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Only a short time had passed. But, Ye Xiwen had already flown past a great distance along with the dozens of senior devil experts in tow. He had transformed into a streamer of light, and had disappeared into the horizon rather quickly.

"Brothers, let's fight with these devil bastards, and kill them!"

The remaining experts became pleasantly surprised when they saw that more than half of the devil experts who had planned the ambush had flown away. The ambush had been a dead end for them earlier. However, they had now recovered from a seemingly impossible situation. The devil experts who had stayed here were quite formidable even if they weren't many. However, they had a way out now. It was hard to say how much better their present situation was than earlier.

Therefore, there was no reason to hesitate now.

The human experts suddenly rose in revolt, and started to fight with the group of remaining devil experts.

Meanwhile, those devil experts who were chasing Ye Xiwen weren't getting any closer to him. They were flustered and exasperated. However, it was clear that each one of them was an elite. All of them possessed a special agility technique. Therefore, their speed was very fast. They even pulled out trails of afterimages in the sky. However, they still couldn't overtake Ye Xiwen's speed.

Those human experts weren't present here. Therefore, Ye Xiwen didn't hesitate a bit... He immediately stopped suppressing the devil characteristic on the devil wings with his divinities. Consequently, his speed became even faster.

The divinities crawled all over his body after he had stopped suppressing the devil characteristic. Consequently, his vision became even more profound. Moreover, his delicate and handsome face suddenly became unusually devilish... It seemed as if the entire Devil World had suddenly melted into his body.

"Chase him for me. I must kill him brutally!" Mo Tian's face was cold as he said. His complexion had turned exceptionally ugly. Nobody had ever played with him like this... Nobody had thrown such a big slap on his face. He had never faced such humiliation.

Therefore, he wouldn't be satisfied until he dismembered Ye Xiwen's body into ten-thousand pieces!

Ye Xiwen kept flapping the black wings behind his body, and crossed hundred miles in an instant. What had mostly made Mo Tian depressed was the fact that he couldn't catch up with Ye Xiwen. He was obviously far stronger than Ye Xiwen. However, he couldn't catch up with him at this time. This was the thing that had made him the most depressed.

All kinds of attacks approached Ye Xiwen from behind. However, his devil wings suddenly issued the sound of wind and thunder, and he seemingly transformed into a God of Wind and Thunder. He intercepted all the attacks. Those attacks couldn't injure him even a bit!

Ye Xiwen's seventh layer of 'tyrant body' was still very strong. Therefore, these devil experts couldn't injure him unless they joined hands. However, it was simply impossible for them to collaborate at this time when they were focussed entirely on keeping up with him.

Moreover, there was a disparity in their respective martial powers. There had been no problem in the beginning when all of them had taken off together. However, they must do their utmost now whilst chasing Ye Xiwen. Otherwise, they would be left behind. And, the distance between them and Ye Xiwen would widen even further.

Mo Tian was feeling that he had lost face. So, he couldn't let Ye Xiwen go at any cost. He frantically pursued him for three days and three nights! He didn't want to let Ye Xiwen go. He wanted to exhaust his 'Real Elemental Energy', and then kill him. He also knew that most of the human experts who had arrived in the Devil World couldn't absorb the devil energy present in the air; only the ones who could transform into devils could do so. Therefore, most of these human experts could only depend upon those 'spirit dans' for replenishing their 'Real Elemental Energy'. However, he didn't know that Ye Xiwen could directly absorb the devil energy. Therefore, it was useless if he thought that Ye Xiwen would die because of exhaustion of 'Real Elemental Energy'.

"Ye Xiwen, your purpose of arriving in the Devil World will go in vain if it continues like this!" Ye Mo said. All of these devil experts were extremely formidable. So, it would be quite normal for them to keep pursuing or fighting like this for ten years or even twenty years. However, this wasn't something that Ye Xiwen wanted.

"Bang!" A huge claw suddenly fell down from sky to grab Ye Xiwen.

Ye Xiwen dodged the sneak attack of that claw. He then clenched his teeth, [I don't want to call out the Star Colossus's Avatar. But, these horrid devil experts will get killed if I do so. Then, I'll get some relief from this unceasing chase.]

Suddenly, a mountain range appeared in front of Ye Xiwen. The devil energy was present in abundance therein. Ye Xiwen flew down headlong into it without any hesitation. He wouldn't mind summoning out the Star Colossus's Avatar if these devil experts still acted recklessly and came down chasing him. Then, the Star Colossus's Avatar would kill all of them.

Those devil experts were about to continue chasing Ye Xiwen. However, they suddenly remembered something when they saw him heading into the mountains. And, they stopped in mid-air as a result…

"Your Majesty, this place is…" the heaven's pride expert of the Asura Clan stepped forward, and said, "I've heard that a devil beast that has recently entered the Great Sage realm stays here. We would come across great danger if we broke into its territory!"

The relation between the devil race and the devil beasts of the Devil World was nasty... It was as if two tribal groups had been fighting for survival.

Mo Tian shot a glance at that mountain range filled with devil energy with his ice-cold eyes. He hesitated a bit. He wouldn't have minded rushing into this mountain range earlier. However, the king of these mountains had recently made a breakthrough into the Great Sage realm. So, it was a completely different situation now. After all, a Great Sage didn't have a low position even in the Devil World.

"That man has boldly entered inside. He's courting death. As per the records... a Wind and Thunder Devil Snake lives in these mountains. It had started its transformation into a flood dragon a hundred years ago. And, it has recently completed that transformation, and become a devil flood dragon. Moreover, that human expert has gone into its territory. So, he is going to become that devil flood dragon's meal. He is doomed now!" the genius of the Asura Clan said.

Mo Tian wasn't willing to give up. However, he knew that the devil beasts wouldn't differentiate between humans and devils. They would treat both as enemies.

"Station someone here for me. And, inform me if that boy doesn't die!" Mo Tian said. He had thought for a while, and had then decided not to stay here any further since it would be useless to do so. He hadn't brought too many of his subordinates this time. After all, he didn't wish to use them to surround an insignificant person of the Sage Great Perfection realm.

His target was to kill a few heaven's pride experts of the human race so that he could become famous in the Devil World and obtain a high-level status in his clan.

This was almost the default unwritten rule on both sides... devils and humans — no expert could get a favourable condition by cultivating in a protected environment. They had to go through unceasing slaughtering... And, only those who would survive would ascend to the peak.

And, as for other people... it was almost set by default that they would end up becoming the corpses that would pave the way for the victors. It was quite cruel. However, this was also the reality!

The road to invincibility needed many sacrifices!

It was obvious that nobody wanted to become the corpse on someone's journey to invincibility. Everyone considered other people as their stepping stones!

Ye Xiwen didn't know what Mo Tian was thinking. He just noticed that Mo Tian hadn't come down chasing after him. So, he heaved a sigh of relief. He then thought to have a glance on the surrounding environment... These mountains were located inside the Devil World. However, they could be regarded as a beautiful green place. He could hear the running water as well as a faint pleasant sound that was coming through it.

He saw a giant lake; it had a radius of fifty kilometres or so. It was spread as far as his eye could see. This lake was different from ordinary lakes. The temperature of this lake was unbearably low. One must know that an ordinary variation in the temperature couldn't affect Ye Xiwen as per his current cultivation. However, this place was so cold that it made him shiver. The strange thing was that the temperature was so low that the lake should have frozen... However, this lake hadn't frozen. It was still in its liquid state.

Layers of vapour were unceasingly floating on its surface. Therefore, it looked hazy, and the visibility was low. Ye Xiwen saw a fuzzy petite silhouette inside the lake. It looked captivating!

However, he hadn't clearly seen anything when an evil wind swept down from the sky and hit him on his face. Then, a small white hand suddenly shuttled out from the vacuum, and swept out towards Ye Xiwen's throat to grab it.

Ye Xiwen was startled by this. He had been in a state of high alert since the time he had entered this mountain range. That's because that he didn't think that Mo Tian had given up the thought of pursuing him even if he hadn't come down here chasing after him. After all, it had seemed obvious just by looking at Mo Tian's ashamed and angry appearance that he wouldn't give up unless he got hold of Ye Xiwen.

There had been only one possibility. There was something in these mountains that Mo Tian was afraid of. However, Ye Xiwen had had no choice since it might have taken him several years to get rid of Mo Tian if he hadn't arrived here.

It had seemed from outside that this place was brimming with dreadful devil energy. However, Ye Xiwen couldn't see even the shadow of a beast once he arrived down here. This had naturally made him somewhat suspicious.

Ye Xiwen had an urgent feeling of a bad omen in his heart. So, he stepped away. Then, the devil wings suddenly unfolded behind his body, and his figure flew away about hundreds of feet in order to avoid being clutched by that small hand.

"Freeze for this young lady!" a lovable voice sounded. And, the power of principles caressed Ye Xiwen's face, and swept across. Ye Xiwen felt as if the surrounding space had suddenly been frozen. It had been frozen by the mysterious power of this figure.

This was the power of the Great Sage realm! Ye Xiwen had used the Star Colossus's Avatar in the past. So, he was quite familiar with this power.

[This is the power of the Great Sage realm!]

A perilous situation aroused in his mind. [The opponent turned out to be a Great Sage?! It isn't surprising that Mo Tian didn't dare to come here. So, this was the reason...]

His whole person had frozen in the sky, and he had been rendered incapable of moving. So, he was thinking to call the Star Colossus's Avatar in order to help him break free.

However, he then saw an approximately sixteen-or-seventeen year old girl stepping over the void. She quickly arrived in front him... Her persona was somewhat gloomy, and her countenance was somewhat dull. However, her clothes looked especially vivacious. Her skin was as fair as snow... It was unusually white. Her dark gray eyes were full of curiosity.

[She's so cute! She looks just like a cute little girl!]

However, what Ye Xiwen mostly cared about was the pair of long gray wings that had converged behind this girl's body.

[Fallen Angel!]

This thought suddenly emerged in Ye Xiwen's mind. Fallen Angel was the most mysterious clan among the eight noble clans of the devil race. It was said it wasn't a native clan of the Devil World... It had joined the Devil World later. They didn't have too many people. However, they had many outstanding geniuses. This small but highly refined clan was a striking contrast to the populous Great Devil Clan.

The Fallen Angel Clan was considered as a low-key clan in the Devil World. However, nobody dared to underestimate these angels. In fact, even those other seven noble clans didn't dare to do so.

[I hadn't expected that I would see the most mysterious and low-key Original Devils as well as the Fallen Angels soon after arriving in the Devil World.]

(To be continued)

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