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The Fallen Angels were different from the arrogant and haughty Original Devil Clan. They had always maintained a kind of low-key magnificence. It could be said that they were noble among nobles… Several people had participated in the Devil World Competition over the years. Many of them had participated multiple times. However, they had never seen the Fallen Angels. In fact, many of them had never even heard about them.

Ye Xiwen looked absent-minded. However, he quickly regained his focus. He was stunned to see that young girl before his eyes… This girl wasn't very old. In fact, she must be younger than him. However, she was already in the Great Sage realm!

Ye Xiwen was emotionally moved despite being in this hostile situation. [So, the saying that everyone in the Fallen Angel Clan is a genius wasn't false.]

However, he had thought about this just for a moment. After all, he was still focussed on trying to save his life. Moreover, he was also planning to take out the Star Colossus's Avatar. However, he wasn't sure if even the Star Colossus's Avatar would be a match for this delicate looking girl present before him.

"Which kind of devil are you?" That girl of Fallen Angel Clan looked at Ye Xiwen somewhat curiously. Then, she became angry the next moment, "Why did you peep-in when this Young Lady was taking a bath?"

The girl opened her eyes wide... Her watery-clear eyes looked so clear that one could see the bottom. She was brimming with anger. However, she didn't look terrifying. On the contrary, she looked even cuter.

Ye Xiwen almost spouted a mouthful of blood.

[Peeped-in when she was bathing?] He obviously hadn't seen anything since the time had been too short. In fact, he had almost gotten clutched to death by this girl in an instant.

Moreover, he hadn't arrived here with such intentions. After all, who could've imagined that someone would be taking a bath in this desolate mountain whilst being unafraid of those devil beasts?

He then further thought about this matter. Any devil beast who wasn't cautious and dared to approach this young girl would be doomed for sure if one were to take her fighting prowess into account.

"When did I peep in on you bathing? I haven't seen anything!" Ye Xiwen replied whilst feeling quite helpless.

"That because this Young Lady had already discovered you!" That girl of Fallen Angel Clan looked at Ye Xiwen in a smug manner. "Why haven't you answered me already…? What kind of devil are you? How are you different from those unbearably ugly devils?"

[Unbearably ugly devils!]

Ye Xiwen was left dumbstruck… It had been quite a long time since he had set foot on the road of martial arts. However, he had never heard someone using terms like 'beautiful' and 'ugly' as a criteria to judge anyone. Let's say that there was a man who possessed tyrannical strength. Then, it was certain that beautiful women would willingly spend money on him instead of demanding it even if that man had missing limbs.

After all, attractive looks couldn't act as an advantage… Having formidable strength was the way of the King!

"Ye Xiwen, think of a way to escape from here. This girl isn't affable!" Ye Mo said.

He could see a murderous look in the eyes of that girl of the Fallen Angel Clan. It seemed as if she was passing judgement on him even though she was the victim.

Ye Xiwen hadn't thought much when the eyes of that girl of Fallen Angel Clan shone. She then said, "You don't have wings and scales. You're a human? Yes, yes. It's no wonder that you don't have devil energy on your body. I've seen pictures of humans in the illustrated handbook…"

Ye Xiwen's faced turned black. [What are humans? Are they some endangered animals that one can recognize only through illustrated handbooks?] He found it a bit absurd.

"I hadn't expected that humans would be like this. You're so weak!" the girl of the Fallen Angel Clan said with disgust.

Ye Xiwen very much wanted to say — 'we humans also have some powerful characters, you know'!

"You'll become my pet. This is the price of peeping on this Young Lady when she was bathing. I'll take good care of you. And, you'll come in handy if someone tries to flaunt their abyss devil wolf pet in front of me again… You'll help me in putting them down!" The girl of Fallen Angel Clan brandished her small fist. It seemed as if she was already daydreaming about this flashy scene. Her eyes were shining… They looked like a pair of night pearls. "Great! It's decided then!"

[What? Pet?]

Ye Xiwen felt as if his firm heart would collapse any moment... He was feeling wronged and sullen!

He had seen many demon beasts being tamed as demon pets. However, he had never thought that he himself would become a pet of a devil one day.

"He he… Ye Xiwen, you might as well become her devil pet, and be done with it. This Fallen Angel has an extraordinary origin. I can feel the grandeur of her noble bloodline on her body. It's not a bad deal!" Ye Mo jokingly spat out these words.

"Get lost!" Ye Xiwen replied angrily.

"The most important thing is that you can't defeat her even if you don't agree. In fact, you can't defeat her even if you call the Star Colossus's Avatar. This girl isn't very old. However, she possesses unfathomable strength!" Ye Mo said.

"Get lost. You can go and become her pet if you want to. I won't be able to raise my head with dignity in the future if I become someone's devil pet!" Ye Xiwen resentfully replied.

"Impossible!" Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth before that girl of Fallen Angel Clan, and replied. He would never be very submissive even if he came across a Great Sage. He would simply escape if he wanted to… However, he hadn't anticipated this situation, and had gotten trapped as result.

"I can help you in making a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm if you promise me!" that girl of Fallen Angel Clan said in a tempting manner, "However, don't blame me for what happens if you won't promise. You've dared to peep on me while I was taking a bath. It's obviously a mortal crime. So, I'll send you to accompany those devil beasts who used to live on these mountains!"

That girl of Fallen Angel Clan opened her round eyes wide, and said ferociously. She was quite skilful in using the 'carrot and stick' policy.

Ye Xiwen became scared. [It's no wonder that I haven't heard the voice of any devil beast in these mountains. They must have fallen prey to this girl. I can totally imagine how pitiful it must've been for those devil beasts.]

"Don't even think about it!" Ye Xiwen clenched his teeth… He found this too much. It seemed from his appearance that he would rather die than submit. He secretly mobilized his entire Real Elemental Energy, and became ready to wake up the Star Colossus at any time for a life and death fight.

"How about… you become my pet for 1000 years?" That girl of Fallen Angel Clan couldn't help but relent as she saw Ye Xiwen's determined attitude.

"Then, 800 years!"

Ye Xiwen still remained unmoved. He looked as if he wasn't afraid of dying.

"700 years!"

"600 years!"

"100 years!"

That girl of the Fallen Angel Clan was almost driven mad as she saw Ye Xiwen ignoring her. She wanted to bite him to death!

"Then, let's do it like this… You take me out of the devil world. I'll let you go so long as you take me to your human world!" That girl of Fallen Angel Clan opened her big and watery eyes, and looked at Ye Xiwen. It seemed as if she was somewhat pleading.

Ye Xiwen became somewhat soft-hearted. He also put away the thought of a life and death fight. He said, "Alright!"

"Great. Let's go and conquer the human world!" That girl of Fallen Angel Clan brandished her small hand. She had done so in an imposing manner that was quite similar to that of a generalissimo. However, her facial expression didn't give any vibes of valour whatsoever.

She waved her hand, and the spatial power that had frozen Ye Xiwen promptly dispersed. However, Ye Xiwen felt extremely depressed. [I've suffered a big loss at the hands of a little girl.]

"Be obedient!" That girl of Fallen Angel Clan narrowed her pair of beautiful big eyes. And, her eyes quickly transformed into a crescent moon as a result. "Just follow this Young Lady, and you'll enjoy treats!"

"This is for you. It's a reward!" That girl of Fallen Angel Clan casually threw a fist-sized devil core towards Ye Xiwen. It was a very small devil core. However, it was faintly emitting the coercion of the Great Sage level. The fluctuations swept across swirling in the air.

"This is a devil core of Great Sage level?" Ye Xiwen was left dumbstruck. Suddenly, that devil core transformed into a black light, and flew towards him. He received it in his hand… He felt as if an ink cartridge was emitting magical power that was corroding his palm. The sound of burning of his palm echoed. He promptly used his divinities to wrap up his palm in order to avoid his palm from being corroded. After all, that would've been tragic.

The aura of this devil core was slightly impure. It might be possible that that devil beast had barely entered the Great Sage realm. However, it was clear that it had been an authentic Great Sage level devil beast.

"It belongs to a snake which had dared to sneak a peek at this Young Lady's beauty!" The girl of Fallen Angel Clan softly snorted. She didn't say anything further. However, the aftermath was quite obvious.

Ye Xiwen used his divine sense, and had a peek at the devil core which was in his hand. [It is indeed the devil core of a devil flood dragon that had already completed its transformation into a flood dragon. They also possess the dragons' obscene nature. So, the devil flood dragons are like sub-dragons. They want to capture every beautiful woman they see.]

[However, it had unfortunately bumped into an iron wall this time. No, this girl is an iron mountain. Anyone who kicks her will find the bones of their leg shattered.]

"Ye Xiwen, hurry up, and absorb it. This devil core is the devil core of a Wind and Thunder devil flood dragon. It contains the power of wind and thunder within. Your devil wings can thoroughly transform into the second layer of wind and thunder wings after you absorb it. Then, even this Fallen Angel won't be able to stop you from escaping!" Ye Mo said excitedly.

Ye Xiwen's devil wings hadn't made a breakthrough since a long time. He had unceasingly tried to deduce and cultivate the second layer of wind and thunder since the time he had touched upon its threshold. However, he hadn't been able to make a big progress since there hadn't been enough wind and thunder power for him to absorb. Therefore, he could only mix the wind and thunder power into the first layer of his devil wings, and increase the speed of his devil wings… He couldn't condense the second layer of devil wings.

However, he might be able to do so if he absorbed this Great Sage level devil core. After that, his speed would increase countless times. Even this girl of Fallen Angel Clan wouldn't be able to stop him then.

That girl of Fallen Angel Clan was proudly waiting for Ye Xiwen's compliment. She waited a long time, but didn't hear Ye Xiwen's compliment. So, she became puzzled. But then, she saw that Ye Xiwen had already sat cross-legged on the ground, and had begun to absorb the power of wind and thunder from inside the devil core.

Consequently, she became depressed, and stamped her feet in dejection. She ferociously glanced at Ye Xiwen, and then went to the other side whilst sulking.

Ye Xiwen didn't know how depressed that girl of Fallen Angel Clan was. After all, he had wholeheartedly immersed himself into absorbing the wind and thunder power. He couldn't afford to lose his concentration now. However, this didn't mean that he wasn't wary of that girl. Ye Mo was secretly keeping watch for him. Furthermore, that girl wouldn't have waited till now if she wanted to kill him.

The wind and thunder power had enormous might. But, they were also very hard to control. An ordinary person who had gotten hold of even one of the two powers would emerge as an overlord in the same realm. So, one could well-imagine the tyranny of someone who had mastered both the powers of wind and thunder.

(To be continued)

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