn't to an extent that one of them would be crushed by another. The opposite party would be able to make a comeback if one of them didn't take care. But, Bi Jing Wei had plentiful battle experience. So, how could he make such a mistake? Therefore, he had used his entire strength at once.

Bi Jing Wei's strength was above that of Li Yi Feng. So, Li Yi Feng would obviously respond with his entire strength whilst facing such a full strength attack. Otherwise, he might be killed by Bi Jing Wei if he wasn't careful.

However, he couldn't attend to other people. So, the experts of Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had quickly retreated in defeat since they didn't have the support of a powerhouse. Meanwhile, the morale of the True Martial University's experts had gotten boosted enormously. So, they moved forward whilst slaughtering the entire way with Gao Ling Xiu spearheading the attack. Those experts of the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa and the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall had looked arrogant and despotic a while ago. But, they were quickly getting transformed into corpses now. This feeling of satisfaction had made the True Martial University's disciples very excited.

They had gotten bullied by the opposite party earlier. But, they were bullying them back now. This feeling was obviously a stark contrast with the previous one.

"Stop… you bastards!" Blood almost dripped from Li Yi Feng's eyes. These experts of Xuan Yuan Palace Hall were elites. Each of them had been nurtured with difficulty. People would regret the loss of even one of them. However, a large number of such experts had died. So, the vitality of his force had sustained a serious blow.

However, how could Gao Ling Xiu stop her slaughtering because of Li Yi Feng's words? They couldn't spare these people. Otherwise, it would be an irresponsible move on the part of the True Martial University's disciples.

"Bang!" a thunderous noise came through from another battlefield. It was the battlefield of Ye Xiwen and Shou Kun.

The competition of martial concepts between these two individuals made it seem as if two Gods who commanded their own country had collided violently. In fact, they had seemingly broken into each other's domain.

The winner and loser had finally been decided. Everyone could see that Shou Kun's country of beasts had quickly collapsed. And, Ye Xiwen's country of barbarians had become even more powerful.

Everyone was almost scared to death when they saw this scene. Ye Xiwen was only a nonentity of the Sage Great Perfection realm, while Shou Kun was a top-tier expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm. Moreover, Shou Kun was ranked among the Top 10 experts on the merit list.

The disparity between the two sides was huge. However, Shou Kun had been defeated with ease in this contest of understanding of martial arts. It was tantamount to saying that Shou Kun's comprehension of martial arts was far inferior to that of Ye Xiwen.

Moreover, everyone knew that Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand was a technique of Southern Barbarians; not of the True Martial University. In other words, it was impossible for Ye Xiwen to obtain the traditional technique of Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand. Therefore, it was clear that Ye Xiwen had defeated Shou Kun depending upon his self-study of this technique.

This revelation had caused far greater impact on them than any other thing. A Sage Great Perfection level expert had routed an expert of the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm depending upon his understanding of martial arts…

However, they didn't know that Ye Xiwen had a mysterious space for deducing techniques. His cultivation was far inferior to that of Shou Kun. However, this didn't mean that his understanding of martial arts would also be inferior.

The technique of Fire Cloud's Falling Sky Hand was an example of this. Even many Great Sage experts of the Fire Cloud Cave wouldn't dare to say that they had a better understanding of this technique than Ye Xiwen did.

Ye Xiwen commanded his country of barbarians just like a true deity, and smashed it down upon Shou Kun. Consequently, the dreadful pressure pressed down with an irresistible force.

Shou Kun's feet had sunk into the head of the huge tiger he was standing on. That hill-sized fierce tiger was also roaring in pain at this time. It was also feeling the dreadful coercion that had smashed down from the sky…

Ye Xiwen's body had been replaced by the Star Colossus. It must be mentioned that the Star Colossus was an ominous beast that used to swallow planets for food. It was on top of the food chain of all demon beasts, devil beasts, and ominous beasts. It had restrained its aura. However, it had set out its instinctive coercion without any hesitation.

Shou Kun's complexion had turned ashen. He was just watching Ye Xiwen pressing down upon him from the sky.

"How can he be so powerful?" The Real Elemental Energy of Shou Kun's entire body surged up in order to resist this dreadful force.

"Humph! Grovel before me!" Ye Xiwen descended from the sky. A fist transformed into a huge star, and suppressed all directions. It was just like a collision of stars.

Big Bang Stardust Fist!

Almost the entire surroundings transformed into a void. It was the result of insane comprehension.

The experts of the Xuan Yuan Palace Hall and the Ten Thousand Beasts Villa roared at this time. However, they didn't have any method to back Shou Kun up. In fact, they couldn't even reach close to Shou Kun. It had become difficult for them to protect themselves. So, there was no chance that they could rush to help Shou Kun.

Everyone held their breath as they saw this scene unfold before their eyes. They were shocked in their hearts. It was like they were in a perilous situation. Shou Kun had great strength and illustrious reputation. It looked self-evident.

There was no one here who could defeat him one-on-one. There were very few people even in big martial arts competitions who would dare to say that they could defeat Shou Kun one-on-one. It could be done only after using countless moves. Moreover, nobody could defeat Shou Kun in the crushing manner.

However, Ye Xiwen had still pulled it off.

"Bang!" The Big Bang Stardust Fist smashed down.

"Puchi!" Shou Kun smashed his hands out. He felt a dreadful force being poured into his body as soon as he took the attack. He couldn't help but feel the taste of blood in his throat. He spouted a mouthful of blood essence, and his entire body went out flying upside-down… like a kite with a broken string.

Ye Xiwen was about to chase him down. However, he saw that huge tiger moving at this time. Its body was hill-sized. However, its speed was still very fast. It was extremely agile. Its speed and body didn't seem to be in harmony.

It left a trail of afterimages in the sky as it pounced on Ye Xiwen.

Its speed was incomparably fast for ordinary people. However, it still wasn't good enough in front of Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen stepped out. He wasn't the one to rush out first, but he had still arrived first. He had taken the lead to rush out and kill the enemy instead of letting the enemy do that to him. He arrived right in front of that fierce tiger. Then, he spread both of his hands. They transformed into two big energy-hands, and rose against the wind.

The big hands swept towards the wings of the tiger, and grabbed them.

"Tear!" the loud and clear sound of something tearing sounded. The pair of that fierce tiger's huge wings had been torn by Ye Xiwen. Blood splashed out, and steamed down everywhere.

"Roar!" the fierce tiger screamed. It had had these magical wings since its birth. However, those wings had now been torn apart by Ye Xiwen. The blood splashed everywhere. And, the bone fragments swirled in the air. It was in an unbearable pain.

"Get out of my way!" Ye Xiwen kicked it. His kick formed an afterimage of a whip in the sky, and tore through the air.

"Bang!" The hill-sized body of that fierce tiger got blown away by Ye Xiwen's one kick.

"My little pet!" Shou Kun saw the wings of his partner being torn apart; this beast had been with him since childhood. However, it had been blown away by a kick. Moreover, it wasn't clear whether it was alive or dead. His eyes remained wide open in shock. There was a desire of tearing the opposite party into pieces in his eyes. He clenched his teeth so tightly that they almost shattered. He then said with his bloodstained mouth, "You'll pay the price for your actions!"

Shou Kun roared. He was roaring like a wounded beast. The expression in his eyes became even more deadly. It awed everyone. He was the beast-master even though he was wounded. So, how could an ordinary person be compared with him?

"Pay the price? Well said. It applies for old matters too. You've killed several disciples of our True Martial University. So, it's the time for you to pay the price for your actions now!" Ye Xiwen let out a sneer through the corner of his mouth. When it comes to retribution and whatnot… one must know that as many as hundred disciples of the True Martial University had died at Shou Kun's hands. Moreover, those experts had been elites. So, they must be avenged.

"How can the trivial lives of those ants be on a par with me?" The expression in Shou Kun's eyes became crazed. His eyes had become blood-shot. He looked like a crazed beast. "I'll make you regret. I won't let you live. I won't let you die. I'll torture you every day and night. You'll die a pathetic death!"

Shou Kun's aura was still soaring unceasingly. It suddenly broke through the late stage of half-step Great Sage realm, and entered the Great Sage realm!

(To be continued)

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