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The wind and thunder power must be mastered at the same time. Their essences should be in equilibrium. However, how could it be a simple thing to keep these two violent powers in equilibrium? Fortunately, Ye Xiwen had the experience of doing so in the past. He had extracted a certain amount of wind and thunder power in the past.

Moreover, the wind and thunder powers present inside the devil core of that wind and thunder devil flood dragon had already been equilibrium. After all, the wind and thunder devil flood dragon would've exploded and died if that wasn't the case.

Therefore, Ye Xiwen was very careful when he was absorbing the wind and thunder power.

He was also operating the cultivation technique of his devil wings at this time; a pair of black wings had congealed behind his body.

That girl of the Fallen Angel Clan looked at Ye Xiwen in a somewhat baffled manner. The devil energy on his wings wasn't just pure. In fact, it was countless times purer than the devil energy present on the wings of those devil experts.

[Is he truly a human?]

However, she had never seen any human. She had just seen the records of humans mentioned in some old books. Therefore, she didn't know whether this situation was normal or not.

The devil energy on Ye Xiwen's devil wings became thicker and thicker. The devil energy present in the surroundings poured into his devil wings like a river, and made his wings more and more visible. Every feather on his wings could be seen faintly emitting rays of light. It was a different feeling from the violent, negative, and extremely evil feeling that arose from the usual devil energy. After all, that devil energy contained the negative Yin energy.

The devil energy present on Ye Xiwen's devil wings appeared to be the most upright and frank kind of Yin power. This had happened because Ye Xiwen had purified his divinities day after day.

The extreme of negative Yin is the positive Yang, and vice versa. Integration of both would lead to the formation of the power of primal chaos.

The power of wind and thunder was gradually being born on his devil wings. The wind and thunder power was in no hurry to occupy the entire wings. It just nibbled at the devil wings little by little. The second layer of the devil wings would be completely formed when the entire area of the devil wings would've been nibbled. And, Ye Xiwen's speed would increase enormously at that time.

Time passed day by day.

Ye Xiwen sat motionless in cross-legged position for three days' time. Simultaneously, he kept cultivating the second layer of his devil wings, and shaping the wind and thunder wings.

"Damned human... Stinky human!" That girl of the Fallen Angel Clan had gotten bored to death in this time period. She had been passing the time by kicking the stones on the ground. She had also continued to swear at Ye Xiwen.

"You've dared to make this Young Lady wait for so long. So, this Young Lady will punish you once you wake up!" the girl of the Fallen Angel Clan said whilst being annoyed.


A massive sound was heard; it seemed as if a thunderbolt had slammed down from the sky. Endless devil energy present in the surroundings crazily rushed towards Ye Xiwen from all directions.

Ye Xiwen's devil wings got covered by the wind and thunder power. Then, the sound of wind and thunder echoed as his wings fluttered. He appeared like a god who was in-charge of the wind and thunder power.

"Ha ha ha ha… Done!" Ye Xiwen suddenly opened his eyes. He had finally condensed the second layer of the devil wings.

"Crash-bang!" another huge sound of wind and thunder resounded. The sound of explosion echoed in the world. And, boundless power began to vibrate everywhere. Suddenly, sand and stones began to swirl around Ye Xiwen.

"Whiz!" a shrill sound of breaking of space resounded. And, Ye Xiwen soared straight into the sky whilst being wrapped up in wind and thunder power. He disappeared inside the clouds in an instant.

"Come back human. Where are you going?" The girl of the Fallen Angel Clan reacted. She hadn't expected that Ye Xiwen's speed would increase to this extent after he had absorbed the devil core of the wind and thunder devil flood dragon.

Ye Xiwen's speed had been very fast earlier as well. However, it hadn't been faster than hers. After all, her realm was much higher than that of Ye Xiwen. On top of that, the Fallen Angel Clan were famous for their outstanding agility skill. So, who could've imagined that Ye Xiwen's speed would increase to this extent after he had cultivated the wind and thunder wings?

Ye Xiwen had flown dozens of miles away in an instant. And, a huge crack had been torn open inside the rolling devil clouds in the sky as a result. The devils who had been cultivating inside the devil clouds fell down when they bumped into such violent wind and thunder power.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

Ye Xiwen's cheerful and carefree laughter reverberated in the sky. He hadn't flown in such a carefree manner in a long time. It seemed as if his speed had broken through the limits of wind.

A dozen or so senior devil experts had formed the encirclement at a distant place behind him. They could only see the wind and thunder power flashing across the sky. They just looked at it in a daze, and didn't dare to obstruct it. They wanted to stop it. However, they didn't have the strength to do so. In fact, they couldn't even track Ye Xiwen's movements clearly.

"What was that? Was that wind and thunder power? Was there a wind and thunder devil flood dragon present inside it?" a devil expert asked; he had become terrified. These devil experts were naturally arrogant. After all, each of them was almost about to enter the Great Sage realm. However, almost means 'almost'... They couldn't be compared with real Great Sages. They had received the information that the wind and thunder devil flood dragon had recently entered the Great Sage realm. However, it didn't mean that they could be placed on a par with it.

Especially, it was even more risky in case of devil beasts. After all, one would be devoured by those devil beasts just like a bloody meal if they didn't take care.

"This wind and thunder devil flood dragon has come out. Therefore, that boy must've been eaten by it. After all, how could that wind and thunder devil flood dragon not have known if someone had intruded?" a devil expert said.

"Right! I also think the same... That human is already dead. So, we don't need to stay here any further. It would be better if we go and join His Majesty in hunting those human experts. After all, those are the battlefields where we should be at. We shouldn't keep watch at this place like some guards!" a young devil expert said whilst being discontented.

Everyone looked towards the heaven's pride expert of the Asura Clan. After all, he held the leader's position in Mo Tian's absence. Therefore, he was the one who was most qualified to make a decision.

The heaven's pride expert of the Asura Clan remained silent for a moment. Then, he said, "It doesn't make sense to stay here in that case. We must go. Moreover, he is just an insignificant expert of Sage Great Perfection realm. He would've died at our hands if he hadn't escaped quickly... He wouldn't have been able to cause so much trouble in that case!"

The devil experts let out a sigh of relief after they heard these words from the mouth of that heaven's pride expert of the Asura Clan. They were devil experts. So, they naturally had a ruthless attitude. However, it wasn't that they were without wisdom. They knew that that wind and thunder devil flood dragon might get unhappy and swallow all of them if they continued to wait here. They would have no place to go and cry in that case.

However, they didn't know that the legendary wind and thunder devil flood dragon had already gotten its skin peeled off because of its pervy intentions... And, even its devil core had been absorbed by someone.

Suddenly, these devil experts scattered like birds, and left to join Mo Tian.

Ye Xiwen flew in the sky for some time in an extremely carefree way.

Then, his figure came to a sudden halt in the sky.

"Ye Xiwen, this is a good opportunity. It's your best chance to escape!" Ye Mo said.

It seemed that the girl of the Fallen Angel Clan couldn't handle a matter properly. However, her strength was unfathomable. So, Ye Xiwen could only escape from her hands... He had no other way to deal with her.

Ye Xiwen remained silent for a while. Then, he replied, "No, I'll return. I've benefited from her. And, I just pat my butt and leave? I can't do something so fu*ked up!"

"I can at least take her to the human world as promised!"

The wind and thunder wings unfolded behind Ye Xiwen's body. They then suddenly fluttered, and transformed into wind and thunder power. Ye Xiwen then returned to the sky above the mountains. Then, he glanced around... Those devil experts who had been waiting in an ambush weren't there.

However, Ye Xiwen didn't care about that now. After all, his speed had become fast enough to get rid of these people. And, this had happened because the devil wings had made the breakthrough into the second layer. So, it was now impossible for them to catch up with him.

However, he still swept out his divine sense once. He didn't see them. [They have probably withdrawn.]

He then retracted his divine sense, and pondered why they had left. [I guess they must've thought that I've been devoured by the wind and thunder devil flood dragon in the mountains; and that's why they have left.]

He didn't bother about them after that. He folded his wind and thunder wings, and landed into the mountains... He then saw that that young girl of the Fallen Angel Clan was crying whilst holding her head in her hands.

"Damned human!"

"Stinky human!"

Ye Xiwen heard her complaints. She probably believed that he had escaped. Therefore, she had begun to cry.

Ye Xiwen was feeling somewhat helpless. [What vigor can one expect from a person who is crying? Shouldn't she be raining curses on me at this time?]

[Women are truly made up of water. It doesn't matter which race they belong to. They are all the same.]

"Don't cry... Someone might think that I'm bullying you if they saw you crying!" Ye Xiwen said.

"Eh, you didn't run away!" The face of that young girl of the Fallen Angel Clan bloomed as she raised her head. She looked pleasantly surprised after she saw that Ye Xiwen had returned. "Yes, you're bullying me. You had said that you would take me to the human world. But, you didn't keep your promise!"

"I didn't say that I'm going!" Ye Xiwen helplessly replied. [How has this little girl managed to cultivate to the Great Sage realm? How could a naive person like her have walked on the martial arts road?]

[This is illogical!]

[Perhaps, what Ye Mo says is true... Some races are blessed by heaven. It's not clear how much better they are from humans since their birth. It can be said that the people of some races can cultivate till the Great Sage realm with passing time without facing any obstruction.]

Ye Xiwen remembered how many fights he had experienced as he thought of this... how many times he had made a narrow escape before he had finally reached till here. He couldn't help but be deeply moved. [This world is fu*king unfair. I'm just hovering around the threshold of the Great Sage realm even after I've put all my efforts. On the other hand, this little girl has already reached the Great Sage realm.]

"Can't I go out to catch some fresh air?" Ye Xiwen made his case.

"Is it so?" That young girl of the Fallen Angel Clan looked at Ye Xiwen with suspicion. She clearly wasn't much convinced with Ye Xiwen's explanation that he had gone out to catch some fresh air. After all, she had called him so many times, but he hadn't listened. However, she also couldn't explain why he had returned.

Ye Xiwen realized that the young girl of the Fallen Angel Clan had sniffed his lack of confidence. So, he hastily said, "Of course... You want to go to the human world, right? But, I can't take you there for the time being. That's because I've come to the Devil World for a competition!"

(To be continued).

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